Nutritionix releases 2.0 API Beta

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the Nutritionix 2.0 API Beta.  The beta period will last through February 2015.  We encourage you to submit feedback about the beta to [email protected].

Top 5 New Features in API 2.0

1.  Autocomplete

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Our new autocomplete endpoint returns a clean list of commonly searched foods.  You can try a demo of autocomplete on the main search bar at or in our iOS app.  Read the API 2.0 Autocomplete documentation.

2.  “Natural” endpoint

We now support natural language processing!   Send a query like “1 cup orange juice” or “100 cal yogurt” and our API returns the full array USDA nutrients for your requested measurement.  This opens the doors to a wide array of smart nutrition apps, including voice recognition and more.  Read the API 2.0 Natural Endpoint documentation.

3.  Recipe Building


Using our natural endpoint, you can send up to 20 ingredients at a time to get a sum of all of the nutrients for a particular recipe.  See our documentation on how to build recipes.

4. Exact Match


Instead of only displaying search results for a user’s food query, our NutritionLink(tm) algorithm now estimates the exact portion size a user may be looking for.  This can drastically improve the user experience when adding foods to a food journal.  Check out the documentation in our API 2.0 Search Endpoint.

5.  Common International Dishes Curated by Registered Dietitians

Our in-house registered dietitian team has been hard at work building recipes for over 1,000 common food dishes from around the world.  Better yet, each dish is built with USDA SR27 nutrient data, which means every common dish has over 40 micronutrients available.  Want to know how much phosphorus is in 1 cup of shepherd’s pie?  No problem!

Ready to get started?  Head on over to the v2.0 beta documentation.

About Nutritionix

The Nutritionix API is already used by thousands of developers across the world in diet, fitness, and healthcare apps.  Here are some exciting stats about our API:

  • Nutritionix database includes over 400,000 unique foods with nutrition facts
  • 260K+ grocery barcodes linked to nutrition info
  • 220K+ ingredient statements linked to barcodes
  • Adding over 3K new grocery foods to the API every month
  • Serving over 3 Million API requests every month
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