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Just for Starters

Boneless Buffalo Wings shown without dipping sauce. See "Just for Starters - Boneless Buffalo Wings Dipping Sauces" for additional information. Cactus Blossom, Cheese Fries, Fried Pickles, Rattlesnake Bites shown without sauce or additional toppings. See "Just for Starters - Sauces & Toppings" for nutrition information.

[more info]Baked Potato Soup - Bowl38023026120.545910282410
[more info]Baked Potato Soup - Cup22013015702553017125
[more info]Boneless Buffalo Wings - Hot760380421101452,1303712260
[more info]Boneless Buffalo Wings - Mild860460501201452,830435158
[more info]Cactus Blossom2,2501,200135260155,000236193625
[more info]Cheese Fries - Regular1,240580652511105,40012614238
[more info]Cheese Fries - Small86040044171703,7709010225
[more info]Firecracker Shrimp (in selected stores only)1,080810881401851,4905441220
[more info]Fried Pickles550340387002,58048516
[more info]Grilled Shrimp36017019601101,530302418
[more info]Killer Ribs910480531801752,830598549
[more info]Rattlesnake Bites56033036190.5801,430343325
[more info]Tater Skins1,320790884922752,470637563
[more info]Texas Red Chili (no beans) - Bowl500270311311001,460235833
[more info]Texas Red Chili (no beans) - Cup2501301550.550800133417
[more info]Texas Red Chili (with beans) - Bowl43021023100.5901,180256531
[more info]Texas Red Chili (with beans) - Cup21090104045640144316
[more info]Twisted Mozzarella (in selected stores only)71034039150652,610644627

Just for Starters - Boneless Buffalo Wings Dipping Sauces (2 oz)

[more info]Bleu Cheese Dressing28027030502040040<12
[more info]Ranch Dressing290280314.501535040<1<1

Just for Starters - Sauces (3 oz) & Toppings (6 oz)

[more info]Cajun Horseradish Sauce2602202470353309052
[more info]Ranch Dressing430420476020520501<1
[more info]Texas Red Chili220100123.5040750133415

Just for Starters - Combo Appetizer Options

Comes with choice of 3 appetizer options. For sauce options, see "Just for Starters - Combo Appetizer Sauces" for nutrition information.

[more info]Boneless Wings - Hot3801902160751,060186<130
[more info]Boneless Wings - Mild4302302560751,410212<129
[more info]Fried Pickles260160173001,190222<13
[more info]Rattlesnake Bites280170189040720172113
[more info]Tater Skins with Bacon & Cheddar Cheese570330361911051,210303130

Just for Starters - Combo Appetizer Sauces (3 oz)

[more info]Bleu Cheese Dressing4304104570256005013
[more info]Cajun Horseradish Sauce2602202470353309052
[more info]Ranch Dressing430420476020520501<1
[more info]Texas Roadhouse Barbecue Sauce12000000410270210


Caesar, California Chicken & Steakhouse Filet Salads include dressing. For dressing options, see "Salads - Made-from-Scratch Dressings" for additional information.

[more info]Caesar Salad4403904381254509226
[more info]California Chicken Salad (in selected stores only)970420461902402,4607396274
[more info]Chicken Caesar Salad1,10081089161.52051,070207560
[more info]Chicken Critter Salad690360401703551,440276856
[more info]Grilled Chicken Salad81040045211.54601,230197985
[more info]Grilled Salmon Salad83049055221.53751,310196966
[more info]Grilled Shrimp Salad66038043201.54152,130205952
[more info]House Salad230150168113529092413
[more info]Salmon Caesar Salad1,11090099171.51201,150205540
[more info]Shrimp Caesar Salad94079086161.51551,960215526
[more info]Steakhouse Filet Salad1,340940103252.51902,8704282171

Salads - Made-from-Scratch Dressings (3 oz)

For side salad dressing options, see "Legendary Sides - House Salad Made-from-Scratch Dressings (2 oz)"

