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Classic Subs - 5" Small

Subs are shown with white bread and include the default meat, cheese, & toppings.

Classic Sub #1 - 5" Small[more info]4201601870602,150412423
Classic Sub #2 - 5" Small[more info]36090103.50552,040422525
Classic Sub #3 - 5" Small[more info]380120134.50501,970412422
Classic Sub #4 - 5" Small[more info]3801301450502,020412522
Classic Sub #5 - 5" Small[more info]360901140502,190412524
Classic Sub #6 - 5" Small[more info]43019022100451,530424320
Classic Sub #7 - 5" Small[more info]36080930502,140382328
Classic Sub #8 - 5" Small[more info]36080930501,990422526
Classic Sub #9 - 5" Small[more info]36090104.50451,920402427
Classic Sub #10 - 5" Small[more info]36080930551,970402328
Classic Sub #11 - 5" Small[more info]3701101250652,230422624
Classic Sub #12 - 5" Small[more info]3901501760451,950402419
Classic Sub #13 - 5" Small[more info]360901040501,900412427
Classic Sub #14 - 5" Small[more info]3701001250552,090402426
Classic Sub #15 - 5" Small[more info]3901601870401,830392317
Classic Sub #16 - 5" Small[more info]3901301560551,890392323
Classic Sub #17 - 5" Small[more info]4101401640401,520402427
Classic Sub #18 - 5" Small[more info]36080930502,070402427

Classic Subs - 8" Medium

Subs are shown with white bread and include the default meat, cheese, & toppings.

Classic Sub #1 - 8" Medium[more info]65024027100903,270653735
Classic Sub #2 - 8" Medium[more info]5501401550753,040663735
Classic Sub #3 - 8" Medium[more info]5601701970652,950653632
Classic Sub #4 - 8" Medium[more info]5701802180703,010643731
Classic Sub #5 - 8" Medium[more info]5601401770803,370653836
Classic Sub #6 - 8" Medium[more info]67029034140652,370687530
Classic Sub #7 - 8" Medium[more info]540120144.50703,180613439
Classic Sub #8 - 8" Medium[more info]540120144.50702,980663736
Classic Sub #9 - 8" Medium[more info]5401301570602,790633637
Classic Sub #10 - 8" Medium[more info]550120144.50752,990643441
Classic Sub #11 - 8" Medium[more info]5601701780903,310673934
Classic Sub #12 - 8" Medium[more info]5902202590602,910633628
Classic Sub #13 - 8" Medium[more info]5401301560652,800653637
Classic Sub #14 - 8" Medium[more info]5801601980803,250643640
Classic Sub #15 - 8" Medium[more info]60024027100602,800633526
Classic Sub #16 - 8" Medium[more info]5902002290802,870623434
Classic Sub #17 - 8" Medium[more info]7002602970702,520653749
Classic Sub #18 - 8" Medium[more info]540120144.50703,080643538

Classic Subs - 12" Large

Subs are shown with white bread and include the default meat, cheese, & toppings.

Classic Sub #1 - 12" Large[more info]930340381401254,730965949
Classic Sub #2 - 12" Large[more info]7701802170954,2609751047
Classic Sub #3 - 12" Large[more info]8102402790904,260965945
Classic Sub #4 - 12" Large[more info]82026029110954,3409551043
Classic Sub #5 - 12" Large[more info]850230261101205,0909751154
Classic Sub #6 - 12" Large[more info]98041048200853,51010210742
Classic Sub #7 - 12" Large[more info]7701701960904,450925652
Classic Sub #8 - 12" Large[more info]7601701960904,180985949
Classic Sub #9 - 12" Large[more info]7801802090804,080945952
Classic Sub #10 - 12" Large[more info]78017019601004,240955656
Classic Sub #11 - 12" Large[more info]790220231001154,6209851245
Classic Sub #12 - 12" Large[more info]87031036130904,330945841
Classic Sub #13 - 12" Large[more info]7801802080904,020965951
Classic Sub #14 - 12" Large[more info]820220261101104,620955955
Classic Sub #15 - 12" Large[more info]87033037130854,110945737
Classic Sub #16 - 12" Large[more info]840270311301054,080935645
Classic Sub #17 - 12" Large[more info]1,03038042901053,7509751172
Classic Sub #18 - 12" Large[more info]7601701960904,310955850

Classic Subs - 24" X-Large

Subs are shown with white bread and include the default meat, cheese, & toppings.

Classic Sub #1 - 24" X-Large[more info]1,860680762702459,46019291998
Classic Sub #2 - 24" X-Large[more info]1,540370411501858,53019592094
Classic Sub #3 - 24" X-Large[more info]1,630480551901808,51019291789
Classic Sub #4 - 24" X-Large[more info]1,640510582101908,68019191987
Classic Sub #5 - 24" X-Large[more info]1,7004505222023510,170194922108
Classic Sub #6 - 24" X-Large[more info]1,960830974001757,020203191484
Classic Sub #7 - 24" X-Large[more info]1,520330371201808,860183912104
Classic Sub #8 - 24" X-Large[more info]1,520340381201758,36019691897
Classic Sub #9 - 24" X-Large[more info]1,570360411801658,170188917104
Classic Sub #10 - 24" X-Large[more info]1,560330381201958,480189912111
Classic Sub #11 - 24" X-Large[more info]1,580450472102309,23019692591
Classic Sub #12 - 24" X-Large[more info]1,730630712501808,67018891682
Classic Sub #13 - 24" X-Large[more info]1,550360401701758,050192918103
Classic Sub #14 - 24" X-Large[more info]1,640440512102159,250190918110
Classic Sub #15 - 24" X-Large[more info]1,730660742701658,21018791475
Classic Sub #16 - 24" X-Large[more info]1,670550612502108,15018691291
Classic Sub #17 - 24" X-Large[more info]2,070760841802057,490193922145
Classic Sub #18 - 24" X-Large[more info]1,520330381201758,610190915100

Hot Subs - 5" Small

Subs are shown with white bread and include the default meat, cheese, & toppings.

