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Menu Items

[more info]Atomic Boneless Wing Strip (1 strip)1103541<54305<106
[more info]Atomic Boneless Wings (2 pieces)1105051106107207
[more info]Atomic Wings (2 pieces)1307072253701<1014
[more info]Bleu Cheese Dip360330368105005144
[more info]Bourbon Baked Beans24015210570478237
[more info]Cajun Boneless Wing Strip (1 strip)1103541104505<106
[more info]Cajun Boneless Wings (2 pieces)110505156107107
[more info]Cajun Wings (2 pieces)1307072253701<1015
[more info]Creamy Cole Slaw1808092<5280235171
[more info]Crispy Veggie Sticks: Carrot Stick (one)250000405221
[more info]Crispy Veggie Sticks: Celery Stick (one)100000602120
[more info]Fresh Cut Seasoned Fries55020022100460371209
[more info]Garlic Parmesan Boneless Wing Strip (1 strip)1207082<51905<107
[more info]Garlic Parmesan Boneless Wings (2 pieces)1409092<531010<108
[more info]Garlic Parmesan Wings (2 pieces)1801101232510010016
[more info]Hawaiian Boneless Wing Strip (1 strip)110354151607<125
[more info]Hawaiian Boneless Wings (2 pieces)1305051529016<127
[more info]Hawaiian Wings (2 pieces)1407072251052<1215
[more info]Hickory Smoked BBQ Wings (2 pieces)1407072201603<1314
[more info]Hickory Smoked Boneless BBQ Wings (2 pieces)1205061103509238
[more info]Hickory Smoked Boneless Wing Strip (1 strip)110354152406<126
[more info]Honey Mustard Dip9000050450220190
[more info]Hot Cheese Sauce Dip1307084579010032
[more info]Lemon Pepper Boneless Wing Strip (1 strip)1207071<52205<107
[more info]Lemon Pepper Boneless Wings (2 pieces)1308092040010<108

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