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Breakfast Entrees

Scramblers include side of Breakfast Potatoes and Harvest Toast. Pancakes include syrup.

[more info]All American Scrambler with Bacon710370411306451,560495837
[more info]Anaheim Scrambler91051057200.56751,7305691045
[more info]Apple Walnut Pancakes with Bacon & Eggs - Limited Time1,330660731917152,70014968545
[more info]Apple Walnut Pancakes with Bacon - Limited Time1,090510561311002,30014668325
[more info]Farmer's Scrambler690340381306451,040536935
[more info]Pancakes with Bacon77036041150.51252,20010125520
[more info]Pancakes, Bacon & Eggs1,01051057210.57402,60010425739

Breakfast Sandwiches & Power Flats

Nutrition information does not include sides.

[more info]Anaheim Panini60032035140.53451,180424427
[more info]Bacon & Cheddar Panini63034038160.53601,530381232
[more info]Commuter Croissant660390442214401,370322832
[more info]Power Flat with Avocado & Spinach3801802070325670314321
[more info]Power Flat with Bacon450220251003401,130292427
[more info]Power Flat with Chicken Sausage4101802070360970312428

Oatmeals & Yogurt

Oatmeal nutrition information includes Sweet Crisp.

[more info]Apple Walnut Steel-Cut Oatmeal - Limited Time8003203570.55550110123916
[more info]Berry Almond Swiss Oatmeal (Seasonal)6201301520<5220108116116
[more info]Chilled Swiss Oats4906071.50<52109675413
[more info]Fresh Berry & Yogurt Parfait37070820101706853710
[more info]Steel-Cut Oatmeal480140152002807883510

Breakfast Sides

[more info]Breakfast Potatoes14050600016019222
[more info]Fresh Fruit Medley60000001015213<1
[more info]Pancakes - Side220809103570031<185
[more info]Steel-Cut Oatmeal with Brown Sugar130101.500075292153
[more info]Sweet Crisps130404.510013021192

Fresh Salads

Nutrition information for entree salads, half salads and Mixed Greens Salad includes dressing.

[more info]Asian Wonton Salad510160171.50552,7405773236
[more info]Asian Wonton Salad - Cafe / Choose Any Two25080910301,3702831618
[more info]Caesar Salad62048054120601,230225515
[more info]Caesar Salad - Cafe / Choose Any Two31024027603061011328
[more info]Chopped Salad840540601601102,7103291944
[more info]Chopped Salad - Cafe / Choose Any Two4202703080551,3501651022
[more info]Harvest Salad80037041110801,5007684737
[more info]Harvest Salad - Cafe / Choose Any Two4001802050407503842319
[more info]Mixed Greens Salad200130151.50058015263
[more info]Power Greens & Grains Salad - Cafe / Choose Any Two - Limited Time3409010201156804041620
[more info]Power Greens & Grains Salad - Entree - Limited Time67018020402351,3608073241
[more info]Santa Fe Ranch Salad72039043100.51101,8704981238
[more info]Santa Fe Ranch Salad - Cafe / Choose Any Two360190225055940254619
[more info]Spinach Sweet Crisp Salad5102002280408106974410
[more info]Spinach Sweet Crisp Salad - Cafe / Choose Any Two260100114020420354225

Grilled Panini

Nutrition information does not include sides.

[more info]California Grille Panini71039043150.5401,3206281026
[more info]California Grille Panini - Choose Any Two360190228020660314513
[more info]Chicken Pomodori Panini78034038150.51051,780623345
[more info]Chicken Pomodori Panini - Choose Any Two390170197050890311122
[more info]Club Panini850400451911152,710603349
[more info]Club Panini - Choose Any Two42020022100.5551,350301224
[more info]Meatball Panini940470522221402,120705641
[more info]Meatball Panini - Choose Any Two49024027111701,180383521
[more info]Rustic Italian Panini1,010540602211153,100662746
[more info]Rustic Italian Panini - Choose Any Two51027030110.5601,550331323

Signature Sandwiches

Nutrition information does not include sides.

