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Avocado Toast[more info]3102102340536033425
Baked Brie[more info]6603203917010083075<12319
Baked CHIK'N Wings (Vegan)[more info]410260290001,020140<127
Baked Wings[more info]59040045802301,1305<1240
Baked Wings Sauce, BBQ[more info]4500000210110110
Baked Wings Sauce, BBQ Chipotle[more info]40000002209090
Baked Wings Sauce, Hot[more info]10000004202010
Baked Wings Sauce, Thai Peanut[more info]502020001905041
Cheese Bread[more info]58034038130601,09060<1317
Cheeze Bread (Vegan)[more info]540290338001,16054444
Hot Artichoke Spinach Dip[more info]41021023904576044369
Housemade Mama's MeetBalls (Vegan)[more info]280140163.500860253412
Mama's Meat-Za Balls[more info]300160173045500392314
Scandinavian Baked Cheese[more info]260170191107044020216

Soups & Small Plates

Add-On for Soups, CHIK'N Shreds (Vegan)[more info]451010002003206
Add-On for Soups, Seasoned Chicken Breast[more info]501010025950009
Broccolini[more info]210160181.50018013320
Creamy Tomato Basil Bisque, Bowl[more info]1508092.50051016272
Creamy Tomato Basil Bisque, Cup[more info]13070820044014261
Gluten Free Focaccia, Full[more info]2,6301,29013918002,80047643528
Gluten Free Focaccia, Half[more info]1,66097010514001,40025122714
Herb Roasted Sweet Potatoes[more info]2308091.500180375123
Italian White Bean & Kale Soup, Bowl[more info]1504550.50052018527
Italian White Bean & Kale Soup, Cup[more info]1203540.50042014425
Mixed Veggies[more info]3515200054131
Sriracha Slaw[more info]2301701910030010262
Yellow Curried Sweet Potatoes[more info]280130141100620335124


Nutrition information includes dressing.

Add-On for Salads, Avocado[more info]8070710004301
Add-On for Salads, Focaccia[more info]110354000160250<12
Apple & Walnut Gorgonzola Salad[more info]77058064110406604373116
Apple & Walnut Gorgonzola Salad, Lunch[more info]380290325020330214168
Apple & Walnut Salad (Vegan)[more info]64048053400180427318
Apple & Walnut Salad (Vegan), Lunch[more info]3202402620090214164
Caesar Salad, Lunch[more info]27021023401025015246
Caesar Salad, Side[more info]27021023401025015246
Chopped Kale Salad[more info]77042045801557083135116
Chopped Kale Salad (Vegan)[more info]6903603940034083134611
Chopped Kale Salad (Vegan), Lunch[more info]35018020200170426236
Chopped Kale Salad, Lunch[more info]390210234010290426268
Crunchy Asian Salad[more info]420270302.500470348249
Crunchy Asian Salad, Lunch[more info]210140151.500230174125
Mixed Greens Salad, Lunch[more info]210180201.5001209352
Mixed Greens Salad, Side[more info]210180201.5001209352
Mother Earth Salad[more info]9505606260055091194214
Mother Earth Salad, Lunch[more info]510290333.5003005210238
Natural Chopped Italian Salad[more info]71054059150802,040297726
Natural Chopped Italian Salad, Lunch[more info]3502703070401,020154413
The Berry-Licious Salad[more info]80063068130405903752816
The Berry-Licious Salad (Vegan)[more info]640510564.50050365288
The Berry-Licious Salad (Vegan), Lunch[more info]3202502820025193144
The Berry-Licious Salad, Lunch[more info]400310347020290193148
Zo's Chopped Salad[more info]1,0707608611001,23064231223
Zo's Chopped Salad (Vegan)[more info]1,0807608710001,41062231123
Zo's Chopped Salad (Vegan), Lunch[more info]540380445007103112511
Zo's Chopped Salad, Lunch[more info]530380436006103212611


Nutrition information includes original dough.

