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Limited Time

1/2 Cranberry Turkey Grill (IL/WI Only)[more info]6903170701,6307533829
Cinnamon Apple Pancakes[more info]2,060925005602,140288916332
Cinnamon Apple Pancakes - Combo[more info]1,480623303701,430217613221
Country Fried Steak & Eggs (Georgia Only)[more info]1,520933901454,03012462138
Cranberry Turkey Grill (IL/WI Only)[more info]1,270551401403,79013884557
Kids Hot Chocolate Pancakes[more info]7902514022089012207315
Pot Roast Skillet[more info]88047190.51253,6507861138

Traditional Breakfast

Nutrition facts do not include choice of meat and eggs. Nutrition facts for meat and egg choice can be found below.

Traditional Breakfast[more info]4601640151,56070599

Harbor Benedicts

Nutrition facts include standard sides.

Barrington Benedict[more info]820401305803,130755438
Farmer's Market Benedict[more info]790371205452,400839527
Smoked Salmon Benedict[more info]890441505802,900766344

Avocado Toasts

Nutrition facts include standard sides.

Caprese Avocado Toast[more info]610381204071058111921
Cherrywood Avocado Toast[more info]4902680408505271719
Classic Avocado Toast[more info]580285048038064112524

Breakfast Sandwiches

Nutrition facts include standard sides.

Avo-Rizo Burrito[more info]1,7001073808653,220123171965
Bacamato Grill[more info]1,110562105802,500104142249
Buenos Dias Bagelwich[more info]1,620963706353,65011613859
Fried Chicken Biscuit (Georgia Only)[more info]1,630954505103,47010241579

Eggceptional Skillets

Nutrition facts include standard sides. Nutrition facts are for menu items built with poached eggs. Nutrition facts for other egg choices can be found below.

Eggceptional Skillet Combo[more info]970491604701,26011567418
Matt's Meaty Skillet[more info]1,450893206854,260785978
San Antonio Skillet[more info]1,080602205902,7508261352
Ultimate Skillet[more info]870411505502,3608161242

Scramblers, Omelettes & Frittatas

Nutrition facts include standard sides.

Aztec Omelette[more info]1,130682608302,2508281148
Bacado Omelette[more info]1,170712708452,6508071052
Dynamite Veggie White Omelette[more info]4301150301,1005662227
Garden Scrambler[more info]1,000552308152,0707961143
Gregg's Chili and Eggs[more info]7302270352,54086101241
Joe's Healthy Scrambler[more info]5301970651,0805662132
Lobster Scrambler[more info]1,080612808502,4908451138
Sir Dugan Frittata[more info]1,130642608352,5108061252

Create Your Own Scrambler, Skillet or Omelette - Meats

Canadian Bacon[more info]451.500155201018
Cherrywood Bacon[more info]10082.50203000007
Chicken Breast[more info]1905109518000035
Chicken Sausage[more info]8051.50352402006
Diced Bacon[more info]130103.503048000010
Ham[more info]5020.5020430<1006
Lobster & Seafood Blend[more info]45000203505026
Pork Chorizo Sausage[more info]120103.502026020<17
Sausage[more info]1601450302801007
Turkey Bacon[more info]8061.5020490<1006

Create Your Own Scrambler, Skillet or Omelette - Veggies

Artichoke Hearts[more info]100000952<100
Avocado[more info]6061000320<1
Basil[more info]0000000000
Cilantro[more info]0000000000
Grape Tomatoes[more info]15000003<12<1
Green Onions[more info]000000<1000
Green Pepper[more info]00000010<10
Jalapeno[more info]5000002<1<10
Mushrooms[more info]10000051001
Onion[more info]10000003010
Red Onion[more info]10000003010
Red Pepper[more info]50000010<10
Roasted Onions[more info]403.500003010
Spinach[more info]5000015<1<10<1
Tomato[more info]50000510<10
Zucchini[more info]000000<10<10

