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Urban Crafted Salads - Small

Nutrition information is displayed per order.

Chicken Salad Salad, Small[more info]400243.50501,0403052216
Chipotle BBQ Chicken Salad, Small[more info]330151.50501,1002851022
Cowpoke Salad, Small[more info]2701940401,200142210
Cyprus Salad, Small[more info]210163051,31012346
Emerald Coast Salad, Small[more info]240153.501201,40092513
Farmer's Market Salad, Small[more info]290174.50409002531817
Hail Caesar Salad, Small[more info]120830154406238
Health Nut Salad, Small[more info]370202.50<58004072410
Pesto Shrimp Salad, Small[more info]300214.501251,640124616
Play Gloria Salad, Small[more info]4002850207903452611
South of the Border Salad, Small[more info]1409301573011356
This Pear is on Fire Salad, Small[more info]4503270309003662411
Tulsa Twister Salad, Small[more info]5002570751,3004781215
Tunapalooza Salad, Small[more info]29018401501,190122420
Welcome Back Cobber Salad, Small[more info]34024701501,530113324

Urban Crafted Salads - Regular

Nutrition information is displayed per order.

Chicken Salad Salad, Regular[more info]79048701002,0606094532
Chipotle BBQ Chicken Salad, Regular[more info]6102930852,03052101638
Cowpoke Salad, Regular[more info]5103780802,430254521
Cyprus Salad, Regular[more info]4103150102,590255813
Emerald Coast Salad, Regular[more info]48031802352,8201751027
Farmer's Market Salad, Regular[more info]5803390801,7904963735
Hail Caesar Salad, Regular[more info]240166030890114615
Health Nut Salad, Regular[more info]700384.50101,58078134719
Pesto Shrimp Salad, Regular[more info]59039902453,1902581232
Play Gloria Salad, Regular[more info]80057100351,5906995223
South of the Border Salad, Regular[more info]2901860301,470236912
This Pear is on Fire Salad, Regular[more info]91064130601,81072134923
Tulsa Twister Salad, Regular[more info]1,210571702403,260103172736
Tunapalooza Salad, Regular[more info]59037802952,420255839
Welcome Back Cobber Salad, Regular[more info]700491303153,110215549

Urban Crafted Pizzas - Regular

Nutrition information is displayed per half pizza. To obtain full pizza nutrition information, multiply values by 2.

Chipotle BBQ Chicken Pizza, Regular[more info]320800309904521017
Classic Cheese Pizza, Regular[more info]2609503097031<1413
Fire Roasted Veggie Pizza, Regular[more info]25074020950342511
Five Cheese Pizza, Regular[more info]29014703599029<1217
Mona Lisa Pizza, Regular[more info]3401660251,13036<1314
Mushroom, Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza, Regular[more info]3101470351,21032<1414
Mushroom Medley Pizza, Regular[more info]26010603085030<1313
Queen Margarita Pizza, Regular[more info]290135030790313313
Roasted Chicken Gorgonzola Pizza, Regular[more info]3101260501,06031<1321
South Coast Shrimp Pizza, Regular[more info]34013601101,380331420

Urban Crafted Pizzas - 14"

Nutrition information is displayed per slice. To obtain full pizza nutrition information, multiply values by 8.

Chipotle BBQ Chicken Pizza, 14"[more info]2004.50015640291610
Classic Cheese Pizza, 14"[more info]1704.52.501563023028
Fire Roasted Veggie Pizza, 14"[more info]1604201062024137
Five Cheese Pizza, 14"[more info]18073.5015640210210
Mona Lisa Pizza, 14"[more info]2108301571025<128
Mushroom, Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza, 14"[more info]19073.502075023<128
Mushroom Medley Pizza, 14"[more info]1705301557022<128
Queen Margarita Pizza, 14"[more info]18062.501554023128
Roasted Chicken Gorgonzola Pizza, 14"[more info]19063025680220212
South Coast Shrimp Pizza, 14"[more info]2007305584024<1211

LTO Items

Skinny Crust Buffalo Chicken Flatbread, Regular[more info]290156050540212219
Skinny Crust Buffalo Shrimp Flatbread, Regular[more info]260136075560212216


Nutrition information is displayed per order.

