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Calories Calories from Fat Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)

Classic Sandwiches

[more info]Pimento Cheese58034038180801,030373526
[more info]Chicken Salad Sandwich700410457180990427835
[more info]Tuna Salad5302502850225960427833
[more info]Egg Salad5202703070460800437926

Grilled Sandwiches

[more info]Grilled Pimento60036039190851,040373526
[more info]Gruben4601501670951,680373640
[more info]Turkey Stack5102002390851,710373738
[more info]Grilled Chicken52018020801051,480413744
[more info]Steak Stack61031035140901,240424834

Pita Sandwiches

[more info]Mediterranean Tuna Pita410200241.5015720263325
[more info]Grilled Chicken & Slaw Pita430160184095940273438
[more info]Zoes Club Pita43014016701151,550262443
[more info]Lean Turkey Pita3108092.50651,290263528
[more info]Greek Chicken Pita45015017601051,240303641

Salads & Hummus (Sides not included)

[more info]Side Greek Salad5604405170201,01022139
[more info]Tabouli Salad6604304980252,030435515
[more info]Salad Sampler610390447180880264630
[more info]Hummus & Pita700290334001,3808410622
[more info]Quinoa Salad4001802050201,030439914
[more info]Greek Salad4902402790401,430487918
[more info]Hummus & Salad Plate7303403990251,85075111126
[more info]The Tossed Greek75029033140.51352,4405971154
[more info]Chicken Salad & Fruit Plate79040044718089073104331

Entrees (Sides not included)

[more info]Grilled Chicken Dinner (Char-Grilled)240100121.508557010032
[more info]Grilled Chicken Dinner (Flatgrilled)25090102.50857607<1333
[more info]Chicken Kabobs2708091.5010066082438
[more info]Shrimp Kabobs1907081.5017082071424
[more info]Chicken Pita Pizza58020022901051,600463543
[more info]Salmon Kabobs4702302640115870164544
[more info]Veggie Kabobs1006070.50027010352
[more info]Veggie Pita Pizza47018020110401,210474621
[more info]Greek Chicken Marinara63023027501001,930505647
[more info]Chicken Roll-Ups60019022801052,060534743
[more info]Spinach Roll-Ups4401401670251,580555713
[more info]Steak Roll-Ups1,040600672401602,050584950
[more info]Protein Power Plate50026030701101,210186940
[more info]Steak Kabobs4502102470.5901,0701511141


[more info]Grilled Chicken Fingers2207081.50855704<1232
[more info]Kids Rollup330120134050960283522
[more info]Kids Chicken Salad Sandwich440220244040610386821
[more info]Kids Quesadilla59027030160.5702,470544821
[more info]Grilled Turkey & Cheese45018020100651,4904471029

Pick Two - Sandwiches

[more info]Half Pimento290170199040510182313
[more info]Half Chicken Salad Sandwich350200233.5040490214418
[more info]Half Tuna Salad260130142.50115480214416
[more info]Half Egg Salad260130153.50230400224413


[more info]Chicken & Orzo - Cup1405061.50301,230122211
[more info]Chicken & Orzo - Bowl20070820401,720173315
[more info]Chicken & Orzo - Quart450160184.50903,940386834
[more info]Tomato Bisque - Cup2701101240151,55029398
[more info]Tomato Bisque - Bowl3701601860252,5603841610
[more info]Tomato Bisque - Quart69032037121555,6106493517


[more info]Pita Chips - Wheat180151.500025034507
[more info]Regular Lays16090101.500170151<12
[more info]Pita Chips - White1805100025034225
[more info]Baked Lays13020200015026222
[more info]Sun Chips210901010018028433

Gluten Free Soups and Salads (Sides not included)

[more info]Side Greek Salad - GF11070840205405<125
[more info]Salad Sampler - GF51037041718072073426
[more info]Side Greek Salad - No Feta - GF140303.500037024345
[more info]Greek Salad - GF3802202590401,250275714
[more info]Hummus - GF430240273009103710713
[more info]Tomato Bisque - Cup - GF170901040151,39012284
[more info]Quinoa Salad - GF4001802050201,030439914
[more info]Hummus & Salad Plate - GF6603203780251,69063131324
[more info]Tomato Bisque - Bowl - GF2701401660252,400204157
[more info]Chicken Salad & Fruit Plate - GF70038042718073056104228

Gluten Free Entrees (Sides not included)

[more info]Chargrilled Chicken Dinner - GF23090101.5085570<10032
[more info]Protein Power Plate - GF25090102.50857506<1333
[more info]Chicken Kabob - GF2708091.5010066082438
[more info]Shrimp Kabobs - GF1805061.5017082071424
[more info]Veggie Kabobs - GF1006070.50027010352
[more info]Greek Chicken Marinara - GF390180214.501001,770103640

Gluten Free Fresh Sides

[more info]Braised White Beans2701201410050026929
[more info]Potato Salad2401401610031023223
[more info]Quinoa Salad - No Feta13050600027017324
[more info]Quinoa Salad1708092.501044017326
[more info]Roasted Veggies1006070.50036010442
[more info]Marinated Slaw1501101330152907344
[more info]Fresh Fruit9000000522317<1

Fresh Takes (Nutrition listed for one serving)

[more info]Med Tuna 1/2 Pint (two servings)240160191.50154702<1017
[more info]Med Tuna Pint (four servings)240160191.50154702<1017
[more info]Chicken Salad 1/2 Pint (two servings)3803003350.565550<10019
[more info]Chicken Salad Pint (four servings)3803003350.565550<10019
[more info]Tuna Salad 1/2 Pint (two servings)250170193.50180530<10<117
[more info]Tuna Salad Pint (four servings)250170193.50180530<10<117
[more info]Egg Salad 1/2 Pint (two servings)240180204.5036540020112
[more info]Egg Salad Pint (four servings)240180204.5036540020112
[more info]Pimento Cheese 1/2 Pint (two servings)330260291406544030115
[more info]Pimento Cheese Pint (four servings)330260291406544030115
[more info]Potato Salad 1/2 Pint (two servings)1901101310025018212
[more info]Potato Salad Pint (four servings)1901101310025018212
[more info]Pasta Salad 1/2 Pint (two servings)1404552.501039017116
[more info]Pasta Salad Pint (four servings)1404552.501039017116
[more info]Quinoa Salad - No Feta13050600027017324
[more info]Quinoa Salad1708092.501044017326
[more info]Slaw Pint (two servings)12090102.50102306233
[more info]Slaw Quart (four servings)12090102.50102306233
[more info]Hummus340180202.500690308311
[more info]Orzo Tabouli380200232001,26037347
[more info]Fruit Pint (two servings)6000000015212<1
[more info]Fruit Quart (four servings)6000000015212<1

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