[more info]Albacore Tuna Salad Sandwich on Harvest6102903270451,2005971031
[more info]Albacore Tuna Salad Sandwich on Harvest - Choose Any Two300140163.5020600293515
[more info]BBLT Sandwich740380421601102,4405851030
[more info]BBLT Sandwich - Choose Any Two3701902180551,220292515
[more info]Chicken Apple & Arugula Sandwich - Choose Any Two - Limited Time320140152.5060800231419
[more info]Chicken Apple & Arugula Sandwich - Limited Time63027030501201,600452838
[more info]Chicken Pesto Sandwich7501501720901,860955847
[more info]Chicken Pesto Sandwich - Choose Any Two3808091045930473424
[more info]D.C. Chicken Salad Sandwich580230254.50501,1907081725
[more info]D.C. Chicken Salad Sandwich - Choose Any Two290110132.5025590354913
[more info]Ham & Swiss Sandwich7001101250652,390985844
[more info]Ham & Swiss Sandwich - Choose Any Two3505062.50301,190493422
[more info]Roast Beef & Cheddar Sandwich5502102480.51151,510422739
[more info]Roast Beef & Cheddar Sandwich - Choose Any Two270110124060750211319
[more info]Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich76021023130601,5809471033
[more info]Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich - Choose Any Two380100127030790474517
[more info]Uptown Turkey Avocado Sandwich7303203690852,2006391046
[more info]Uptown Turkey Avocado Sandwich - Choose Any Two370160184.50451,100325523

Hearty Pastas

Nutrition information includes garlic bread.

[more info]Bacon, Tomato Mac & Three Cheese - Cafe / Choose Any Two850370412111051,550884834
[more info]Bacon, Tomato Mac & Three Cheese - Entree1,42059066331.51702,57015281458
[more info]Cavatappi Marinara - Cafe / Choose Any Two500110123.5010690835816
[more info]Cavatappi Marinara - Entree8401601950151,150144101529
[more info]Chicken Carbonara - Cafe / Choose Any Two800320361811251,110835737
[more info]Chicken Carbonara - Entree1,44058065351.52452,00014481371
[more info]Linguine and Meatballs - Cafe / Choose Any Two86034038151.51151,5509381136
[more info]Linguine and Meatballs - Entree1,20040045161.51202,010154121848
[more info]Mac & Three Cheese - Cafe / Choose Any Two77031035191901,210874728
[more info]Mac & Three Cheese - Entree1,23046052271.51351,75014971145
[more info]Pesto Cavatappi - Cafe / Choose Any Two75030034150.5105780814630
[more info]Pesto Cavatappi - Entree1,33055061281.52051,34013971155

Homemade Soups & Chili

Nutrition information includes toppings

[more info]Big Al's Chili, Bowl58024027120901,7704411738
[more info]Big Al's Chili, Cup3801501770601,170297425
[more info]Cheddar Broccoli Soup, Bowl460290322011002,320262816
[more info]Cheddar Broccoli Soup, Cup31019022130.5651,550181511
[more info]Loaded Baked Potato Soup, Bowl670440482811501,590354822
[more info]Loaded Baked Potato Soup, Cup43028031180.5951,050233514
[more info]Mom's Chicken Noodle Soup, Bowl28060720551,880392415
[more info]Mom's Chicken Noodle Soup, Cup190404.510401,250261310
[more info]Roasted Tomato Basil Soup, Bowl310100110002,150474206
[more info]Roasted Tomato Basil Soup, Cup1906060001,400293143
[more info]Zesty Chicken Tortilla Soup, Bowl3101201310102,110388614
[more info]Zesty Chicken Tortilla Soup, Cup2008090.5051,41024549


[more info]Albacore Tuna Salad260180213.503551020218
[more info]Asian Edamame Salad8030300029010365
[more info]Baby Carrots3500000658251
[more info]Bakery Chips1507080.50014017102
[more info]Caesar Side Salad170140153.50153406114
[more info]Cavatappi Pasta Salad1406071.501068016234
[more info]D.C. Chicken Salad230120131.5045500142813
[more info]Fresh Fruit Medley60000001015212<1
[more info]Garlic Bread16050620<523022114
[more info]Mixed Greens Side Salad1007071002908142


