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Black Tiger Shrimp Cocktail[more info]1804102601,180101923
Chicken Bacon Ranch Flatbread[more info]1,210631921503,1309691566
Crab Queso Dip[more info]940602201202,4907471028
Crispy Dragon Calamari[more info]1,03066706801,7506022148
Crispy Dragon Shrimp[more info]1,01072902002,0106742225
Hand-Breaded Calamari[more info]1,00070006802,070441547
Lobster Dip[more info]890351511301,910829730
Lobster Flatbread[more info]800381421102,310775839
Mozzarella Cheesesticks[more info]73041130602,130584731
Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp Appetizer[more info]660411101359105552020
Seafood-Stuffed Mushrooms[more info]390221211201,080182530

Chowder, Salads & Bowls

Classic Caesar Salad[more info]5604791451,020268612
Classic Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken[more info]73052911201,140268643
Classic Caesar Salad with Grilled Shrimp[more info]740551112902,390279638
Classic Caesar Salad with Salmon[more info]1,070811511801,700268659
New England Clam Chowder-Bowl[more info]470301711001,350221715
New England Clam Chowder-Cup[more info]24015905068011<147
Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp Salad[more info]85049140901,3108694619
Sesame-Soy Bowl with Atlantic Salmon[more info]1,150601201302,5809093860
Southwest Bowl with Shrimp[more info]770511412002,5305551124


Live Maine Lobster (1 1/4 lb. Steamed)[more info]4403421029529000033
Live Maine Lobster (1 1/4 lb. Stuffed)[more info]61041230365950120245
Lobster & Shrimp Lover's Dream[more info]1,200783724703,140566366
Lobster Linguini[more info]1,230693323403,140867470
Lobster Lover's Dream®[more info]1,5701105625904,460626384
Lobster Lover's Duo[more info]600512412901,15011025

Shrimp Your Way

Shrimp Your Way - Crispy Dragon Shrimp®[more info]51036401001,0003421113
Shrimp Your Way - Garlic Shrimp Scampi[more info]220183110097031112
Shrimp Your Way - Grilled Shrimp[more info]2507101201,130291116
Shrimp Your Way - Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp[more info]4702980906204131813
Shrimp Your Way - Shrimp & Scallops Parmesan Scampi[more info]2802210111079051115
Shrimp Your Way - Shrimp Linguini Alfredo[more info]630321311501,520575327
Shrimp Your Way - Street Corn Shrimp[more info]39023601401,4402641418
Shrimp Your Way - Walt's Favorite Shrimp[more info]2601010701,560312910


Crab Your Way - Honey Sriracha[more info]1,11065911254,8509483145
Crab Your Way - Roasted Garlic Butter[more info]1,4701143832604,640737446
Crab Your Way - Simply Steamed[more info]910592302153,770566342


Shrimp & Grits[more info]1,090853813203,530461638

Signature Specialties & Feasts

Admiral's Feast[more info]1,640961001804,75013471858
Bar Harbor Lobster Bake[more info]1,100541313803,340808569
Create Your Own Ultimate Feast - Grilled Shrimp[more info]2507101201,130291116
CYO Ultimate Feast - Atlantic Salmon[more info]510346013068010047
CYO Ultimate Feast - Garlic Shrimp Scampi[more info]220183.50.51059704<1<112
CYO Ultimate Feast - Grilled Sea Scallops with rice[more info]3501220301,310432117
CYO Ultimate Feast - Grilled Sirloin[more info]320154013098010046
CYO Ultimate Feast - Maine Lobster Tail[more info]420372201851,020231<114
CYO Ultimate Feast - Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp[more info]4702980906204131813
CYO Ultimate Feast - Shrimp Linguini Alfredo[more info]630321311501,520575327
CYO Ultimate Feast - Snow Crab Legs[more info]38034210150940<10019
CYO Ultimate Feast - Walt's Favorite Shrimp[more info]2601010701,560312910
Grilled Lobster, Shrimp & Salmon[more info]1,180762013902,830472276
Sea Scallop & Shrimp Skewers[more info]35011201701,620301131


Atlantic Salmon - Grilled[more info]1,010681202701,34010093
Atlantic Salmon - Roasted[more info]9005510027033010093
Crunch-Fried Flounder Sandwich[more info]1,7701001711404,040179112638
Fish & Chips[more info]1,23065811302,910117112246
Grilled Rainbow Trout[more info]550296020073010068
Salmon New Orleans[more info]1,160761703601,440923103
Stuffed Flounder[more info]560351112101,910141347
Wild-Caught Crunch-Fried Flounder[more info]1,14071801403,060812544

