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Lettuce Wraps

Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wrap[more info]2401050751,55084127
Tuna Lettuce Wrap[more info]46027801001,770114435
Turkey Provolone Lettuce Wrap[more info]1908505094074221


Chipotle Chicken Wrap[more info]5001870701,7204421342
Greek Chicken Wrap[more info]6102880651,9504321342


Caesar Salad without Bacon oréChicken, Large[more info]82062130952,100372736
Caeser Salad without Bacon oréChicken, Small[more info]370330256002521612
Greek Salad, Large[more info]6204890301,480405510
Greek Salad, Small[more info]3402770301,8907353512
House Salad, Large[more info]570134015940372236
House Salad, Small[more info]29020100455107751825


BBQ Brisket Sub[more info]91035120951,2107232045
BBQ Brisket Sub without Cheese[more info]80031100801,430624734
Half Bacon Mushroom Melt Sub[more info]8101960251,260584625
Half Bacon Mushroom Melt Sub without Cheese and Mayo[more info]5101860309707881218
Half BBQ Veggie Sub[more info]58041002507651810
Half BBQ Veggie Sub without Cheese[more info]380441701251,3907232052
Half Beefeater Sub[more info]6701440501,250594632
Half Beefeater Sub without Cheese and Mayo[more info]5002880701,450624632
Half Big Dipper Sub[more info]6402040501,250624625
Half Big Dipper Sub without Cheese[more info]54042110552,340584636
Half BLT Sub[more info]76031100452,260574636
Half BLT Sub without Mayo[more info]6601460851,660614738
Half Buffalo Chicken Sub[more info]530510551,480614731
Half Buffalo Chicken Sub without Cheese[more info]4202380309806991018
Half Californian Sub[more info]47011200370648910
Half Californian Sub without Cheese[more info]4001350801,1907741939
Half California Plus Sub[more info]560174010870679916
Half California Plus Sub without Cheese[more info]4901760204806681012
Half Cheese Steak Sub[more info]700265050950624726
Half Cheese Steak Sub without Cheese[more info]60045160801,600604640
Half Cheesey Crab Sub[more info]68051010500694915
Half Cheesey Crab Sub without Cheese and Mayo[more info]3803490701,150624733
Half Chicken BBQ Sub[more info]580510551,1307641931
Half Chicken BBQ Sub without Cheese[more info]48020100951,4806331048
Half Chicken Club Sub[more info]7101130651,330644938
Half Chicken Club Sub without Cheese and Mayo[more info]5103211065840704930
Half Chicken Parmesan Sub[more info]63051055830633931
Half Chicken Parmesan Sub without Cheese[more info]42030901001,470664946
Half Crab Californian Sub[more info]5501220108607681116
Half Crab Californian Sub without Cheese[more info]4803090751,680614933
Half Creamy Club Sub[more info]6501340451,500584831
Half Creamy Club Sub without Cheese and Mayo[more info]4802880501,1907241023
Half Creamy Crab Sub[more info]6301130201,000694921
Half Creamy Crab Sub without Cheese and Mayo[more info]4602780651,130635830
Half Dagwood'S Dream Sub[more info]620194045930635823
Half Dagwood'S Dream Sub without Cheese[more info]520311401051,840613938
Half Experience Sub[more info]6901650551,550593829
Half Experience Sub without Cheese[more info]51032180851,090644930
Half Four Cheese Sub[more info]660410036059489
Half Four Cheese Sub without Cheese[more info]3102380601,7107091132
Half Green Turkey Sub[more info]6201740401,6006891030
Half Green Turkey Sub without Cheese[more info]5502111050910603619
Half Grilled Cheese Sub[more info]4904100555369
Half Grilled Cheese Sub without Cheese[more info]2902580701,1406341027
Half Ham and Cheese Sub[more info]580620351,0106141019
Half Ham and Cheese Sub without Mayo[more info]38021100701,8306331234
Half Hawaiian Sub[more info]580610301,1706231117
