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Starters + Shares

Nutrition facts are shown per order. Two servings per order of Wings, Buffalo Mini Wraps, Two Taco Plate, Southwestern Nachos, Crispy Cauliflower and Fries.

Bowl of Lentil Soup (Starter)[more info]27061005904118815
Bowl of Mac + Cheese[more info]800419001,310907516
Buffalo Mini Wraps[more info]740378002,070717331
Crispy Cauliflower[more info]550367000439710
Fries - Chipotle Ranch[more info]150151002403010
Fries - Ketchup[more info]60000061015<112<1
Fries - Regular Crispy[more info]4502030048061606
Fries - Sweet Potato[more info]54024400250779194
Southwestern Nachos[more info]1,2306315002,010136201229
Two Taco Plate - Chickin'[more info]36017200420406315
Two Taco Plate - Fish[more info]37020200610427212
Wings - BBQ Style[more info]620355001,5504861830
Wings - Buffalo Style[more info]610407001,850336430
Wings - Plain[more info]420233.500400245129


Nutritional facts are shown per order and include complimentary additions, if applicable. Please see below for optional protein substitutions or adds.

Far East Bowl - Sesame Crusted Chickin'[more info]760198001,42010892034
Far East Bowl - Tempeh[more info]980279002,310124112156
Kimchi Beef Bowl[more info]900233.5002,860134222651
Masala Chickpea Bowl[more info]870162.500720154211933


Nutritional facts are shown per order and include complimentary additions, if applicable. Please see below for optional protein substitutions or adds.

Catalina Taco Salad[more info]410185001,01049161119
Catalina Taco Salad - Dressing[more info]2601830042026<1220
Catalina Taco Salad - Wrap Style[more info]9904210001,750128193326
Classic Romaine Caesar[more info]100200019016637
Classic Romaine Caesar - Dressing[more info]370396005103001
Classic Romaine Caesar - Kale Style[more info]49041600740235411
Kale + Quinoa Power Salad[more info]530252.5001,32065151418
Kale + Quinoa Power Salad - Dressing[more info]280284.5001707060

Protein Substitutions Or Adds

Beyond Burger Patty[more info]230164.50032052018
Bulgogi Beef[more info]26081.5001,090143534
Diced Buffalo Chickin'[more info]29018300960163117
Diced Crispy Chickin'[more info]25014200240143<117


Nutritional facts are shown per Burger, served on standard bread. Nutrition facts do not include choice of side. Please see below for side nutrition facts.

7 Layer Burrito[more info]920357002,27012913421
Double BBQ Mac Burger[more info]9805412002,3807482243
House Veggie Burger[more info]610245001,4608681616
Rueben on Rye[more info]660237002,69080121031
The VG Classic[more info]600329001,2004651025
Tuna Melt[more info]770366002,520719436

Sandwiches + Wraps

Nutritional facts are shown per Sandwich or Wrap, served on standard bread. Nutrition facts do not include choice of side. Please see below for side nutrition facts.

Cajun Fish Sandwich[more info]560252.5001,6405651319
Crispy Buffalo Chickin'[more info]630294002,770574930
Santa Fe Chickin'[more info]670291.5001,3707681533
Turkey Melt[more info]780347002,010806541


Bowl of Lentil Soup[more info]27061005904118815
Crispy Fries - Large[more info]510203001,220767127
Crispy Fries - Regular[more info]370142001,030575125
Lentil Soup - Cup[more info]14030.50030020947
Mac + Cheese - Large[more info]800419001,140907516
Mac + Cheese - Regular[more info]4002250061042327
Pesto Pasta Salad - Large[more info]5203760052040338
Pesto Pasta Salad - Regular[more info]2601830028020125
Smoked Potato Salad - Large[more info]430242001,43050456
Smoked Potato Salad - Regular[more info]1901110065023223
Sweet Potato Fries - Large[more info]610244009109210315
Sweet Potato Fries - Regular[more info]49019300850758274


Nutrition facts are shown per order.

Belgian Chocolate Cake[more info]42015700300613436
Carrot Cake[more info]61033700740752466
Chocolate Brownie[more info]39019700150543333
Chocolate Chip Cookie[more info]47021600300693416
Chocolate Pudding Parfait[more info]36013600135571488
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie[more info]41018700170622355


Nutrition facts are shown for 24 fl oz of beverage without ice.

Lemonade[more info]29000000780740

Kids Meals

Nutrition facts for kids meals do not include desserts or sides. Please see below for nutrition information on desserts and sides.

Crispy Chickin'[more info]33021300380183118
Crispy Fish[more info]330242.500710195014
Mac & Cheese[more info]4703120059042247
Quesadilla[more info]450187001,15059409
Veggie Burger[more info]43081001,2607061213

Kids Sides

Celery & Carrots[more info]1801410037014352
Crispy Fries[more info]3001420033041404
Little Green Salad[more info]8070001505<1<11
Snap Peas & Jicama Sticks[more info]2000000321<1
Sweet Potato Fries[more info]39018300180557143

Kids Desserts

Cookies[more info]13051.50095191101
Pudding[more info]10031.50015160143


Nutritional content may vary because of variations in portion size or recipes, changes in growing seasons, or differences in the sources of our ingredients. We may update this chart from time to time. Substitution of ingredients may alter nutritional values. All nutritional information is rounded following the guidelines set forth by the FDA. Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

If a person in your party has a special dietary need or food allergy (e.g., gluten intolerance), please inform the cashier before placing your order. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Although, we make efforts to avoid cross-contact of allergens, Veggie Grill does not guarantee that cross contact with allergens will not occur. Our kitchen operations involve shared cooking and preparation areas, which may include equipment with items containing allergens. Therefore, we are unable to guarantee any menu item is completely free of allergens.