All American Club - 5" Small[more info]4201401660651,620402429
Gourmet Grilled Cheese - 5" Small[more info]4301902213065910382222
Grilled Chicken BBQ Melt - 5" Small[more info]45080940951,840462942
Grilled Chicken Buffalo Melt - 5" Small[more info]41080940952,200382241
Grilled Chicken Melt - 5" Small[more info]41080940951,070382241
Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Melt - 5" Small[more info]45080940951,840462942
Meatball Marinara - 5" Small[more info]5202302690551,340474329
New York Steak Melt - 5" Small[more info]4401702080651,370372228
Pastrami Melt - 5" Small[more info]550250281001051,820412428
TBA - 5" Small[more info]4601601960651,570433430
Ultimate BLT - 5" Small[more info]4402002390451,330382221

Hot Subs - 8" Medium

Subs are shown with white bread and include the default meat, cheese & toppings.

All American Club - 8" Medium[more info]6302002390952,340633641
Gourmet Grilled Cheese - 8" Medium[more info]65028032190901,360602333
Grilled Chicken BBQ Melt - 8" Medium[more info]67011013601253,0407721756
Grilled Chicken Buffalo Melt - 8" Medium[more info]59011013601253,760602355
Grilled Chicken Melt - 8" Medium[more info]59011013601251,520602355
Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Melt - 8" Medium[more info]67011013601253,0407721756
Meatball Marinara - 8" Medium[more info]940430481601102,470797653
New York Steak Melt - 8" Medium[more info]65024028110851,940592340
Pastrami Melt - 8" Medium[more info]780350391401402,530642540
TBA - 8" Medium[more info]7102603090902,280696544
Ultimate BLT - 8" Medium[more info]69032036140702,110613433

Hot Subs - 12" Large

Subs are shown with white bread and include the default meat, cheese & toppings.

All American Club - 12" Large[more info]870270311201203,130934855
Gourmet Grilled Cheese - 12" Large[more info]930380442601251,970904547
Grilled Chicken BBQ Melt - 12" Large[more info]1,05017020902154,74011642695
Grilled Chicken Buffalo Melt - 12" Large[more info]93017020902155,810914493
Grilled Chicken Melt - 12" Large[more info]93017020902152,440914493
Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Melt - 12" Large[more info]1,05017020902154,74011642695
Meatball Marinara - 12" Large[more info]1,390630712401603,670118111078
New York Steak Melt - 12" Large[more info]1,030390451701453,160884465
Pastrami Melt - 12" Large[more info]1,260580642202354,200974965
TBA - 12" Large[more info]990360421201153,0501029759
Ultimate BLT - 12" Large[more info]1,020460532101003,120904549


All American Club - Wrap[more info]69028031120952,340615442
Classic Sub #1 - Wrap[more info]71032035130903,280636536
Classic Sub #2 - Wrap[more info]6102102490753,050646636
Classic Sub #3 - Wrap[more info]63025028100652,950636533
Classic Sub #4 - Wrap[more info]63026029110703,020636532
Classic Sub #5 - Wrap[more info]63022025100803,370646637
Classic Sub #6 - Wrap[more info]74037042170652,380679330
Classic Sub #7 - Wrap[more info]6002002280703,180606340
Classic Sub #8 - Wrap[more info]6002002280702,980656537
Classic Sub #9 - Wrap[more info]61021023100602,800626438
Classic Sub #10 - Wrap[more info]6102002280753,000626342
Classic Sub #11 - Wrap[more info]63024026110903,320656835
Classic Sub #12 - Wrap[more info]65029033120602,920616429
Classic Sub #13 - Wrap[more info]6102102390652,810636538
Classic Sub #14 - Wrap[more info]64024027110803,250626541
Classic Sub #15 - Wrap[more info]66031035130602,810616327
Classic Sub #16 - Wrap[more info]66028031130802,880616335
Classic Sub #17 - Wrap[more info]76034037100702,530636650
Classic Sub #18 - Wrap[more info]6002002280703,080626438
Gourmet Grilled Cheese - Wrap[more info]71035040220901,370595234
Grilled BBQ Chicken Melt - Wrap[more info]73019022901253,0507551657
Grilled Chicken Buffalo Melt - Wrap[more info]65019022901253,770595155
Grilled Chicken Caesar - Wrap[more info]67022025801201,590605251
Grilled Chicken Melt - Wrap[more info]65019022901251,520595155
Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Melt - Wrap[more info]73019022901253,0507551657
Meatball Marinara - Wrap[more info]1,000510571901102,4707710553
New York Steak Melt - Wrap[more info]71032036140851,940575141
Pastrami Melt - Wrap[more info]850420471701402,540625441
TBA - Wrap[more info]77034038120902,280689445
Turkey Bacon Ranch - Wrap[more info]70032035110752,020615336
Ultimate BLT - Wrap[more info]76039045170702,110596334

Lettuce Wraps

Classic Sub #1 - Lettuce Wrap[more info]3702302590902,70081426
Classic Sub #2 - Lettuce Wrap[more info]2601201450752,47091527
Classic Sub #3 - Lettuce Wrap[more info]2801601860652,37081423
Classic Sub #4 - Lettuce Wrap[more info]2901701970702,44071422
Classic Sub #5 - Lettuce Wrap[more info]2801301560802,79081527
Classic Sub #6 - Lettuce Wrap[more info]39028032140651,800114221
Classic Sub #7 - Lettuce Wrap[more info]2601101240702,60051230
Classic Sub #8 - Lettuce Wrap[more info]2601101240702,400101428
Classic Sub #9 - Lettuce Wrap[more info]2601201360602,22061328
Classic Sub #10 - Lettuce Wrap[more info]2701101240752,42071233
Classic Sub #11 - Lettuce Wrap[more info]2801501680902,740101725
Classic Sub #12 - Lettuce Wrap[more info]3102002380602,34061319
Classic Sub #13 - Lettuce Wrap[more info]2601201360652,23081429
Classic Sub #14 - Lettuce Wrap[more info]2901501780802,67071431
Classic Sub #15 - Lettuce Wrap[more info]3202202590602,23061217
Classic Sub #16 - Lettuce Wrap[more info]3101902190802,30061225
Classic Sub #17 - Lettuce Wrap[more info]4202502760701,95081540
Classic Sub #18 - Lettuce Wrap[more info]2601101240702,50071329

Fresh Salads

Nutrition information does not include salad dressing.

