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Breakfast & Brunch

Nouveau Breakfast & Two Eggs Any Style shown with scrambled eggs. American Breakfast, Breakfast Croissant Sandwich & Country French Breakfast shown with scrambled eggs & bacon. For other egg and meat choices, please see below.

American Breakfast[more info]700481805851,020331729
Avocado Toast[more info]420253.50062041728
Breakfast Quiche Florentine[more info]84057300380760582924
Breakfast Quiche Lorraine[more info]900613003751,0305711031
Country French Breakfast[more info]940602606201,610573835
Croque Madame[more info]890401803352,260763651
Custom Omelette[more info]57038150475770321621
Custom Omelette with Egg Whites[more info]430154001,080462424
Fresh Fruit Salade, Bowl[more info]130000030333282
Fresh Fruit Salade, Cup[more info]5000001514112<1
Two Eggs Any Style[more info]57037140555510311523
Yogurt Parfait[more info]340820101506054211

Breakfast & Brunch - Egg Choices

Nutrition information shown for one egg.

Egg Over Easy[more info]110930210800007
Egg Over Hard[more info]110930210800007
Egg Over Medium[more info]110930210800007
Scrambled Eggs[more info]17014402601000009
Scrambled Egg Whites[more info]501.5000120<1008

Breakfast & Brunch - American Breakfast & Country French Breakfast Meat Choices

Applewood Smoked Bacon[more info]1401140305102026
Pork Sausage[more info]380341209076020216

Breakfast & Brunch - Breakfast Croissant Meat Choices

Applewood Smoked Bacon[more info]9072.50203401014
Ham[more info]2510010240<10<14
Pork Sausage[more info]90830201800004
Roasted Turkey[more info]20000101800004

Breakfast & Brunch - Custom Omelette Fresh Ingredient Choices

Choose from any three fresh ingredients.

Applewood Smoked Bacon[more info]9072.5020320<10<14
Balsamic Chicken Breast[more info]501.500251802008
Diced Tomatoes[more info]5000001010
Green Bell Pepper[more info]00000010<10
Green Onions[more info]50000010<10
Ham[more info]2510010240<10<14
Mild Cheddar Cheese (Shredded)[more info]90740251400006
Pork Sausage[more info]90830201800004
Red Bell Pepper[more info]50000010<10
Sauteed Mushrooms[more info]10000001<1<1<1
Sauteed Onions[more info]10000003010
Shaved Parmesan Cheese[more info]11074.5020370<10010
Spinach Leaf[more info]51000251<10<1
Swiss Cheese (Shredded)[more info]806402050<1006

A La Carte Breakfast Sides

Bacon[more info]1401140305102026
Half Avocado[more info]120111.500565<11
Potato Galette[more info]240128035590252<16
Sausage[more info]380341209076020216

Kids Breakfast

Nutrition information includes Fruit Salade. **Kids Muffin includes Fruit Salade nutrition only. Please add one muffin from muffin choices below to get total nutrition for muffin & fruit.**

Kids Muffin (Add Muffin Choice)[more info]350000108<17<1
Kids Scrambled Eggs with Bacon[more info]420291102455602411013

Kids - Muffin Choice

Blueberry Muffin[more info]510236065530671357
Bran Muffin[more info]460183.5040480757498

Cafe Sampler

Choose half a quiche or friand, petite salade & cup of soupe. Our Original Caesar shown using Fat Free Caesar dressing.

Half Friand[more info]3402212045570262412
Half Quiche Florentine[more info]42029150190380291512
Half Quiche Lorraine[more info]4503115019052029<1516
Salade: Cranberry, Pecan & Wild Field Greens[more info]1701310050152112
Salade: Our Original Caesar[more info]250242.50203606214
Salade: Petite Field Greens Salade[more info]454.5000601<1<1<1
Salade: Strawberry, Bacon & Spinach[more info]28024905577094411
Salade: Tomato, Basil & Pesto Pasta[more info]310192015320292<18
Soupe: Corn Chowder[more info]2701580.550910300115
Soupe: Country Potato[more info]240191206067015024
Soupe: Cream of Mushroom[more info]230201217050010043
Soupe: French Onion[more info]903.51.50585010<124
Soupe: Our Famous Tomato Basil[more info]300261718556014283