[more info]Bleu Cheese Dressing4304104570256005013
[more info]Caesar Dressing5405105690305006014
[more info]Honey French Dressing270100111.500670450410
[more info]Honey Lime Sauce (in selected stores only)3009091.5001,060570550
[more info]Honey Mustard Dressing480430487020420160110
[more info]Italian Dressing4103403650064017<116<1
[more info]Low Fat Ranch Dressing2402202430308106033
[more info]Oil & Vinegar4103904260050000
[more info]Parmesan Peppercorn Dressing2802502760257005024
[more info]Ranch Dressing430420476020520501<1
[more info]Thousand Island Dressing40036039502066014070

Salads - Add Toppings

[more info]Bacon70404.51.50152900006
[more info]Bleu Cheese Crumbles10070850203801006

Hand-Cut Steaks

Filet Medallions & Steak Kabob include Seasoned Rice. Prime Rib includes Au Jus. All entrees shown without sides. See "Legendary Sides & Extras" for additional information.

[more info]Bone-In Ribeye1,48090010144104501,7202044143
[more info]Dallas Filet - 6 oz.27090104111072062245
[more info]Dallas Filet - 8 oz.3601201361.514596082260
[more info]Filet Medallions76028030101.51702,510565574
[more info]Ft. Worth Ribeye - 10 oz.80054060255200980103265
[more info]Ft. Worth Ribeye - 12 oz.960650723062401,180124278
[more info]Ft. Worth Ribeye - 14 oz.1,120760843572851,370144290
[more info]Ft. Worth Ribeye - 16 oz.1,280860964083251,5701653103
[more info]New York Strip - 8 oz. Thick Cut4202002291.5335660<1<1257
[more info]New York Strip - 12 oz. Traditional Cut6403003313250598011385
[more info]Porterhouse T-Bone1,04049054243.54001,440124139
[more info]Prime Rib - 10 oz.800550602642151,52032162
[more info]Prime Rib - 12 oz.950650723152601,66032274
[more info]Prime Rib - 16 oz.1,260870954273451,96043299
[more info]Road Kill760500562321401,420103455
[more info]Steak Kabob920370411101452,7407842458
[more info]USDA Choice Sirloin - 6 oz.2505062.5012556031146
[more info]USDA Choice Sirloin - 8 oz.3407083017074052261
[more info]USDA Choice Sirloin - 11 oz.460100114.50.52351,02062384
[more info]USDA Choice Sirloin - 16 oz.67014016613401,490934122

Hand-Cut Steaks - Filet Medallions Sauces (4 oz)

[more info]Peppercorn Sauce210160186001,0808<111
[more info]Portobello Mushroom Sauce1208092.5008308233

Hand-Cut Steaks - Prime Rib Options (2 oz)

[more info]Au Jus25202000790100<1
[more info]Creamy Horseradish Sauce190170184.50202004021
[more info]Horseradish50101.50003208031

Smother Options for Steaks Less Than 11 oz.

[more info]Bleu Cheese Crumbles10070850203801006
[more info]Brown Smother Gravy70506100330300<1
[more info]Cream Smother Gravy1006073.50151805032
[more info]Fire Roasted Green Chile (in selected stores only)150130154.5004203010
[more info]Green Chile Sauce (in selected stores only)160151.50015430194118
[more info]Monterey Jack Cheese10070850251800007
[more info]Mushrooms50404.51.5001902<1<11
[more info]Onions603541002305<12<1
[more info]Shrimp401010065650<1008

Smother Options for Steaks 11 oz. & Larger

[more info]Bleu Cheese Crumbles10070850203801006
[more info]Brown Smother Gravy1108091.500500500<1
[more info]Cream Smother Gravy1401001150252708053
[more info]Fire Roasted Green Chile (in selected stores only)220200227006304020
[more info]Green Chile Sauce (in selected stores only)160151.50015430194118
[more info]Monterey Jack Cheese200140161005036000014
[more info]Mushrooms706062002903112
[more info]Onions905061.5003408131
[more info]Shrimp401010065650<1008

Fall-off-the-Bone Ribs

Shown without sides. See "Legendary Sides & Extras" for additional information.

[more info]Fall-off-the-Bone Ribs - Full Slab1,4509201024104602,26015410116
[more info]Fall-off-the-Bone Ribs - Half Slab900570632502851,40093672

Texas Size Combos

Shown without sides. See "Legendary Sides & Extras" for additional information.