Beef & Chicken

Bacon Cheeseburger[more info]980511511601,8608671345
Cajun Chicken Linguini Alfredo[more info]1,190642531903,170868566
Maple-Bacon Chicken[more info]57016301708703913765
Steak: 6 oz. Filet Mignon[more info]26014419085011134
Steak: 7 oz. Sirloin[more info]320154013598010046
Steak: 10 oz. NY Strip[more info]690481831853,70010065
Surf & Turf: Maine Lobster Tail & 6 oz. Filet Mignon[more info]680542712801,59021147
Surf & Turf: Maine Lobster Tail & 7 oz. Sirloin[more info]740562613301,72011059
Surf & Turf: Maine Lobster Tail & 12 oz. NY Strip[more info]1,120884033804,44021078
Surf & Turf: Walt's Favorite Shrimp & 6 oz. Filet Mignon[more info]52024511602,4103231044
Surf & Turf: Walt's Favorite Shrimp & 7 oz. Sirloin[more info]58026402002,540323956
Surf & Turf: Walt's Favorite Shrimp & 12 oz. NY Strip[more info]950581932505,260333975

Daily Deals

Friday - $15 Fish & Chips[more info]1,2306580.51302,910117112246
Monday Ultimate Endless Shrimp - Garlic Shrimp Scampi[more info]220183110097031112
Monday Ultimate Endless Shrimp - Grilled Shrimp[more info]2507101201,130301116
Monday Ultimate Endless Shrimp - Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp[more info]4702980906204131813
Monday Ultimate Endless Shrimp - Shrimp Linguini Alfredo[more info]630321311501,520575327
Monday Ultimate Endless Shrimp - Walt's Favorite Shrimp[more info]2601010701,560312910
Thursday Lobster & Shrimp[more info]850762914002,68072237
Tuesday - $20 Snow Crab Legs with Crispy Potatoes (Roasted Garlic Butter)[more info]1,4701143832604,640737445
Tuesday - $20 Snow Crab Legs with Crispy Potatoes (Steamed)[more info]910592302203,780566342
Wednesday - $25 Steak-and-Lobster[more info]740562613301,72011059

Add to Any Entreé

Caribbean Rock Tail Add-On[more info]480412202151,13021027
Garlic Shrimp Scampi Add-On[more info]220184110597031112
Grilled Sea Scallops Add-On[more info]3501220301,310432117
Grilled Shrimp (with rice)[more info]2507101001,030291114
Grilled Sirloin[more info]320154013098010046
Maine Lobster Tail Add-On[more info]4204022019089010013
Snow Crab Legs Add-On[more info]380342101501,02010018

Classic Sides

Baked Potato[more info]2703.50001,73055637
Cheddar Bay Biscuits (each)[more info]160104.50<5380160<13
Chesapeake Fries[more info]510202001,17074607
Coleslaw[more info]110810<514010262
Hushpuppies with Honey-Jalapeño Butter[more info]5203510125830422164
Loaded Baked Potato[more info]52026121552,170576417
Lobster-Topped Baked Potato[more info]4501860752,310596413
Lobster-Topped Mashed Potatoes[more info]3502290901,120253215
Mashed Potatoes[more info]21010402067027324
Orzo Rice[more info]310610088057216
Seasoned Broccoli[more info]19016100404009324

Premium Sides

Bacon Mac & Cheese[more info]600342011051,590461424
Caesar Side Salad[more info]360308040700143511
Crispy Brussels Sprouts[more info]3801750085048111911
House Side Salad[more info]1609502023012248


Brownie Overboard[more info]1,0205729119036012158413
Chocolate Wave[more info]1,1106222112072013469311
Key Lime Pie[more info]580271601902707625510
Strawberry Cheesecake Bliss[more info]1,1706942222078010237614

Weekday Lunch Specials

Garlic Shrimp Scampi-Lunch[more info]44035712101,94072224
Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp - Lunch[more info]57035901157704841916
Popcorn Shrimp[more info]430191.50901,8604951116
Sailor's Platter[more info]1,330831012704,4509561650
Sesame-Soy Bowl with Atlantic Salmon[more info]1,150601201302,5809093860
Walt's Favorite Shrimp-Lunch[more info]38016101002,150433915
Wild-Caught Crispy Flounder[more info]1,14071801403,060812544