Dixie Chick Bowl[more info]6004370951,4402291032
Ensenada Shrimp Bowl[more info]520314.501101,07042101122
Samurai Tuna Bowl[more info]2901220201,1302851818

Just For Kids

Nutrition information for pizzas is displayed per half pizza. Nutrition information for all other items is displayed per order.

Kids Cheese Pizza[more info]1904201080030<138
Kids Mac & Cheese[more info]29092.5010650442810
Kids Pepperoni Pizza[more info]23073.502095030<1310
Kids Turkey & Cheddar Folded Flat[more info]3801460701,1004031025

Folded Flats

Nutrition information is displayed per order.

Angry Bird Folded Flat[more info]4502150801,690314533
Chicken Caesar Folded Flat[more info]3301240701,250251431
Chipotle BBQ Chicken Folded Flat[more info]4601610701,3704551332
In The Club Folded Flat[more info]4402460751,320295224
More Cowbell Folded Flat[more info]3201550601,190301315
On Fleek Greek Folded Flat[more info]320154020880337312

Oven Baked Sandwiches

Nutrition information displayed per order with side of chips.

Bread Pitt Oven Baked Sandwich[more info]1,160641801653,200908756
Caprese Oven Baked Sandwich[more info]94049120502,09096101030
Caprese with Chicken Oven Baked Sandwich[more info]1,170541301702,20096101074
Foul Play Oven Baked Sandwich[more info]1,17054601652,30010231778
Iconic BLT&A Oven Baked Sandwich[more info]1,130691701003,340938915

Savory Shareables

Nutrition information is displayed per half order for Hummus, Urban Zest, Warm Artichoke Spread and Warm Herbed Goat Cheese. Nutrition information is displayed per order for all other items.

Cabo Diablo Stix[more info]5301400302,630784923
Hummus[more info]450160001,110648412
Jackie Chan Stix[more info]4901680452,8606511219
Sassy Sicilian Stix[more info]4501260352,680651820
Side Flatbread[more info]2803.50.5001,10052<149
Side of Lavash[more info]3104000650613411
Urban Zest[more info]680253.50<51,190815915
Warm Artichoke Spread[more info]4801640201,0507031515
Warm Herbed Goat Cheese[more info]5802190301,0708432618

Healthy Soups

Nutrition information is displayed per order.

Baja Chicken Enchilada Soup, Bowl[more info]2301240401,060215610
Baja Chicken Enchilada Soup, Cup[more info]1508302571014347
Butternut Squash Soup, Bowl[more info]250149055610282123
Butternut Squash Soup, Cup[more info]16010604040019182
Harvest Grain with Mushroom Soup, Bowl[more info]18071.5001,36025444
Harvest Grain with Mushroom Soup, Cup[more info]1204.510092017233
Loaded Potato with Bacon Soup, Bowl[more info]2801711055590202211
Loaded Potato with Bacon Soup, Cup[more info]19012804039013118
Mushroom Brie Bisque, Bowl[more info]21053.50153607<1<13
Mushroom Brie Bisque, Cup[more info]1403.520102404<1<12
Northwoods Chili, Bowl[more info]290166050910165519
Northwoods Chili, Cup[more info]190114035600113312
Roasted Red Pepper & Gouda Bisque, Bowl[more info]1301050253509052
Roasted Red Pepper & Gouda Bisque, Cup[more info]9073.50152406041
Shrimp Chowder, Bowl[more info]230126050880282118
Shrimp Chowder, Cup[more info]1508403559019285

Two For You

Nutrition information is displayed per order.

