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Limited Time Offers

[more info]Cinnabon Dessert Biscuits2901370<5580402174

Original Recipe Chicken

[more info]Original Recipe® Chicken Breast39021401201,190112039
[more info]Original Recipe® Chicken Drumstick13081.505543041012
[more info]Original Recipe® Chicken Thigh280194.5010091081019
[more info]Original Recipe® Chicken Whole Wing1308205538030010

Extra Crispy Chicken

[more info]Extra Crispy™ Chicken Breast53035601051,150180035
[more info]Extra Crispy™ Chicken Drumstick17012205039050010
[more info]Extra Crispy™ Chicken Thigh330234.5010070090022
[more info]Extra Crispy™ Chicken Whole Wing17013204534050010

Kentucky Grilled Chicken

[more info]Kentucky Grilled Chicken® Breast21072013071000038
[more info]Kentucky Grilled Chicken® Drumstick804105522000011
[more info]Kentucky Grilled Chicken® Thigh1509309042000017
[more info]Kentucky Grilled Chicken® Whole Wing70310451800009

Spicy Crispy Chicken

[more info]Spicy Crispy Chicken Breast350203.501001,100111030
[more info]Spicy Crispy Chicken Drumstick13081.50404205109
[more info]Spicy Crispy Chicken Thigh270203.5065720101013
[more info]Spicy Crispy Chicken Whole Wing12081.50353505007

Extra Crispy Tenders

[more info]Extra Crispy™ Tender (each)1407102532080010
[more info]Nashville Hot Extra Crispy™ Tender (each)220162.50254609<1<110

Kentucky Fried Wings

[more info]Kentucky Fried Wings - Buffalo10071.50203103005
[more info]Kentucky Fried Wings - Honey BBQ100610202108045
[more info]Kentucky Fried Wings - Nashville Hot1301120202304005
[more info]Kentucky Fried Wings - Unsauced80610201503005

Popcorn Nuggets

[more info]Popcorn Nuggets - Kids290192.5030870191013
[more info]Popcorn Nuggets - Large6203950651,820392027

Nashville Hot Chicken

[more info]Nashville Hot Extra Crispy™ Chicken Breast770601001051,530211135
[more info]Nashville Hot Extra Crispy™ Chicken Drumstick250213.505053061011
[more info]Nashville Hot Extra Crispy™ Chicken Thigh5004070100970111122
[more info]Nashville Hot Extra Crispy™ Chicken Whole Wing29025404552061110
[more info]Nashville Hot Kentucky Grilled Chicken® Breast260123013079010038
[more info]Nashville Hot Kentucky Grilled Chicken® Drumstick10061.505526000011
[more info]Nashville Hot Kentucky Grilled Chicken® Thigh180123.509047000017
[more info]Nashville Hot Kentucky Grilled Chicken® Whole Wing9061.50452101009
[more info]Nashville Hot Spicy Crispy Chicken Breast54040701001,390142131
[more info]Nashville Hot Spicy Crispy Chicken Drumstick190142.50405106109
[more info]Nashville Hot Spicy Crispy Chicken Thigh390326065900122113
[more info]Nashville Hot Spicy Crispy Chicken Whole Wing180152.50354505108

Homestyle Sides (Individual)

[more info]BBQ Baked Beans19010006503471511
[more info]Biscuit18084.50052022114
[more info]Coleslaw1701220<5180144101
[more info]Corn on the Cob700.5000017232
[more info]Green Beans2500003005311
[more info]KFC® Cornbread Muffin21091.503524028<1113
[more info]Macaroni & Cheese14061.50<559017125
[more info]Macaroni Salad1408101529014091
[more info]Mashed Potatoes1103.50.50033017102
[more info]Mashed Potatoes With Gravy1304.510052020103
[more info]Potato Salad340284.502529019232
[more info]Secret Recipe Fries320152001,10041305
[more info]Sweet Kernel Corn700.5000016222

Homestyle Sides (Family)

