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Signature Pizzas

Based on original crust.

5 Meat Supreme - Large Slice[more info]360140157045810392416
5 Meat Supreme - Medium Slice[more info]280120136035620281312
5 Meat Supreme - XL Slice[more info]350150167045780342315
California Veggie - Large Slice[more info]2908094.5025570412412
California Veggie - Medium Slice[more info]210606301539030238
California Veggie - XL Slice[more info]2507084025460352411
Cheese - Large Slice[more info]320100117035560392414
Cheese - Medium Slice[more info]2207084.5025380281310
Cheese - Personal Slice[more info]150455301523018117
Cheese - Small Slice[more info]2107074.502537026139
Cheese - XL Slice[more info]28090106035500341313
Chicago Classic - Large Slice[more info]330110136035670402414
Chicago Classic - Medium Slice[more info]2408094025470292310
Chicago Classic - Personal Slice[more info]160607302030019127
Chicago Classic - Small Slice[more info]220809402546027139
Chicago Classic - XL Slice[more info]300110126035610352413
Gluten Free Cheese & Pepperoni - Slice[more info]180808402052021136
Gluten Free Cheese - Slice[more info]180708402547021147
Hearty Hawaiian - Large Slice[more info]3108095030660412713
Hearty Hawaiian - Medium Slice[more info]2206063.5020460301510
Hearty Hawaiian - Personal Slice[more info]140354201526020126
Hearty Hawaiian - Small Slice[more info]2005063.502043027149
Hearty Hawaiian - XL Slice[more info]2707084.5030580362612
Meat Supreme - Large Slice[more info]400170198055970392418
Meat Supreme - Medium Slice[more info]290120136040680281313
Meat Supreme - Personal Slice[more info]2109010403046019119
Meat Supreme - XL Slice[more info]370160188050890342316
New York 3 Cheese With Pepperoni - Large Slice[more info]390160189050810392417
New York 3 Cheese With Pepperoni - Medium Slice[more info]280120137035570281313
New York 3 Cheese With Pepperoni - XL Slice[more info]350140169045720342316
Pizza Mexicana - Large Slice[more info]3901601810055750392418
Pizza Mexicana - Medium Slice[more info]270110127035510281312
Pizza Mexicana - XL Slice[more info]340140159045660342416
Spinach Chicken Alfredo - Large Slice[more info]350140157040460372116
Spinach Chicken Alfredo - Medium Slice[more info]250100115025330271111
Spinach Chicken Alfredo - Personal Slice[more info]1706073.502023018109
Spinach Chicken Alfredo - XL Slice[more info]310130146035410321114
The Werx - Large Slice[more info]310100115030650402413
The Werx - Medium Slice[more info]2408094.5025500292310
The Werx - XL Slice[more info]290100116030590342413
Veggie Harvest - Large Slice[more info]3008094.5025620423512
Veggie Harvest - Medium Slice[more info]210606301544030239
Veggie Harvest - Personal Slice[more info]150404.5201029021226
Veggie Harvest - XL Slice[more info]2607084025510362411


Build Your Own Pizza Calculations - Portions based on whole pizza

Original Crust - Extra Large[more info]1,760100112001,17035513149
Original Crust - Large[more info]1,3508091.50090027410138
Original Crust - Medium[more info]9806061006501997127
Original Crust - Personal/Kids[more info]33020200022068209
Original Crust - Small[more info]690404.50.5004501395019
Pan Crust - Extra Large[more info]1,880120130002,560382111665
Pan Crust - Large[more info]1,490100110002,03030391251
Pan Crust - Medium[more info]1,0407070001,4102116936
Thin Crust - Extra Large[more info]8805061005801787124
Thin Crust - Large[more info]700404.50.5004701425120
Thin Crust - Medium[more info]4903030003301004014
Thin Crust - Small[more info]350202.5000230713010


Build Your Own Pizza Calculations - Portions based on whole pizza

Pizza Sauce - Extra Large[more info]1802020002,960364368
Pizza Sauce - Large[more info]140151.50002,220273276
Pizza Sauce - Medium[more info]901010001,480182184
Pizza Sauce - Personal[more info]25000003705151
Pizza Sauce - Small[more info]70510001,110142143


