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Jumbo Wings

Atomic Jumbo Wings[more info]1408092709521015
Cajun Jumbo Wings[more info]14080827027011015
Garlic Parmesan Jumbo Wings[more info]2101401547014011016
Hawaiian (Ken®s) Jumbo Wings[more info]16080827012551315
Hawaiian (Renfro®s) Jumbo Wings[more info]15080827015041315
Hickory Smoked BBQ (Ken®s) Jumbo Wings[more info]17080827033081715
Hickory Smoked BBQ (Renfro) Jumbo Wings[more info]17080827028081615
Lemon Pepper Jumbo Wings[more info]1801201337020011015
Louisiana Rub Jumbo Wings[more info]1701101237019011015
Mango Habanero Jumbo Wings[more info]16080827014060315
Mild Jumbo Wings[more info]1801201337024011015
Original Hot Jumbo Wings[more info]14080927046011015
Plain Jumbo Wings[more info]1408082706511015
Spicy Korean Q Jumbo Wings[more info]17080827028071616

Boneless Wings

Atomic Boneless Wings[more info]17080822567015119
Cajun Boneless Wings[more info]17070822595014109
Garlic Parmesan Boneless Wings[more info]22013014325700141010
Hawaiian (Ken®s) Boneless Wings[more info]18070822570019149
Hawaiian (Renfro®s) Boneless Wings[more info]18070822573018149
Hickory Smoked BBQ (Ken®s) Boneless Wings[more info]20070822592022189
Hickory Smoked BBQ (Renfro) Boneless Wings[more info]20070822587022179
Lemon Pepper Boneless Wings[more info]2101201322579014109
Louisiana Rub Boneless Wings[more info]2001001122576014109
Mango Habanero Boneless Wings[more info]19070822572020149
Mild Boneless Wings[more info]2201201432583014109
Original Hot Boneless Wings[more info]1707082251,04014109
Plain Boneless Wings[more info]17070822563014109
Spicy Korean Q Boneless Wings[more info]190708230800171410

Boneless Tenders

Atomic Boneless Tenders[more info]2409010245930192120
Cajun Boneless Tenders[more info]2309092451,550161020
Garlic Parmesan Boneless Tenders[more info]37023025550970161020
Hawaiian (Ken®s) Boneless Tenders[more info]260809245980261720
Hawaiian (Renfro®s) Boneless Tenders[more info]2508092451,030241720
Hickory Smoked BBQ (Ken®s) Boneless Tenders[more info]2808092451,3403011420
Hickory Smoked BBQ (Renfro) Boneless Tenders[more info]2808092451,2502921120
Lemon Pepper Boneless Tenders[more info]320180204451,180161019
Louisiana Rub Boneless Tenders[more info]360220244451,140172020
Mango Habanero Boneless Tenders[more info]2708092451,020271820
Mild Boneless Tenders[more info]340200224451,310161019
Original Hot Boneless Tenders[more info]2309092451,460161020
Plain Boneless Tenders[more info]220809245840161019
Spicy Korean Q Boneless Tenders[more info]2708092451,2602811120


Blue Cheese[more info]310290327355403013
Brownie[more info]430220241085160493336
Buffalo Ranch Fries, Large[more info]800360407102,880980814
Buffalo Ranch Fries, Regular[more info]450200234<51,72054048
Cajun Fried Corn, Large[more info]60030034501,3206841810
Cajun Fried Corn, Regular[more info]300150172.5066034295
Cheese Fries, Large[more info]830360397<52,7501050815
Cheese Fries, Regular[more info]47020023401,65058058
Honey Mustard[more info]37030033530680180170
Hot Cheddar Cheese Sauce[more info]1309091.508608022
Louisiana Voodoo Fries, Large[more info]910440499101,7101000216
Louisiana Voodoo Fries, Regular[more info]520260295<51,07055019
Ranch[more info]310300335255202011
Seasoned Fries, Large[more info]710270306<51,910970714
Seasoned Fries, Small[more info]39015017301,09053047
Veggie Sticks, Carrot[more info]150000204120
Veggie Sticks, Celery[more info]50000251010
Yeast Rolls[more info]1401520<516025155


Coke, Large[more info]40000001010801080
Coke, Regular[more info]25000005680680
Diet Coke, Large[more info]00000402020
Diet Coke, Regular[more info]00000251010
Dr. Pepper, Large[more info]360000012010401040
Dr. Pepper, Regular[more info]230000075650650
Fanta Orange, Large[more info]44000005512001200
Fanta Orange, Regular[more info]280000035750750
Fanta Strawberry, Large[more info]45000003512401240
Fanta Strawberry, Regular[more info]280000025780780
Gold Peak Southern Tea, Large[more info]39000003010501040
Gold Peak Southern Tea, Regular[more info]260000020660650
Gold Peak Sweet Green Tea, Large[more info]320000030880880
Gold Peak Sweet Green Tea, Regular[more info]200000020550550
Gold Peak Unsweetened Tea, Large[more info]00000302000
Gold Peak Unsweetened Tea, Regular[more info]00000201000
Lipton Tea Sweet, Large[more info]28000000720720
Lipton Tea Sweet, Regular[more info]18000000450450
Minute Maid Lemonade, Large[more info]390000016010401000
Minute Maid Lemonade, Regular[more info]2400000105650630
Nestea Peach Tea, Large[more info]310000030800800
Nestea Peach Tea, Regular[more info]200000020500500
Nestea Raspberry Tea, Large[more info]310000030840840
Nestea Raspberry Tea, Regular[more info]200000020520520
Sprite, Large[more info]39000009010401040
Sprite, Regular[more info]240000055650650


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.