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Shown without sides. See "Sides" for additional information.

Bacon Avocado Burger - Double[more info]980630702511751,150384636
Bacon Avocado Burger - Single[more info]74048052170.5100990374624
Bacon Cheeseburger - Double[more info]840490552211651,5403921229
Bacon Cheeseburger - Single[more info]62034038140.5951,1903821121
BBQ Cheddar Burger - Double[more info]86053058221.51551,2004111324
BBQ Cheddar Burger - Single[more info]69042046171951,0804111318
Black Bean Veggie Burger[more info]64031034100651,32069101617
Crazy Good Cheeseburger - Double[more info]760450502011451,2103921223
Crazy Good Cheeseburger - Single[more info]54030033120.5758603821114
Green Chile Cheeseburger - Double[more info]850530592311651,510363724
Green Chile Cheeseburger - Single[more info]61037041140.5851,070352715
Mushroom Swiss Burger - Double[more info]890540602311601,530393531
Mushroom Swiss Burger - Single[more info]64038042140.5801,370383519
Sunrise Burger - Double[more info]1,04067075261.53652,010362838
Sunrise Burger - Single[more info]820520581912951,660362730

Chicken Sandwiches

Shown without sides. See "Sides" for additional information.

California Grilled Chicken Sandwich[more info]660360401201101,190374741
Country Fried Chicken Sandwich[more info]770410461502801,680492739
Crispy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich[more info]64031034100851,5905221132
Crispy Chicken Sandwich[more info]5802702970751,360492929
Grilled Chicken Deluxe Sandwich[more info]4802102380851,0703821130
Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich[more info]62030033100901,850483633

Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tenders - 4 Piece[more info]310130153011570013<1<131
Chicken Tenders - 6 Piece[more info]460200224.501701,040201<147
Chicken Tenders - 10 Piece[more info]77033036702851,740332179

Chicken Tenders - Sauces (2 oz)

BBQ Sauce[more info]14000000580360320
Buffalo Sauce[more info]15000202,8903010
Cheese Sauce[more info]1401101280404502017
Country Gravy[more info]12070940203909033
Honey Mustard Dressing[more info]330300334.501523011080
Jaggers Sauce[more info]1809010301536021018<1
Ranch Dressing[more info]270260294.5015300401<1
Sweet Heat Sauce[more info]310240273.501051019<1150

Seasonal Specials

Shown without sides. See "Sides" for additional information.

Blackened Fish Sandwich[more info]70044049112.5501,8704131025
Country Fried Pork Sandwich[more info]69033037120851,650502838
Crispy Fish Sandwich[more info]7104004590601,1605431025


Shown without dressing. See "Salads - Dressings (4 oz)" for additional information.

Berry Fresh Grilled Chicken Salad[more info]31090103.50805603262129
Bleu Burger Salad[more info]47028031130.590920184720
Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad[more info]40021023902051,000125538
Jaggers Chicken Salad - Crispy[more info]4902402790220910273738
Jaggers Chicken Salad - Grilled[more info]3701601880205730183737

Salads - Toppings

Avocado[more info]120120121.50006502
Bleu Cheese Crumbles[more info]10070850203801006
Blueberries[more info]500000001329<1
Cheddar Cheese[more info]11080960301700007
Crispy Fried Onions[more info]1107071.5001709<121
Croutons[more info]70253.500016010022
Fried Egg[more info]12090103.50185140<1006
Grapes[more info]250000007060
Parmesan Cheese[more info]1107074.502522000010
Sliced Bacon[more info]50303.510102200005
Strawberries[more info]100000003<120
Toasted Almonds[more info]3530300001<101
Tomato[more info]0000000<10<10

Salads - Dressings (4 oz)

Bleu Cheese Dressing[more info]56052057110408907017
Honey French Dressing[more info]36013014200900600550
Honey Mustard Dressing[more info]660590659025460220150
Italian Dressing[more info]5404504970085023<121<1
Light Berry Vinaigrette[more info]1805060002,400320280
Ranch Dressing[more info]5405305890356007021


Side salad shown without dressing. See "Sides - Side Salad Dressings (2 oz)" for additional information.

Edamame[more info]190708100720128417
Fruit Cup - Large[more info]110000000303241
Fruit Cup - Small[more info]450000001119<1
Mac 'n Cheese[more info]310100116025580403213
Shoestring Fries - Large[more info]4802502750067053406
Shoestring Fries - Regular[more info]360190203.50050040305
Side Salad[more info]2501401670135380152614
Tater Tots - Large[more info]5302803260115790575<15
Tater Tots - Regular[more info]380200234.5080570414<14

Sides - Side Salad Dressings (2 oz)

Bleu Cheese Dressing[more info]28026029602044030<13
Honey French Dressing[more info]180707100450300270
Honey Mustard Dressing[more info]330300334.501523011080
Italian Dressing[more info]270230243.500430120100
Light Berry Vinaigrette[more info]902530001,200160140
Ranch Dressing[more info]270260294.5015300401<1