1/2 Chipotle BBQ Chicken Pizza[more info]330900309804621017
1/2 Classic Cheese Pizza[more info]2609503096031<1413
1/2 Fire Roasted Veggie Pizza[more info]25084020970342511
1/2 Five Cheese Pizza[more info]3101680401,05029<1219
1/2 Mona Lisa Pizza[more info]32014603095035<1314
1/2 Mushroom, Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza[more info]3201570401,24032<1415
1/2 Mushroom Medley Pizza[more info]27010603586030<1313
1/2 Queen Margarita Pizza[more info]290135030790313313
1/2 Roasted Chicken Gorgonzola Pizza[more info]3101270501,07031<1321
1/2 South Coast Shrimp Pizza[more info]35014601101,410341420
Mini Chicken Salad Salad[more info]210121.5025750173138
Mini Chipotle BBQ Chicken Salad[more info]18081025800143511
Mini Cowpoke Salad[more info]150112.50208807116
Mini Cyprus Salad[more info]11081.50<59106123
Mini Emerald Coast Salad[more info]180112.501101,20062313
Mini Farmer's Market Salad[more info]16092.5020700142119
Mini Hail Caesar Salad[more info]704.51.50102503125
Mini Health Nut Salad[more info]200121.50<5650204126
Mini Pesto Shrimp Salad[more info]21013301151,34072314
Mini Play Gloria Salad[more info]220153010650192146
Mini South of the Border Salad[more info]90620106207234
Mini This Pear is on Fire Salad[more info]240173.5015700194136
Mini Tulsa Twister Salad[more info]23012303081022467
Mini Tunapalooza Salad[more info]25016301451,11091318
Mini Welcome Back Cobber Salad[more info]2001440851,05072213
TFY Folded Flat, Angry Bird[more info]3701840552,160284221
TFY Folded Flat, Chicken Caesar[more info]270720351,990251619
TFY Folded Flat, Chipotle BBQ Chicken[more info]410120.50302,1005261719
TFY Folded Flat, In The Club[more info]4202470602,180284318
TFY Folded Flat, More Cowbell[more info]250103.50351,860271312
TFY Folded Flat, On Fleek Greek[more info]220820101,59027328
TFY Oven Baked Sandwich, Bread Pitt[more info]5102890851,560383328
TFY Oven Baked Sandwich, Caprese[more info]390195025970415514
TFY Oven Baked Sandwich, Caprese with Chicken[more info]5102260851,020415536
TFY Oven Baked Sandwich, Foul Play[more info]520232.50851,080441839
TFY Oven Baked Sandwich, Iconic BLT&A[more info]56036100701,90039447
TFY Soup, Baja Chicken Enchilada[more info]1508302571014347
TFY Soup, Butternut Squash[more info]16010604040019182
TFY Soup, Harvest Grain with Mushroom[more info]1204.510092017233
TFY Soup, Loaded Potato and Bacon[more info]19012804039013118
TFY Soup, Mushroom Brie Bisque[more info]1403.520102404<1<12
TFY Soup, Northwoods Chili[more info]190114035600113312
TFY Soup, Roasted Red Pepper & Gouda Bisque[more info]9073.50152406041
TFY Soup, Shrimp Chowder[more info]1508403559019285

Sweets & Fruit

Nutrition information is displayed per order.

Apple[more info]7000000153110
Brownie[more info]140720158519<1142
Crispy Treat[more info]25053015240490252

Craft Your Own Regular Pizza - Crust

Nutrition information is displayed per half of a 9" pizza. To obtain nutrition information for 1 slice of a 14" pizza, multiply 'Pizza Crust' values by 0.75.

Pizza Crust[more info]140000059028025
Rich's GF Cauliflower Crust, Regular[more info]23053015390392412

Craft Your Own Regular Pizza - Sauce

Nutrition information is displayed per half pizza.

Basil Pesto Sauce[more info]50510<5850001
Chipotle BBQ Sauce[more info]2500001105050
Garlic Oil Sauce[more info]607100250000
Parmesan Cream Sauce[more info]25210585<100<1
Tomato Parm Sauce[more info]2010.50<512020<1<1
Tomato Sauce[more info]1000001503020

Craft Your Own Regular Pizza - Cheese

Nutrition information is displayed per half pizza.

Cheddar Cheese[more info]8063.50201250005
CR Mozzarella Blend[more info]7063.50201600005
Feta[more info]40320<5250<10<14
Fresh Mozzerella[more info]503.5201560<1<104
Goat Cheese Crumble[more info]604302065<1004
Parmesan Cheese[more info]80840202800008
Pepper Jack Cheese[more info]70600151250005

Craft Your Own Regular Pizza - Fruits & Veggies

Nutrition information is displayed per half pizza.

