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Chicken Sandwichez

Big Mozz Chicken Sandwich[more info]4501401660351,0205745421
Boss Bacon Chicken Sandwich[more info]5703503990451,2103528416


Big Mozz Burger[more info]670250331211251,3205745437
Boss Bacon Burger[more info]790460561611351,5203528432
MTO Burger[more info]220110177185310000016

Breakfast Sandwiches

Walker Breakfast Ranger[more info]5502102380851,3205847025

Snacks & Sidez

Chili Mac & Cheese[more info]3507020110.5551,10029150.113
Crispy Chicken Stripz - 3 piece[more info]330100111.50657003940020
Crispy Chicken Stripz - 5 piece[more info]55016018201051,1606570033
Fried Pickles - Large[more info]430230264.53.501,970453<105
Fried Pickles - Regular[more info]220120132.5201,020232003
Fryz - Bag[more info]240708100340393003
Fryz - Bucket[more info]780240263001,10012711008
Fryz - Cup[more info]390120131.500550646004
Jalapeno Poppers[more info]3301601861.5201,200352309
Loaded Fryz[more info]600180202.500840979006
Mac & Cheese[more info]3206018100.5501,0002814012
Mac 'N Cheese Bites[more info]370170195215900402309
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks[more info]4101201450401,000525<1020
Three Cheese Mac & Cheese[more info]42012026141751,4003015018

Subz Bread

Flatbread[more info]240252.5000600472208
Honey Wheat Sub Roll[more info]2403030.500520464409
Pretzel Sub Roll[more info]3002530.5002905625011
White Sub Roll[more info]230202000420431408

Hot Beverages

Hot Chai Tea - Large[more info]3100000007507500
Hot Chai Tea - Medium[more info]2500000006006000
Hot Chai Tea - Small[more info]1800000004504500

Iced Beverages

Iced Chai Tea - Large[more info]3100000007507500
Iced Chai Tea - Medium[more info]2100000005205200
Iced Chai Tea - Small[more info]1500000003703700

Frozen Beverages

Frozen Chai Tea - Large[more info]500901060401059809303
Frozen Chai Tea - Medium[more info]3406064025706806402
Frozen Chai Tea - Small[more info]220303201535450430<1
Frozen Latte - Large[more info]190901060401052301803
Frozen Latte - Medium[more info]1306064025701501202
Frozen Latte - Small[more info]603032015358060<1
Frozen Mocha - Large[more info]190901060401052301803
Frozen Mocha - Medium[more info]1306064025701501202
Frozen Mocha - Small[more info]603032015358060<1


Sheetz, Inc. tries to provide nutrition information regarding its products that is as complete and accurate as possible. All values are close approximations based on aggregate data provided through our suppliers. Individual discrepancies between the provided values and the actual nutritional value of the product may occur. Particular menu items may not be available in all stores. Test products, special formulations or regional items have not been included in any product list or in the nutritional calculations.

While ingredient information is based on standard formulations, variations may occur depending on the local supplier, regional differences or seasonality. Product formulations change periodically. Serving sizes may vary from standard evaluated quantity. Serving sizes for beverages refers to total cup capacity; the actual amounts of beverage (and ice) may vary. This listing may vary from printed materials as the information is updated on an incremental basis.

ALLERGEN WARNING: All foods, bakery items, and specialty beverages in our store are prepared in a shared environment which could cause exposure of any product to known food allergens. These would include, but are not limited to: peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, egg, fish, and milk.