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Alfredo Deep Dish Pizza[more info]240930531033117
Alfredo Flatbread[more info]703.52.5051706003
Alfredo Pizza, Giant[more info]2506301039040119
Alfredo Pizza, Large 14"[more info]2306301036035118
Alfredo Pizza, Medium 12"[more info]1704.520527026<1<16
Alfredo Stuffed Crust Pizza[more info]290135015440331111
BBQ Chicken Deep Dish Pizza[more info]25010301029034128
BBQ Chicken Flatbread[more info]100530151908025
BBQ Chicken Pizza, Giant[more info]30094020430421412
BBQ Chicken Pizza, Large 14"[more info]26083.5015380371310
BBQ Chicken Pizza, Medium 12"[more info]19052.501027028<127
BBQ Chicken Stuffed Crust Pizza[more info]310145020430341212
BBQ Pork Deep Dish Pizza[more info]25010301030034128
BBQ Pork Flatbread[more info]100530151908025
BBQ Pork Pizza, Giant[more info]30094020460432412
BBQ Pork Pizza, Large 14"[more info]26083.5015380371310
BBQ Pork Pizza, Medium 12"[more info]1204.52.501021014<125
BBQ Pork Stuffed Crust Pizza[more info]310145020440341212
Buffalo Chicken Deep Dish Pizza[more info]300123010550391110
Buffalo Chicken Flatbread[more info]804.520103206004
Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Giant[more info]27083015590401111
Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Large 14"[more info]24072.5015560351110
Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Medium 12"[more info]1805201043026<1<18
Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Crust Pizza[more info]340153.5010800401211
Cheese Deep Dish Pizza[more info]260103.501032032119
Cheese Flatbread[more info]905301019060<15
Cheese Pizza, Giant[more info]27084015420402212
Cheese Pizza, Large 14"[more info]25073.5015380351210
Cheese Pizza, Medium 12"[more info]1906301031026118
Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza[more info]270105020460321113
Chicken Bacon Club Deep Dish Pizza[more info]270123.501533032119
Chicken Bacon Club Flatbread[more info]12083.50202406006
Chicken Bacon Club Pizza, Giant[more info]330135030520401114
Chicken Bacon Club Pizza, Large 14"[more info]290114.5020440351112
Chicken Bacon Club Pizza, Medium 12"[more info]2007301531026<1<18
Chicken Bacon Club Stuffed Crust Pizza[more info]320166025470321113
Classic Chicken Deep Dish Pizza[more info]26010301030032118
Classic Chicken Flatbread[more info]804.520101606004
Classic Chicken Pizza, Giant[more info]27083010380391111
Classic Chicken Pizza, Large 14"[more info]24072.501034034119
Classic Chicken Pizza, Medium 12"[more info]1805201026026<1<17
Classic Chicken Stuffed Crust Pizza[more info]310155020440321112
Hawaiian Deep Dish Pizza[more info]2509301034033129
Hawaiian Flatbread[more info]904.52.50102307015
Hawaiian Pizza, Giant[more info]28073.5015480412312
Hawaiian Pizza, Large 14"[more info]24073015420351210
Hawaiian Pizza, Medium 12"[more info]19052.501034027128
Hawaiian Stuffed Crust Pizza[more info]300135020470331212
Mac & Cheese Flatbread[more info]1003.520517012004
Mac & Cheese Pizza, Giant[more info]29062.5010390472110
Mac & Cheese Pizza, Large 14"[more info]26062.501036042119
Mac & Cheese Pizza, Medium 12"[more info]19041.50<525032116
Meat Eater Deep Dish Pizza[more info]26010301036033119
Meat Eater Flatbread[more info]100630152907<1<16