Caesar Salad[more info]70252.510<51909214
Chef Salad[more info]2601401570601,120134621
Classic Sub #1 - Salad[more info]3802302590902,700112727
Classic Sub #2 - Salad[more info]2801201450752,470122827
Classic Sub #3 - Salad[more info]3001601860652,370112624
Classic Sub #4 - Salad[more info]3001701970702,440112723
Classic Sub #5 - Salad[more info]3001301560802,800122828
Classic Sub #6 - Salad[more info]41028033140651,800156522
Classic Sub #7 - Salad[more info]2701101240702,61082431
Classic Sub #8 - Salad[more info]2701101340702,400132728
Classic Sub #9 - Salad[more info]2701201360602,220102629
Classic Sub #10 - Salad[more info]2801101240752,420102433
Classic Sub #11 - Salad[more info]3001601680902,740132926
Classic Sub #12 - Salad[more info]3202002380602,34092620
Classic Sub #13 - Salad[more info]2801201360652,230112729
Classic Sub #14 - Salad[more info]3101501780802,680102732
Classic Sub #15 - Salad[more info]3302202590602,23092518
Classic Sub #16 - Salad[more info]3301902190802,30092426
Classic Sub #17 - Salad[more info]4302502760701,950112841
Classic Sub #18 - Salad[more info]2701101240702,510102630
Garden Salad[more info]70252.50001609433
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad[more info]2806072.50110900112143
Grilled Chicken Salad[more info]2806072.50105880114342
Grilled Chicken Spinach Salad[more info]2806072.50105900104242
Spinach Salad[more info]60252.50001908423
Tuna Salad[more info]350180202.5050690124636

Sides & Extras

Baked Lay's BBQ[more info]1403540.50018024232
Baked Lay's Original[more info]140303.50.50018024232
Cheetos Crunchy Hot[more info]170100111.50025015101
Cheetos Original[more info]16090101.50025015002
Doritos Blaze[more info]250120131.50032030223
Doritos Cool Ranch[more info]2601201320032031323
Doritos Nacho Cheese[more info]2401201420036028213
Fritos[more info]3201802030032032313
Lay's BBQ[more info]2301301420023024233
Lay's Classic[more info]2401401620025023213
Lay's Salt & Vinegar[more info]2301301520034023212
Lay's Sour Cream & Onion[more info]2401301520024023213
Macaroni Salad, Large[more info]7504605280351,9306351912
Macaroni Salad, Regular[more info]5203203660251,320443138
Maui Onion[more info]19090101.50014021222
Miss Vickie's Farmhouse Cheddar[more info]2101101220023022213
Miss Vickie's Jalapeno[more info]200100111.50018022223
Miss Vickie's Original 40% Less Fat[more info]18060710019027213
Miss Vickie's Sea Salt & Vinegar[more info]200100111.50023023223
Miss Vickie's Smokehouse BBQ[more info]200100111.50020023232
Miss Vickie's Sour Cream & Herb[more info]200110121.50024023223
Potato Salad, Large[more info]5602703050251,380688185
Potato Salad, Regular[more info]370180203.5015920455123
Ruffles Cheddar Sour Cream[more info]2301401520028023223
Sunchip Garden Salsa[more info]21080910021028443
Sunchip Harvest Cheddar[more info]2108091.50032027434
Sunchip Original[more info]210901010018028433
White Cheddar Popcorn[more info]160901020<529014223

Soups - Small

Ingredients differ among locations and are specified below.

Boston Clam Chowder, Small[more info]2007092.502087022188
Broccoli Cheese, Small[more info]21011013502073017198
Chicken and Wild Rice Soup, Small[more info]1907084030920211810
Chicken Buffalo Soup, Small[more info]19011012404082013128
Chicken Dumpling Soup, Small[more info]1303541.503580018116
Chicken Noodle Soup, Small[more info]90252.5102078012134
Chicken Noodle Soup, Small (SFO)[more info]80252.510259309126
Chicken Tortilla Soup, Small[more info]80252.510259309126
Chili, Small[more info]2606062.50651,000356318
Cream of Broccoli Vegetarian Soup, Small[more info]200100124.5020840171108
Cream of Potato Soup, Small[more info]1907092.50151,05021287
Cream of Potato with Bacon Soup, Small[more info]2308010302086027198
Italian Wedding Soup, Small[more info]100253101074014115
Minestrone Soup, Small[more info]801010.501075014444
New England Clam Chowder, Small[more info]1806073.50201,02022188
Split Pea with Ham Soup, Small[more info]1603540.50<579023739
Tomato Basil Soup, Small[more info]120506402069014252
Tomato Bisque Soup, Small[more info]20090114.5020860192157
Ultimate Baked Potato Soup, Small[more info]2601201350251,040251611
Vegetable Beef Barley Soup, Small[more info]9020210<580014054
Vegetable Garden Soup, Small[more info]7010100078013261

Soups - Large

Ingredients differ among locations and are specified below.

Boston Clam Chowder, Large[more info]300110133.50301,2903311112
Broccoli Cheese, Large[more info]3101701970301,0802511312
Chicken and Wild Rice Soup, Large[more info]2801001160451,3603111115
Chicken Buffalo Soup, Large[more info]2801601860601,210191312
Chicken Dumpling Soup, Large[more info]19050620501,18027119
Chicken Noodle Soup, Large[more info]130353.51.50301,15018146
Chicken Noodle Soup, Large (SFO)[more info]120353.51.50351,38013139
Chicken Tortilla Soup, Large[more info]120353.51.50351,38013139
Chili, Large[more info]400901040951,5005310427
Cream of Broccoli Vegetarian Soup, Large[more info]3001501770301,2402511412
Cream of Potato Soup, Large[more info]280110133.50201,5603131110
Cream of Potato with Bacon Soup, Large[more info]340120144.50301,2704011312
Italian Wedding Soup, Large[more info]150404.51.50151,10021117
Minestrone Soup, Large[more info]120151.50.50151,11021666
New England Clam Chowder, Large[more info]270901050301,5103311112
Split Pea with Ham Soup, Large[more info]2405060.5051,1703410413
Tomato Basil Soup, Large[more info]18080960301,02021373
Tomato Bisque Soup, Large[more info]3001401670301,2702832210
Ultimate Baked Potato Soup, Large[more info]3901702080401,550372816
Vegetable Beef Barley Soup, Large[more info]1303031.5051,18021076
Vegetable Garden Soup, Large[more info]100151.50001,15019391

Fresh Baked Desserts

Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cookie[more info]5202202413035370754476
Chocolate Chunk Cookie[more info]5002102312035370712445
Jumbo Brownie[more info]7603203690555001094816
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie[more info]4801802011035400694376
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie[more info]5302302612045390671426

Kids Subs

Subs are shown with white bread and American cheese.