Drinks - Regular

Barq's Root Beer[more info]130000005537000
Cherry Coke[more info]130000000350350
Coca-Cola[more info]1200000<5034000
Coca-Cola Zero[more info]00000000000
Dasani Bottled Water[more info]00000000000
Diet Coke[more info]000000100001
Dr Pepper[more info]1300000050330320
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade[more info]1800000010480460
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade - Strawberry[more info]1900000010510480
Hi-C Orange[more info]1500000030410400
Iced Tea - Original Sweet[more info]110000005280270
Iced Tea - Original Unsweet[more info]00000000000
Pibb Xtra[more info]1200000035320320
Sprite[more info]1200000055320320
Sweet Iced Tea with Fresh Lemonade[more info]140000005380370
Unsweet Iced Tea with Fresh Lemonade[more info]90000000240230

Drinks - Large

Barq's Root Beer[more info]210000008559000
Cherry Coke[more info]210000000560560
Coca-Cola[more info]2000000<5054000
Coca-Cola Zero[more info]00000050000
Dasani Bottled Water[more info]00000000000
Diet Coke[more info]000000200002
Dr Pepper[more info]2000000080530510
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade[more info]2900000015770740
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade - Strawberry[more info]3000000015810770
Hi-C Orange[more info]2400000050660640
Iced Tea - Original Sweet[more info]1800000010450430
Iced Tea - Original Unsweet[more info]00000000000
Pibb Xtra[more info]1900000055510510
Sprite[more info]1900000085510510
Sweet Iced Tea with Fresh Lemonade[more info]2300000010610580
Unsweet Iced Tea with Fresh Lemonade[more info]140000005380370


Banana Split Shake - Large[more info]730220241708538011419814
Banana Split Shake - Regular[more info]540170181406028084<17210
Birthday Cake Shake - Large[more info]8602803123090400131011014
Birthday Cake Shake - Regular[more info]66023025190652809908110
Chocolate Shake - Large[more info]8202202417085400136211814
Chocolate Shake - Regular[more info]60016018130602809828510
Ghirardelli Brownie Shake - Large[more info]8902603018080500139211614
Ghirardelli Brownie Shake - Regular[more info]62019022140603509517910
Hershey's Chocolate Chip Cookie Shake - Large[more info]8503103521095600121<110115
Hershey's Chocolate Chip Cookie Shake - Regular[more info]610230261607042085<17010
Oreo Cookies 'n Cream Shake - Large[more info]790260291808047011919914
Oreo Cookies 'n Cream Shake - Regular[more info]550190211406032081<16810
Peanut Butter Pie Shake - Large[more info]960410462107062011649322
Peanut Butter Pie Shake - Regular[more info]70031034160454608536615
Strawberry Shake - Large[more info]690220241708537010409214
Strawberry Shake - Regular[more info]50016018130602607506610
Vanilla Bean Shake - Large[more info]7202202417085370113010314
Vanilla Bean Shake - Regular[more info]51017018140602707707010


Ghirardelli Brownie[more info]8102102890255401305936
Hershey's Chocolate Chip Cookie[more info]6303103513055700782496


Shown without sides or chocolate chip cookies. See "Kids - Sides" & "Kids - Sweets" for additional information.

Kids Cheeseburger[more info]49027030120.570770301514
Kids Chicken Tender Bites - Crispy[more info]23090102004209<1<126
Kids Chicken Tender Bites - Grilled[more info]90101006012500020
Kids Grilled Cheese[more info]46030034130251,01031<1610
Kids Hamburger[more info]4402302690.560540301511
Kids Hot Dog[more info]59043045172501,290270414
Kids Mac 'n Cheese[more info]310100116025580403213

Kids - Sides

Shoestring Fries[more info]240120142.50033027203
Tater Tots[more info]27014016305540028203

Kids - Sweets

Chocolate Chip Cookies[more info]210100124.502023026<1162


Nutritional Information

Jaggers is committed to providing accurate nutritional information to our guests. We have provided the Nutrition Calculator and Interactive Nutrition Menu below to help our guests make informed decisions about their orders. The nutritional information provided on this site is based on our standardized recipes and ingredients. However, because our Legendary Food is made from scratch and by hand, there may be slight differences between the nutritional information on this site and what you are actually served.

Food Allergens

At Jaggers, we pride ourselves on the Legendary Service we provide to all of our guests, especially those guests with food allergies. We have provided the Allergen Menu below so our guests can select menu items that do not contain certain ingredients that are common allergens. All of our Legendary Food, however, is made in shared cooking and preparation areas or may have been made in a facility with the allergen. As a result, cross-contact with food containing allergens is possible. If you inform us of your food allergy, we will take appropriate measures to prevent any cross-contact, but we cannot guarantee that any of our menu items are completely free of allergens.

*Jaggers cooks with 100% refined soybean oil. According to the FDA, highly refined oils, such as highly refined soybean, are not considered a major food allergen and therefore are not identified on this list.

Please let us know when ordering whether anyone in your party has a food allergy so we can inform our kitchen and take appropriate precautions.