Half Hawaiian Sub without Cheese[more info]37043110801,9406441026
Half Hoagie Sub[more info]7603670601,5806241022
Half Hoagie Sub without Cheese[more info]6801310079076101216
Half Hummus Sub[more info]49034150851,5006551037
Half Italian Sub[more info]720196050840655920
Half Italian Sub without Cheese[more info]51037100851,630645840
Half Jacked Chicken Ranch Sub[more info]7502850551,450645833
Half Jacked Chicken Ranch Sub without Cheese[more info]640442001001,5406731045
Half Meatball Grinder Sub[more info]8502911060880663928
Half Meatball Grinder Sub without Cheese[more info]6402290751,5407641840
Half Meatless Masterpiece Sub[more info]6508100240614610
Half Meatless Masterpiece Sub without Cheese[more info]3702280651,760624931
Half Mega Roast Beef Sub[more info]6701440501,4807541832
Half Mega Roast Beef Sub without Cheese[more info]5703114075590644727
Half Pastrami Melt Sub[more info]6001330351,580624924
Half Pastrami Melt Sub without Cheese[more info]49033110506906861027
Half PBJ Sub[more info]54024100501,070688927
Half Pesto Bello Combo Sub[more info]680162003106861013
Half Pesto Bello Combo Sub without Cheese[more info]470183001407942315
Half Pesto Bello Sub[more info]680162003106861013
Half Pesto Bello Sub without Cheese[more info]47033110506906861027
Half Planet BBQ Sub[more info]460720451,4007432125
Half Planet BBQ Sub without Cheese[more info]460155020710616717
Half Planet Combo Sub[more info]4607100510616710
Half Planet Combo Sub without Cheese[more info]3602870651,570604635
Half Planet Sub[more info]7001230451,820594828
Half Planet Sub without Cheese and Mayo[more info]490720451,4007432125
Half Planet Veggie Sub[more info]6107100690688913
Half Planet Veggie Sub without Cheese[more info]40031100801,950614836
Half Reuben Sub[more info]6101430351,580614924
Half Reuben Sub without Cheese[more info]510194050820604626
Half Roast Beef Club Sub[more info]6401750551,500594635
Half Roast Beef Club Sub without Mayo[more info]5402280601,640614932
Half Roast Beef Sub[more info]52082040750594626
Half Roast Beef Sub without Mayo[more info]4202714070700615725
Half Southwest Chicken Sub[more info]54051055980624832
Half Southwest Chicken Sub without Cheese[more info]430341204097077111045
Half Spicy Cheese Sub[more info]590410021059569
Half Spicy Cheese Sub without Cheese[more info]31043140851,720634733
Half Super Hero Sub[more info]7703590651,520634726
Half Super Hero Sub without Cheese[more info]6701460851,160624839
Half Tempeh BBQ Sub[more info]7201930053091121928
Half Tempeh BBQ Sub without Cheese[more info]6202680701,380624630
Half Tempeh Parmesan Sub[more info]770193003207611928
Half Tempeh Parmesan Sub without Cheese[more info]560421001151,3306641147
Half Tempeh Reuben Sub[more info]7903250<554078101027
Half Tempeh Reuben Sub without Cheese[more info]69027702073091121935
Half Tijuana Taxi Sub[more info]60082040940594626
Half Tijuana Taxi Sub without Cheese and Mayo[more info]42030110751,730614731
Half Torpedo Sub[more info]6802260501,670604723
Half Torpedo Sub without Cheese[more info]580152040820604823
Half Tuna Bacon Melt Sub[more info]8302340801,2006541139
Half Tuna Bacon Melt Sub without Cheese and Mayo[more info]620391003060079101035
Half Tuna Sub[more info]6401720707006541133
Half Tuna Sub without Mayo[more info]540000000000
Half Turkey Club Sub[more info]5801340451,500594832
Half Turkey Club Sub without Mayo[more info]4802840807806641133
Half Turkey Sub[more info]46041030750594823
Half Turkey Sub without Mayo[more info]3602450551,570604832


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.