Create Your Own Scrambler, Skillet or Omelette - Cheeses

Bleu Cheese[more info]150128040580<1<109
Brie Cheese[more info]120960302400008
Cream Cheese[more info]15014100401400002
Goat Cheese[more info]7053.5020401005
Jack & Cheddar Cheese[more info]16012804023020011
Jack Cheese[more info]17014804526020011
Jalapeno Cream Cheese[more info]27024170702502004
Mozzarella Cheese[more info]120950303502009
Parmesan Cheese[more info]17017904560000017
Pepper Jack Cheese[more info]15012804526020011

Create Your Own Scrambler, Skillet or Omelette - Toppings

Hollandaise Sauce[more info]1201050402405000
Salsa[more info]5000013010<10
Sour Cream[more info]6053.5020151011


Nutrition facts are for menu items built with poached eggs unless menu specifies otherwise. Nutrition facts for other egg choices and side choice can be found below.

Down Home Biscuits & Gravy (Georgia Only)[more info]1,180652905603,4109851335
Gluten Free Cinnamon Roll Breakfast[more info]86037150902,46012074511
Habanero Hash & Eggs[more info]1,100613106151,0808871845
Shakshuka[more info]620301207551,2205241533
Southern Shrimp & Grits (Georgia Only)[more info]1,140643902853,3508241147

Egg-Cetera Sides

Ancient Grain Bread[more info]1402002010022426
Bagel[more info]3404000710633211
Biscuit (Georgia Only)[more info]3801612001,20048159
Buttered English Muffin[more info]18073.501524027115
Cheese Grits[more info]4202716095760282213
Cinnamon Raisin Bread[more info]140200019030084
English Muffin[more info]130100024027115
Fruit Ramekin[more info]5000001513111<1
Gluten Free Bread[more info]230600044037045
Grits - Side[more info]26013805050027222
Harbor Potatoes - Side[more info]240100001,32034404
Mini Blueberry Pancakes[more info]2701580115410312117
Mini Pancakes[more info]2701580115410301107
Mixed Berry Cup[more info]3500000724<1
Rye Bread[more info]220200054044428
Sourdough Bread[more info]180000042038008
Texas Bread[more info]3206200460580410
Tomato Slices[more info]150000153<12<1
Wheat Muffin[more info]1301.500031024315
White Bread[more info]240310048046048

Egg-Cetera Condiments

Butter (1 Tbsp)[more info]7075020550000
Honey Butter (2 Tbsp)[more info]130128035954030
Mixed Berry Jam[more info]40000009070
Syrup (1 Tbsp)[more info]50000015130120

Meat Choices

Meat choices for Traditional Breakfast and Griddle Combo menu items.

Bacon[more info]220166045770<10016
Canadian Bacon[more info]902.510351,05030315
Cherrywood Bacon[more info]30024806090000021
Chicken Sausage[more info]240154.5010572060018
Plant-Based Sausage[more info]2602080042022018
Sausage[more info]320281006056020014
Turkey Bacon[more info]2401850651,46020019

1 Free Range Egg Choice - Any Style

Egg choices for Eggceptional Skillet Combo and Kids Menu menu items.

1 Basted Egg[more info]1301150255701007
1 Egg (any style) prepared in PAM[more info]9051.50240701007
1 Over Easy/Medium/Hard Egg[more info]1301150255701007
1 Poached Egg[more info]8051.50240701007
1 Scrambled Egg[more info]1301150255701007
1 Sunny Side Up Egg[more info]1301150255701007
Egg Whites[more info]15000050<1003

2 Free Range Eggs Choice - Any Style

Egg choices for Traditional Breakfast, Egg-Cetera, Griddle Combo and Eggceptional Skillet menu items.

