Amazon Alexa Keeps You On Track with New Food Tracking Skill Powered by Nutritionix

by Samantha Hatton on June 6, 2016  |  Topics: Announcements, Track by Nutritionix

Amazon Alexa now works with Track by Nutritionix, a cutting edge food tracking application, to provide nutrition information for thousands of common foods. The new Alexa skill combines the power of the comprehensive Nutritionix database with the accessibility of Alexa on Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap or Amazon Fire TV, to make it easier than ever to navigate daily food choices.

Echo with Nutritionix App

Through the Track skill, users are able to ask Alexa for nutrition information for over 20K+ foods from the Nutritionix dataset. Use the prompt “ask FoodTracker” to ask Alexa about any of the eleven nutrients supported by the skill, including calories, fat, saturated fat, sodium, cholesterol, carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, protein, potassium, and phosphorous.

Effortless Food Tracking

By enabling the Track skill, you can now use Alexa to add the foods you eat right to your Nutritionix food log. To use the Track skill, just go into the Alexa app, enable the skill, link it to your Nutritionix account, and tell Alexa what you ate for effortless food tracking:

Amazon - Nutritionix dialog image

“Our mission is to make it easier for people to understand what they eat. Through the launch of our Amazon Alexa skill, we are excited to enable millions of Amazon Alexa users to better understand and keep track of the foods they eat every day,” said Matt Silverman, Director of Product, Nutritionix.

Even if you don’t own an Alexa-enabled device, you can still track your food using the Track app. Developed by a team of registered dietitians and engineers, Track’s natural language technology makes it the easiest and fastest way to track what you eat to help you meet your calorie goals. Just speak or type freely into the Track app, and Track does the rest of the work for you!

Nutritionix Track also has plans to support syncing your food logs to major fitness trackers, with Fitbit currently being supported.

Multitasking Your Way to Better Health

The Track skill also brings more opportunity for Alexa to take on a larger role in the kitchen. Now you can get a broader set of nutrition facts for ingredients you’re working with or adding a meal to your food log, all without having to pause during meal prep!

“We’re thrilled to work with Nutritionix to launch the Nutritionix Alexa skill, providing an even larger nutrition and food database to our customers,” said Rob Pulciani, Director of Amazon Alexa. “The Nutritionix skill is a great example of how Alexa can make multitasking easier for customers. It’s more convenient to track your daily food and nutrition when you can use your voice. Alexa now has more nutritional data, so Alexa customers are better equipped than ever tackle their health and fitness goals—just using their voice.”

Effortlessly start tracking your food today by enabling the new Alexa skill here or search the Alexa app for “Track by Nutritionix”.  To make it even easier, don’t forget to download the Nutritionix app as the perfect companion to your Alexa skill:



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