Corn Chowder Soupe, Bowl[more info]41023121751,370450178
Corn Chowder Soupe, Cup[more info]2701580.550910300115
Country Potato Soupe, Bowl[more info]490382301201,35030058
Country Potato Soupe, Cup[more info]240191206067015024
Cream of Mushroom Soupe, Bowl[more info]45039241.51451,01020086
Cream of Mushroom Soupe, Cup[more info]230201217050010043
French Onion Soupe, Bowl[more info]19072.50151,70020258
French Onion Soupe, Cup[more info]903.51.50585010<124
Our Famous Tomato Basil Soupe, Bowl[more info]60053351.51651,110275176
Our Famous Tomato Basil Soupe, Cup[more info]300261718556014283

Salade Sampler

Choose any three. Our Original Caesar shown using Fat Free Caesar dressing. Salades are Petite portions.

Chicken Salade, Salade Sampler[more info]370304.50756904<1115
Corn Chowder Soupe, Salade Sampler[more info]2701580.550910300115
Country Potato Soupe, Salade Sampler[more info]230181106064014024
Cranberry, Pecan & Wild Field Greens, Salade Sampler[more info]1701310050152112
Cream of Mushroom Soupe, Salade Sampler[more info]230201217050010043
French Onion Soupe, Salade Sampler[more info]903.51.50585010<124
Fresh Fruit Salade, Salade Sampler[more info]5000001514112<1
Our Famous Tomato Basil Soupe, Salade Sampler[more info]300261718556014283
Our Original Caesar, Salade Sampler[more info]250242.50203606214
Petite Field Greens Salade, Salade Sampler[more info]454.5000601<1<1<1
Strawberries Romanoff, Salade Sampler[more info]902.51.501030163111
Strawberry, Bacon & Spinach, Salade Sampler[more info]28024905577094411
Tomato, Basil & Pesto Pasta, Salade Sampler[more info]310192015320292<18


Our Original Caesar shown using Fat Free Caesar dressing. Refer to Salade Sampler section for Petite portions.

Chicken Salad Snack Pack[more info]6904060801,0505651525
Cranberry, Pecan & Wild Field Greens Salade[more info]48035300210447344
Fresh Fruit Salade Entree, Bowl[more info]130000030333282
Our Original Caesar Salade[more info]570507050940165314
Strawberries Romanoff, Bowl[more info]22085030115354263
Strawberries Romanoff, Cup[more info]902.51.501030163111
Strawberry, Bacon & Spinach Salade[more info]49045120601,050166714
Tomato, Basil & Pesto Pasta Salade, Bowl[more info]610374.5030640574116
Tomato, Basil & Pesto Pasta Salade, Cup[more info]310192015320292<18

Salades - Our Original Caesar Dressing Choice

House Dressing[more info]3804230304700000
Light Caesar Dressing[more info]110000051010020

Salades - Protein Choices

Balsamic Chicken Breast[more info]1504.5107552050123
Salmon[more info]2601630653000028
Shrimp[more info]40000653900008


Nutrition information does not include side.

Baguette Sandwiche, Half[more info]43022302063047239
Baguette Sandwiche, Whole[more info]6602330201,120934518
Chicken Caesar Sandwiche, Half[more info]440214.5060940411<122
Chicken Caesar Sandwiche, Whole[more info]89043901201,890822143
Chicken Parisien Sandwiche, Half[more info]4602250701,120411123
Chicken Parisien Sandwiche, Whole[more info]910441101402,240822246
Chicken Salade Croissant, Whole[more info]5703610095920352719
Croque Madame[more info]890401803352,260763651
Croque Monsieur Sandwiche, Half[more info]3701370651,070371322
Croque Monsieur Sandwiche, Whole[more info]730271501252,130742644
Four Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwiche, Half[more info]4502314070770341<122
Four Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwiche, Whole[more info]890462801401,540672144
French Dip Sandwiche, Half[more info]3901640351,120431<119
French Dip Sandwiche, Whole[more info]7803280702,250852239
Jambon-Beurre Sandwiche[more info]910492801602,050792337
Pesto Caprese Sandwiche[more info]91046180801,710823237
Turkey & Provolone Sandwiche[more info]7703260752,310803239
Turkey Bistro Sandwiche, Half[more info]420194.50451,250391<120
Turkey Bistro Sandwiche, Whole[more info]8403990852,500792139

