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[more info]Chalupa Supreme - Beef1683402246.8323.5141.4
[more info]Chalupa Supreme - Black Bean1523364215.2333.39.51.1
[more info]Chalupa Supreme - Grilled Chicken1619387215.3333.7171.4
[more info]Chalupa Supreme - Shredded Chicken1667398246334141.3
[more info]Chalupa Volcano Supreme - Beef1865446295.1333.6141.6
[more info]Chalupa Volcano Supreme - Black Beans1705407263.5333.49.31.4
[more info]Chalupa Volcano Supreme - Grilled Chicken1801430263.6333.8171.6
[more info]Chalupa Volcano Supreme - Shredded Chicken1849442294.3334141.6


[more info]Crunchwrap Supreme - Beef25086002712675.1232.5
[more info]Crunchwrap Supreme - Black Beans2188523208.5684.6142
[more info]Crunchwrap Supreme - Grilled Chicken2380569218.8675.4282.6
[more info]Crunchwrap Supreme - Shredded Chicken24765922610685.9242.4
[more info]Quesadilla - Beef25526103416434.3323
[more info]Quesadilla - Black Beans22325332813443.8232.4
[more info]Quesadilla - Cheese20014782713403.8191.9
[more info]Quesadilla - Grilled Chicken24245792813444.6373
[more info]Quesadilla - Shredded Chicken25206023315445.1322.8


[more info]7-Layer Burrito1900454177.9564.3152.5
[more info]Crispy Chicken Burrito2660636387.4497.1252.7
[more info]Double Cheesy Black Bean Burrito1588379135.9533.3112.1
[more info]Volcano Burrito - Beef29717104012635.2233.4
[more info]Volcano Burrito - Black Beans2650633348.4644.8142.9
[more info]Volcano Burrito - Grilled Chicken2843679358.7645.6283.5
[more info]Volcano Burrito - Shredded Chicken2939702399.9646.1233.3


[more info]Crunchy Taco - Beef6641598.93.5110.79.40.77
[more info]Crunchy Taco - Black Beans5041205.71.9110.54.50.51
[more info]Crunchy Taco - Grilled Chicken60014362110.9120.79
[more info]Crunchy Taco - Shredded Chicken6481558.42.7111.29.40.7
[more info]Crunchy Taco Supreme - Beef845202136.1121.89.90.79
[more info]Crunchy Taco Supreme - Black Beans6851649.84.4131.550.52
[more info]Crunchy Taco Supreme - Grilled Chicken781187104.6121.9120.81
[more info]Crunchy Taco Supreme - Shredded Chicken829198135.2122.29.90.71
[more info]Soft Taco - Beef8051938.24181.1111
[more info]Soft Taco - Black Beans64515452.4190.96.10.78
[more info]Soft Taco - Grilled Chicken7411775.42.5191.3131.1
[more info]Soft Taco - Shredded Chicken7891897.83.2191.6110.97
[more info]Soft Taco Supreme - Beef987236126.6202.2111.1
[more info]Soft Taco Supreme - Black Beans8261989.14.9201.96.60.79
[more info]Soft Taco Supreme - Grilled Chicken9232209.55.1202.3141.1
[more info]Soft Taco Supreme - Shredded Chicken971232125.7202.6110.99


[more info]Fries Bell Grande341181543121064.8112.7
[more info]Fries Supreme1889452268.1543.36.11.5
[more info]Nachos Bell Grande24765923512635.19.42.3

Cravings Value Menu

[more info]Beefy Nacho Griller1647394166.5492.8141.8
[more info]Cheesy Roll Up831199116.1170.790.84
[more info]Churros1728413212.452145.31.3
[more info]Cinnamon Twists7231738.10.6248.61.70.54
[more info]Crispy Chicken Soft Taco1446346234.5212131.5
[more info]Spicy Chicken Griller1330318105403.1151.5

Sides & Extras

[more info]Black Beans346831.30.26.5<
[more info]Guacamole962320.31.30.5<0.50.21
[more info]Jalapeños123<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.98
[more info]Nacho Cheese Sauce373898.
[more info]Pico de Gallo184<0.5<<0.50.15
[more info]Seasoned Fries with Cheese Sauce (Large)1708408225.6532.35.61.4
[more info]Seasoned Fries with Cheese Sauce (Regular)1347322185.3402.14.41.2
[more info]Seasoned Nacho Chips with Cheese Sauce (Large)1723412236.64935.51.6
[more info]Seasoned Nacho Chips with Cheese Sauce (Regular)1183283175.7302.43.81.1
[more info]Seasoned Rice4871161.80.32422.11.2
[more info]Sour Cream346838.