[more info]6 oz. Sirloin & Grilled Shrimp65027029100.52402,210333664
[more info]6 oz. Sirloin & Ribs800410451803001,42093590
[more info]8 oz. Sirloin & Grilled Shrimp74028031110.52802,400353679
[more info]8 oz. Sirloin & Ribs89042047190.53451,6001036105
[more info]10 oz. Ft. Worth Ribeye & Grilled Shrimp1,200750833353102,640405682
[more info]10 oz. Ft. Worth Ribeye & Ribs1,350890994153751,8401656109
[more info]12 oz. Ft. Worth Ribeye & Grilled Shrimp1,360860953863552,830425695
[more info]12 oz. Ft. Worth Ribeye & Ribs1,5101,0001114664202,0401856122
[more info]Chicken Critters & Ribs820460511802501,540213570
[more info]Chicken Critters & Sirloin52016018502001,240193272
[more info]Dallas Filet & Grilled Shrimp670300331212202,380363663
[more info]Dallas Filet & Ribs820440492012851,580123590
[more info]Grilled BBQ Chicken & Ribs890390431703351,4503442591
[more info]Grilled BBQ Chicken & Sirloin59090103.502851,1503132392

Chicken Specialties

Chicken Critters shown without dipping sauce. See "Chicken Specialties - Chicken Critters Dipping Sauces" for additional information. All entrees shown without sides. See "Legendary Sides & Extras" for additional information.

[more info]California Chicken Dinner (in selected stores only)49019021701859702552055
[more info]Chicken Critters48019021401301,190263245
[more info]Country Fried Chicken780410451601751,4604511048
[more info]Green Chile Chicken48012013602008001961261
[more info]Grilled BBQ Chicken300353.5101604501921546
[more info]Herb Crusted Chicken260354101601,210124847
[more info]Portobello Mushroom Chicken43018020901901,03073258
[more info]Sierra Chicken Pasta1,22060066321.52452,210866769
[more info]Smothered Chicken with Cream Gravy4201701970175790143751
[more info]Smothered Chicken with Jack Cheese430180208018578083455

Chicken Specialties - Chicken Critters Dipping Sauces (2 oz)

[more info]Honey Mustard320290324.501528011080
[more info]Hot Sauce1401201441.501,9103<110
[more info]Mild Sauce220210237101,20020<10
[more info]Ranch290280314.501535040<1<1
[more info]Texas Roadhouse Barbecue Sauce8000000270180140

Country Dinners

Country Vegetable Plate comes with choice of 4 side options. All entrees shown without sides. See "Legendary Sides & Extras" for additional information.

[more info]Beef Tips with Mashed Potatoes960530581911753,3004861261
[more info]Beef Tips with Seasoned Rice1,06052057160.51704,4007151263
[more info]Country Fried Sirloin1,18069076221.52002,2207221052
[more info]Grilled Pork Chops - Double Chop730340381301,8854,060133282
[more info]Grilled Pork Chops - Single Chop44023026909452,430102242
[more info]Pulled Pork Dinner890350411402701,1305442380
[more info]Pulled Pork Dinner (North Carolina only)840350391402701,3604231480
[more info]Pulled Pork Dinner (South Carolina only)850340381302451,2705142277

Country Fried Chicken & Sirloin - Gravy Options (6 oz)

[more info]Brown Gravy210160172.500990100<12
[more info]Cream Gravy290190211104555016096

Smother Options for Chicken Specialties & Single Pork Chop

[more info]Brown Smother Gravy70506100330300<1
[more info]Cream Smother Gravy1006073.50151805032
[more info]Fire Roasted Green Chile (in selected stores only)150130154.5004203010
[more info]Green Chile Sauce (in selected stores only)160151.50015430194118
[more info]Monterey Jack Cheese10070850251800007
[more info]Mushrooms50404.51.5001902<1<11
[more info]Onions603541002305<12<1

Smother Options for Country Fried Chicken, Country Fried Sirloin & Double Pork Chop

[more info]Brown Smother Gravy1108091.500500500<1
[more info]Cream Smother Gravy1401001150252708053
[more info]Fire Roasted Green Chile (in selected stores only)220200227006304020
[more info]Green Chile Sauce (in selected stores only)160151.50015430194118
[more info]Monterey Jack Cheese200140161005036000014
[more info]Mushrooms706062002903112
[more info]Onions905061.5003408131

Dockside Favorites

Shown without sides. See "Legendary Sides & Extras" for additional information.

