Introducing: The jQuery Nutrition Label Plugin

by mattsilv on March 8, 2013  |  Topics: Announcements, API


Ever tried to code a nutrition label in HTML?

It is not easy!  Holding true to our mission of making nutrition information more accessible,  we are releasing what we hope to be the first of many open-source tools to help developers and food brands share nutrition data.

Check out our project on GitHub:

See a live demo of the jQuery Nutrition Label

HTML5 and Mobile Friendly

The goals of the open nutrition label project are simple:

  • Closely resemble the FDA-standard nutrition label used on most packaged foods
  • Display properly in common desktop and mobile web browsers
  • Automatically calculate the Daily Value % based on a customizable recommended daily calorie intake (not limited to just 2000!)

Calling all Bloggers, Developers, and Hackers

Some example uses of the open nutrition label include:

  • Posting nutrition information for a recipe on your blog
  • Displaying nutrition information for a packaged good
  • Viewing the nutritional details of an item in a diet-tracking app

The possibilities are endless.  We will continue improving the label, but we would love to hear your input and feature requests via the GitHub issues tracker.

The Future of Nutrition Labels


As nutrition labeling standards are bound to change, it is important for any websites listing nutrition information to similarly adhere to new standards, and our open nutrition label project aims to improve that.  With your help, we can rapidly improve the ways we display nutrition data on the web.

About Nutritionix

Founded in 2010, Nutritionix has a mission to make nutrition information more accessible. By partnering with restaurants and food manufacturers, Nutritionix provides a critical link between the companies creating nutrition information, and the consumers who need to access that data.

Nutrition API

Nutritionix developed an API to let developers innovate with nutrition data.  Check it out!

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Shawn McIntosh   November 1, 2014 at 11:10 pm

I am looking for a plugin with the facts up front nutrition label for my health and fitness blog. I would like to add it to the recipes. Do you know of a plugin that will achieve the look like the future of nutrition image above?

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