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7 X 7 Steakburger[more info]1,6601,1001286263553,80029<1495
Bacon 'N Cheese Double Steakburger[more info]60033038161.51051,18029<1434
Bacon 'N Cheese Single Steakburger[more info]46023026111701,06029<1425
Bacon 'N Cheese Triple Steakburger[more info]1,03063074302.51701,920321752
Bacon Lovers Steakburger[more info]87048055231.51452,070341946
Cajun Double Steakburger[more info]63034039151.5902,450353728
Frisco Prime Steakburger[more info]91045055232651,3106221640
Garlic Double Steakburger[more info]73043050171.5901,340331828
Jalapeno Crunch Steakburger[more info]69035043141.5901,450392927
Portobello And Swiss Steakburger[more info]74044050161.595860362929
Prime Steakburger[more info]78034044222501,8505631137
Royale Steakburger[more info]75036040121285950331830
Single With Cheese Steakburger[more info]3901702091501,160323619
Single Without Cheese Steakburger[more info]320120145135820323615
The Original Double Steakburger[more info]46023026101.570980332623
The Original Double With Cheese Steakburger[more info]53028032141.5851,120323627
Triple Steakburger[more info]61033038152.5110920323632
Triple With Cheese Steakburger[more info]75043050232.51401,600323640
Western BBQ 'n Bacon Steakburger[more info]79035039131801,4405412427
White Truffle Double Steakburger[more info]78048055161.5957803521028
White Truffle Prime Steakburger[more info]1,01057069262.5651,2705721141
Wisconsin Butter Steakburger[more info]87057065301.51501,150342928


Frisco Melt[more info]96058066211.51151,4405121234
Grilled Cheese Steakburger Melt[more info]65035041161651,250412225
Patty Melt[more info]77049057221.51051,360302432


Fish Plate[more info]8905305910090780634625
Fish Sandwich[more info]47017019305034018<1215
Grilled Cheese[more info]62036043140301,090412217
Grilled Cheese 'N Bacon[more info]59030035130501,410412224
Grilled Chicken Sandwich[more info]3606071065980373828


Chili, Genuine (NYC), Cup[more info]57030034191901,080367230
Chili, Genuine, Bowl[more info]5501802091401,2706513329
Chili, Genuine, Cup[more info]3301101250.525760398218
Chili 3-Way[more info]7101902191451,38098131031
Chili 5-Way[more info]1,160510573311652,060103131159
Chili Deluxe, Bowl[more info]1,000500563311651,9607114558
Chili Deluxe, Cup[more info]50025028160.580980367229
Chili Mac[more info]1,20055061263.51302,71011291646
Chili Mac Supreme[more info]1,41070078422.52052,66011481664


Applesauce[more info]900000010222180
Baked Beans[more info]3100000096064112313
Chicken Fingers[more info]330160183060900222021
Chicken Nuggets[more info]2405050.5035920271221
Coleslaw[more info]160100111.501524013211<1
Onion Rings, Large[more info]6603103560<51,89079578
Onion Rings, Medium[more info]3301601730094039234
Vegetable, Bowl[more info]140252.50002,12027495
Vegetable, Cup[more info]70101.50001,06013242

French Fries

Bacon Cheese Fries, Large[more info]88045050120401,510887318
Bacon Cheese Fries, Medium[more info]68035039100401,450635316
Bacon Cheese Fries, Small[more info]36019021502073034318
Cheese French Fries, Large[more info]79040045104102,39088739
Cheese French Fries, Medium[more info]5903003584101,94063538
Cheese French Fries, Small[more info]3201601842<51,05034314
Chili Cheese Fries, Large[more info]1,07048053141402,99012014426
Chili Cheese Fries, Medium[more info]76035039100.5302,280839318
Chili Cheese Fries, Small[more info]4301902260201,290475211
French Fries, Cajun, Large[more info]6603103560<51,85081816
French Fries, Cajun, Medium[more info]450210244001,140555<14
French Fries, Cajun, Small[more info]250120132.50065030302
French Fries, Kids[more info]1507081.50051019201
French Fries, Large[more info]6503103460<51,39079716
French Fries, Medium[more info]45021024400930545<14
French Fries, Parmesan & Garlic Herb, Large[more info]6603103560<52,00079717
French Fries, Parmesan & Garlic Herb, Medium[more info]450210244.50<51,240545<14
French Fries, Parmesan & Garlic Herb, Small[more info]250120132.50070030302
French Fries, Small[more info]240120132.50055030302


Add Fried Chicken To Garden Fresh Salad[more info]330160183060900222021
Add Grilled Chicken To Garden Fresh Salad[more info]120202.50.506557030021
Beef Taco Salad[more info]88064077250.51251,400223529
Garden Fresh Salad[more info]3101701912060480185618
Small Garden Salad[more info]6010100011010332

Salad Dressings

Blue Cheese Dressing[more info]15014016301522020<1<1
Honey French Dressing[more info]12090101.5003208080
Honey Mustard Dressing[more info]13090101.5003208080
Lite Italian Dressing[more info]45404.5000260<10<10
Ranch Dressing[more info]140120142.5010260<10<10
Thousand Island Dressing[more info]12090101.50<52805040
Zesty Italian Dressing[more info]908091.5015500302<1