[more info]Fish & Chips79034038701203,020718242
[more info]Fried Catfish - 3 Piece990740821301251,23035<1<130
[more info]Fried Catfish - 4 Piece1,170840931501601,490451140
[more info]Grilled Salmon - 5 oz.4103003380757702<1<127
[more info]Grilled Salmon - 8 oz.560380421001209502<1<145
[more info]Grilled Shrimp Dinner670340371002254,090503432

Dockside Favorites - Creole Mustard Sauce (3 oz) & Tartar Sauce (2 oz)

[more info]Creole Mustard4504504970204605000
[more info]Tartar Sauce320290324.50153809050

Kids & Ranger Meals

Shown without sides. See "Kids & Ranger Meals - Legendary Sides" for additional information.

[more info]All-Beef Hot Dog39023023101.5501,010270414
[more info]Jr. Chicken Tenders360140163070780242031
[more info]Kid's Grilled Chicken1101520.5080900<1023
[more info]Kraft Mac and Cheese3008092.5010660452810
[more info]Lil' Dillo Steak Bites1703541.50853702<1<131
[more info]Mini-Cheeseburgers67032036150.560950573930
[more info]Ranger Meal - Andy's Steak2505062.5012556031146
[more info]Ranger Meal - Chicken Critters Basket340140153095850192132
[more info]Ranger Meal - Ranger Rib Basket5503503915017586062444

Kids & Ranger Meals - Hot Dog Toppings

[more info]Cheddar Cheese11080960301700007
[more info]Texas Red Chili - Topping7035410152504<115

Kids & Ranger Meals - Legendary Sides

[more info]Applesauce1100000015283230
[more info]Buttered Corn1908092.50055029365
[more info]Fresh Vegetables190140154.50048013543
[more info]Green Beans100303.510101,07013246
[more info]Mashed Potatoes26015017601033024223
[more info]Steak Fries1806071.50098027302

Kid's Beverages

[more info]Blue Crush Lemonade900000020240230
[more info]Coca-Cola7000000020000
[more info]Diet Coke0000005000<1
[more info]Hi-C Fruit Punch800000030230230
[more info]Hi-C Orange900000020250240
[more info]Minute Maid Lemonade800000055220200
[more info]Red Raspberry Lemonade900000020240220
[more info]Sprite700000020190190
[more info]Wild Strawberry Lemonade900000020240230

Burgers & Sandwiches

Shown without sides. See "Legendary Sides & Extras" for additional information.

[more info]All-American Cheeseburger880490552241251,9704851150
[more info]Bacon Cheeseburger980560622441502,4104851259
[more info]BBQ Chicken Sandwich6401601852.51651,3106362455
[more info]Fried Pork Sandwich96052057132.51101,6006141053
[more info]Mushroom Jack Chicken Sandwich71027030112.51901,4104861163
[more info]Pulled Pork Sandwich87035040132.52201,2206242268
[more info]Pulled Pork Sandwich (North Carolina only)83035039132.52201,4005241569
[more info]Pulled Pork Sandwich (South Carolina only)84034038122.52001,3305942166
[more info]Smokehouse Burger1,080600672841502,4906062058

Burgers - Add Bacon

[more info]Bacon Slices1006072.5025440<1009

Legendary Sides & Extras

[more info]Applesauce1100000015283230
[more info]Baked Potato3801201350101,95060637
[more info]Baked Potato Soup Side - Cup22013015702553017125
[more info]Buttered Corn1908092.50055029365
[more info]Caesar Side Salad4403904381254509226
[more info]Fresh-Baked Bread20070830020028145
[more info]Fresh Vegetables190140154.50048013543
[more info]Green Beans100303.510101,07013246
[more info]House Side Salad230150168113529092413
[more info]Mashed Potatoes26015017601033024223
[more info]Sauteed Mushrooms120100113004805223
[more info]Sauteed Onions150901020057013262
[more info]Seasoned Rice360140153.50<51,43047236
[more info]Steak Fries360130142.5001,970536<15
[more info]Steamed Broccoli2101401650049017835
[more info]Sweet Potato3508093.5051056210196
[more info]Texas Red Chili (no beans) Side - Cup2501301550.550800133417
[more info]Texas Red Chili (with beans) Side - Cup21090104045640144316