Kids Grilled Cheese[more info]2509095030710311211
Kids Ham & American[more info]2104552.5025710311311
Kids Salami & American[more info]2408083.5025780301211
Kids Turkey & American[more info]2104042025680311212

Kids Treats

Apple Sauce[more info]70000000182150
Fruit Rollup[more info]501010005511240
Oreo Cookie[more info]100404.51009016191

Beverages - Kids

A&W Root Beer - 12 fl oz[more info]1700000065440440
Apple Juice Bottle[more info]1400000035350350
Apple Juice Box (SEA)[more info]1000000010250210
Apple Juice Box (SFO)[more info]60000005150150
Barq's Red Creme Soda - 12 fl oz[more info]1800000070450450
Barq's Root Beer - 12 fl oz[more info]1700000055440440
Caffeine Free Pepsi - 12 fl oz[more info]1500000030420410
Cherry Coca-Cola - 12 fl oz[more info]1700000040420420
Chocolate Milk (SEA, SLC)[more info]160252.51.5015240281268
Coca-Cola - 12 fl oz[more info]1600000040400400
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar - 12 fl oz[more info]000000400000
Country Time Lemonade - 12 fl oz[more info]14000000135350450
Cranberry Juice Bottle[more info]16010111035400400
Cranberry Juice Bottle (LV)[more info]1700000010420400
Crush Orange Soda - 12 fl oz[more info]1600000045440430
Dasani Water Bottle Drink[more info]00000000000
Diet Coke - 12 fl oz[more info]000000500000
Diet Dr Pepper - 12 fl oz[more info]000000700000
Diet Pepsi - 12 fl oz[more info]000000550000
Dr Pepper - 12 fl oz[more info]1400000045390380
Fanta Orange - 12 fl oz[more info]1600000040400400
Fanta Strawberry - 12 fl oz[more info]1700000085430430
Fruit Punch Pouch[more info]40000001010090
Fuze Raspberry Tea - 12 fl oz[more info]900000050230220
Gold Peak Brewed Tea - 12 fl oz[more info]000000350000
Gold Peak Green Tea - 12 fl oz[more info]000000350000
Gold Peak Passionfruit Mango Unsweetened Tea - 12 fl oz[more info]000000350000
Hi-C Fruit Punch - 12 fl oz[more info]1500000075420410
Hi-C Poppin' Pink Lemonade - 12 fl oz[more info]15000000100370350
Mello Yello - 12 fl oz[more info]1700000050440440
Milk 2%[more info]14045530201501401310
Milk 2% (SEA, SLC)[more info]1304553020130130128
Minute Maid Lemonade - 12 fl oz[more info]16000000100390380
Mtn Dew - 12 fl oz[more info]1600000050440440
Mtn Dew Baja Blast - 12 fl oz[more info]1700000050440440
Orange Juice Bottle[more info]1400000040360360
Pepsi - 12 fl oz[more info]1500000030410410
Pepsi Wild Cherry - 12 fl oz[more info]1600000030420420
Pepsi Zero Sugar - 12 fl oz[more info]000000650000
POWERade Mountain Berry Blast - 12 fl oz[more info]9000000110220220
Sprite - 12 fl oz[more info]1500000070370360

Beverages - Bottled

Apple Juice Bottle[more info]1400000035350350
Apple Juice Box (SEA)[more info]1000000010250210
Apple Juice Box (SFO)[more info]60000005150150
Coke Bottle Drink[more info]2400000075650650
Coke Zero Bottle Drink[more info]000000700000
Cranberry Juice Bottle[more info]16010111035400400
Cranberry Juice Bottle (LV)[more info]1700000010420400
Dasani Water Bottle Drink[more info]00000000000
Diet Coke Bottle Drink[more info]000000700000
Fruit Punch Pouch[more info]40000001010090
Orange Juice Bottle[more info]1400000040360360
Sprite Bottle Drink[more info]24000000110640640
Vitamin Water Power-C[more info]120000000320320

Beverages - Fountain 21 fl oz

A&W Root Beer - 21 fl oz[more info]31000000120770760
Barq's Red Creme Soda - 21 fl oz[more info]31000000120780780
Barq's Root Beer - 21 fl oz[more info]3100000090760760
Caffeine Free Pepsi - 21 fl oz[more info]2700000050730730
Cherry Coca-Cola - 21 fl oz[more info]3000000070730730
Coca-Cola - 21 fl oz[more info]2800000065700700
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar - 21 fl oz[more info]000000700000
Country Time Lemonade - 21 fl oz[more info]24000000240620790
Crush Orange Soda - 21 fl oz[more info]2900000080770760
Diet Coke - 21 fl oz[more info]00000085<1000
Diet Dr Pepper - 21 fl oz[more info]0000001250000
Diet Pepsi - 21 fl oz[more info]0000001000000
Dr Pepper - 21 fl oz[more info]2500000075690670
Fanta Orange - 21 fl oz[more info]2900000070710700
Fanta Strawberry - 21 fl oz[more info]30000000140750740
Fuze Raspberry Tea - 21 fl oz[more info]1600000085400390
Gold Peak Brewed Tea - 21 fl oz[more info]000000600000
Gold Peak Green Tea - 21 fl oz[more info]000000600000
Gold Peak Passionfruit Mango Unsweetened Tea - 21 fl oz[more info]000000600000
Hi-C Flashin Fruit Punch - 21 fl oz[more info]27000000130740730
Hi-C Poppin' Pink Lemonade - 21 fl oz[more info]26000000170650620
Mello Yello - 21 fl oz[more info]3000000090760760
Minute Maid Lemonade - 21 fl oz[more info]28000000170690660
Mtn Dew - 21 fl oz[more info]2900000090760760
Mtn Dew Baja Blast - 21 fl oz[more info]3000000085770770
Pepsi - 21 fl oz[more info]2700000055730730
Pepsi Wild Cherry - 21 fl oz[more info]2800000050730730
Pepsi Zero Sugar - 21 fl oz[more info]0000001100000
POWERade Mountain Berry Blast - 21 fl oz[more info]16000000200380380
Sprite - 21 fl oz[more info]26000000120650640