BBQ Chicken Pizza, Slice - 12"[more info]27090104040590311714
BBQ Chicken Pizza, Slice - 16"[more info]340100114.5040700432916
BBQ CHIK'N Pizza (Vegan), Slice - 12"[more info]2506071.50062037377
BBQ CHIK'N Pizza (Vegan), Slice - 16"[more info]31070820074049389
California Pizza, Slice - 12"[more info]280140154.5025530272<111
California Pizza, Slice - 16"[more info]370170195025670392113
Cheese Pizza, Slice - 12"[more info]200607302042026129
Cheese Pizza, Slice - 16"[more info]2607083020530382310
Chicken, Bacon & Herbs Pizza, Slice - 12"[more info]300120144035520301414
Chicken, Bacon & Herbs Pizza, Slice - 16"[more info]380150174.5035620432616
Elote Pizza (Vegan), Slice - 12"[more info]3902302650062033225
Elote Pizza (Vegan), Slice - 16"[more info]5002803260077044337
Elote Pizza, Slice - 12"[more info]39024026602060028129
Elote Pizza, Slice - 16"[more info]490280317015720392310
Fig Gorgonzola Pizza, Slice - 12"[more info]29011013402543034189
Fig Gorgonzola Pizza, Slice - 16"[more info]360140164.5020510462911
Italian Sausage Pizza, Slice - 12"[more info]260110124.5030550272212
Italian Sausage Pizza, Slice - 16"[more info]330120144.5035670382314
Meaty Meaty Pizza, Slice - 12"[more info]310140166050840272216
Meaty Meaty Pizza, Slice - 16"[more info]4001701970551,050382319
Naples Margherita Pizza (Vegan), Slice - 12"[more info]250100112.50040032225
Naples Margherita Pizza (Vegan), Slice - 16"[more info]330130142.50049044336
Naples Margherita Pizza, Slice - 12"[more info]240100123.502038028228
Naples Margherita Pizza, Slice - 16"[more info]310130143.501543039239
Nonna's Favorite Pizza, Slice - 12"[more info]280130144.502551030229
Nonna's Favorite Pizza, Slice - 16"[more info]370160185025630422311
Pepperoni Pizza, Slice - 12"[more info]23090104025540261210
Pepperoni Pizza, Slice - 16"[more info]300110124.5030690382312
Puttanesca Pizza (Vegan), Slice - 12"[more info]270110132.50058034325
Puttanesca Pizza (Vegan), Slice - 16"[more info]3601501730076047437
Puttanesca Pizza, Slice - 12"[more info]280130144.5025610302210
Puttanesca Pizza, Slice - 16"[more info]370160185025780423311
Vortex Pizza, Slice - 12"[more info]320150166040760302314
Vortex Pizza, Slice - 16"[more info]410180207045950434517

12" Pizza - Crusts

Nutrition information shown per slice. 1 slice = 1/6th of pizza.

Cauliflower Crust[more info]80202.5101017013<113
Gluten Free Dough[more info]1605060.50023038012
Gluten Free Dough (Vegan)[more info]1203540001802102<1
Original Dough[more info]13015200018024<1<14

12" Pizza - Sauces

Nutrition information shown per slice. 1 slice = 1/6th of pizza.

Alfredo Sauce[more info]25202.51.501080<100<1
BBQ Chipotle Sauce[more info]20000001205050
BBQ Sauce[more info]25000001156060
Kale Pesto Sauce[more info]35353.50.50080<1000
Olive Oil with Fresh Garlic[more info]40404.50.50001000
Red Sauce[more info]1000000452010
Spicy Chipotle Sauce[more info]80708000750000

12" Pizza - Cheeses, Toppings & Finishing Sauces

Nutrition information shown per slice. 1 slice = 1/6th of pizza.

Anchovy Filets[more info]50000<5190000<1
Arugula[more info]00000000000
Avocados[more info]101010000<1000
Caramelized Onions[more info]0000000<10<10
Cherrywood Bacon[more info]20151.500<5900002
CHIK'N Shreds (Vegan)[more info]20000001001<103
Cilantro[more info]00000000000
Corn[more info]150000003010
Diced Tomatoes[more info]000000150000
Feta Cheese[more info]1510110<555000<1
Fresh Basil[more info]00000000000
Goat Cheese Chevre[more info]20151.5105300001
Gorgonzola Cheese[more info]151010.50<545000<1
Grape Tomatoes[more info]000000010<10
Green Olives[more info]101010001300000
Green Onion[more info]00000000000
Herb Roasted Sweet Potatoes[more info]30101000255<120
Italian Meat Mix[more info]20151.50.505900001
Italian Polidori Sausage[more info]50404.51.50151300003
Kalamata Olives[more info]15101.500095<1000
MeetBalls (Vegan)[more info]45253100180<1003
Mike's Hot Honey[more info]20151.50001510<10
Mozzarella (Vegan), Base[more info]70404.51.5002205<10<1
Mozzarella (Vegan), Topping[more info]301520.500902000
Mozzarella Cheese, Base[more info]704552.5020200<1005
Mozzarella Cheese, Topping[more info]35252.51.50101000002
Mushrooms[more info]0000000<1000
Pepperoni[more info]20151.50.50<570000<1
Pineapple[more info]100000002020
Red Bell Pepper[more info]0000000<10<10
Red Onion[more info]00000000000
Ricotta[more info]151010.5055000<1
Ripe Olives[more info]1051000450000
Roasted Garlic Cloves[more info]2000.500005000
Roma Tomatoes[more info]100000002<110
Salami[more info]201520.505850001
Seasoned Chicken Breast[more info]2550.50010450004
Sliced Ham[more info]150000101350003
Sliced Pepperoncini Pepper[more info]000000900000
Spinach[more info]00000000000
Turkey Meatballs[more info]50303.51015553004
Yellow Cheddar[more info]30202.51.5010450002

