Nutritionix Launches Chickpea Nutrition Calculator

by mattsilv on July 27, 2012  |  Topics: Nutrition Calculators, Restaurants

We are pleased to announced the official launch of the Chickpea nutrition portal, powered by Nutritionix.

With 8 locations and growing, Chickpea has established a well-recognized mantra to describe their famous NYC falafel: “always baked. never fried.”  By using high-quality fresh ingredients, Chickpea is able to keep their menu flavorful without adding unnecessary fats.

Visit to learn more about the Chickpea brand, and check out their nutrition calculator as well.


Nutritionix, a nutrition technology company established in 2009, provides web-based  software solutions for restaurants and food manufacturers to help make nutrition information more accessible to consumers.   Nutritionix also hosts the most accurate database of restaurant nutrition information, comprising of nutrition information for over 350 different restaurant concepts across the U.S.

For more information about how Nutritionix can help your business, please contact us.

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