Kids Menu

Kids Chicken Tenders[more info]6805360701,010301921
Kids Fruit[more info]30000008260
Kids Golden-Fried Fish[more info]5302520601,9205321322
Kids Juice[more info]110000015270242
Kids Lemonade[more info]5000000140130
Kids Macaroni and Cheese[more info]280103015550391910
Kids Milk 1%[more info]1002.51.5010105120128
Kids Petite Maine Lobster Tail[more info]36035220180580<10010
Kids Popcorn Shrimp[more info]4501920901,7605341515
Kids Raspberry Lemonade[more info]90000010240230
Kids Surf's Up Sundae[more info]20010604050250183

Dressings & Condiments

100% Pure Melted Butter[more info]30033210902900000
Add Butter to Baked Potato[more info]8084015450000
Add Sour Cream to Baked Potato[more info]2521.5010100000
BBQ Sauce[more info]700000290180170
Blue Cheese Dressing[more info]2302450253002012
Caesar Dressing[more info]3003260.5305900002
Citrus Vinaigrette Dressing[more info]7060.5002405040
Cocktail Sauce[more info]45000058011090
French Dressing[more info]180162.50046010090
Honey Mustard Dressing[more info]2001830152909080
Ketchup[more info]600000480150120
Mango Pineapple Vinaigrette[more info]100510021011040
Marinara Sauce[more info]3520002304020
Pina Colada Sauce[more info]1004.53.501040140120
Ranch Dressing[more info]150162.50153202010
Sesame Dressing[more info]90510037010010<1
Tartar Sauce[more info]2102130151804030
Thousand Island Dressing[more info]2101930152708080

Beverages - Beer

12 oz. Bottled Beer - Light[more info]1000000156000
12 oz. Bottled Beer - Regular[more info]15000001513002
14 oz. Draft Beer - Light[more info]1200000157000
14 oz. Draft Beer - Regular[more info]18000001515002
20 oz. Draft Beer - Light[more info]17000002510001
20 oz. Draft Beer - Regular[more info]26000002521003
Hard Cider (12 oz.)[more info]220000010320260
Nonalcoholic Beer (12 oz.)[more info]7000001015000

Beverages - Signature Cocktails

Blue Dream Sangria[more info]200000020190140
Lobster Punch[more info]39000000783681
Margarita - Caribbean Blue (Frozen)[more info]2700000230200200
Margarita - Caribbean Blue (Rocks)[more info]1800000230150140
Margarita - Passion Fruit (Frozen)[more info]4200000380840810
Margarita - Passion Fruit (Rocks)[more info]2300000280360340
Tito's® Twisted Strawberry Lemonade[more info]160000040190180
Triple Berry Sangria[more info]200000050352300
Tropical White Sangria[more info]150000010242150
Under the Purple Sea[more info]160000010201170

Beverages - Wine

Sparkling (Split)[more info]160000010100100
Wine-6 oz.[more info]150000055010
Wine-9 oz.[more info]2200000107020
Wine-Bottle[more info]640000040290293

Buy One, Take One

Buy One Take One Caesar Salad[more info]5604790.5451,020268612
Buy One Take One Caesar Salad with Chicken[more info]7605390.51201,5203210644
Buy One Take One Caesar Salad with Shrimp[more info]760571012902,440279639
Buy One Take One Linguini Alfredo Pasta[more info]90053243901,920766426
Buy One Take One Linguini Alfredo Pasta with Chicken[more info]1,100592531702,420838558
Buy One Take One Linguini Alfredo Pasta with Shrimp[more info]1,110632633353,340776553


Our nutrition information is based on our standardized recipes and serving sizes and is derived from a combination of sources, including: information provided by our suppliers, standardized USDA nutrition data and results from accredited laboratory analysis. Due to the inherent variability in ingredients and the hand-crafted nature of our menu items, there may be differences between the actual nutritional content of your freshly prepared menu item and the nutritional values provided here.

Although the number of calories people need varies, a simple rule of thumb is 2,000 calories per day (with no more than 20 grams of saturated fat and 2,300 mg of sodium). Keeping these numbers in mind can help you use the nutrition information provided here.

More information on your individual needs can be found at

We have made an effort to ensure that the information provided here is accurate and are dedicated to preparing a meal that meets your restricted diet. Because of our reliance on suppliers for accurate information, the shared cooking and preparation areas of our kitchens and the handcrafted nature of our menu items, we cannot completely eliminate the risk of cross-contact or declare that any item is free of any allergen.

Due to limited ingredient information available in our kitchen, it might not be possible to answer all questions within the restaurant. If you have a question about a specific item on Red Lobster's menu, we invite you to call us at before you visit the restaurant so that we can assist you. Simply call 1-800-LOBSTER (800-562-7837), Monday through Friday (10:00 a.m. - 4 p.m. ET), or send us an email. Please allow at least 3 days for us to investigate your inquiry.