Legendary Sides - Baked Potato Toppings

[more info]Bacon35202.510101400003
[more info]Cheddar Cheese11080960301700007
[more info]Sour Cream40303.52.501510<10<1<1
[more info]Texas Red Chili11050620203706127
[more info]Whipped Butter9090103001200000

Legendary Sides - House Salad Made-from-Scratch Dressings (2 oz)

[more info]Bleu Cheese Dressing28027030502040040<12
[more info]Caesar Dressing36034037602033040<13
[more info]Honey French Dressing180707100450300270
[more info]Honey Mustard Dressing320290324.501528011080
[more info]Italian Dressing270230243.500430120100
[more info]Low Fat Ranch Dressing1601401620205404022
[more info]Oil & Vinegar2702602840000000
[more info]Parmesan Peppercorn Dressing180160183.50154603013
[more info]Ranch Dressing290280314.501535040<1<1
[more info]Thousand Island Dressing260240263.50104409040

Legendary Sides - Mashed Potato Toppings

[more info]Bacon35202.510101400003
[more info]Brown Gravy70506100330300<1
[more info]Cheddar Cheese11080960301700007
[more info]Cream Gravy1006073.50151805032
[more info]Sour Cream40303.52.501510<10<1<1
[more info]Whipped Butter9090103001200000

Legendary Sides - Steak Fries Toppings

[more info]Bacon35202.510101400003
[more info]Cheddar Cheese11080960301700007
[more info]Ranch Dressing290280314.501535040<1<1
[more info]Texas Red Chili11050620203806128

Legendary Sides - Sweet Potato Toppings

[more info]Brown Sugar1100000010280280
[more info]Cinnamon00000001<100
[more info]Honey Cinnamon Butter908093001202020
[more info]Honey Cinnamon Caramel Sauce29017019600250320310
[more info]Marshmallows1000000025250180
[more info]Whipped Butter9090103001200000

Soups & Chilis - Add Saltine Crackers

Shown for cup portion which is 1 packet. Bowls come with 2 packets.

[more info]Saltines2550.5000505000


[more info]Fall-off-the-Bone Ribs - Sidekick5503503915017586062444
[more info]Grilled Shrimp - Sidekick2708093.501101,280291418


[more info]Big Ol' Brownie1,20034040240100740203815112
[more info]Bread Pudding2,05061067284.52601,130342426431
[more info]Granny's Apple Classic1,11033050160759701612979
[more info]Strawberry Cheesecake800420472601355507636010

Soft Drinks

[more info]Coca-Cola1200000<5034000
[more info]Diet Coke000000100001
[more info]Hi-C Fruit Punch1400000050380380
[more info]Hi-C Orange1500000030410400
[more info]Minute Maid Lemonade1300000090360340
[more info]Sprite1200000030310310

Flavored Lemonades

[more info]Blue Crush Lemonade1500000030400380
[more info]Red Raspberry Lemonade1500000030400370
[more info]Wild Strawberry Lemonade1500000030400380

Iced Tea

[more info]Iced Tea - Original Sweet110000005280270
[more info]Iced Tea - Original Unsweet00000000000
[more info]Iced Tea - Peach Sweet1400000020350340
[more info]Iced Tea - Peach Unsweet450000020110100
[more info]Iced Tea - Raspberry Sweet130000005350330
[more info]Iced Tea - Raspberry Unsweet40000001010090

Other Beverages

[more info]Coffee - Decaffeinated50000001000
[more info]Coffee - Regular50000001000
[more info]Dasani Bottled Water00000000000
[more info]Juice - Apple800000015210190
[more info]Juice - Orange900000015200181
[more info]Milk - Chocolate150202.51.501017026<1237
[more info]Milk - Regular902021.5010105100107