Meat Eater Pizza, Giant[more info]300104.5020570402213
Meat Eater Pizza, Large 14"[more info]26094020510352212
Meat Eater Pizza, Medium 12"[more info]2007301537026119
Meat Eater Stuffed Crust Pizza[more info]310146020490331112
Ole Flatbread[more info]7031.505857<1<13
Ole Pizza, Giant[more info]25062.501030041229
Ole Pizza, Large 14"[more info]2003.51.50522035227
Ole Pizza, Medium 12"[more info]160310517027116
Pepperoni Deep Dish Pizza[more info]260113.501034032119
Pepperoni Flatbread[more info]1006301525060<15
Pepperoni Pizza, Giant[more info]290104020500402212
Pepperoni Pizza, Large 14"[more info]26094015450351211
Pepperoni Pizza, Medium 12"[more info]2007301535026118
Pepperoni Stuffed Crust Pizza[more info]280115025500321113
Spinach Alfredo Deep Dish Pizza[more info]240930529032117
Spinach Alfredo Flatbread[more info]703.52051506003
Spinach Alfredo Pizza, Giant[more info]2506301037040119
Spinach Alfredo Pizza, Large 14"[more info]22062.501034035118
Spinach Alfredo Pizza, Medium 12"[more info]1704.520525026<1<16
Spinach Alfredo Stuffed Crust Pizza[more info]290135015420321111
Supreme Deep Dish Pizza[more info]26010301033032119
Supreme Flatbread[more info]100630152506<1<16
Supreme Pizza, Giant[more info]300104.5020520402213
Supreme Pizza, Large 14"[more info]26094015460352211
Supreme Pizza, Medium 12"[more info]2007301534026118
Supreme Stuffed Crust Pizza[more info]310146020460321112
Ultimate Pepperoni Deep Dish Pizza[more info]27012401539032119
Ultimate Pepperoni Flatbread[more info]1208402031060<16
Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza, Giant[more info]320125025580402213
Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza, Large 14"[more info]280114.5020530351212
Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza, Medium 12"[more info]22083.501541026119
Ultimate Pepperoni Stuffed Crust Pizza[more info]320166025520321113
Veggie Deep Dish Pizza[more info]2509301028032118
Veggie Flatbread[more info]804.52.501017060<15
Veggie Pizza, Giant[more info]28083.5015410402211
Veggie Pizza, Large 14"[more info]24073010360352210
Veggie Pizza, Medium 12"[more info]18052.501028026118
Veggie Stuffed Crust Pizza[more info]300135020420321112
Zesty Ham & Cheddar Deep Dish Pizza[more info]26011301034032119
Zesty Ham & Cheddar Flatbread[more info]100730152306005
Zesty Ham & Cheddar Pizza, Giant[more info]300104020480401112
Zesty Ham & Cheddar Pizza, Large 14"[more info]26094015440351111
Zesty Ham & Cheddar Pizza, Medium 12"[more info]19072.501032026<1<18
Zesty Ham and Cheddar Stuffed Crust Pizza[more info]310156020470321112
Zesty Pepperoni Deep Dish Pizza[more info]27011301033032118
Zesty Pepperoni Flatbread[more info]10062.50102206004
Zesty Pepperoni Pizza, Giant[more info]280103.5015450391110
Zesty Pepperoni Pizza, Large 14"[more info]26093.501542034119
Zesty Pepperoni Pizza, Medium 12"[more info]19072.501031026<1<17
Zesty Pepperoni Stuffed Crust Pizza[more info]310166020470321112
Zesty Veggie Deep Dish Pizza[more info]26011301030032118
Zesty Veggie Flatbread[more info]1006301518060<15
Zesty Veggie Pizza, Giant[more info]300104015410402211
Zesty Veggie Pizza, Large 14"[more info]27094015370351110
Zesty Veggie Pizza, Medium 12"[more info]19072.501027026<117
Zesty Veggie Stuffed Crust Pizza[more info]310156020430321112