[more info]BBQ Baked Beans (Family)83051002,810148316347
[more info]Coleslaw (Family)6404670156705414374
[more info]Corn on the Cob (Family)280200015678119
[more info]Green Beans (Family)80000093015934
[more info]Macaroni & Cheese (Family)5402360102,220665818
[more info]Macaroni Salad (Family)480283.5055990500303
[more info]Mashed Potatoes (Family)460153001,41072609
[more info]Mashed Potatoes With Gravy (Family)590215002,590886112
[more info]Potato Salad (Family)1,20098160801,010658128
[more info]Secret Recipe Fries (Family)840405002,8901089013
[more info]Sweet Kernel Corn (Family)2802.500010677810


[more info]Chicken Littles300152.5030620271314
[more info]Chicken Littles - Buffalo310172.5030790271314
[more info]Chicken Littles - Honey BBQ320152.5030680311714
[more info]Chicken Littles - Nashville Hot340193030680271314
[more info]Classic Chicken Sandwich650354.50901,260491634
[more info]Crispy Colonel's Sandwich470243.50601,17039<1424
[more info]Crispy Colonel's Sandwich - Buffalo5002740601,50039<1424
[more info]Crispy Colonel's Sandwich - Honey BBQ510253.50601,29048<11224
[more info]Crispy Colonel's Sandwich - Nashville Hot540324.50601,29040<1524
[more info]Crispy Twister®6303470701,260534328
[more info]Honey BBQ Sandwich3503.50.50551,3505522224
[more info]Spicy Chicken Sandwich6203340852,140491634

Pot Pie and Bowls

[more info]Chicken Pot Pie72041250801,750607526
[more info]KFC® Famous Bowl7403560452,350816226
[more info]KFC® Famous Bowl - Snack Size270143.5020850272111


(Does not include dressing or croutons)

[more info]Caesar Side Salad402105902113
[more info]House Side Salad150000103221

Dressing and Croutons

[more info]Heinz Buttermilk Dressing1601720102201010
[more info]Hidden Valley The Original Ranch Fat Free Dressing3500004108021
[more info]KFC® Creamy Parmesan Caesar Dressing2602650155404022
[more info]Marzetti Light Italian Dressing150.50005102010
[more info]Parmesan Garlic Croutons6030001358<1<12


[more info]Apple Turnover230102.50014032<1122
[more info]Café Valley Chocolate Chip Cake (1 Slice)300153050260391274
[more info]Café Valley Lemon Cake (1 Slice)220102030170300202
[more info]Café Valley Mini Chocolate Chip Cake300122.5040190491353
[more info]Café Valley Mini Lemon Cake300132.5050230430313
[more info]Chocolate Chip Cookie120630<570181121
[more info]Oreo Cookies and Crème Pie2701380<5210351243
[more info]Reese's Peanut Butter Pie3001790<5270331225

Dipping Sauces & Condiments

[more info]BBQ - Dipping Sauce Cup450000150110110
[more info]Colonel's Buttery Spread3541.500350000
[more info]Grape Jelly Packet350000109070
[more info]Honey Mustard - Dipping Sauce Cup11091.50<51206060
[more info]Honey Sauce Packet30000008050
[more info]Ketchup3000002508060
[more info]KFC Sauce - Dipping Sauce Cup9081.50101705050
[more info]Lemon Juice Packet50000201000
[more info]Ranch - Dipping Sauce Cup130142.50102402010
[more info]Strawberry Jam Packet35000009060

Kids Drinks

[more info]Capri Sun® 100% Juice Fruit Punch80000025210200
[more info]Chocolate Milk 1%1502.51.5010170260237
[more info]Milk 1%9021.5010105100107