Build Your Own Pizza Calculations - Portions based on whole pizza

Cheddar Cheese - Extra Large[more info]4203103520110568030124
Cheddar Cheese - Large[more info]28021023130.57046020016
Cheddar Cheese - Medium[more info]23017019110.55537020013
Cheddar Cheese - Personal[more info]120901060301901007
Cheddar Cheese - Small[more info]20015017905033020011
Mozzarella Cheese - Extra Large[more info]970680754702701,26080366
Mozzarella Cheese - Large[more info]7004905434019591050247
Mozzarella Cheese - Medium[more info]4703303723013062040232
Mozzarella Cheese - Personal[more info]16011012804521010111
Mozzarella Cheese - Small[more info]340240261709544030123
Provolone Cheese - Extra Large[more info]290200221406073020021
Provolone Cheese - Large[more info]210140161004052010015
Provolone Cheese - Medium[more info]15010012703038010011
Provolone Cheese - Personal[more info]906074.50202201007
Provolone Cheese - Small[more info]12080960252901008


Build Your Own Pizza Calculations - Portions based on whole pizza

Bacon - Extra Large[more info]38027030100951,26000022
Bacon - Large[more info]29020023707094000016
Bacon - Medium[more info]22016017605573000013
Bacon - Personal[more info]12080930303900007
Bacon - Small[more info]1601101240405200009
Beef - Extra Large[more info]340270301207078000016
Beef - Large[more info]24019022905056000011
Beef - Medium[more info]1801501670404200009
Beef - Personal[more info]10080940202400005
Beef - Small[more info]1401101350303300007
Chicken - Extra Large[more info]1405061.506030000022
Chicken - Large[more info]100354104021000015
Chicken - Medium[more info]80303103517000012
Chicken - Personal[more info]45151.50020900007
Chicken - Small[more info]60252.50.502513500010
Chorizo - Extra Large[more info]35025028100701,20073117
Chorizo - Large[more info]26019021705592062113
Chorizo - Medium[more info]1801301550356304109
Chorizo - Personal[more info]10070830203502105
Chorizo - Small[more info]12090103.50254203106
Genoa Salami - Extra Large[more info]1,080810903602704,05090054
Genoa Salami - Large[more info]840630702802103,15070042
Genoa Salami - Medium[more info]600450502001502,25050030
Genoa Salami - Personal[more info]1501101350405601008
Genoa Salami - Small[more info]36027030120901,35030018
Ham - Extra Large[more info]130354303580000010
Ham - Large[more info]10030320256200008
Ham - Medium[more info]702021.50204400006
Ham - Personal[more info]1550.50051100001
Ham - Small[more info]40101.510102700003
Italian Sausage - Extra Large[more info]3602903290751,11061015
Italian Sausage - Large[more info]26021023705580041011
Italian Sausage - Medium[more info]2001601850456303109
Italian Sausage - Personal[more info]110901030253402005
Italian Sausage - Small[more info]1501201340304502106
Meatball - Extra Large[more info]42027030100651,13085030
Meatball - Large[more info]33022024805591074024
Meatball - Medium[more info]25016018604068053018
Meatball - Personal[more info]8050620152302106
Meatball - Small[more info]17011012402545032012
Pepperoni Diced - Extra Large[more info]48037042160951,73000019
Pepperoni Diced - Large[more info]36028031120701,28000014
Pepperoni Diced - Medium[more info]27021024905598000011
Pepperoni Diced - Personal[more info]1501201350305400006
Pepperoni Diced - Small[more info]2001501770407100008
Pepperoni Sliced - Extra Large[more info]30026028120601,09000012
Pepperoni Sliced - Large[more info]2402002290458500009
Pepperoni Sliced - Medium[more info]1701401670356100007
Pepperoni Sliced - Personal[more info]403541.50101500002
Pepperoni Sliced - Small[more info]10090940203600004