Artichoke Hearts[more info]0000000000
Avocado[more info]151.50000<1<100
Black Olives[more info]151.500080<1<100
Broccoli[more info]000000<1000
Corn[more info]100000020<10
Edamame[more info]150.500001001
Jalapeno[more info]000000<1000
Kalamata Olives[more info]252.5000160<1000
Pineapple[more info]000000<10<10
Portobello[more info]0000000000
Red Onion[more info]000000<1000
Red Peppers[more info]000000<1000
Roma Tomato[more info]0000000000
Sauteed Red Onions[more info]15100030<1000
Spinach[more info]00000100000
Sweety Drop Peppers[more info]100000202<110
White Mushrooms[more info]0000000000

Craft Your Own Regular Pizza - Protein

Nutrition information is displayed per half pizza.

Bacon[more info]35310101400000
BBQ Chicken[more info]15000<550<10<11
Beef[more info]100.500<5300000
Chicken Breast[more info]150005450002
Pepperoni[more info]3531.50101250001
Pesto Shrimp[more info]1000015650001
Sausage Topping[more info]2020.50<5700001
Turkey[more info]10000<5350002

Craft Your Own 14" Pizza - Sauce

Nutrition information is displayed per 1 slice portion.

Basil Pesto Sauce[more info]252.500040000<1
Chipotle BBQ Sauce[more info]100000553020
Garlic Oil Sauce[more info]303.5000100000
Parmesan Cream Sauce[more info]1010.50<5450000
Tomato Parm Sauce[more info]100.500060<1000
Tomato Sauce[more info]500007510<10

Craft Your Own 14" Pizza - Cheese

Nutrition information is displayed per 1 slice portion.

Cheddar Cheese[more info]4032010650002
CR Mozzarella Blend[more info]3532010800003
Feta[more info]201.51001250002
Fresh Mozzerella[more info]252105300002
Goat Cheese Crumble[more info]3021.5010300002
Parmesan Cheese[more info]40420101400004
Pepper Jack Cheese[more info]3530010650002

Craft Your Own 14" Pizza - Fruits & Veggies

Nutrition information is displayed per 1 slice portion.

Artichoke Hearts[more info]0000000000
Avocado[more info]1010000<1000
Black Olives[more info]101000600000
Broccoli[more info]0000000000
Corn[more info]5000001000
Edamame[more info]100.50000<100<1
Jalapeno[more info]0000000000
Kalamata Olives[more info]2020001200000
Pineapple[more info]0000000000
Portobello[more info]0000000000
Red Onion[more info]000000<1000
Red Peppers[more info]0000000000
Roma Tomato[more info]0000000000
Sauteed Red Onions[more info]10100020<1000
Spinach[more info]0000050000
Sweety Drop Peppers[more info]500001520<10
White Mushrooms[more info]0000000000

Craft Your Own 14" Pizza - Protein

Nutrition information is displayed per 1 slice portion.

Bacon[more info]2521051050000
BBQ Chicken[more info]10000<535<10<11
Beef[more info]10000<5250000
Chicken Breast[more info]10000<5350002
Pepperoni[more info]252.510595000<1
Pesto Shrimp[more info]1000010500001
Sausage Topping[more info]151.500<555000<1
Turkey[more info]5000<5250001

Craft Your Own Salad - Greens

Nutrition information is displayed per Small salad. Multiply by 2 for Regular salad portions.

House Mix[more info]15000020311<1
Kale[more info]401000307324
Power Blend[more info]300000306322
Romaine[more info]15000053211
Spinach[more info]200000653202

Craft Your Own Salad - Fruits & Veggies

Nutrition information is displayed per Small salad. Multiply by 2 for Regular salad portions.