Kids Meal Applesauce

[more info]Musselman's™ Applesauce450000012180


[more info]7UP® (12 fl oz)140000050350350
[more info]7UP® (16 fl oz)190000070460460
[more info]7UP® (20 fl oz)240000085580580
[more info]7UP® (30 fl oz)3500000125870870
[more info]Classic Lemonade (1/2 Gallon)880000078023402280
[more info]Classic Lemonade (20 fl oz)1400000130390380
[more info]Code Red Mountain Dew® (12 fl oz)170000050460460
[more info]Code Red Mountain Dew® (16 fl oz)230000065620620
[more info]Code Red Mountain Dew® (20 fl oz)290000085770770
[more info]Code Red Mountain Dew® (30 fl oz)430000012511601150
[more info]Diet Dr Pepper® (12 fl oz)00000700000
[more info]Diet Dr Pepper® (16 fl oz)00000950000
[more info]Diet Dr Pepper® (20 fl oz)000001200000
[more info]Diet Dr Pepper® (30 fl oz)000001800000
[more info]Diet Mist Twst® (12 fl oz)00000350000
[more info]Diet Mist Twst® (16 fl oz)00000500000
[more info]Diet Mist Twst® (20 fl oz)00000600000
[more info]Diet Mist Twst® (30 fl oz)50000950000
[more info]Diet Mountain Dew® (12 fl oz)00000551000
[more info]Diet Mountain Dew® (16 fl oz)50000751000
[more info]Diet Mountain Dew® (20 fl oz)100000901010
[more info]Diet Mountain Dew® (30 fl oz)1000001401010
[more info]Diet Pepsi® (12 fl oz)00000550000
[more info]Diet Pepsi® (16 fl oz)00000750000
[more info]Diet Pepsi® (20 fl oz)00000950000
[more info]Diet Pepsi® (30 fl oz)000001400000
[more info]Diet Pepsi® Wild Cherry Pepsi® (12 fl oz)00000350000
[more info]Diet Pepsi® Wild Cherry Pepsi® (16 fl oz)00000500000
[more info]Diet Pepsi® Wild Cherry Pepsi® (20 fl oz)00000600000
[more info]Diet Pepsi® Wild Cherry Pepsi® (30 fl oz)00000950000
[more info]Dr Pepper® (12 fl oz)140000045390380
[more info]Dr Pepper® (16 fl oz)190000060520510
[more info]Dr Pepper® (20 fl oz)240000075650640
[more info]Dr Pepper® (30 fl oz)3600000110980960
[more info]Lipton® Brisk® Lemon Tea (12 fl oz)80000040220220
[more info]Lipton® Brisk® Lemon Tea (16 fl oz)110000055290290
[more info]Lipton® Brisk® Lemon Tea (20 fl oz)140000070360360
[more info]Lipton® Brisk® Lemon Tea (30 fl oz)2100000105550540
[more info]Lipton® Brisk® No Calorie Peach Iced Green Tea (12 fl oz)000001050000
[more info]Lipton® Brisk® No Calorie Peach Iced Green Tea (16 fl oz)000001400000
[more info]Lipton® Brisk® No Calorie Peach Iced Green Tea (20 fl oz)500001800000
[more info]Lipton® Brisk® No Calorie Peach Iced Green Tea (30 fl oz)1000002700000
[more info]Lipton® Brisk® Raspberry Tea (12 fl oz)80000045200200
[more info]Lipton® Brisk® Raspberry Tea (16 fl oz)100000055260260
[more info]Lipton® Brisk® Raspberry Tea (20 fl oz)130000070330330
[more info]Lipton® Brisk® Raspberry Tea (30 fl oz)1900000110490490
[more info]Lipton® Brisk® Sweet Iced Tea (12 fl oz)80000045220210
[more info]Lipton® Brisk® Sweet Iced Tea (16 fl oz)110000065290290
[more info]Lipton® Brisk® Sweet Iced Tea (20 fl oz)130000080360360
[more info]Lipton® Brisk® Sweet Iced Tea (30 fl oz)2000000120540540
[more info]Lipton® Brisk® Unsweetened No Lemon Iced Tea (12 fl oz)00000450000
[more info]Lipton® Brisk® Unsweetened No Lemon Iced Tea (16 fl oz)00000600000
[more info]Lipton® Brisk® Unsweetened No Lemon Iced Tea (20 fl oz)00000750000