Beverages - Fountain 32 fl oz

A&W Root Beer - 32 fl oz[more info]4600000018011701160
Barq's Red Creme Soda - 32 fl oz[more info]4900000018011901190
Barq's Root Beer - 32 fl oz[more info]4600000014011601160
Caffeine Free Pepsi - 32 fl oz[more info]410000008011101100
Cherry Coca-Cola - 32 fl oz[more info]4500000011011201120
Coca-Cola - 32 fl oz[more info]4300000010010701070
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar - 32 fl oz[more info]0000001050000
Country Time Lemonade - 32 fl oz[more info]370000003709501200
Crush Orange Soda - 32 fl oz[more info]4400000012511701160
Diet Coke - 32 fl oz[more info]0000001301000
Diet Dr Pepper - 32 fl oz[more info]000000190<1000
Diet Pepsi - 32 fl oz[more info]0000001500000
Dr Pepper - 32 fl oz[more info]3800000011510401020
Fanta Orange - 32 fl oz[more info]4300000010510801060
Fanta Strawberry - 32 fl oz[more info]4600000022011501130
Fuze Raspberry Tea - 32 fl oz[more info]24000000135610590
Gold Peak Brewed Tea - 32 fl oz[more info]000000950000
Gold Peak Green Tea - 32 fl oz[more info]000000950000
Gold Peak Passionfruit Mango Unsweetened Tea - 32 fl oz[more info]000000951010
Hi-C Flashin Fruit Punch - 32 fl oz[more info]4100000020011301100
Hi-C Poppin' Pink Lemonade - 32 fl oz[more info]39000000260980940
Mello Yello - 32 fl oz[more info]4600000013511601160
Minute Maid Lemonade - 32 fl oz[more info]4200000026010501000
Mtn Dew - 32 fl oz[more info]4300000013511701170
Mtn Dew Baja Blast - 32 fl oz[more info]4500000013011801180
Pepsi - 32 fl oz[more info]410000008511101100
Pepsi Wild Cherry - 32 fl oz[more info]410000008511301120
Pepsi Zero Sugar - 32 fl oz[more info]000000170<1000
POWERade Mountain Berry Blast - 32 fl oz[more info]24000000300580580
Sprite - 32 fl oz[more info]39000000180980970


Nutrition information includes bread and wheat wrap. Subs are shown with white bread and include the default meat, cheese & toppings.

Bacon, Egg and Cheese - 5" Small[more info]45020022902601,220392424
Bacon, Egg and Cheese - 8" Medium[more info]720310341504951,820622639
Bacon, Egg and Cheese - 12" Large[more info]1,070450492107352,660934958
Bacon, Egg and Cheese - Wrap[more info]790380421804951,830615540
Smoked Ham, Egg and Cheese - 5" Small[more info]39013014602601,200392425
Smoked Ham, Egg and Cheese - 8" Medium[more info]650220231104951,880632742
Smoked Ham, Egg and Cheese - 12" Large[more info]970320341507452,8709541164
Smoked Ham, Egg and Cheese - Wrap[more info]710290321404951,890625643
Turkey Sausage, Egg and Cheese - 5" Small[more info]48020022903001,250392432
Turkey Sausage, Egg and Cheese - 8" Medium[more info]780320351405601,950622652
Turkey Sausage, Egg and Cheese - 12" Large[more info]1,120450491908152,730934973
Turkey Sausage, Egg and Cheese - Wrap[more info]840400441705601,960615553

Bread - Small Subs

Rosemary Swiss Bread LTO[more info]220303.51.50540038228
Sourdough[more info]24050.5000450482<18
Wheat Bread[more info]18010100036035326
White Bread[more info]18010100037036226

Bread - Medium Subs

Rosemary Swiss Bread LTO[more info]3304552.5010610582313
Sourdough[more info]380101000730773113
Wheat Bread[more info]280152000580574310
White Bread[more info]290151.500058058239

Bread - Large Subs

Rosemary Swiss Bread LTO[more info]5007084015920874419
Sourdough[more info]570151.50001,0901165219
Wheat Bread[more info]430252.50.500870857415
White Bread[more info]430202.50.500880874414

Bread - X-Large Subs

Rosemary Swiss Bread LTO[more info]9901301580351,8301737838
Sourdough[more info]1,1303030.5002,1802329438
Wheat Bread[more info]8605051.5001,75017013829
White Bread[more info]8604051001,7601738828

Bread - Kids Subs

Rosemary Swiss Bread LTO[more info]160202.51.50530029116
Sourdough[more info]19000.5000360392<16
Wheat Bread[more info]14010100029028215
White Bread[more info]1405100029029115

Salad - Lettuce

Green Leaf Lettuce[more info]2000000404212
Iceberg[more info]2000000155231
Spinach[more info]2000000653202

Cheese - Small Subs

American[more info]705053.502028010<14
Pepperjack[more info]6050640201200004
Provolone[more info]604552.5010150<1004
Smokey Cheddar[more info]604053015240<10<13
Swiss[more info]704553.501540<1005

Cheese - Medium Subs, Wraps, & Salads

American[more info]10080850304202016
Pepperjack[more info]10080960301800006
Provolone[more info]906073.5020220<1006
Shredded Parmesan[more info]20101.510<5500001
Smokey Cheddar[more info]1007085025400<10<15
Swiss[more info]100708502560<1008

Cheese - Large Subs

American[more info]1401101170405603018
Pepperjack[more info]1301001180402400008
Provolone[more info]120901050252901009
Smokey Cheddar[more info]1601101380406402028
Swiss[more info]130901070358010010

Cheese - X-Large Subs

American[more info]27022022140801,13050316
Pepperjack[more info]250200231507548000015
Provolone[more info]250170201005059020017
Smokey Cheddar[more info]32022025160801,27030316
Swiss[more info]260180211306516030021

Cheese - Kids Subs

American[more info]35252.51.5010140<1002
Pepperjack[more info]302532010600002
Provolone[more info]30202.5105750002
Smokey Cheddar[more info]4030320101600002
Swiss[more info]35252.51.5010200003

Cheese - Kids Grilled Cheese

American[more info]10080850304202016
Pepperjack[more info]10080960301800006
Provolone[more info]906073.5020220<1006
Smokey Cheddar[more info]120801060304801016
Swiss[more info]100708502560<1008

Meats - Small Subs

Ingredients differ among locations and are specified below. Nutrition information provided by per serving in sub.

