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[more info]Alcatra60252.510202200008
[more info]Barbecued Pork Ribs32024026809072030318
[more info]Braised Beef Ribs270210241005543000012
[more info]Brazilian Sausage1701301450503601009
[more info]Chicken Breast Wrapped in Bacon140454.51.506564000023
[more info]Filet Mignon1306072.505543000016
[more info]Filet Mignon Wrapped in Bacon1508093.505552000017
[more info]Flank Steak1307083.503545000014
[more info]Garlic Picanha120506204043000016
[more info]Herb Marinated Pork Loin45101.500202200007
[more info]Lamb Chops14090104.504526000011
[more info]Leg of Lamb60252.510252200008
[more info]Parmesan Chicken Drumettes1106061.504067000012
[more info]Parmesan Crusted Pork Loin90253104546000016
[more info]Picanha120455204043000016

Salad Bar

[more info]American Grana Cheese110607402526000010
[more info]Bacon Wrapped Jalapeños1108094.50252402125
[more info]Beets40000002508160
[more info]Brazilian Potato Salad160140162.50101805101
[more info]Brazilian Salad500000352010
[more info]Buffalo Mozzarella11090106030200007
[more info]Cabbage Salad251520001302<1<10
[more info]Caperberries0000001200000
[more info]Capers0000001350000
[more info]Caramelized Sweet Onions1000000502010
[more info]Chicken Salad20015017304027020110
[more info]Chimichurri Sauce807080.5001501000
[more info]Ciabatta7010100020015002
[more info]Cipollini Onions2000000555020
[more info]Cornichons000000350000
[more info]Couscous Salad80202.500014014<122
[more info]Creole Mustard Sauce3550.50002806060
[more info]Crispy Bacon201520.50<5850001
[more info]Crostinis2550000454001
[more info]Croutons25101000654001
[more info]Cucumber Salad705060001,090511<1
[more info]Dressing - Bleu Cheese1301201430152100002
[more info]Dressing - Brazilian Vinaigrette3020200001010
[more info]Dressing - Italian Balsamic Vinaigrette16014016100704030
[more info]Dressing - Ranch10090101.50<52502011
[more info]Farofa50303.52020455111
[more info]Giardiniera Salad5000004202110
[more info]Ginger30000002005030
[more info]Goat Cheese Terrine453542.5010351002
[more info]Grape Salad11080920<51155051
[more info]Green Bean Salad30202.500002111
[more info]Grilled Peppers - Red & Yellow30202.5000102010
[more info]Grilled Provolone Cheese40303.51.5010600002
[more info]Hearts of Palm5500001701101
[more info]Horseradish40404.510<5650000
[more info]Hummus50202.500012062<12
[more info]Malagueta Peppers000000180<1000
[more info]Manchego Cheese906075020850006
[more info]Manzanilla Olives - Black & Green25252.5000100000
[more info]Marinated Artichoke Heart35000004206412
[more info]Mint Sauce300000006060
[more info]Mixed Field Greens452531.5010603113
[more info]Onion Ceviche605060005903<1<10
[more info]Orange Vinaigrette1208090.500109080
[more info]Pineapple Carpaccio350000009080
[more info]Piquante Pepper500000101010
[more info]Prosciutto30151.50.50101600003
[more info]Quinoa Salad70506000206131
[more info]Roasted Garlic Cloves100000002000
[more info]Romaine150000053211
[more info]Salami3520210102501014
[more info]Santa Fe Salad906060.5001308212
[more info]Shrimp Salad3515200352700004
[more info]Smoked Salmon703541025150007
[more info]Steamed Asparagus50000001000
[more info]Summer Tomatoes50000001010
[more info]Sun-Dried Tomatoes15000001053111
[more info]Sushi1550000553000
[more info]Tabouleh706071003003111
[more info]Wasabi50000001000
[more info]Whole Jalapeños50000001110

Hot Items

[more info]Brazilian Black Beans (Feijoada)5010100<51506113
[more info]Brazilian Cheese Bread602531015908001
[more info]Cream of Jalapeño Soup26020022130701,17011065
[more info]Fish Stew (Moqueca de Peixe)804554020601007
[more info]Garlic Mashed Potatoes804561.501033011122
[more info]Jasmine Rice401010.50<51257001
[more info]Lobster Bisque3603103421112072010234
[more info]Potatoes au Gratin130901150301206103
[more info]Sauteed Mushrooms25101.510<51502011
[more info]Sweet Fried Bananas60202.5000010180