2 Basted Eggs[more info]210167049514020014
2 Eggs (any style) prepared in PAM[more info]170103048014020014
2 Over Easy/Medium/Hard Eggs[more info]210167049514020014
2 Poached Eggs[more info]160103048014020014
2 Scrambled Eggs[more info]210167049514020014
2 Sunny Side Up Eggs[more info]210167049514020014
Egg Whites[more info]300000951006

Aimee's Gourmet Griddle

Nutrition facts include standard sides.

Banana Bread French Toast[more info]1,680852006051,280212715125
Blackberry Banana Pancakes[more info]1,760844805652,0702391113632
Cinnamon Roll French Toast[more info]1,140643105451,22010835327
Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes[more info]1,7601026106202,150192610231
Classic French Toast[more info]1,090382005651,03015839026
Fried Chicken and Waffle (Georgia Only)[more info]860371202651,3809322842
Gluten Free Pancakes[more info]970231103001,78016344523
Harbor Signature Pancakes[more info]1,200693705201,87013664630
Original Belgian Waffle[more info]4301910018073055149
Sam's Swedish Pancakes[more info]640321904257506233917
Strawberry Crunch French Toast[more info]1,470482505551,050220913932

Aimee's Gourmet Griddle - Combo Portions

Nutrition facts do not include choice of meat and eggs. Nutrition facts for meat and egg choice can be found above.

Banana Bread French Toast - Combo[more info]1,28062170415920168412617
Blackberry Banana Pancakes - Combo[more info]1,320613603901,450185811521
Cinnamon Roll French Toast - Combo[more info]770432103658207223518
Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes - Combo[more info]1,170694104151,43012846821
Classic French Toast - Combo[more info]8803017039076013128518
Gluten Free Pancakes - Combo[more info]65015802001,19010923015
Harbor Signature Pancakes - Combo[more info]800462503501,2409143120
Original Belgian Waffle - Combo[more info]4301910018073055149
Sam's Swedish Pancakes - Combo[more info]500251502955305023411
Strawberry Crunch French Toast - Combo[more info]1,08032170370730172611722

Aimee's Gourmet Griddle - Single Portions

Cinnamon Roll French Toast - Single Portion[more info]38021100180400361179
Gluten Free Pancakes - Single Portion[more info]320840100590541158
Harbor Signature Pancakes - Single Portion[more info]400231201756204521510
Original Belgian Waffle - Single Portion[more info]2209509036029<134
Sam's Swedish Pancakes - Single Portion[more info]36018120165310382296

Aimee's Gourmet Griddle Condiments

Butter (oz)[more info]15015110451200000
Pure Maple Syrup[more info]32000000800700
Syrup[more info]300000085770740

Breakfast Bowls

Nutrition facts include standard sides.

Berry-Ola Oatmeal[more info]650167010370110114418
Shawna's Sun Up[more info]850318012051012779721


Nutrition facts include standard sides.

California Club[more info]1,210621201003,080117172251
Chicken & Avocado Grill[more info]1,330701601452,640117111862
Door County Melt[more info]1,280711801102,500123172844
Egg Salad Melt (IL & WI Only)[more info]1,240752004202,83010591237
Fried Chicken Sandwich (Georgia Only)[more info]1,360761001053,930122102651
Santa Fe Rollup (IL & WI Only)[more info]1,280682101253,080119101844
Tuna-Cado Melt[more info]1,220721701052,610106101443

Garden Salads

Nutrition facts include standard sides and salad dressing.

Chicken Pecan Dijon Salad[more info]1,390892602051,54086104166
Door County Chicken Salad[more info]1,210771301051,1309885736
Harbor Cobb Salad[more info]1,150832403951,7805171449

Lunch Combos

Nutrition facts reflect sandwich or salad served with standard sides and salad dressing, as applicable. Nutrition facts do not include choice of soup. Nutrition facts for soup can be found below.