Bacon - Small (BLT)[more info]19015017603081000011
Capicolla - Small (Classic Sub #1)[more info]15101005700001
Deli Ham (LA) - Small (Classic Sub #1, #2, #4)[more info]5020210205902026
Deli Ham (LA) - Small (Classic Sub #11)[more info]1004041.50401,20030313
Deli Ham - Small (Classic Sub #1, #2, #4)[more info]502020.50204201017
Deli Ham - Small (Classic Sub #11)[more info]100353.51.504584030313
Grilled Chicken Strips (LA) - Small (Grilled Chicken Hot Subs)[more info]170353.50.508545010031
Grilled Chicken Strips - Small (Grilled Chicken Hot Subs)[more info]170303.51.508556010031
Meatballs (SEA, LA) - Small[more info]340230259065890101118
Meatballs - Small[more info]26017019604567072018
New York Steak - Small[more info]20012014505086000018
Pastrami Eye - Small (Classic Sub #9)[more info]1002020.503077010115
Pastrami Eye - Small (Classic Sub #13)[more info]501010015380<10<18
Pastrami Plate - Small (Hot Pastrami)[more info]3102002270901,30040218
Pastrami Round (LA) - Small (Classic Sub #9)[more info]100303104551010017
Pastrami Round (LA) - Small (Classic Sub #13)[more info]4010100152000007
Pepperoni - Small (Classic Sub #1)[more info]504041.50101700002
Pepperoni - Small (Classic Sub #15, #16)[more info]7050620152300003
Roast Beef (LA) - Small (Classic Sub #7)[more info]1403031.50551,04020026
Roast Beef (LA) - Small (Classic Sub #18)[more info]70151.51025520<10013
Roast Beef - Small (Classic Sub #7)[more info]90151.5004089000017
Roast Beef - Small (Classic Sub #18)[more info]4510100204400009
Roasted Chicken Breast - Small (Classic Sub #10)[more info]90151.5004068020017
Roasted Chicken Breast - Small (Classic Sub #16)[more info]451010020340<1009
Salami (LA) - Small (Classic Sub #1)[more info]50404.520152300003
Salami (LA) - Small (Classic Sub #3, #4, #15)[more info]705062.50203100004
Salami (LA) - Small (Classic Sub #12)[more info]1401001250406200008
Salami - Small (Classic Sub #1)[more info]45303.510102300003
Salami - Small (Classic Sub #12)[more info]13090103.50356901019
Salami - Small (Classic Subs #3, #4, #15)[more info]704551.5015350<10<14
Smoked Ham (SLC, SEA, LA) - Small (Classic Sub #5)[more info]4510100205502026
Smoked Ham (SLC, SEA, LA) - Small (Classic Sub #14)[more info]90252.510401,10050412
Smoked Ham - Small (Classic Sub #5)[more info]502020.5020470<10<17
Smoked Ham - Small (Classic Sub #14)[more info]100354.51.503594010115
Tuna Salad - Small (Classic Sub #17)[more info]140809102526020216
Turkey - Small (Classic Sub #2, #3, #5, #13, #18)[more info]45101002037020<18
Turkey - Small (Classic Sub #8)[more info]90202004074040215

Meats - Medium Subs

Ingredients differ among locations and are specified below. Nutrition information provided by per serving in sub.

Bacon - Medium (BLT)[more info]31024027100501,29000017
Capicolla - Medium (Classic Sub #1)[more info]35202.510101400003
Deli Ham (LA) - Medium (Classic Sub #1, #2, #4)[more info]70303103090020210
Deli Ham (LA) - Medium (Classic Sub #11)[more info]12050520501,49040416
Deli Ham - Medium (Classic Sub #1, #2, #4)[more info]70252.510305602029
Deli Ham - Medium (Classic Sub #11)[more info]14050520601,12040418
Grilled Chicken Strips (LA) - Medium (Grilled Chicken Hot Subs)[more info]210454.51010557020039
Grilled Chicken Strips - Medium (Grilled Chicken Hot Subs)[more info]210354.52010571020039
Meatballs (SEA, LA) - Medium[more info]510340381401001,340152227
Meatballs - Medium[more info]52034038120901,340144036
New York Steak - Medium[more info]2701601970651,13000024
Pastrami Eye - Medium (Classic Sub #9)[more info]120252.5103596020219
Pastrami Eye - Medium (Classic Sub #13)[more info]60151.50015480<10<110
Pastrami Plate - Medium (Hot Pastrami)[more info]40027030901201,73050324
Pastrami Round (LA) - Medium (Classic Sub #9)[more info]120353.51.505062010021
Pastrami Round (LA) - Medium (Classic Sub #13)[more info]602020.5025310<10010
Pepperoni - Medium (Classic Sub #1)[more info]7050620152300003
Pepperoni - Medium (Classic Sub #15, #16)[more info]1008083020350<1004
Roast Beef (LA) - Medium (Classic Sub #7)[more info]19040420751,39020035
Roast Beef (LA) - Medium (Classic Sub #18)[more info]90202103569010018
Roast Beef - Medium (Classic Sub #7)[more info]12020200501,18000023
Roast Beef - Medium (Classic Sub #18)[more info]60101002559000011
Roasted Chicken Breast - Medium (Classic Sub #10)[more info]140252.500601,02020026
Roasted Chicken Breast - Medium (Classic Sub #16)[more info]70101003051010013
Salami (LA) - Medium (Classic Sub #1)[more info]705062.50203100004
Salami (LA) - Medium (Classic Sub #3, #4, #15)[more info]11080940304700006
Salami (LA) - Medium (Classic Sub #12)[more info]21016017806093000012
Salami - Medium (Classic Sub #1)[more info]704551.5015350<10<14
Salami - Medium (Classic Sub #12)[more info]180120134.504592010112
Salami - Medium (Classic Subs #3, #4, #15)[more info]906072020460<10<16
Smoked Ham (SLC, SEA, LA) - Medium (Classic Sub #5)[more info]702020.50308204039
Smoked Ham (SLC, SEA, LA) - Medium (Classic Sub #14)[more info]130353.51.50601,65070618
Smoked Ham - Medium (Classic Sub #5)[more info]80303.5103071010111
Smoked Ham - Medium (Classic Sub #14)[more info]16060720551,42020222
Tuna Salad - Medium (Classic Sub #17)[more info]29016017205053030333
Turkey - Medium (Classic Sub #2, #3, #5, #13, #18)[more info]60151.5002549030110
Turkey - Medium (Classic Sub #8)[more info]130252.5005098050320

Meats - Large Subs

Ingredients differ among locations and are specified below. Nutrition information provided by per serving in sub.

