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[more info]Pita Bread (Wheat)170151.500340355<16
[more info]Pita Bread (White)17050.500320331<15
[more info]Plain Wrap3208093054051219
[more info]Whole Wheat Wrap3108013.5052043411


[more info]Chicken Kebab250130153.59536020027
[more info]Chicken Shawarma140252.51656530226
[more info]Chickplant11060622102105128
[more info]Grilled Chicken Breast2208092.5958000034
[more info]Grilled Steak1606072.5706000024
[more info]Lamb Turkey Kebab210120144.57565<10021
[more info]Mediterranean Chicken210110133709000022
[more info]Shawfel230404.5150260226526


[more info]1 Piece Baked Falafel405100507212
[more info]1 Piece Feta Zucchini Falafel4010100706212
[more info]1 Piece Quinoa Falafel405100557212
[more info]1 Piece Spinach & Broccoli Falafel3000.5006051<12
[more info]4 Pieces Feta Zucchini Falafel1604040028024848
[more info]4 Pieces Quinoa Falafel1602040022028848
[more info]6 Pieces Feta Zucchini Falafel240606004203612612
[more info]6 Pieces Quinoa Falafel240306003304212612


[more info]Baba Ganosh2010100252<1<1<1
[more info]Basil Pine Nut Hummus804550.509073<13
[more info]Original Hummus60253.50010562<13
[more info]Roasted Jalapeno Hummus602530013062<12
[more info]Roasted Red Pepper Hummus60253009062<12


[more info]Hot Sauce500001301000
[more info]Tahini Sauce604550.50903102
[more info]Tahini Vinaigrette604050.50802<102
[more info]Tzaziki1000001010<1<1


[more info]French Fries1503541036027202


[more info]Lentil Soup260151.500900479417
[more info]Original Chicken Soup180404.5140910184517


[more info]Alfalfa Sprouts1000000<1<102
[more info]Beets100000552<120
[more info]Black Beans2500001105202
[more info]Broccoli100000102<10<1
[more info]Bulgar6000.500013101
[more info]Carrots100000203<110
[more info]Cashews160100122009<125
[more info]Celery0000025<10<10
[more info]Cheddar Cheese1108096301800007
[more info]Chickpea Salad3550.500806101
[more info]Corn Salad20000005<1<1<1
[more info]Cranberries9000000232180
[more info]Cucumber5050.5001010363
[more info]Eggplant100000702<1<10
[more info]Grape Leaves000001150000
[more info]Guacamole40303.50.50100220<1
[more info]Hard Boiled Egg805051.518560<10<16
[more info]Israelie Salad2520200010<10
[more info]Jalapeno Peppers1000004701<1<10
[more info]Jalapenos0000000000
[more info]Olives35253002102<100
[more info]Onions10000003010
[more info]Peppers50000010<10
[more info]Pickle2500001306050
[more info]Portabella Mushrooms10000001<1<1<1
[more info]Raisins800000102220<1
[more info]Red Cabbage1551001402<110
[more info]Romaine Lettuce200000104211
[more info]Taboule251010003<10<1
[more info]Tomato50000010<10
[more info]Walnuts190150181.50042<14


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.