Create Your Own

Create Your Own Pizza, Alfredo Sauce[more info]3021.5002203000
Create Your Own Pizza, Anchovies[more info]0000<5150000<1
Create Your Own Pizza, Bacon[more info]1401240403900008
Create Your Own Pizza, Beef[more info]604.51.5015220<1<104
Create Your Own Pizza, Black Olives[more info]3530.5000<1<100
Create Your Own Pizza, Bruschetta Tomato[more info]251.500025201<1
Create Your Own Pizza, Cheddar Cheese[more info]110952500201946
Create Your Own Pizza, Chicken[more info]351.50.5015150005
Create Your Own Pizza, Creamy Buffalo Sauce[more info]403.50004102000
Create Your Own Pizza, Cupping Pepperoni[more info]1101040254200005
Create Your Own Pizza, Deep Dish Crust[more info]1601.5000150321<15
Create Your Own Pizza, Flatbread Pizza Crust[more info]350.500015500<1
Create Your Own Pizza, Green Peppers[more info]000000<10<10
Create Your Own Pizza, Ham[more info]301001036010<13
Create Your Own Pizza, Honey BBQ Sauce[more info]200000805050
Create Your Own Pizza, Jalapeno Peppers[more info]000001050000
Create Your Own Pizza, Mac & Cheese Sauce[more info]1500001303000
Create Your Own Pizza, Mushrooms[more info]000000<10<1<1
Create Your Own Pizza, Pepperoni[more info]1301240254900005
Create Your Own Pizza, Pineapple[more info]15000004030
Create Your Own Pizza, Pizza Cheese[more info]9074.50202500007
Create Your Own Pizza, Red Onions[more info]10000002<120
Create Your Own Pizza, Red Pizza Sauce[more info]100000752010
Create Your Own Pizza, Sausage[more info]604.51.501023011<14
Create Your Own Pizza, Spinach Alfredo Sauce[more info]201.51001702000
Create Your Own Pizza, Stuffed Crust[more info]20052.5010280321<19
Create Your Own Pizza, Traditional Round Crust, Giant[more info]200200018039116
Create Your Own Pizza, Traditional Round Crust, Large[more info]1701.5000160341<15
Create Your Own Pizza, Traditional Round Crust, Medium[more info]130100018039116
Create Your Own Pizza, Traditional Round Crust, Small[more info]130100012025<1<14
Create Your Own Pizza, Zesty Sauce[more info]404.50.500125<100<1


BBQ Boneless Wings[more info]602.500102005024
BBQ Wings[more info]9061.50351902016
Garlic Parmesan Boneless Wings[more info]100720153204<105
Garlic Parmesan Wings[more info]1301130403101007
Hot Boneless Wings[more info]502.500103704004
Hot Buffalo Wings[more info]9061.5040350<1006
Lemon Pepper Boneless Wings[more info]80510102303004
Lemon Pepper Wings[more info]11092040210<1006
Mild Buffalo Boneless Wings[more info]70510103003004
Mild Buffalo Wings[more info]11092035290<1006
Naked Boneless Wings[more info]502.500101803004
Naked Wings[more info]8061.50401600006

Sides & Desserts

Apple Dessert[more info]160310012031<193
Bavarian Dessert[more info]160310011530<183
Brownies[more info]14061.50012520<1122
Cinnamon Rolls[more info]150510014023<143
Side of Buffalo Chicken Poppers[more info]1004.510<516012003
Side of Chicken Noodle Soup[more info]140310201,61016<129
Side of Garlic Cheesy Bread[more info]210103010270241<16
Side of Jalapeno Poppers[more info]1104.51.50513012004
Side of Pasta[more info]2604000048229
Side of Pepperoni Poppers[more info]120620515013004
Side of Ranch Dipping Sauce[more info]220234015450201<1
Side of Red Pasta Sauce[more info]1500001503<12<1
Side of White Pasta Sauce[more info]501.510042090<10

Salad Station

Salad Station, Bacon Bits[more info]120400053044012
Salad Station, Banana Peppers[more info]1000003001111
Salad Station, Beets[more info]10000060<10<10
Salad Station, Broccoli Florets[more info]5000050<1<10
Salad Station, Carrots (Baby)[more info]00000503230
Salad Station, Cheddar Cheese[more info]110950251902006
Salad Station, Crackers - 1 Package[more info]250.500065400<1
Salad Station, Croutons[more info]120400030016004
Salad Station, Cucumber (sliced)[more info]0000000000
Salad Station, Garbanzo Beans[more info]250.50003041<12
Salad Station, Green Olives[more info]5071004600000
Salad Station, Iceberg Salad Mix[more info]150000152<12<1
Salad Station, Pasta Salad[more info]16040.50045025225
Salad Station, Pickle Slices[more info]000001800000
Salad Station, Radishes (sliced)[more info]5000010<10<10
Salad Station, Shredded Lettuce (Ole Only)[more info]100000102<12<1
Salad Station, Spring Mix[more info]2000004521<12
Salad Station, Tomatoes (cherry, grape, wedged)[more info]10000002010


