Nutritionix Beta API has launched!

by mattsilv on December 31, 2012  |  Topics: Announcements, API

We want to thank everyone for their patience as we prepared to get the Nutritionix API ready for beta launch.  Ready to dive right in?

Please note: While our beta API has now launched, please keep in mind that we are uploading new nutrition data, and improving our existing data every day.  Please take time to post feature requests and vote on them to ensure we can rapidly improve our API for all developers.

1.  Developer Survey

Make sure you first have already filled out the developer survey.  Note: If you received our e-mail announcing the beta launch, you have most likely already filled out the developer survey.

2.  Sign up for your API key

Visit our 3Scale page to apply for your API key.  Please note, that only developers who have filled out the developer survey will be approved for the API key.

API KEY Signup:

3.  View Documentation

Our documentation is still in a temporary format via Google Doc.  Please view it here.

4.  Participate in our discussion forum

We are using Reddit to manage our feature requests and discussions.  Please visit our subreddit and subscribe.

Introduce yourself on the Reddit forum, and meet your fellow nutrition developers!

5.  Check out our public GitHub repo

Visit the Nutritionix public GitHub repo to get API library resources, and other cool scripts that help you interact with the Nutritionix API.

Anything not covered?  Please post questions here.

We look forward to seeing your app!

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anon   May 14, 2013 at 1:44 pm

is api registration not working? all the links after the survey take you to a ‘Not Found’ page

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