[more info]Lipton® Brisk® Unsweetened No Lemon Iced Tea (30 fl oz)000001150000
[more info]Manzanita Sol® (12 fl oz)160000035420420
[more info]Manzanita Sol® (16 fl oz)210000045570570
[more info]Manzanita Sol® (20 fl oz)260000055710710
[more info]Manzanita Sol® (30 fl oz)40000008010601060
[more info]Miranda® Strawberry (12 fl oz)160000070440440
[more info]Miranda® Strawberry (16 fl oz)220000095580580
[more info]Miranda® Strawberry (20 fl oz)2700000120730730
[more info]Miranda® Strawberry (30 fl oz)410000018010901090
[more info]Mist Twst® (12 fl oz)150000035410410
[more info]Mist Twst® (16 fl oz)200000045540540
[more info]Mist Twst® (20 fl oz)260000055680680
[more info]Mist Twst® (30 fl oz)38000008010101010
[more info]MNT DEW Sweet Lightning (20 fl oz)1200000190320250
[more info]Mountain Dew® (12 fl oz)160000050440440
[more info]Mountain Dew® (16 fl oz)220000070590580
[more info]Mountain Dew® (20 fl oz)270000085730730
[more info]Mountain Dew® (30 fl oz)410000012511001090
[more info]Mug Root Beer® (12 fl oz)140000045390390
[more info]Mug Root Beer® (16 fl oz)190000060520520
[more info]Mug Root Beer® (20 fl oz)240000075650650
[more info]Mug Root Beer® (30 fl oz)3600000110980980
[more info]Pepsi Zero Sugar® (12 fl oz)00000350000
[more info]Pepsi Zero Sugar® (16 fl oz)00000500000
[more info]Pepsi Zero Sugar® (20 fl oz)00000600000
[more info]Pepsi Zero Sugar® (30 fl oz)00000951000
[more info]Pepsi® (12 fl oz)150000030410410
[more info]Pepsi® (16 fl oz)200000045550550
[more info]Pepsi® (20 fl oz)250000055690690
[more info]Pepsi® (30 fl oz)38000008010401030
[more info]Sobe Lifewater Yumberry Pomegranate (12 fl oz)00000450000
[more info]Sobe Lifewater Yumberry Pomegranate (16 fl oz)00000650000
[more info]Sobe Lifewater Yumberry Pomegranate (20 fl oz)00000800000
[more info]Sobe Lifewater Yumberry Pomegranate (30 fl oz)500001201000
[more info]Strawberry Lemonade (1/2 Gallon)950000079027002640
[more info]Strawberry Lemonade (20 fl oz)1700000130450440
[more info]Tropicana® Fruit Punch (12 fl oz)170000035450450
[more info]Tropicana® Fruit Punch (16 fl oz)230000045600600
[more info]Tropicana® Fruit Punch (20 fl oz)280000060750750
[more info]Tropicana® Fruit Punch (30 fl oz)42000009011301120
[more info]Tropicana® Light Lemonade (12 fl oz)500001400000
[more info]Tropicana® Light Lemonade (16 fl oz)1000001900000
[more info]Tropicana® Light Lemonade (20 fl oz)1000002400000
[more info]Tropicana® Light Lemonade (30 fl oz)1500003501000
[more info]Tropicana® Pink Lemonade (12 fl oz)1500000160400400
[more info]Tropicana® Pink Lemonade (16 fl oz)2100000210530530
[more info]Tropicana® Pink Lemonade (20 fl oz)2600000260670670
[more info]Tropicana® Pink Lemonade (30 fl oz)390000039010001000
[more info]Tropicana® Twister® Orange (12 fl oz)170000035460460
[more info]Tropicana® Twister® Orange (16 fl oz)230000050610610
[more info]Tropicana® Twister® Orange (20 fl oz)290000060760760
[more info]Tropicana® Twister® Orange (30 fl oz)43000009011501140
[more info]Wild Cherry Pepsi® (12 fl oz)160000030420420
[more info]Wild Cherry Pepsi® (16 fl oz)210000040560560
[more info]Wild Cherry Pepsi® (20 fl oz)260000050700700
[more info]Wild Cherry Pepsi® (30 fl oz)39000008010501050

