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Calories Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Protein (g)


[more info]Bar None Sliders (Beef)1,15069301,75085547
[more info]Bar None Sliders (Bison)1,11058251,75085557
[more info]Bison Nachos1,14073302,170801241
[more info]Chips and Dip1,13080142,02076811
[more info]Crab Cake2903381010213
[more info]Grilled Shrimp500431295025125
[more info]Onion Rings w/ Horseradish Sauce1,15089112,86074510


[more info]Baked Potato (Bowl)45032211,30027214
[more info]Baked Potato (Cup)26018127601617
[more info]Bison Chili (Bowl)37021101,51016429
[more info]Bison Chili (Cup)2101258909220
[more info]Chicken & Sausage Gumbo (Bowl)2901231,37031415
[more info]Chicken & Sausage Gumbo (Cup)170728201829
[more info]Chicken Noodle (Bowl)1703167024210
[more info]Chicken Noodle (Cup)100204001416
[more info]Clam Chowder (Bowl)44019972044123
[more info]Clam Chowder (Cup)25011643024114
[more info]Red Beans & Rice (Bowl)390821,39055423
[more info]Red Beans & Rice (Cup)2305183032214
[more info]Tomato Soup (Bowl)29024159101724
[more info]Tomato Soup (Cup)1901515501113
[more info]Tortilla Soup (Bowl)2901571,45021218
[more info]Tortilla Soup (Cup)1608484012110

Salads And Salad Dressings

[more info]1000 Island Dressing130132340300
[more info]BBQ Chicken Salad90059171,390631334
[more info]BLT Ranch Dressing100102130101
[more info]Balsamic Bleu Steak7002991,65032341
[more info]Basil Vinaigrette Dressing160172150100
[more info]Bleu Cheese Crumbles1801494600012
[more info]Bleu Cheese Dressing100103150102
[more info]Caesar Dressing18020275101
[more info]Caesar Salad53049174101637
[more info]Cedar Plank Salmon Caesar Salad1,280109351,45032647
[more info]Chopped Salad (full)67053121,28040316
[more info]Chopped Salad (half)4103198302628
[more info]Grilled Beef Salad1,06091412,81030563
[more info]Grilled Bison Salad1,04072332,78030566
[more info]Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad1,380115371,75031654
[more info]Grilled Chicken Salad1,03069292,11030971
[more info]Grilled Salmon Salad93062271,71030562
[more info]Honey Mustard Dressing160162140400
[more info]House Salad (no dressing)140971301323
[more info]Ranch Dressing110113120101
[more info]Shrimp Caesar Salad1,380125391,24031636
[more info]Wedge Salad (no dressing)10062340527

Breads - Sandwich Proteins - Toppings

[more info]American150149650208
[more info]America’s Cup32026131,5707119
[more info]Avalon34029125905017
[more info]Beef Burger3301771,6100040
[more info]Bison Burger3101561,6100043
[more info]Bleu Creek26020109200019
[more info]Brick Chicken3802138700046
[more info]Canyon Creek30024128402020
[more info]Cheddar1701492600011
[more info]Ciabatta Roll260614404517
[more info]Delicious Duo (meal)77050192,37044542
[more info]George’s Cadillac36024121,24016120
[more info]Green and Hot2402093807412
[more info]House-made Veggie Burger2501634602248
[more info]Jack1601382300010
[more info]Kaiser Roll2205103627
[more info]Kitchen Sink46034152,1008133
[more info]Knife and Fork Chili Cheese310201197012121
[more info]Montana Breakfast29022111,1903024
[more info]New Mexico2402093807311
[more info]Oatie Wheat Bun210603603608
[more info]Onion Bun220309604229
[more info]Peppercorn2301986303113
[more info]Red Rock43029963030116
[more info]Skinny Dip908105513
[more info]Swiss160128802012
[more info]Swiss & Mushroom26020124406115
[more info]Ted’s Bacon Cheeseburger32023118307120
[more info]Vermejo2101595706112