Build Your Own Pizza Calculations - Portions based on whole pizza

Black Olives - Extra Large[more info]11090101.5006806301
Black Olives - Large[more info]706071004804201
Black Olives - Medium[more info]605050.5003803200
Black Olives - Personal[more info]302530002002100
Black Olives - Small[more info]453540.5002802100
Green Bell Peppers - Extra Large[more info]150000003121
Green Bell Peppers - Large[more info]100000002110
Green Bell Peppers - Medium[more info]50000002110
Green Bell Peppers - Personal[more info]50000001000
Green Bell Peppers - Small[more info]50000001010
Green Chile Peppers - Extra Large[more info]300000006660
Green Chile Peppers - Large[more info]200000004440
Green Chile Peppers - Medium[more info]150000003330
Green Chile Peppers - Personal[more info]100000002220
Green Chile Peppers - Small[more info]100000002220
Jalapenos - Extra Large[more info]20000001,2004400
Jalapenos - Large[more info]15000008303300
Jalapenos - Medium[more info]10000006302200
Jalapenos - Personal[more info]5000003201100
Jalapenos - Small[more info]10000004502200
Mushrooms - Extra Large[more info]150000002112
Mushrooms - Large[more info]100000002011
Mushrooms - Medium[more info]50000001011
Mushrooms - Personal[more info]50000001001
Mushrooms - Small[more info]50000001001
Pineapple - Extra Large[more info]700000010171150
Pineapple - Large[more info]500000010131110
Pineapple - Medium[more info]4000000510180
Pineapple - Personal[more info]200000005050
Pineapple - Small[more info]300000058170
Red Onion - Extra Large[more info]300000007131
Red Onion - Large[more info]200000005121
Red Onion - Medium[more info]150000004120
Red Onion - Personal[more info]100000002010
Red Onion - Small[more info]100000003110
Roasted Red Pepper - Extra Large[more info]50000005409272
Roasted Red Pepper - Large[more info]35000003706151
Roasted Red Pepper - Medium[more info]30000003005141
Roasted Red Pepper - Personal[more info]15000001352020
Roasted Red Pepper - Small[more info]25000002504131
Spinach - Extra Large[more info]3550.50001105314
Spinach - Large[more info]2550000904203
Spinach - Medium[more info]2050000653202
Spinach - Personal[more info]500000201101
Spinach - Small[more info]1500000452102
Tomatoes - Extra Large[more info]100000002110
Tomatoes - Large[more info]50000001010
Tomatoes - Medium[more info]50000001010
Tomatoes - Small[more info]50000001010


Salads are listed without dressing unless otherwise specified.

Caesar Salad - Large (no Dressing)[more info]63025028100401,650694336
Caesar Salad - Large (no Dressing or Croutons)[more info]270140161004098084324
Caesar Salad - Large (w/ Dressing)[more info]1,100530593001203,570734479
Caesar Salad - Small (no Dressing)[more info]320130145020820352218
Caesar Salad - Small (no Dressing or Croutons)[more info]140708502049052212
Caesar Salad - Small (w/ Dressing)[more info]55027030150601,790372240
Chicken, Add-on[more info]90303.5103518000013
Chopped House Salad - Small[more info]21060600036035318
Chopped Italian Salad - Small[more info]2601701980401,080103512
Croutons[more info]18050600033030006
Greens & Grapes Salad (Buffet)[more info]352020.505654121
Greens & Grapes Salad (no Dressing)[more info]1706074015280213129
Greens & Grapes Salad (w/ Poppy Seed Dressing)[more info]430240277045800373269
Mandarin Cranberry Salad - Small[more info]1505060.50055265184


Pasta comes with 2 breadsticks unless otherwise specified.

Buffet Mac & Cheese (no Breadsticks)[more info]260130143.50569027136
Buffet Spinach Alfredo (no Breadsticks)[more info]25012014401034024227
Buffet Ziti (no Breadsticks)[more info]170506201018023117
Kids Baked Mac & Cheese (w/ Breadsticks)[more info]98043048140402,27011151128
Mac & Pepperoni (w/ Breadsticks)[more info]1,67081091270.51004,39016861652
Meaty Ziti (w/ Breadsticks)[more info]1,240700783101602,7407981465
Spinach Alfredo (w/ Breadsticks)[more info]1,640800893511452,880153101569

Wings & More

Bone in wings are based on a 10 wing portion. Boneless wings are based on a small 10oz portion.