16" Pizza - Crust

Nutrition information shown per slice. 1 slice = 1/8th of pizza.

Original Dough[more info]180252.500026034115

16" Pizza - Sauces

Nutrition information shown per slice. 1 slice = 1/8th of pizza.

Alfredo Sauce[more info]352532010100<100<1
BBQ Chipotle Sauce[more info]25000001506060
BBQ Sauce[more info]30000001508070
Kale Pesto Sauce[more info]45454.5100951000
Olive Oil with Fresh Garlic[more info]6060710002000
Red Sauce[more info]1500000703<12<1
Spicy Chipotle Sauce[more info]10090100.500950000

16" Pizza - Cheeses, Toppings & Finishing Sauces

Nutrition information shown per slice. 1 slice = 1/8th of pizza.

Anchovy Filets[more info]50000<5180000<1
Arugula[more info]00000000000
Avocados[more info]101010000<1000
Caramelized Onions[more info]500000010<10
Cherrywood Bacon[more info]35202.50.50<51350002
CHIK'N Shreds (Vegan)[more info]20000001001<103
Cilantro[more info]00000000000
Corn[more info]150000003010
Diced Tomatoes[more info]000000200000
Feta Cheese[more info]252021.505850001
Fresh Basil[more info]00000000000
Goat Cheese Chevre[more info]302021.5010500002
Gorgonzola Cheese[more info]20151.5105700001
Grape Tomatoes[more info]0000000<1000
Green Olives[more info]20151.50001900000
Green Onion[more info]00000000000
Herb Roasted Sweet Potatoes[more info]35151.5000306<120
Italian Meat Mix[more info]252021051050001
Italian Polidori Sausage[more info]7050620201700004
Kalamata Olives[more info]252020001401000
MeetBalls (Vegan)[more info]50303.5100210<1004
Mike's Hot Honey[more info]30202.5000252010
Mozzarella (Vegan), Base[more info]704051.5002306<10<1
Mozzarella (Vegan), Topping[more info]35202.51001153000
Mozzarella Cheese, Base[more info]60404.52.5015170<1004
Mozzarella Cheese, Topping[more info]35252.51.50101000002
Mushrooms[more info]00000001000
Pepperoni[more info]30252.51051100001
Pineapple[more info]100000003030
Red Bell Pepper[more info]500000010<10
Red Onion[more info]00000000000
Ricotta[more info]201521010100001
Ripe Olives[more info]15101.500070<1<100
Roasted Garlic Cloves[more info]2550.500007000
Roma Tomatoes[more info]100000003120
Salami[more info]252021051000001
Seasoned Chicken Breast[more info]2550.50010450004
Sliced Ham[more info]200000101700003
Sliced Pepperoncini Pepper[more info]000000400000
Spinach[more info]00000000000
Turkey Meatballs[more info]50353.51015654004
Yellow Cheddar[more info]40303.52010700002