[more info]Apricot Walnut Rugalach240140157020125231123
[more info]Banana Muffin520230265050500671367
[more info]Blueberry Hand Pie w/Lemon Glaze5202102313045460721316
[more info]Blueberry Muffin520220245050520672316
[more info]Chocolate Baby Bundt Cake560280318050590702457
[more info]Chocolate Chip Cookie290110126020200442272
[more info]Chocolate Muffin520250287065620622358
[more info]Cinnamon Creme Cake - Slice7803303790757901044558
[more info]Cinnamon Crumb Muffin65026030100105510901507
[more info]Cinnamon Pecan Rugalach250140167020120241153
[more info]Cinnamon Raisin Bagel280151.5000510603118
[more info]Cinnamon Roll64022025100704909444611
[more info]Cream Cheese Brownie56031034191190390562429
[more info]Croissant2801401690.58032027146
[more info]Everything Bagel320354000710593510
[more info]Fudge Brownie60028031190.5140160794568
[more info]Glorious Morning Muffin6603403781.510720763408
[more info]Glorious Morning Muffin with Icing7003403781.510730863498
[more info]Lemon Bar66031034191175390831577
[more info]Lemon Pound Cake - Slice510140163.5030680830437
[more info]Maple Pecan Bar6903303714190430832516
[more info]Monster Cookie320120137020200492312
[more info]Oatmeal Raisin Cookie28090104.5040390452264
[more info]Plain Bagel280151.500057058359
[more info]Pumpkin Muffin450170183050430691486
[more info]Sesame Seed Bagel310455000540553510
[more info]Snickerdoodle Cookie29090104.5045310460254
[more info]Sugar Cookie29090104.5045310470254
[more info]Toffee Cookie310130146025190421263
[more info]Twisted Lemon Hand Pie w/ Powdered Sugar5202202513045490671286

Kids' Menu

Nutrition information does not include sides except breakfast items that contain bacon.

[more info]Kids' - Mac and Cheese64023026140.570900794624
[more info]Kids' - Pasta Marinara with Meatball480150176155740645820
[more info]Kids' - Pasta with Cream Sauce47019021120.570230573514
[more info]Kids' - Pasta with Marinara Sauce310404.5000370614710
[more info]Kids' Breakfast - Cheesy Scrambler with Bacon430220251103551,020272424
[more info]Kids' Breakfast - Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Bacon63032035170851,2708936214
[more info]Kids' Breakfast - Pancake with Butter & Syrup39018020906580070<1475
[more info]Kids' Breakfast - Pancakes with Bacon50025028120851,27070<14712
[more info]Kids' Breakfast - Scrambler with Bacon3701802080340930272420
[more info]Kids' Sandwich - Grilled Cheese on Harvest (Half)300160188030470273312
[more info]Kids' Sandwich - Grilled Cheese on Harvest (Whole)6103203616155940545723
[more info]Kids' Sandwich - Grilled Cheese on Mom's White (Half)280140168040440252310
[more info]Kids' Sandwich - Grilled Cheese on Mom's White (Whole)5602803116175880503619
[more info]Kids' Sandwich - Ham Sandwich on Harvest (Half)2006062015550273411
[more info]Kids' Sandwich - Ham Sandwich on Harvest (Whole)4001201340301,100555822
[more info]Kids' Sandwich - Ham Sandwich on Mom's White (Half)150303.5202548022139
[more info]Kids' Sandwich - Ham Sandwich on Mom's White (Whole)3106074050970443617
[more info]Kids' Sandwich - Peanut Butter & Jelly on Harvest (Half)400170194.50<54205352412
[more info]Kids' Sandwich - Peanut Butter & Jelly on Harvest (Whole)8003503890<585010594723
[more info]Kids' Sandwich - Peanut Butter & Jelly on Mom's White (Half)360150164.5010360473239
[more info]Kids' Sandwich - Peanut Butter & Jelly on Mom's White (Whole)7202903290257209574618
[more info]Kids' Sandwich - Turkey Sandwich on Harvest (Half)2006062015600283411
[more info]Kids' Sandwich - Turkey Sandwich on Harvest (Whole)390110123.50301,200555822
[more info]Kids' Sandwich - Turkey Sandwich on Mom's White (Half)160404202064021129
[more info]Kids' Sandwich - Turkey Sandwich on Mom's White (Whole)3006073.50501,070443617
[more info]Kids' Soup - Cheddar Broccoli Soup1501001170357709<135
[more info]Kids' Soup - Chicken Tortilla Soup9035400<570011325
[more info]Kids' Soup - Loaded Baked Potato Soup20013015804550011136
[more info]Kids' Soup - Mom's Chicken Noodle Soup902020.502063013<115
[more info]Kids' Soup - Roasted Tomato Basil7015200066012171