Artichoke Hearts[more info]5000001<100
Avocado[more info]353.500002200
Black Beans[more info]50000009203
Black Olives[more info]3030.5001801100
Blueberries[more info]10000002010
Broccoli[more info]10000052<10<1
Carrots[more info]100000152<110
Cauliflower[more info]5000051000
Corn[more info]2000000401<1
Cucumber[more info]000000<1000
Edamame[more info]301.5000021<13
Garbanzo Beans[more info]200000303<101
Granny Smith Apples, Sliced[more info]10000002010
Green Beans[more info]5000002<1<10
Jalapeno[more info]5000001<1<10
Kalamata Olives[more info]6060003601000
Pepperoncini[more info]000002000000
Pineapple[more info]5000002010
Portobello[more info]000000<10<10
Red Onion[more info]100000020<10
Red Peppers[more info]50000010<10
Roma Tomato[more info]000000<10<10
Sauteed Red Onions[more info]302.50006520<10
Spiced Pears[more info]10000002010
Strawberries[more info]00000010<10
Sweety Drop Peppers[more info]200000405130
White Mushrooms[more info]000000<100<1

Craft Your Own Salad - Crunch

Nutrition information is displayed per Small salad. Multiply by 2 for Regular salad portions.

Almonds[more info]8070.5007032<13
Candied Walnuts[more info]8080.50004<122
Corn Cake Croutons[more info]501.51051308031
Cranberries[more info]500000013<1110
Croutons[more info]150.500045300<1
Jalapeno Straws[more info]806000606000
Sunflower Seeds[more info]6050.500703<102
Tortilla Strips[more info]500000<1000

Craft Your Own Salad - Cheese

Nutrition information is displayed per Small salad. Multiply by 2 for Regular salad portions.

Cheddar Cheese[more info]604.52.5015900004
CR Mozzarella Blend[more info]5042.50151100004
Feta[more info]3021.50<5180<10<13
Fresh Mozzerella[more info]352.51.501045<1<103
Goat Cheese Crumble[more info]403201545<1003
Gorgonzola Cheese[more info]504.52.5015190<1007
Parmesan Cheese[more info]60630152000006
Pepper Jack Cheese[more info]5040010900004

Craft Your Own Salad - Protein

Nutrition information is displayed per Small salad. Multiply by 2 for Regular salad portions.

Bacon[more info]190166050780<10<10
BBQ Chicken[more info]70200202705048
Beef[more info]60310251701001
Chicken Breast[more info]702.50.503025000012
Chicken Salad[more info]230172.50453706<1414
Hard Boiled Eggs[more info]201.50055200002
Pesto Shrimp[more info]602.50070350<1008
Seared Ahi Tuna[more info]451001010010<18
Turkey[more info]401.50.50252000008

Craft Your Own Salad - Dressing (Small)

Balsamic Vinaigrette[more info]6051001803030
Chipotle Ranch Dressing[more info]251.50001502010
Cranberry Poppyseed Dressing[more info]90810<51206050
Feta Vinaigrette[more info]7081.50<529010<1<1
Goddess Dressing[more info]7070.500320300<1
Honey Mustard Dressing[more info]8081.50<51255044
Jalapeno Honey Dressing[more info]70710<51054033
Low Fat Caesar Dressing[more info]351.50001800020
Oil & Vinegar[more info]8091.50000000
Ranch Dressing[more info]607105135<10<10
Samurai Dressing[more info]3020002103020
Smoky Chili Ranch Dressing[more info]70710515020<1<1
Zesty Ranch Dressing[more info]7061051502010

Craft Your Own Salad - Dressing (Regular)

Balsamic Vinaigrette[more info]120112003905050
Chipotle Ranch Dressing[more info]503.5000310403<1
Cranberry Poppyseed Dressing[more info]200172.505260120100
Feta Vinaigrette[more info]150173056303011
Goddess Dressing[more info]160151.5006806001
Honey Mustard Dressing[more info]1801730527010088
Jalapeno Honey Dressing[more info]160142.5052309077
Low Fat Caesar Dressing[more info]703000390004<1
Oil & Vinegar[more info]1702030000000
Ranch Dressing[more info]140142015290201<1
Samurai Dressing[more info]7050.5004506050
Smoky Chili Ranch Dressing[more info]1501420153204021
Zesty Ranch Dressing[more info]140142015330303<1


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.