Sandwiches - Classics - Steaks

[more info]12 oz. Prime Rib (beef)87074301,0901047
[more info]16 oz. Prime Rib (beef)1,16098411,4501062
[more info]7 oz. Cedar Plank Salmon880481754054754
[more info]9 oz. Cedar Plank Salmon970521758054767
[more info]Absolute Best Fish Sandwich7703621,28077131
[more info]Beef Tenderloin Filet89064202,3300040
[more info]Bison Meatloaf98052272,35083641
[more info]Bison Pot Roast840482482051642
[more info]Bison Tenderloin Filet5502852,3100053
[more info]Crab Cakes9608282,04027836
[more info]Cranberry Glazed Roasted Chicken1,17064253,30051793
[more info]Delmonico Beef Ribeye1,10073282,4000050
[more info]Delmonico Bison Ribeye90058242,3500061
[more info]Kansas City Bison Strip6603872,3500052
[more info]Meatloaf Sandwich1,02058182,06097542
[more info]Pecan-Crusted Trout1,220122111,64057253
[more info]Salt & Pepper Trout6504971,38015444
[more info]Short Ribs780482846035045
[more info]Snowcrest Chicken Sandwich1,2203982,68087750
[more info]Turkey & Dressing870412357045067

Side Items

[more info]50/50 French Fries & Onion Rings3503019603224
[more info]Aunt Fannie’s” Squash Casserole9053310922
[more info]Baked Potato Plain3102106478
[more info]Cinnamon Sugar Sweet Potato Topping500001210
[more info]Cole Slaw3303143801222
[more info]Country-Style Green Beans4000125942
[more info]French Fries3001814903033
[more info]Garlic Mashed Potatoes240131002524
[more info]Onion Rings4302921,6703625
[more info]Roasted Asparagus6050160322
[more info]Sour Cream12012730202
[more info]Sweet Potato Plain17000703964
[more info]Vine-Ripened Tomatoes15000311
[more info]Whipped Butter Serving1101380000
[more info]Yeast Roll130421801913

Kid's Menu

[more info]Grilled Cheez62032111,00056217
[more info]Kid’s Bar None Sliders Meal (Beef)95057301,38074836
[more info]Kid’s Bar None Sliders Meal (Bison)9048251,38074543
[more info]Kid’s Chicken Tender Meal23013126010116
[more info]Kid’s Mac N’ Cheez Meal69035151,12072522
[more info]Kid’s Salmon Meal5002281,40036438
[more info]Kid’s Steak and Fries5803081,84018236


[more info]Big Sky Lemonade2600004100
[more info]Blackberry Lemonade20000105200
[more info]Bleu Cheese Stuffed Olives5041370201
[more info]Bottled Coca Cola1000053000
[more info]Bottled Diet Coke0005000
[more info]Bottled Sprite10000202500
[more info]Cherry Coke19000105000
[more info]Coffee5000000
[more info]Cranberry Juice20000504500
[more info]Fountain Coke15000104000
[more info]Fountain Diet Coke0005000
[more info]Fountain Sprite15000354000
[more info]Fresh Squeezed Cherry Lemonade27000107000
[more info]Fresh Squeezed Lemonade23000106000
[more info]Hot Chocolate80501701500
[more info]Huckleberry Margarita3900007102
[more info]Lemon Drop Martini2200001300
[more info]Mango Iced Tea800052100
[more info]Milk15010510010010
[more info]Montana Margarita360002706112
[more info]Mountain Breeze160000700
[more info]Root Beer17000354500
[more info]Strawberry Margarita2000052402
[more info]Sun River Sangria w/Red Wine2000003300
[more info]Sun River Sangria w/White Wine2000003300
[more info]Sweetened Tea14000103500
[more info]Ted’s Mojito21000152800
[more info]Ted’s Signature Margarita360002706312
[more info]Ultimate Dirty Martini w/o Olives25061610201
[more info]Unsweetened Tea00010000
[more info]Vanilla Coke1900055000

Desserts & Shakes

[more info]Apple Berry Crisp1,2806637370163712
[more info]Chocolate Chip Cookie3801591705414
[more info]Chocolate Ice Cream4302918953528
[more info]Chocolate Malt1,3607042540150128
[more info]Chocolate Milkshake1,0906439280105019
[more info]Coke Float54029181206008
[more info]Double Chocolate Cookie4802171605716
[more info]Fudge Brownie1,3105825640181514
[more info]Oatmeal Cookie3401162105735
[more info]Root Beer Float60029181507908
[more info]Snickerdoodle Cookie3801692105513
[more info]Strawberry Malt1,2407042500123227
[more info]Strawberry Milkshake970643925078118
[more info]Strawberry Shortcake1,3508355750132517
[more info]Vanilla Ice Cream43029181103408
[more info]Vanilla Malt1,2907042500135127
[more info]Vanilla Milkshake1,020643925090018
[more info]Wildberry Cheesecake700412347076212

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