Kids' Beverages

[more info]Kids' Apple Juice1000000025240230
[more info]Kids' Berry Juice1000000025260240
[more info]Kids' Cherry Coca Cola130000005350350
[more info]Kids' Coca Cola1200000010340340
[more info]Kids' Coca Cola Zero000000350000
[more info]Kids' Diet Coca Cola000000150000
[more info]Kids' Diet Coca Cola Caffeine Free000000150000
[more info]Kids' Diet Dr. Pepper000000450000
[more info]Kids' Dr. Pepper1300000045340340
[more info]Kids' Fanta1400000010380380
[more info]Kids' Fresca00000000000
[more info]Kids' Skim Chocolate Milk2205000102003813414
[more info]Kids' Skim Milk1400000102001901913
[more info]Kids' Sprite1200000030330330
[more info]Kids' Whole Chocolate Milk3001101270351603613413
[more info]Kids' Whole Milk2201101270351501701912

12 oz Hot Beverages

[more info]12 oz. Coffee00000050000
[more info]12 oz. Hot Tea00000001000
[more info]12 oz. Nonfat Cappuccino6000000909095
[more info]12 oz. Nonfat Caramel Latte32015210102106304411
[more info]12 oz. Nonfat Chai Latte1300000101801701712
[more info]12 oz. Nonfat Latte1200000<51701601611
[more info]12 oz. Nonfat Truffle Hot Chocolate230000051704323711
[more info]12 oz. Nonfat Truffle Mocha21050.500<51904814511
[more info]12 oz. Whole Milk Cappuccino1004553015708095
[more info]12 oz. Whole Milk Caramel Latte3801001170102106104510
[more info]12 oz. Whole Milk Chai Latte2001001160351351501811
[more info]12 oz. Whole Milk Latte190901060301301501710
[more info]12 oz. Whole Milk Truffle Hot Chocolate290901060301354123710
[more info]12 oz. Whole Milk Truffle Mocha270901060301504614510

16 oz Hot Beverages

[more info]16 oz. Coffee00000010000<1
[more info]16 oz. Nonfat Cappuccino9000000125120128
[more info]16 oz. Nonfat Caramel Latte41015210152608405713
[more info]16 oz. Nonfat Chai Latte1700000102402302316
[more info]16 oz. Nonfat Latte1600000102302202214
[more info]16 oz. Nonfat Truffle Hot Chocolate320000052206435514
[more info]16 oz. Nonfat Truffle Mocha30010100102407226714
[more info]16 oz. Whole Milk Cappuccino1406074020100110137
[more info]16 oz. Whole Milk Caramel Latte4901201380402208105712
[more info]16 oz. Whole Milk Chai Latte2701301580451802002415
[more info]16 oz. Whole Milk Latte2501201380401701902213
[more info]16 oz. Whole Milk Truffle Hot Chocolate4001101270351706235513
[more info]16 oz. Whole Milk Truffle Mocha3801101270352007026713

20 oz Hot Beverages

[more info]20 oz. Coffee50000010000<1
[more info]20 oz. Nonfat Cappuccino1200000<51801701711
[more info]20 oz. Nonfat Caramel Latte540253202034011107617
[more info]20 oz. Nonfat Chai Latte2100000103002902920
[more info]20 oz. Nonfat Latte1900000102802602617
[more info]20 oz. Nonfat Truffle Hot Chocolate44050.50.50102908747518
[more info]20 oz. Nonfat Truffle Mocha40010100103209829018
[more info]20 oz. Whole Milk Cappuccino190901060301351501710
[more info]20 oz. Whole Milk Caramel Latte650160171005528010807616
[more info]20 oz. Whole Milk Chai Latte34016018110552302502918
[more info]20 oz. Whole Milk Latte3001501690502102302716
[more info]20 oz. Whole Milk Truffle Hot Chocolate5501401590452308547517
[more info]20 oz. Whole Milk Truffle Mocha5101401690452609529117