Bianca Pasta[more info]5902903210090910573227
Bianca Pasta, Lunch[more info]6103003310095960573228
Chicken Picatta Pasta, Lunch[more info]640380418045900512<122
CHIK'N Picatta Pasta (Vegan), Lunch[more info]660360407001,120536120
Classic Mac & Cheese[more info]6302803117095890784221
Classic Mac & Cheese, Lunch[more info]770330361901051,0101035323
Linguine & Meatballs[more info]580300335070790634123
Linguine & Meatballs, Lunch[more info]590310345075850634224
Meetball Marinara (Vegan)[more info]530250274.500960545319
Meetball Marinara (Vegan), Lunch[more info]540250284.500990555319
Pesto Ravioli[more info]5904204613095840294315
Spicy Chipotle Chicken Pasta[more info]560270309085900463427
Spicy Chipotle Chicken Pasta, Lunch[more info]560270309085900463427
Spicy Chipotle CHIK'N Pasta (Vegan)[more info]460190211.500870517419
Spicy Chipotle CHIK'N Pasta (Vegan), Lunch[more info]460190211.500870517419
Spicy Thai Peanut CHIK'N Pasta (Vegan)[more info]630270306009007291222
Spicy Thai Peanut CHIK'N Pasta (Vegan), Lunch[more info]690300338001,07078101624
Spicy Thai Peanut Fusilli[more info]6402803170456806861328
Spicy Thai Peanut Fusilli, Lunch[more info]7003103490458507361730
Yellow Thai Curry Zoodles[more info]55037040290451,6902351123
Yellow Thai Curry Zoodles (Vegan)[more info]5403604028001,9102881118
Yellow Thai Curry Zoodles (Vegan), Lunch[more info]6704705237002,3903291319
Yellow Thai Curry Zoodles, Lunch[more info]68048052380452,1702761325

Hot Comfort Food

Baked Chicken Picatta Plate[more info]580320357095780292<138
Baked CHIK'N Picatta Plate (Vegan)[more info]50033035500740322<115
Baked Salmon Picatta Plate[more info]530350387045420282<119
Chicken Parmesan[more info]4301601740105620322241
CHIK'N Parmesan (Vegan)[more info]290100111.500540332216
Tuscan Chicken Breast[more info]420230255095610112637
Tuscan CHIK'N (Vegan)[more info]33024026400580152513

Skillet-Baked Dishes

Eggplant Parmesan[more info]260150176070570154612
Lasagna Bolognese[more info]610360401601951,070202245
Plant-Based Vegetable Lasagna (Vegan)[more info]250901020065033667
Spinach Ricotta Cannelloni with Alfredo Sauce[more info]46020022130110750503315
Spinach Ricotta Cannelloni with Marinara Sauce[more info]350100114.5060430504313

Vegetarian Quinoa Bowls

Add-On for Bowls, Avocado[more info]8070710004301
Kale Pesto Quinoa Bowl[more info]82054058190551,1805512721
Kale Pesto Quinoa Bowl (Vegan)[more info]670460518009704410715
Spicy Thai Peanut Quinoa Bowl[more info]530210238001,05063102716
Spicy Yellow Thai Curry Quinoa Bowl[more info]7905005538002,06064111713

Junior Menu

Junior pizzas include original dough.

Junior Applesauce[more info]50000000132100
Junior Carrots[more info]2500000405131
Junior Cheese Pizza, Whole[more info]440130156040930593518
Junior Chicken Alfredo with Fusilli[more info]54024027150120930553327
Junior Chocolate Chunk Cookie[more info]15070840<555200112
Junior Fusilli Mac & Cheese[more info]67041046261140590513224
Junior Hawaiian Pizza, Whole[more info]4901401660551,270634925
Junior Italian Sausage Pizza, Whole[more info]60026029100801,310604527
Junior Linguine & Meatballs[more info]30090102025210543112
Junior Pepperoni Pizza, Whole[more info]5302102390601,260593522


Chocolate Chip Cookie[more info]15070840<555200112
Coconut Ice Cream[more info]34021023210015303203
Drizzle Topping, Chocolate[more info]70000000190161
Drizzle Topping, Raspberry[more info]300000008160
Drizzle Topping, Salted Caramel[more info]800000095190180
Hot Apple Crisp[more info]670220257002501115774
New York Style Cheezecake (Vegan)[more info]390220241600400434232
Tiramisu[more info]67048055351355754222810
Vanilla Gelato[more info]4702102617095130520507


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our targeted serving portions. Being a scratch kitchen, food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit and could affect values +/- approximately 10% of calculated values. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.

Picazzo’s works hard to minimize allergen exposure and cross contact within our kitchens but cannot guarantee that these exposures will not occur. Please inform you server or person taking your order if yourself or anyone in your group has any allergies or dietary restrictions and we will do our best to prepare a safe and healthy meal.

There are many menu items that list tree nuts as an allergy. In many cases, the tree nut allergen listed is from coconut and is often acceptable to those who cannot consume tree nuts. Please use our search feature to identify if this is the case.