Salades & Sandwiches - Add On

Avocado[more info]120111.500565<11

Sandwiches - Sides

Corn Chowder Soupe[more info]2701580.550910300115
Cream of Mushroom Soupe[more info]300261619567013054
French Onion Soup[more info]1701050251,130101310
Fruit Salade[more info]5000001514112<1
Our Original Caesar Petite Salade[more info]250242.50203606214
Potato Soup[more info]270211206575015035
Salt & Pepper Chips[more info]220141.50024023303
Tomato Basil Pesto Pasta Salade[more info]310192015320292<18
Tomato Basil Soup[more info]40035231110740183114

Entrees & Pastas

Balsamic-Glazed Salmon & Chicken la Madeleine includes fixed sides.

4 Cheese Baked Pasta[more info]940422101002,340863436
Balsamic-Glazed Salmon[more info]640224.50651,6207251038
Beef & Parmesan Potatoes[more info]640371902602,440394432
Blueberry Cheesecake Crepe[more info]51026160.580280490308
Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta[more info]1,110472201853,090913662
Chicken Friand[more info]62038200751,050514622
Chicken la Madeleine[more info]49019901351,520475738
Creamy Pesto Pasta[more info]74032110502,020903426
Crepe la Madeleine[more info]57034180120850342534
Pesto Caprese Crepe[more info]3402070301,030220415
Quiche Florentine[more info]84057300380760582924
Quiche Lorraine[more info]900613003751,0305711031
Strawberry Nutella Crepe[more info]46019805160773538

Entrees & Pastas - Creamy Pesto Pasta Protein Choices

Balsamic Chicken Breast[more info]17051.508561050127
Salmon[more info]2601630653000028

A La Carte Sides

Green Bean Almondine[more info]190174.5003407332
Petite Field Greens Salade[more info]454.5000601<1<1<1
Red-Skinned Mashed Potatoes[more info]1607402057023334
Rice Provencal[more info]150210<533028124
Steamed Broccoli[more info]3500003107312

Kids Menu

Nutrition information includes Chocolate Chunk Cookie.

Kids Cheese Pasta[more info]44020120606605121114
Kids Cheese Pizza[more info]60024140.5659007742023
Kids Ham & Cheddar Croissant[more info]48024140909704821518
Kids Turkey & Cheddar Croissant[more info]47023140909004721420

Kids - Drinks

Apple Juice[more info]4000001510090
Coke[more info]70000015190190
Diet Coke[more info]00000250000
Dr Pepper[more info]80000025230220
Horizon Chocolate Milk[more info]1502.51.5015180230228
Horizon Milk[more info]1102.51.5010130130128
Ice Tea, Mango[more info]000000<1000
Ice Tea, Regular[more info]000000<1000
Lemonade Light[more info]00000201000
Orange Juice (Some Pulp)[more info]17000000390333
Sprite[more info]60000030170170
Vitaminwater[more info]350000159090
Water[more info]00000200000

Bakery - Cookies & Cakes

Cakes shown per 1 slice.

Chocolate Chunk Cookie[more info]48022140.570340693396
Coconut Cream Cake[more info]50026120708064<1445
Fudge Brownie[more info]520235095180683537
Lemon Madeleine[more info]1103.52025140180121
Linzer Heart Cookie[more info]40016110.545140581324
Macarons[more info]1,7709336090120240622836
Oatmeal Raisin Pecan Cookie[more info]4802290.550300684377
Palmier[more info]34016700280471210
Plain Individual Cheesecake[more info]160181005022022<1163
Sacher Torte[more info]560299080470683476

