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by mattsilv on October 10, 2011  |  Topics: Announcements

Nutrition information for your favorite products and restaurants is hosted on literally hundreds of “nutrition” websites across the web.  This is great, right?  Sure, it makes nutrition information easy to find, but what happens when a company makes an update to their product?  They might reduce sodium, change the portion size of their product, or change the recipe?   Products are constantly changing, and keeping nutrition information up-to-date is nearly impossible unless you get it directly from the source.

Enter NutritionLinkTM.  This revolutionary new product will transform the way we organize our food nutrition information.  Nutritionix is officially opening the door to all brands, manufacturer, and restaurants to use NutritionLinkTM absolutely free of charge.

If a brand fails to confirm that their information is up-to-date, we automatically note this on any of their product listing pages.  This is our method of protecting consumers from inaccurate data.

We believe that consumers are entitled to having accurate nutrition information in a searchable and usable format.  We look forward to working with you to turn this into a reality in 2012.

Which of your favorite brands would you like to see listed? Let us know in the comments section.

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