[more info]Hurricane Margarita - Frozen (10 oz)240000005390350
[more info]Hurricane Margarita - Frozen (18 oz)460000001073066<1
[more info]Hurricane Margarita - Rocks (10 oz)160000000230210
[more info]Hurricane Margarita - Rocks (18 oz)26000000537034<1
[more info]Jamaican Cowboy Margarita - Frozen (10 oz)240000005330290
[more info]Jamaican Cowboy Margarita - Frozen (18 oz)440000001059052<1
[more info]Jamaican Cowboy Margarita - Rocks (10 oz)150000000140130
[more info]Jamaican Cowboy Margarita - Rocks (18 oz)24000000022020<1
[more info]Mango Margarita - Frozen (10 oz)2800000020400370
[more info]Mango Margarita - Frozen (18 oz)5200000035760690
[more info]Mango Margarita - Rocks (10 oz)2200000022035<1310
[more info]Mango Margarita - Rocks (18 oz)3500000024055149<1
[more info]Original Margarita - Frozen (10 oz)230000005350310
[more info]Original Margarita - Frozen (18 oz)4900000010750660
[more info]Original Margarita - Rocks (10 oz)170000000160140
[more info]Original Margarita - Rocks (18 oz)270000000260230
[more info]Raspberry Margarita - Frozen (10 oz)280000005440400
[more info]Raspberry Margarita - Frozen (18 oz)520000001083<1760
[more info]Raspberry Margarita - Rocks (10 oz)1900000030290260
[more info]Raspberry Margarita - Rocks (18 oz)3100000050450410
[more info]Sangria Margarita - Frozen (10 oz)230000005350310
[more info]Sangria Margarita - Frozen (18 oz)4400000010660580
[more info]Sangria Margarita - Rocks (10 oz)160000000180150
[more info]Sangria Margarita - Rocks (18 oz)260000000280240
[more info]Strawberry Margarita - Frozen (10 oz)2800000020450410
[more info]Strawberry Margarita - Frozen (18 oz)5200000035850770
[more info]Strawberry Margarita - Rocks (10 oz)1900000035290260
[more info]Strawberry Margarita - Rocks (18 oz)3100000055460410
[more info]The Legend Margarita270000000260230

Margarita Kickers

[more info]1800 Kicker600000000000
[more info]Patron Kicker600000003020

Signature Cocktails

[more info]Armadillo Punch130000005170160
[more info]Kenny's Cooler2900000020400370
[more info]Long Island Iced Tea2700000040550510
[more info]Sangria Red280000003553049<1
[more info]Southern Whiskey Long Island Iced Tea2800000045340300
[more info]Texas Peach Fuzz16000000515014<1
[more info]Top Shelf Long Island Iced Tea3400000040550510

Signature Cocktails - Kicker

[more info]Island Kicker450000000000


[more info]Blush Wine (6 oz glass, 4 glasses per bottle)130000002010070
[more info]Blush Wine (9 oz Texas Pour)2000000030150110
[more info]Red Wine (6 oz glass, 4 glasses per bottle)15000000105010
[more info]Red Wine (9 oz Texas Pour)23000000158020
[more info]White Wine (6 oz glass, 4 glasses per bottle)15000000105020
[more info]White Wine (9 oz Texas Pour)23000000158030


Nutritional Information

Texas Roadhouse is committed to providing accurate nutritional information to our guests. We have provided the Nutrition Calculator and Interactive Nutrition Menu below to help our guests make informed decisions about their orders. The nutritional information provided on this site is based on our standardized recipes and ingredients. However, because our Legendary Food is made from scratch and by hand, there may be slight differences between the nutritional information on this site and what you are actually served.

Food Allergens

At Texas Roadhouse, we pride ourselves on the Legendary Service we provide to all of our guests, especially those guests with food allergies. We have provided the Allergen Menu below so our guests can select menu items that do not contain certain ingredients that are common allergens. All of our Legendary Food, however, is made in shared cooking and preparation areas. As a result, cross-contact with food containing allergens is possible. If you inform us of your food allergy, we will take appropriate measures to prevent any cross-contact, but we cannot guarantee that any of our menu items are completely free of allergens.

Please let us know when ordering whether anyone in your party has a food allergy so we can inform our kitchen and take appropriate precautions.