1/2 California Club[more info]6103460509905581626
1/2 Chicken & Avocado Grill[more info]6703880757705451432
1/2 Chicken Pecan Dijon Salad[more info]780451301058906162535
1/2 Door County Chicken Salad[more info]7204280606806753320
1/2 Door County Melt[more info]64039100557005781922
1/2 Egg Salad Melt (IL & WI Only)[more info]620411102108704841119
1/2 Harbor Cobb Salad[more info]680451402051,0104341127
1/2 Tuna-Cado Melt[more info]6203990557604941222

Soups & Chili

Nutrition facts include standard toppings.

Black Bean Chicken Chili[more info]34093.50301,270457517
Chicken Tortilla Soup (IL & WI Only)[more info]1704.50.5025860201211
Cream of Chicken with Wild Rice (IL & WI Only)[more info]290840451,310361618
Roasted Tomato Bisque[more info]36022100.5401,00030278

Extra Touches

Nutrition facts for breads are shown without butter or mixed berry jam. Please see below for butter and mixed berry jam nutrition facts. Please see above for egg nutrition facts.

Ancient Grain Toast[more info]1402002010022426
Bacon[more info]220166045770<10016
Bagel[more info]3404000710633211
Bagel & Cream Cheese[more info]39093015760633212
Biscuit (Georgia Only)[more info]3801612001,20048159
Canadian Bacon[more info]902.510351,05030315
Cheese Grits (Georgia Only)[more info]4202716095760282213
Cherrywood Bacon[more info]30024806090000021
Chicken Sausage[more info]240154.5010572060018
Cinnamon Raisin Toast[more info]140200019030084
English Muffin[more info]130100024027115
Fruit Cup[more info]80000015193151
Gluten Free Toast[more info]230600044037045
Gourmet Cinnamon Roll[more info]80043200651,0009033713
Grits (Georgia Only)[more info]26013805050027222
Habanero Hash[more info]5002713065450476914
Harbor Potatoes[more info]240100001,32034404
Kids Bacon[more info]110830253900008
Kids Cheesy Potatoes[more info]2701550251,03023309
Kids Potatoes[more info]160700088022302
Kids Sausage[more info]1601450302801007
Maple Bourbon Bacon[more info]39082.5020380650638
Mixed Berry Cup[more info]3500000724<1
Rye Toast[more info]220200054044428
Salsa[more info]5000013010<10
Sausage Links[more info]320281006056020014
Shredded Potatoes[more info]14070002520311
Side Salad[more info]250161.500220262115
Sour Cream[more info]6053.5020151011
Sourdough Toast[more info]180000042038008
Strawberry Yogurt[more info]2002.51.5010105392388
Texas Toast[more info]3206200460580410
Turkey Bacon[more info]2401850651,46020019
Vanilla Yogurt[more info]19032015130320319
Wheat Toast[more info]2806100360508812
White Toast[more info]240310048046048

Toast Add-Ons - Butter & Mixed Berry Jam

Butter (oz)[more info]15015110451200000
Mixed Berry Jam[more info]40000009070

Brunch Cocktails

Mild Bloody Mary (IL & GA Only)[more info]24051.50102,37015194
Mild Bloody Mary (Wisconsin Only)[more info]23051.50102,17015184
Mimosa[more info]16000001018<1121
Spicy Bloody Mary (IL & GA Only)[more info]24051.50102,37015294
Spicy Bloody Mary (Wisconsin Only)[more info]23051.50102,17015284
Strawberry Mimosa[more info]170000010201151