Barq's Root Beer, 12 fl oz[more info]150000070400400
Barq's Root Beer, 18 fl oz[more info]220000070600600
Barq's Root Beer, 30 fl oz[more info]400000017010101010
Canada Dry Ginger Ale, 12 fl oz[more info]140000050360350
Canada Dry Ginger Ale, 18 fl oz[more info]200000075540530
Canada Dry Ginger Ale, 30 fl oz[more info]3400000125900890
Cherry Coca-Cola, 12 fl oz[more info]150000040420420
Cherry Coca-Cola, 18 fl oz[more info]230000060630630
Cherry Coca-Cola, 30 fl oz[more info]420000010510501050
Cicis Brewed Sweet Tea (No Ice), 12 fl oz[more info]26000000660660
Cicis Brewed Sweet Tea (No Ice), 18 fl oz[more info]39000000990990
Cicis Brewed Sweet Tea (No Ice), 30 fl oz[more info]6500000016501650
Coca-Cola, 12 fl oz[more info]150000040400400
Coca-Cola, 18 fl oz[more info]220000060600600
Coca-Cola, 30 fl oz[more info]400000010010001000
Diet Coke, 12 fl oz[more info]00000500000
Diet Coke, 18 fl oz[more info]00000700000
Diet Coke, 30 fl oz[more info]000001200000
Diet Dr. Pepper, 12 fl oz[more info]00000700000
Diet Dr. Pepper, 18 fl oz[more info]000001100000
Diet Dr. Pepper, 30 fl oz[more info]00000180<1000
Dr. Pepper Fountain, 12 fl oz[more info]140000045390380
Dr. Pepper Fountain, 18 fl oz[more info]220000065590570
Dr. Pepper Fountain, 30 fl oz[more info]3600000110980960
Fanta Orange, 12 fl oz[more info]150000040400400
Fanta Orange, 18 fl oz[more info]220000060600600
Fanta Orange, 30 fl oz[more info]4000000100990990
Gold Peak Peach Tea, 12 fl oz[more info]90000065230230
Gold Peak Peach Tea, 18 fl oz[more info]1300000100340340
Gold Peak Peach Tea, 30 fl oz[more info]2400000170570570
Gold Peak Premium Unsweetened Tea, 12 fl oz[more info]00000500000
Gold Peak Premium Unsweetened Tea, 18 fl oz[more info]00000750000
Gold Peak Premium Unsweetened Tea, 30 fl oz[more info]000001250000
Gold Peak Raspberry Tea, 12 fl oz[more info]90000065230230
Gold Peak Raspberry Tea, 18 fl oz[more info]1300000100340340
Gold Peak Raspberry Tea, 30 fl oz[more info]2400000170570570
Gold Peak Sweetened Black Tea, 12 fl oz[more info]110000045310310
Gold Peak Sweetened Black Tea, 18 fl oz[more info]170000070470470
Gold Peak Sweetened Black Tea, 30 fl oz[more info]3100000120780780
Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red, 12 fl oz[more info]170000055450440
Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red, 18 fl oz[more info]260000080680670
Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red, 30 fl oz[more info]420000013511301110
Mello Yello, 12 fl oz[more info]170000050440440
Mello Yello, 18 fl oz[more info]260000075650650
Mello Yello, 30 fl oz[more info]430000012510901090
Minute Maid Premium Lemonade, 12 fl oz[more info]1400000100360340
Minute Maid Premium Lemonade, 18 fl oz[more info]2100000150540520
Minute Maid Premium Lemonade, 30 fl oz[more info]3600000250900860
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast, 12 fl oz[more info]900000110220220
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast, 18 fl oz[more info]1400000170330330
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast, 30 fl oz[more info]2300000280550550
Sprite, 12 fl oz[more info]150000070370370
Sprite, 18 fl oz[more info]2200000105560560
Sprite, 30 fl oz[more info]3700000180930930

Salad Dressing

1000 Island Dressing[more info]20016302040016080
Blue Cheese Dressing[more info]2602850206402022
Lite Italian Dressing[more info]2000009102020
Ranch Dressing[more info]220234015450201<1
Red Wine Vinegar[more info]0000000000
Soybean Oil[more info]4605780000000


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.