Nutritionix Launches API v1.1

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Since we launched our API v1.0 on January 1st, 2013, over 1,000 nutrition innovators have signed up. Thanks to the tremendous support and feedback, we are pleased to announce the launch of Nutritionix API v1.1. This release is jam-packed with new features:

1.  Now Serving Over 300K Unique Foods

We are continuously updating our food database, and we now include over 300,000 unique food items from restaurants, grocery stores, and the USDA.  This includes data from over 15,000 different food brands!

2.  Barcode Scanning

We now officially support barcode scanning in v1.1.  Users love the ability to scan food items from their mobile phone.  Pass a UPC to our /ITEM endpoint and view the full nutrition panel and ingredient statement. We have over 230K UPCs, with more being added every day.

3.  Advanced Querying

Advanced API querying allows you to filter nutrition results in any way imaginable. Run boolean queries, multi-field queries, wildcard searches, and much more.  Check out the docs.

4.  Smarter Search

Our search endpoint keeps getting smarter.  Pass a brand name in and we return all of the results from that brand.  Check out an example search for McDonald’s.  In addition, our search is now even more accurate for combination searches of brand name and item name.  Try searching Kashi GoLean.

5.  AJAX Apps Now Supported

Due to popular demand, we now support IP filtering, which will allow your web app to utilize cross-origin resource sharing.  This will allow you to create nutrition apps using client-side libraries such as JQuery or Backbone.js.  To enable IP filtering, go to the access details section of your developer account.

Ready to get started? Jump into our API v1.1 documentation here:

Need any API key?  Head on over to

Have questions?  Head over to the Developer Forum.

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