2% Milk, Large[more info]20084.50302001801812
2% Milk, Small[more info]13053020130120128
Apple Juice, Large[more info]170000055420420
Apple Juice, Small[more info]110000035280280
Chocolate Milk, Large[more info]3301280552704404112
Chocolate Milk, Small[more info]22085035180290278
Coffee[more info]0000050000
Coke[more info]90000030260260
Coke Zero[more info]00000250000
Diet Coke[more info]00000250000
Fanta Orange[more info]110000040290290
Fresh Orange Juice, Large[more info]170000010412303
Fresh Orange Juice, Small[more info]110000010271202
Loose Leaf Hot Tea[more info]000000<1000
Mr. Pibb[more info]90000025260260
Oat Milk, Large[more info]210111.5001526363
Oat Milk, Small[more info]14071001017242
Root Beer[more info]110000045300300
Sprite[more info]90000045250250
Strawberry Orange Juice, Large[more info]190000010462363
Strawberry Orange Juice, Small[more info]12000005312242
Sweetened Iced Tea[more info]10000000240240
Tomato Juice, Large[more info]700000950153112
Tomato Juice, Small[more info]45000063010271
Unsweetened Iced Tea[more info]000000<1000

Creamers & Sweeteners

2% Milk (Tsp)[more info]0000000000
Half & Half (Tsp)[more info]5000<500000
Sugar (Tsp)[more info]15000004040

Kids Menu

Nutrition facts do not include choice of meat, eggs or beverage. Nutrition facts for meat, egg & beverage choice can be found above.

Kids Breakfast of Champions[more info]910572702851,5107733429
Kids Captain Mac[more info]35092.50155605831911
Kids Classic Kids Breakfast[more info]22092010840323<15
Kids French Toast Fingers[more info]3701040260560530915
Kids Gluten Free Itsy Bitsy Pancakes[more info]43010501357907322010
Kids Green Eggs and Ham[more info]46024805151,320353<124
Kids Itsy Bitsy Pancakes[more info]530301602308306132114
Kids Kiddy Waffle Sampler[more info]2209509036029<134
Kids Little Chicks[more info]430172.50551,320493423
Kids Rainbow Pancake[more info]510271501756406022911
Kids Say Cheese[more info]61031140501,170692819

Kids Meat Choices

Meat choices for Kids Menu and Gluten Free Cinnamon Roll Breakfast menu items.

Bacon[more info]110830253900008
Canadian Bacon[more info]451.500155201018
Cherrywood Bacon[more info]20016504060000014
Chicken Sausage[more info]16010307048040012
Sausage[more info]1601450302801007
Turkey Bacon[more info]160123.504597010013

Kids Beverages

Apple Juice[more info]110000035280280
Chocolate Milk[more info]22085035180290278
Milk (2%)[more info]13053020130120128
Orange Juice[more info]110000010271202
Strawberry Orange Juice[more info]12000005312242
Tomato Juice[more info]45000063010271


Nutritional values have been calculated based on information provided to Egg Harbor Café from food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers. Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be within 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.

Although Egg Harbor Café follows procedures to avoid cross-contamination, we do not guarantee that cross-contact with allergens will not occur. Our menu is diverse and contains a wide variety of foods, many of which contain one or more of the eight major allergens: shellfish, eggs, fish, dairy, peanuts, soybeans, tree nuts, or wheat. Ingredients or production and processing methods used by our suppliers may vary or change without notice and there may be product differences among regional suppliers. Due to the handcrafted nature of our food, variations and reformulations in our supplier ingredients, and our use of shared cooking and preparation areas, we cannot ensure that our food is free from any allergens.

Non-stick spray containing soy lecithin is used on some of the pans and equipment used at Egg Harbor Café. Foods prepared on surfaces that have been sprayed with this non-stick spray will not show up as containing a soy allergen on our nutrition tools. Organizational online sources (AAAAI, FARE, FAARP, CoFAR) indicate that food products containing soy lecithin can be consumed safely by nearly all patients with a soy allergy. If you are allergic to soy, we recommend you ask your doctor whether or not you should avoid foods prepared on surfaces that have been sprayed with products containing soy lecithin.

Please note that the provided nutrition tools are meant for calculating nutritional values for our menu items and do not reflect availability or pricing of these items. Some items may not be available at all locations. Modifications, including substitutions and addition of ingredients included in these tools, may result in additional charges. There are many possible modifications that can be made to our menu items, and we have included the most common modification options for your convenience.