REPORT: Over 60% of consumers make meal choices based on nutrition

by mattsilv on May 29, 2012  |  Topics: News

The International Food Information Council released their 2012 Food & Health Survey, which lists a number of important trends in consumer behavior regarding nutrition.

Key points from the survey results:

  • 61% of consumers make meal choices based on nutrition (healthfulness)
  • 55% of Americans report that they are currently trying to lose weight
  • 71% of Americans estimate their daily calorie need
  • 60% of Americans believe web-based nutrition tools can help them live healthier lives. (example: nutrition calculators)
  • 66% of Americans rely on the nutrition facts panel on packaged fooods.
  • Two-thirds of parents worry more about the healthfulness of their children’s diet than their own.

SOURCE: 2012 IFIC Food & Health Survey


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