Regional Menu Items

[more info]Country Fried Steak without Peppered White Gravy360247135750222013
[more info]Country Fried Steak with Peppered White Gravy390267135910262013
[more info]KFC® Gizzards300162021077018<1020
[more info]KFC® Livers230132.50285750120017


Menu data is based on current U.S. formulations (based on zero grams trans fat canola frying oil) as of the date posted. Product formulations and nutritional values may differ for KFC® Express and "multi-brand" (KFC®/Taco Bell®, KFC®/A&W®, KFC®/Long John Silver’s®) menu items that may be based on a different type of oil, and for products outside the continental U.S. Although this data is based on standard portion guidelines, variation can be expected due to seasonal influences, minor differences in product assembly per restaurant and other factors. Product formulations and/or ingredient changes may occur before is updated. Substitution of ingredients may alter nutritional values. Menu items and hours of availability may vary by location. Regional menu items are available only at participating locations. Except for KFC® Express, multi-brand menu items, limited time offerings, and test market menu items, single-brand menu products as of the date posted are included in this Nutrition Guide.

KFC products are fried in oil which may contain the following: Canola Oil and Hydrogenated Soybean Oil with TBHQ and Citric Acid Added To Protect Flavor, Dimethylpolysiloxane, an Antifoaming Agent Added OR Low Linolenic Soybean Oil, TBHQ and Citric Acid Added To Protect Flavor, Dimethylpolysiloxane, an Antifoaming Agent Added.

Like most restaurants, we prepare and serve products that may contain egg, milk, soy, wheat or other allergens. While a particular ingredient may not contain one of these allergens, our products may be prepared on the same equipment and in the same kitchen area as those that do. We cannot guarantee that cross contact with allergens will not occur and neither KFC, our employees, or our franchisees assume any responsibility for a person’s sensitivity or allergy to any food item provided in our restaurants. The allergen information displayed on this site is based on standard product formulations and is current as of last update to this site. Variations may occur due to differences in suppliers, ingredient substitutions, recipe revisions, and/or product production at the restaurant.
In some restaurants, fish, chicken, and potatoes may be prepared in the same oil. Please ask the manager about this practice if you have and allergy to fish or milk. Several menu items contain or have been prepared in fully refined soy oil, which according to the FDA is not an allergen. Also according to the Food Allergy Research & Education organization, studies show that most soy-allergic individuals may safely eat most types of soybean oil. If you have any concerns pertaining to consumption of soybean oil, please consult with your doctor.

Peanuts and tree nuts are not used at KFC. However, peanuts are present in the Reese’s® Peanut Butter Pie Slice and the Café Valley Bakery® Chocolate Chip Cake and Lemon Cake may contain traces of tree nuts.

All vegetarian ingredients are handled by our employees in common with meat ingredients, which may not be acceptable to certain types of vegetarian diets.

Some menu items may not be available at all restaurants. Limited time offers, test products, or regional items have not been included.

No allergen or nutritional information on our website should be considered a guarantee, but simply a good faith effort to serve our customers.

Customers with allergy-related questions can contact the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) on the web at or by telephone at (800) 929-4040.

If you have a food allergy, please consult with your healthcare practitioner about which of our foods are right for you. We also recommend checking the ingredient and allergen section of this website frequently as our menu and/or certain ingredients may change. If you have any questions regarding allergens in our restaurants, please contact us at 1 800 CALL-KFC.

Nutrition values for fountain beverages do not account for ice. Depending on the sodium content of the water where the beverage is dispensed, the actual sodium content may be higher or lower than the listed values.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend limiting saturated fat to 20 grams and sodium to 2,300 milligrams for a typical adult eating 2,000 calories daily. Recommended limits may be higher or lower depending on daily calorie consumption. More information is available at