[more info]Bananas Foster Pie790320362301004001112847
[more info]Brazilian Cheesecake1,0205105733224567011048815
[more info]Brazilian Flan6501001160165140126012512
[more info]Carrot Cake1,55079088371165920176613414
[more info]Chocolate Mousse Cake1,020470523301156501275969
[more info]Coconut Chess Pie4201601812015260611442
[more info]Coconut Chess Pie a la Mode6502603019060370891637
[more info]Crème Brûlée52028031160.5490855004810
[more info]Key Lime Pie630250281902602408317112
[more info]Papaya Cream57021023150701501013549
[more info]Pecan Pie with Cream Cheese Center540190215070490842556
[more info]Pecan Pie with Cream Cheese Center a la Mode750280321201005501202709

Signature Cocktails

[more info]1792 Manhattan2100000006040
[more info]Absolut Mandrin Crush15000000012<1100
[more info]Bahia Breeze290101100027<125<1
[more info]Brazilian Kiss1900000007050
[more info]Brazilian Mojito19000000027220<1
[more info]Brazilian Rose3300000010441302
[more info]Brugal Mojito Royale27000000036325<1
[more info]Caipirinha19000000027220<1
[more info]Caipirinha - Coconut250101100539331<1
[more info]Caipirinha - Mango24000000039230<1
[more info]Caipirinha - Passion Fruit24000000039330<1
[more info]Caipirinha - Strawberry24000000039330<1
[more info]Carnaval230000005290190
[more info]Chocolat' Com Vanilla29045500055321262
[more info]Deep Eddy Lemon Drop300000005340330
[more info]Diamante Passion Fruit Margarita260000001035<1310
[more info]Espresso Delight2003542.5000800<1
[more info]Grey Goose Caipiroska19000000027220<1
[more info]Ipanema Margarita2600000010300270
[more info]Jack Daniel's Apple Martini2500000014033032<1
[more info]Key Lime Pie Martini250151.51051512011<1
[more info]Knob Creek Texas Belle25000000021<1140
[more info]Langley's Strawberry Limeade16000000015<1110
[more info]Lava210303.510535230232
[more info]Milky Way2006062.5015456042
[more info]Rio Sunrise3500000010430350
[more info]Sangria (Pitcher)1,010000005013901271
[more info]The Rio Cosmo290000005360330
[more info]The Ruler of Marula26010010704075110102
[more info]The Samba2900000010302260
[more info]Tiramisu Martini190303.500025908<1
[more info]Tropical Cream Dream31060640308034<1324

Wine & Spirits

[more info]Coffee Liqueur (53 Proof)180000000240200
[more info]Coffee Liqueur (63 Proof)160000000170170
[more info]Coffee with Cream Liqueur (34 Proof)1507074.50254510091
[more info]Godiva Flight21070700055210202
[more info]Grand Marnier Flight700000006001
[more info]Hennessy Flight1900000000000
[more info]Johnnie Walker Flight1900000000000
[more info]Liquor (80 Proof)1000000000000
[more info]Liquor (86 Proof)1000000000000
[more info]Liquor (90 Proof)1100000000000
[more info]Liquor (94 Proof)1200000000000
[more info]Liquor (100 Proof)1200000000000
[more info]Patron Flight1900000000000
[more info]Styles of Port Flight14000000012070
[more info]Taylor Fladgate Flight19000000016090
[more info]The Macallan Flight2000000000000
[more info]Wine By The Bottle (Large Format Bottle) - Red1,270000006039091
[more info]Wine By The Bottle - Cabernet Sauvignon6200000001900<1
[more info]Wine By The Bottle - Chardonnay62000000351607<1
[more info]Wine By The Bottle - Dessert, Dry5700000004404<1
[more info]Wine By The Bottle - Dessert, Sweet60000000051029<1
[more info]Wine By The Bottle - Merlot62000000301905<1
[more info]Wine By The Bottle - Pinot Grigio61000000351907<1
[more info]Wine By The Bottle - Pinot Noir6100000001700<1
[more info]Wine By The Bottle - Red63000000301905<1
[more info]Wine By The Bottle - Rosé6400000040290293
[more info]Wine By The Bottle - Sauvignon Blanc6000000001500<1
[more info]Wine By The Bottle - Sparkling62000000401907<1
[more info]Wine By The Bottle - White61000000351907<1
[more info]Wine By The Glass - Dessert, Dry140000000100<10
[more info]Wine By The Glass - Dessert, Sweet14000000012070
[more info]Wine By The Glass - Red1500000055010
[more info]Wine By The Glass - Sparkling14000000105020
[more info]Wine By The Glass - White14000000105020


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.