Bakery - Seasonal

Cinnamon Morning Bun[more info]93063400180560833398

Bakery - Viennoiserie & Breads

Almond Croissant[more info]420198050340562298
Baguette[more info]9103.50001,9501817735
Blueberry Muffin[more info]510236065530671357
Bran Muffin[more info]460183.5040480757498
Butter Croissant[more info]23010603031029145
Chocolate Almond Croissant[more info]4902512070310623379
Chocolate Croissant[more info]2901610050280332106
Dark Cherry & Greek Yogurt Danish[more info]36018110.570360421167
Nutella Croissant Muffin[more info]310148030320381136
Savory Ham & Cheese Danish[more info]4202213090730402618
Sea Salt Baguette[more info]17040.50090029015
Seven Grain Loaf[more info]1,33060002,410265121248
Sourdough Loaf[more info]1,00000001,8002000030

Bakery - French Patisserie

Caramel Creme Brulee[more info]6104933019545310282
Chocolate Tart, Individual[more info]32017701555352193
Chocolate Tart, Mini[more info]14073053517<1102
Classic Eclair[more info]19063.500100320243
Classic Napoleon[more info]370870<525060<1434
French Vanilla & Fruit Parfait[more info]27012701060352193
Fruit Tart, Individual[more info]31010505100533344
Fruit Tart, Large[more info]31010703018050<1284
Fruit Tart, Mini[more info]1203.52005020<1132
Lemon Tart, Individual[more info]4101690207557<1457
Lemon Tart, Mini[more info]170640530240193
Sacher Torte Parfait, Mini[more info]330176045200371263

Coffee & Espresso

Drinks shown with whole milk as milk choice. For other customizations, please see below.

American Roast Coffee, Large[more info]10000002000
Cafe Americano, Double[more info]5000015<1000
Cafe Americano, Single[more info]0000050000
Cafe Latte, Double[more info]2501380202102101813
Cafe Latte, Single[more info]11063.5010909086
Cafe Mocha, Double[more info]57017120152708848415
Cafe Mocha, Single[more info]390129010170603579
Cappuccino, Double[more info]16095015135140129
Cappuccino, Single[more info]10053.5010808075
Caramel Macchiato, Double[more info]50016100303007306516
Caramel Macchiato, Single[more info]3301060202005104610
Chai Tea Latte, Double[more info]2204.530575382354
Chai Tea Latte, Single[more info]1803.52.50560322294
Cold Brew Coffee, Large[more info]150000202001
Cold Brew Coffee, Regular[more info]10000015100<1
Decaf Coffee, Large[more info]10000002000
Decaf Hot Tea, Large[more info]000000<100<1
Espresso, Double[more info]5000010<1000
Espresso, Single[more info]0000000000
French Roast Coffee, Large[more info]10000002000
Hot Chocolate, Double[more info]60018130202909048716
Hot Chocolate, Single[more info]360108010150573558
Hot Tea, Large[more info]00000100000
Iced Caramel Latte, Large[more info]4901380202107807613
Iced Caramel Latte, Regular[more info]27063.501095470466
Iced Chai Tea Latte, Large[more info]2204.530580382354
Iced Chai Tea Latte, Regular[more info]1803.52.50565322294
Iced Latte, Large[more info]2501380202102101813
Iced Latte, Regular[more info]11063.5010959086
Iced Mocha, Large[more info]57017120152708848415
Iced Mocha, Regular[more info]390129010170603579
Iced Mocha Latte, Large[more info]5501590202908548116
Iced Mocha Latte, Regular[more info]350960101805535310
Iced Vanilla Latte, Large[more info]4901380202107807313
Iced Vanilla Latte, Regular[more info]27063.501095470456

Coffee & Espresso - Customizations

Almond Milk[more info]7040001509081
Caramel Sauce[more info]2803.52010110590543
Caramel Syrup[more info]10000000240240
Dark Chocolate Sauce[more info]2701.510075584573
Espresso Shot[more info]0000000000
Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup[more info]00000105000
Vanilla Syrup[more info]10000000240230
Whipped Topping[more info]453.53.50002020

Signature Beverages

Coke[more info]120000030330330
Diet Coke[more info]00000400000
Dr Pepper[more info]140000045390380
Ice Tea, Mango[more info]5000051000
Ice Tea, Regular[more info]5000051000
Lemonade Light[more info]50000352000
Orange Juice (Some Pulp)[more info]17000000390333
Sprite[more info]110000055300300
Vitaminwater[more info]60000030150150


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.