Bacon - Large (BLT)[more info]46036041150751,94000026
Capicolla - Large (Classic Sub #1)[more info]50303.51.5020220<1004
Deli Ham (LA) - Large (Classic Sub #1, #2, #4)[more info]1004041.50401,20030313
Deli Ham (LA) - Large (Classic Sub #11)[more info]17070730702,10060623
Deli Ham - Large (Classic Sub #1, #2, #4)[more info]90303103570020211
Deli Ham - Large (Classic Sub #11)[more info]1706062.50751,39050522
Grilled Chicken Strips (LA) - Large (Grilled Chicken Hot Subs)[more info]3808081.501901,02030070
Grilled Chicken Strips - Large (Grilled Chicken Hot Subs)[more info]380608301901,27030070
Meatballs (SEA, LA) - Large[more info]850560632301652,230253345
Meatballs - Large[more info]780510571801352,010216054
New York Steak - Large[more info]470280331201201,99000043
Pastrami Eye - Large (Classic Sub #9)[more info]170353.510501,35020227
Pastrami Eye - Large (Classic Sub #13)[more info]902020.502567010113
Pastrami Plate - Large (Hot Pastrami)[more info]710470521702153,03090543
Pastrami Round (LA) - Large (Classic Sub #9)[more info]160505207082020027
Pastrami Round (LA) - Large (Classic Sub #13)[more info]80252.51035410<10014
Pepperoni - Large (Classic Sub #1)[more info]807072.5015290<1003
Pepperoni - Large (Classic Sub #15, #16)[more info]130100114025460<1005
Roast Beef (LA) - Large (Classic Sub #7)[more info]2305052.50901,74030044
Roast Beef (LA) - Large (Classic Sub #18)[more info]120252.51.504587010022
Roast Beef - Large (Classic Sub #7)[more info]160252.500651,48000029
Roast Beef - Large (Classic Sub #18)[more info]80151.5003074000014
Roasted Chicken Breast - Large (Classic Sub #10)[more info]19030300751,36030034
Roasted Chicken Breast - Large (Classic Sub #16)[more info]90151.5004068020017
Salami (LA) - Large (Classic Sub #1)[more info]12090104.50355400007
Salami (LA) - Large (Classic Sub #3, #4, #15)[more info]1401001250406200008
Salami (LA) - Large (Classic Sub #12)[more info]28021023100801,24000016
Salami - Large (Classic Sub #1)[more info]1107082.5025580<10<17
Salami - Large (Classic Sub #12)[more info]2601802070651,38020218
Salami - Large (Classic Subs #3, #4, #15)[more info]13090103.50356901019
Smoked Ham (SLC, SEA, LA) - Large (Classic Sub #5)[more info]11030310501,37060515
Smoked Ham (SLC, SEA, LA) - Large (Classic Sub #14)[more info]18050520802,200100824
Smoked Ham - Large (Classic Sub #5)[more info]13045620451,18020219
Smoked Ham - Large (Classic Sub #14)[more info]21070930751,89030330
Tuna Salad - Large (Classic Sub #17)[more info]43024026308079050549
Turkey - Large (Classic Sub #2, #3, #5, #13, #18)[more info]80151.5003061030213
Turkey - Large (Classic Sub #8)[more info]16030300651,23060325

Meats - X-Large Subs

Ingredients differ among locations and are specified below. Nutrition information provided by per serving in sub.

Capicolla - X-Large (Classic Sub #1)[more info]1006072.50354301008
Deli Ham (LA) - X-Large (Classic Sub #1, #2, #4)[more info]19080830802,39060626
Deli Ham (LA) - X-Large (Classic Sub #11)[more info]34014014601404,1901101145
Deli Ham - X-Large (Classic Sub #1, #2, #4)[more info]1706062.50751,39050522
Deli Ham - X-Large (Classic Sub #11)[more info]35012012501502,7901001045
Pastrami Eye - X-Large (Classic Sub #9)[more info]3407072.501002,69050554
Pastrami Eye - X-Large (Classic Sub #13)[more info]170353.510501,35020227
Pastrami Round (LA) - X-Large (Classic Sub #9)[more info]31010010401351,64040055
Pastrami Round (LA) - X-Large (Classic Sub #13)[more info]160505207082020027
Pepperoni - X-Large (Classic Sub #1)[more info]1601301450355801007
Pepperoni - X-Large (Classic Sub #15, #16)[more info]26021023805092020010
Roast Beef (LA) - X-Large (Classic Sub #7)[more info]47010010501803,47050088
Roast Beef (LA) - X-Large (Classic Sub #18)[more info]2305052.50901,74030044
Roast Beef - X-Large (Classic Sub #7)[more info]310505001302,96000057
Roast Beef - X-Large (Classic Sub #18)[more info]160252.500651,48000029
Roasted Chicken Breast - X-Large (Classic Sub #10)[more info]370606001552,72060068
Roasted Chicken Breast - X-Large (Classic Sub #16)[more info]19030300751,36030034
Salami (LA) - X-Large (Classic Sub #1)[more info]2501802090701,09000014
Salami (LA) - X-Large (Classic Sub #3, #4, #15)[more info]28021023100801,24000016
Salami (LA) - X-Large (Classic Sub #12)[more info]570410472101552,49000031
Salami - X-Large (Classic Sub #1)[more info]2201501650551,15020215
Salami - X-Large (Classic Sub #12)[more info]530350391301302,76040435
Salami - X-Large (Classic Subs #3, #4, #15)[more info]2601802070651,38020218
Smoked Ham (SLC, SEA, LA) - X-Large (Classic Sub #5)[more info]2206062.501002,7501201030
Smoked Ham (SLC, SEA, LA) - X-Large (Classic Sub #14)[more info]36010010401604,3902001648
Smoked Ham - X-Large (Classic Sub #5)[more info]26090113.50952,36040437
Smoked Ham - X-Large (Classic Sub #14)[more info]42015018601503,77060660
Tuna Salad - X-Large (Classic Sub #17)[more info]86048052601551,5901001098
Turkey - X-Large (Classic Sub #2, #3, #5, #13, #18)[more info]16030300651,23060325
Turkey - X-Large (Classic Sub #8)[more info]310606001252,460130650

Sauces - Small Subs & Kids Subs

Ingredients differ among locations and are specified below.