20 oz Cold Beverages

[more info]20 oz. Cherry Coca Cola2100000010540540
[more info]20 oz. Coca Cola2000000010560560
[more info]20 oz. Coca Cola Zero000000550000
[more info]20 oz. Diet Coca Cola000000200000
[more info]20 oz. Diet Coca Cola Caffeine Free000000200000
[more info]20 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper000000700000
[more info]20 oz. Dr. Pepper2000000070540540
[more info]20 oz. Fanta2200000015600600
[more info]20 oz. Fresca00000000000
[more info]20 oz. Hibiscus Lemonade120000000320290
[more info]20 oz. Iced Tea500000202000
[more info]20 oz. Old Fashioned Lemonade1600000010410380
[more info]20 oz. Sprite2000000045520520

32 oz Cold Beverages

[more info]32 oz. Cherry Coca Cola3100000010810810
[more info]32 oz. Coca Cola3000000020840840
[more info]32 oz. Coca Cola Zero000000850000
[more info]32 oz. Diet Coca Cola000000300000
[more info]32 oz. Diet Coca Cola Caffeine Free000000300000
[more info]32 oz. Diet Dr. Pepper0000001050000
[more info]32 oz. Dr. Pepper30000000105810810
[more info]32 oz. Fanta3400000025900900
[more info]32 oz. Fresca50000000000
[more info]32 oz. Hibiscus Lemonade200000000530490
[more info]32 oz. Iced Tea1000000303000
[more info]32 oz. Old Fashioned Lemonade2600000015690630
[more info]32 oz. Sprite2900000065780780


Nutrition information includes whipped cream.

[more info]16 oz. Caramel Frappe4807084.5030310940806
[more info]16 oz. Mocha Frappe4707085030270901826
[more info]16 oz. Vanilla Frappe3807084.5030260680655

Beverage Add-Ons

[more info]Whipped Cream90506302506030

Bagel Spreads

[more info]Cream Cheese1301201380452002022
[more info]Peanut Butter240190214001909249

Breakfast Toast

[more info]Breakfast Country Bread900000021018<103
[more info]Harvest Bread1705061.50<529027336
[more info]Mom's White Bread150303.5201526025234

Kids' Breakfast Sides

[more info]Banana110000000273141
[more info]Fresh Fruit Medley60000001015213<1
[more info]Red Seedless Grapes4000000011190
[more info]Sliced Smoked Bacon1007083.5020470<1007

Kids' Entree Sides

[more info]Baby Carrots3500000658251
[more info]Bakery Chips1507080.50014017102
[more info]Banana110000000273141
[more info]Chocolate Chip Cookie290110126020200442272
[more info]Monster Cookie320120137020200492312
[more info]Oatmeal Raisin Cookie28090104.5040390452264
[more info]Red Seedless Grapes4000000011190
[more info]Snickerdoodle Cookie29090104.5045310460254
[more info]Sugar Cookie29090104.5045310470254
[more info]Toffee Cookie310130146025190421263


The nutrition information on this page is derived from published resources and information from Corner Bakery Cafe's suppliers, and is based on average values for ingredients, standardized product formulations, and standardized serving sizes. Variation in sources of supply (including regional and seasonal differences), product formulations, preparation techniques, serving sizes, and product testing may affect the nutrition values for each product. As a result, you should expect some variation in the nutrient content of the products purchased in our restaurants.

CBC Restaurant Corp., its franchisees and employees do not assume responsibility for a particular allergy or sensitivity to any food provided in our restaurants. Federal regulations have identified 8 major food allergens: milk, eggs, wheat, soybeans, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and crustacean shellfish. For your convenience, menu items and ingredients that contain these major allergens have been indicated. Many of our products contain, or may come into contact with, or are produced at facilities that handle common allergens, including milk, eggs, wheat, soybeans, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and crustacean shellfish. Please contact our Guest Relations at or 800.309.4642 if you have any special concerns.