Egg Harbor Cafe understands the importance of providing complete and accurate nutrition information to our customers. Because every customer uses nutrition information differently, we provide two ways to view our nutrition information.

Due to nationwide supply chain issues and product shortages, some of the ingredients being used in our restaurants may be temporarily substituted or unavailable from time to time. Although we are trying hard to ensure substituted products are a comparable quality to what we regularly serve, there may be a variance in nutrition information and/or in the allergens present while these products are in use. If you have a food allergy please consult with a manager before ordering.


Nutritional values have been calculated based on information provided to Egg Harbor Café from food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers. Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be within 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.

Although Egg Harbor Café follows procedures to avoid cross-contamination, we do not guarantee that cross-contact with allergens will not occur. Our menu is diverse and contains a wide variety of foods, many of which contain one or more of the eight major allergens: shellfish, eggs, fish, dairy, peanuts, soybeans, tree nuts, or wheat. Ingredients or production and processing methods used by our suppliers may vary or change without notice and there may be product differences among regional suppliers. Due to the handcrafted nature of our food, variations and reformulations in our supplier ingredients, and our use of shared cooking and preparation areas, we cannot ensure that our food is free from any allergens.

Non-stick spray containing soy lecithin is used on some of the pans and equipment used at Egg Harbor Café. Foods prepared on surfaces that have been sprayed with this non-stick spray will not show up as containing a soy allergen on our nutrition tools. Organizational online sources (AAAAI, FARE, FAARP, CoFAR) indicate that food products containing soy lecithin can be consumed safely by nearly all patients with a soy allergy. If you are allergic to soy, we recommend you ask your doctor whether or not you should avoid foods prepared on surfaces that have been sprayed with products containing soy lecithin.

Please note that the provided nutrition tools are meant for calculating nutritional values for our menu items and do not reflect availability or pricing of these items. Some items may not be available at all locations. Modifications, including substitutions and addition of ingredients included in these tools, may result in additional charges. There are many possible modifications that can be made to our menu items, and we have included the most common modification options for your convenience.