BBQ Sauce[more info]6000000230140130
Caesar Dressing[more info]1101001120102902011
Caesar Dressing (LA)[more info]10090102005002021
Chipotle Mayo[more info]1901902130102902000
Frank's Hot Sauce[more info]0000001,1200000
Honey Mustard Dressing[more info]1301201320102205040
Honey Mustard Dressing (SEA)[more info]10050610<52309070
Mayo[more info]808091.50<5650000
Mayo (LA)[more info]8080910<5650000
Mayo/Mustard Mix[more info]7070710<5750000
Ranch Dressing[more info]1101101220<51901000
Ranch Dressing (LA)[more info]1201101320102402010
Spicy Mustard[more info]500000700000
Sriracha[more info]30000003506066
Sriracha Mayo[more info]180180202.50101500000
Teriyaki[more info]3500000760807<1
Yellow Mustard[more info]500000850000

Sauces & Dressings - Medium Subs, Wraps, & Salads

Ingredients differ among locations and are specified below.

BBQ Sauce[more info]11000000460290260
Caesar Dressing[more info]2202002240205804022
Caesar Dressing (LA)[more info]200180204001,0004042
Chipotle Mayo[more info]3803804260205704000
Frank's Hot Sauce[more info]0000002,2500000
Honey Mustard Dressing[more info]26024026402044010080
Honey Mustard Dressing (SEA)[more info]190110121.5010470170140
Mayo[more info]150150162051100000
Mayo (LA)[more info]140140152051150000
Mayo/Mustard Mix[more info]110100111.50<51150000
Ranch Dressing[more info]2202202440103802000
Ranch Dressing (LA)[more info]2402202640204804020
Spicy Mustard[more info]10000001100000
Sriracha[more info]60000007101201212
Sriracha Mayo[more info]360350395020290<10<1<1
Teriyaki[more info]70000001,530160152
Yellow Mustard[more info]10000001300000

Sauces - Large Subs

Ingredients differ among locations and are specified below.

BBQ Sauce[more info]17000000700430380
Caesar Dressing[more info]3303003360.5308706033
Caesar Dressing (LA)[more info]300270306001,5006063
Chipotle Mayo[more info]57057063100308606000
Frank's Hot Sauce[more info]0000003,3700000
Honey Mustard Dressing[more info]390360396030660150120
Honey Mustard Dressing (SEA)[more info]290160182.5015700260210
Mayo[more info]1901902130101400000
Mayo (LA)[more info]180180202.50101500000
Mayo/Mustard Mix[more info]150150162051600000
Ranch Dressing[more info]3303303660.5155703000
Ranch Dressing (LA)[more info]3603303960.5307206030
Spicy Mustard[more info]15000001500000
Sriracha[more info]90000001,0601801818
Sriracha Mayo[more info]5405305980254401011
Teriyaki[more info]110000002,290250222
Yellow Mustard[more info]15000001800000

Sauces - X-Large Subs

Ingredients differ among locations and are specified below.

BBQ Sauce[more info]340000001,390860770
Caesar Dressing[more info]66060066121601,74012066
Caesar Dressing (LA)[more info]6005406012103,000120126
Chipotle Mayo[more info]1,1401,140127190651,71013000
Frank's Hot Sauce[more info]0000006,7400000
Honey Mustard Dressing[more info]78072078120601,320300240
Honey Mustard Dressing (SEA)[more info]5703303750251,410520420
Mayo[more info]3803804260202900000
Mayo (LA)[more info]3603603950203000000
Mayo/Mustard Mix[more info]310290324.50153200000
Ranch Dressing[more info]66066072121301,1406000
Ranch Dressing (LA)[more info]72066078121601,44012060
Spicy Mustard[more info]30000003000000
Sriracha[more info]180000002,1303503535
Sriracha Mayo[more info]1,0801,050117160558702022
Teriyaki[more info]220000004,580490445
Yellow Mustard[more info]30000003600000

Toppings & Additions - Small Subs & Kids Subs

Ingredients differ among locations and are specified below.

Avocado[more info]403540000220<1
Bacon[more info]110901040204800006
Black Olive Slices[more info]20151.500080<1<100
Cucumbers[more info]0000000<1000
Green Leaf Lettuce[more info]00000000000
Jalapeno Slices[more info]000000900000
Jalapeno Slices (PHX)[more info]0000001000000
Jalapeno Slices (SFO, LA)[more info]000000400000
Jalapeno Slices (SLC, SEA)[more info]0000001500000
Pepperoncini Slices (LA)[more info]0000001250000
Pepperoncini Slices (RNO, LV, SFO, SEA, PHX)[more info]000000900000
Pepperoncini Slices (SLC)[more info]0000002000000
Pickle Slices[more info]5000003701100
Red Onions[more info]0000000<1000
Shredded Iceberg Lettuce[more info]00000000000
Spinach Leaves[more info]00000050000
Tomatoes[more info]0000000<10<10

Toppings & Additions - Medium Subs, Wraps, & Salads

Ingredients differ among locations and are specified below.

Avocado[more info]8070810005302
Bacon[more info]1501201450256500009
Black Olive Slices[more info]25252000115<1<100
Cucumbers[more info]0000000<1000
Green Lettuce[more info]0000005<1000
Jalapeno Slices[more info]000000150<1000
Jalapeno Slices (PHX)[more info]000000170<10<10
Jalapeno Slices (SFO, LA)[more info]00000065<1000
Jalapeno Slices (SLC, SEA)[more info]0000002500000
Pepperoncini Slices (LA)[more info]000000190<1000
Pepperoncini Slices (RNO, LV, SFO, SEA, PHX)[more info]0000001400000
Pepperoncini Slices (SLC)[more info]0000003100000
Pickle Slices[more info]10000005502200
Red Onions[more info]0000000<1000
Shredded Iceberg Lettuce[more info]0000000<1000
Spinach Leaves[more info]000000100000
Tomatoes[more info]500000510<10

Toppings & Additions - Large Subs

Ingredients differ among locations and are specified below.

Avocado[more info]130100131.50008503
Bacon[more info]19015017603081000011
Black Olive Slices[more info]403530.5001601100
Cucumbers[more info]0000000<1000
Green Leaf Lettuce[more info]0000005<1000
Jalapeno Slices[more info]000