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Meat Sandwiches

Nutrition information is provided for Meat Sandwiches made on Dutch Crunch Bread, and include the default cheese and regular Dirty Sauce. To see nutrition information for other bread, cheese and Dirty Sauce options, see sections below.

[more info]Adam Richman Sandwich1,7901092201102,920150113758
[more info]Backstabber (a.k.a. Sillicon Valley) Sandwich1,490972001102,92010252047
[more info]Hollywould's SF Cheesesteak1,250751801001,77010241742
[more info]Hunter Pence Sandwich1,570982102502,510125112848
[more info]Jaymee Sirewich Sandwich1,660992001353,17014353747
[more info]Madison Bumgarner Sandwich1,400721801052,66014465440
[more info]Marshawn Lynch Sandwich1,530852002653,70013662751
[more info]Matt Cain Sandwich1,29079150802,40011041934
[more info]Menage A Trois Sandwich1,610911901402,50015166244
[more info]Paul Reubens Sandwich1,450932001053,01011152542
[more info]Steph Curry Sandwich1,24062130802,58012443441
[more info]We're Just Friends Sandwich1,390751601202,140133104046

Veggie Sandwiches - Most Can Be Made Vegan!

Nutrition information is provided for Veggie Sandwiches made on Dutch Crunch Bread, and include the default cheese and regular Dirty Sauce. To see nutrition information for other bread, cheese and Dirty Sauce options, see sections below.

[more info]Handsome Owl Sandwich1,66099160453,43014954534
[more info]James and The Giant Peach Sandwich1,29068160502,15013543532
[more info]Maya Angelou Sandwich1,32070160502,27013163538
[more info]Meatless Mike Sandwich1,20068150501,85011281935
[more info]Pee Wee Sandwich1,25073150401,84011572632
[more info]Pilgrim Sandwich1,23065150502,03013273230
[more info]Reading Rainbow (Arizona) Sandwich1,470101200551,540117151826
[more info]Reading Rainbow Sandwich1,470101200551,540117151826
[more info]Sometimes I'm a Vegetarian Sandwich1,30086170551,86010652027
[more info]Time Travelers Wife Sandwich1,27065140401,83013844033


[more info]Dutch Crunch Bread50081008109131213
[more info]French Bread41040.500930793513
[more info]Gluten Free Bread24060.500545142
[more info]Sourdough Bread4202000940853115
[more info]Wheat Bread44061008608561313


Nutrition information is displayed per 1 oz. portion of cheese. Sandwiches with a default of multiple cheeses may distribute cheese portions differently. Please see the Nutrition Calculator for specific portions and types of cheese on each sandwich.

[more info]American Cheese10095025502015
[more info]Cheddar Cheese1201060302001006
[more info]Pepper Jack Cheese100850301800007
[more info]Provolone Cheese100740201901007
[more info]Swiss Cheese10075025851008
[more info]Vegan Cheese9062002807101

Dirty Sauce

[more info]Dirty Sauce4004480202604000
[more info]Vegan Dirty Sauce360362002800000

Kids Menu

[more info]Chester The Cheetah Sandwich
Nutrition information is provided for a sandwich made on French Bread with American and Cheddar Cheese. To see nutrition information for other bread and cheese choices, see sections below.
[more info]Chicken Strips
Nutrition information does not include sauce. Please choose from the 'Kids Chicken Strips - Side of Sauce' section below.
[more info]Turkey Turkey Sandwich
Nutrition information is provided for a sandwich made on French Bread. To see nutrition information for other bread choices, see 'Kids Sandwiches - Bread' section below.

Kids Sandwiches - Bread

[more info]Dutch Crunch Bread25040.50041046267
[more info]French Bread210200047040237
[more info]Gluten Free Bread1203000023<121
[more info]Sourdough Bread2101000470432<18
[more info]Wheat Bread22030.50043043377

Kids Chester The Cheetah Sandwich - Cheese

[more info]American Cheese200181005010040210
[more info]Cheddar Cheese240201206040020012
[more info]Pepper Jack Cheese200161006036000014
[more info]Provolone Cheese20014804038020014
[more info]Swiss Cheese200141005017020016

Kids Chicken Strips - Side of Sauce

[more info]BBQ Sauce900000410202170
[more info]Dirty Sauce4004480202604000
[more info]Honey Mustard Dressing300304.50202109090
[more info]Ranch Dressing2002230204902020

Kids Additional Options

[more info]Dirty Sauce2002240101302000
[more info]Lettuce150000103121
[more info]Tomato10000002120
[more info]Vegan Dirty Sauce180181001400000


Efforts are made to avoid cross-contact of allergens. Ike's Love and Sandwiches does not guarantee that cross-contact with allergens will not occur. Please inform your server if you or anyone in your party has a food allergy before placing an order. Ike's Love and Sandwiches does not claim “gluten-free” for any of its handcrafted food. Some Ike's Love and Sandwiches items are made without gluten containing ingredients (like our gluten-free bread) but are prepared in common kitchen areas, risking gluten exposure. Ike's Love and Sandwiches does not recommend our products for people with celiac disease. People with gluten intolerances or sensitivities should exercise judgment when ordering. Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. Vegetarian, vegan, and meat ingredients are handled in common, and cross contact may occur, which may not be acceptable to certain types of vegetarian and vegan diets. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix. Although this data is based on standard portion guidelines, variation can be expected due to seasonal influences, the handcrafted nature of our products, minor differences in product assembly per restaurant, and other factors. Product formulations and/or ingredient changes may occur before is updated. Substitution of ingredients may alter nutritional values. Menu items and hours of availability may vary by location. Regional menu items are available only at participating locations. Franchise and Affiliate Locations nutritionals may vary based on supply chain availability.