[more info]Extra Grilled Chicken212510.80.21.9<
[more info]Extra Seasoned Beef276663.61.71.6<
[more info]Extra Shredded Chicken260623.
[more info]Fire Sauce1020.6<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.17
[more info]Heinz Light Mayonnaise Sachet126302.50.20.7<0.5<0.50.2
[more info]Heinz Tomato Ketchup Sachet4210<0.5<
[more info]Hot Sauce51<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.1
[more info]Mild Sauce51<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.1


[more info]Chocadilla7921898.34.5258.73.60.39
[more info]Churros (2) with Dulce de Leche2095501233.767297.31.4
[more info]Churros (6) with Dulce de Leche59191415689.918671204.1
[more info]Grande Cinnamon Twists3617865403.2120438.42.7


[more info]7Up Free (1.5L Bottle)12630<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.59
[more info]7Up Free (Can)287<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.13
[more info]7Up Free (Large)5413<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.58
[more info]7Up Free (Regular)409<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.42
[more info]Bottled Water00<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.5<0.01
[more info]Diet Pepsi (1.5L Bottle)389<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.74
[more info]Diet Pepsi (Can)82<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.16
[more info]Diet Pepsi (Large)164<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.43
[more info]Diet Pepsi (Regular)123<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.31
[more info]Lemonade Freeze697166<0.5<0.14140<0.50.04
[more info]Lipton Ice Tea Peach (Large)517124<0.5<0.130291.60.19
[more info]Lipton Ice Tea Peach (Regular)37690<0.5<0.122211.20.14
[more info]Mountain Dew Citrus Sugar Free (Bottle)215<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.05
[more info]Pepsi (1.5L Bottle)2573615<0.5<0.1165165<0.50.15
[more info]Pepsi (Can)566135<0.5<0.13636<0.50.03
[more info]Pepsi Max (1.5L Bottle)256<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.5<0.01
[more info]Pepsi Max (Can)61<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.5<0.01
[more info]Pepsi Max (Large)143<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.32
[more info]Pepsi Max (Regular)102<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.23
[more info]Pepsi Max Cherry (Large)195<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.32
[more info]Pepsi Max Cherry (Regular)143<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.23
[more info]Robinsons Apple and Blackcurrent (Large)5413<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.13
[more info]Robinsons Apple and Blackcurrent (Regular)409<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.09
[more info]Strawberry Freeze766183<0.50.34644<0.50.04
[more info]Tango Apple Sugar Free (Large)10926<0.5<<0.50.7
[more info]Tango Apple Sugar Free (Regular)7919<0.5<<0.50.51
[more info]Tango Orange Sugar Free (1.5L Bottle)25160<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.89
[more info]Tango Orange Sugar Free (Can)5513<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.19
[more info]Tango Orange Sugar Free (Large)277<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.7
[more info]Tango Orange Sugar Free (Regular)205<0.5<0.1<0.5<0.5<0.50.51


Like most restaurants, we prepare and serve products containing eggs, milk, soybeans, cereals or other allergens as identified by the Food Standards Agency which can be found here The Allergen Info on this site is based on standard product formulations and is current as of the last update. While a particular ingredient may not contain these allergens, our products may be prepared on the same equipment and in the same kitchen area as those that do. We cannot guarantee that cross contact with allergens will not occur. Neither Taco Bell®, our employees, nor our franchisees assume any responsibility for a person's sensitivity or allergy to any food item provided in our restaurants.

Soybean oil is not listed as an allergen. According to the Food Standards Agency [], fully refined soybean oil and fat are exempt from labeling. If you have any concerns about consuming soybean oil, please consult with your healthcare professional.

Vegetarian food items at Taco Bell® are defined as lacto-ovo vegetarian, allowing the consumption of dairy and eggs but do not contain any animal byproducts. Please note that in some restaurants we use the same frying oil to prepare menu items that may or may not contain meat. All vegetarian ingredients are handled by our employees in common with meat ingredients, which may not be acceptable to certain types of vegetarian diets. We cannot guarantee that cross contact with meat products will not occur. Neither Taco Bell®, our employees, nor our franchisees assume any responsibility for such cross contact.

Taco Bell® does not claim “gluten-free” for any of its food. Some Taco Bell® items are made without gluten containing ingredients but are prepared in common kitchen areas, including common fryer oil, risking gluten exposure. Taco Bell® does not recommend products for customers with celiac disease. Customers with gluten sensitivities should exercise judgment when ordering.

If you have a food allergy, please consult with your healthcare professional about which Taco Bell® products are right for you. We recommend checking the ingredient and allergen section of this website frequently as our menu and/or certain ingredients may change. If you have any questions regarding allergens in our restaurants, please contact us at