Bone-In (no sauce, no side)[more info]1,1608609720039528000060
Boneless (no sauce, no side)[more info]88051058704151,430470047
Carrots[more info]2500000556230
Celery[more info]1500000652111
Cheddar Bacon Rolls[more info]350160186030520341012
Chicken Tenders (no sauce)[more info]620350413.50751,480353038
French Fries[more info]510280321.5001,09053505
Fresh Potato Chips (w/ Ranch)[more info]1,090790901202075070737
Fresh Potato Chips, Buffalo Style[more info]1,00064072100252,870737313
Fried Mushrooms (w/ Ranch)[more info]82062071110201,760453118
Garlic Cheese Bread[more info]390150176025510452214
Glazed Wings[more info]7205406110021597061547
Grapes[more info]50000000131111
Handmade Breadsticks (w/ Marinara)[more info]1,190270315052,91019972137
Hot, Bone-in[more info]1,2509201042003952,79081261
Hot, Boneless[more info]98057065704153,950551247
Loaded Tots[more info]1,280910102190803,020707623
Louisiana Honey Hot, Bone-In (w/ Ranch)[more info]1,5901,1801342704201,5502812561
Louisiana Honey Hot, Boneless (w/ Ranch)[more info]1,310840951504402,7007512547
Mango Habanero, Bone-In (w/ Ranch)[more info]1,7901,1801342704201,9707714961
Mango Habanero, Boneless (w/ Ranch)[more info]1,510840951504403,13012314947
Mild Buffalo, Bone-in[more info]1,2909401062003952,65091161
Mild Buffalo, Boneless[more info]1,01059067704153,810561147
Pretzel Sticks[more info]9106060002,1201846831
Sweet BBQ, Bone-in[more info]1,410860972003951,2406314961
Sweet BBQ, Boneless[more info]1,13051058704152,40011014947
Veggie Tray With Ranch (1/4)[more info]12080920526010451
Veggie Tray With Ranch (Whole)[more info]5003303880201,0504214216

Dipping Sauces

BBQ Sauce[more info]24000000930600480
Buffalo Wing Sauce[more info]1208090002,3406000
Hot Sauce[more info]906060002,4805000
Louisiana Honey Hot Sauce[more info]15000000890350350
Mango Habanero Sauce[more info]450000001,5301080720
Marinara Dipping Sauce[more info]70510001,110142143
Mild Sauce[more info]1208090002,3406000
Ranch Dressing[more info]3203203670206402000
Sweet Chile Sauce[more info]200000001,010460430
Xtra Hot Buffalo Sauce[more info]906060002,4805000


Click "more info" for serving size of each dessert.

Apple Crunch - Large Slice[more info]2102530.50.50200421145
Apple Crunch - Medium Slice[more info]13015200013527183
Apple Crunch - Small Slice[more info]170202.5000170341104
Blueberry Crunch - Large Slice[more info]2302530.50.50190461165
Blueberry Crunch - Medium Slice[more info]14015200013029193
Blueberry Crunch - Small Slice[more info]180202.5000160371124
Brookie w/ Vanilla Soft Serve[more info]1,72068076320260760245415720
Cinnamon Crunch - Large Slice[more info]230506110200411154
Cinnamon Crunch - Small Slice[more info]3808091.51.50350692238
Vanilla Soft Serve Cone[more info]20050650065350250
Vanilla Soft Serve Cup[more info]18050650050310250


Although efforts are made to avoid cross-contact of allergens, Peter Piper Pizza does not guarantee that cross-contact with allergens will not occur. Before placing your order, please inform your server if you or anyone in your party has a food allergy

Unless otherwise specified, any food in our establishment may come into contact with surfaces or utensils that have previously contacted wheat, dairy, gluten, fish, eggs, shellfish, soybeans, tree nuts, or peanuts.

This nutrition and allergen information is provided for information purposes only, and they do not constitute medical or dietary advice of any kind. Please always consult your healthcare practitioner for questions regarding your diet.

Peter Piper Pizza, its franchisees, and employees, do not assume responsibility for a person’s sensitivity or allergy to any food item provided in our restaurants.

We rely on our suppliers’ statements of ingredients to determine which products do not contain certain allergens. Suppliers may change the ingredients in their products or the way they prepare their products, so please check this list frequently to make sure that the menu item you like still meets your dietary requirements.

From time to time we may substitute products due to inventory shortages. We can’t be sure that the substitute products will be free of the allergen you wish to avoid.

Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.