American Cheese[more info]7050640153400004
Bacon[more info]6045520101700004
Chili (For Fries)[more info]1705062.5015380194<19
Grilled Onions[more info]30202.5100302020
Jalapeno Slices[more info]000000230<1000
Steakburger Patty[more info]1401001251351600009


Hot Fudge Sundae, Kids[more info]2401001180307031<1249
Root Beer Float, Kids[more info]160404.5301545310291


Chicken Fingers And Fries[more info]380220254.50401,140252015
Grilled Cheese And Fries[more info]78048056160301,620512218
Mac And Cheese[more info]1704551.501031026156
Mini Corn Dogs And Fries[more info]35021024503586029247
Steakburger And Fries[more info]460240278135970391415
Steakburger With Cheese And Fries[more info]53029033121501,310391419
Steak Frank And Fries[more info]54032036111451,560401413

Steak Franks And Footlongs

Classic Foot Long, Mustard[more info]3902102381451,080321413
Foot Long, Chili N Cheese[more info]730400452211151,600484633
Foot Long, Chili N Cheese (NYC)[more info]73041046221.51151,580474533
Steak Frank[more info]3902002391451,140321513
Steak Frank - Chili Cheese[more info]71040044221.51151,620464533


Barq's Root Beer, 12 oz[more info]700000015180180
Barq's Root Beer, 16 oz[more info]900000020240240
Barq's Root Beer, 18 oz[more info]1000000020270270
Barq's Root Beer, 20 oz[more info]1100000025300300
Barq's Root Beer, 22 oz[more info]1200000025330330
Barq's Root Beer, 24 oz[more info]1300000030360360
Barq's Root Beer, 28 oz[more info]1600000035420420
Barq's Root Beer, 32 oz[more info]1800000040480480
Barq's Root Beer, 44 oz[more info]2500000055660660
Bud Light[more info]1000000010500<1
Bud Light Lime[more info]120000000800<1
Budweiser[more info]150000001011001
Caffeine Free Pepsi, 12 oz[more info]900000020252500
Caffeine Free Pepsi, 16 oz[more info]1200000025343400
Caffeine Free Pepsi, 18 oz[more info]1400000025383800
Caffeine Free Pepsi, 20 oz[more info]1500000030424200
Caffeine Free Pepsi, 22 oz[more info]1700000035464600
Caffeine Free Pepsi, 24 oz[more info]1800000035505000
Caffeine Free Pepsi, 32 oz[more info]2400000050676700
Caffeine Free Pepsi, 44 oz[more info]3300000065929200
Chardonnay[more info]1200000053010
Cherry Coke, 12 oz[more info]900000035240240
Cherry Coke, 16 oz[more info]1200000045320320
Cherry Coke, 18 oz[more info]1300000050360360
Cherry Coke, 20 oz[more info]1500000055400400
Cherry Coke, 22 oz[more info]1700000060440440
Cherry Coke, 24 oz[more info]1800000065480480
Cherry Coke, 32 oz[more info]2400000090640640
Cherry Coke, 44 oz[more info]33000000120880880
Cherry Limeade, 20 oz[more info]1400000025380370
Chocolate Milk[more info]150202.51.5010170261237
Coke Classic, 12 oz[more info]60000000160160
Coke Classic, 16 oz[more info]80000000220220
Coke Classic, 18 oz[more info]90000000240240
Coke Classic, 20 oz[more info]100000000270270
Coke Classic, 22 oz[more info]110000000300300
Coke Classic, 24 oz[more info]120000000320320
Coke Classic, 32 oz[more info]160000000430430
Coke Classic, 44 oz[more info]220000005590590
Coke Zero Sugar, 12 oz[more info]000000250000
Coke Zero Sugar, 16 oz[more info]000000300000
Coke Zero Sugar, 18 oz[more info]000000350000
Coke Zero Sugar, 20 oz[more info]000000400000
Coke Zero Sugar, 22 oz[more info]000000450000
Coke Zero Sugar, 24 oz[more info]000000500000
Coke Zero Sugar, 32 oz[more info]000000650000
Coke Zero Sugar, 44 oz[more info]000000900000
Darioush Cabernet 2008[more info]1200000004000
Diet Coke (Caffeine-Free), 12 oz[more info]00000050000
Diet Coke (Caffeine-Free), 16 oz[more info]000000100000
Diet Coke (Caffeine-Free), 18 oz[more info]000000100000
Diet Coke (Caffeine-Free), 20 oz[more info]000000100000
Diet Coke (Caffeine-Free), 22 oz[more info]000000100000
Diet Coke (Caffeine-Free), 24 oz[more info]000000100000
Diet Coke (Caffeine-Free), 32 oz[more info]000000150000
Diet Coke (Caffeine-Free), 44 oz[more info]000000200000
Diet Coke, 12 oz[more info]00000050000
Diet Coke, 16 oz[more info]000000100000
Diet Coke, 18 oz[more info]000000100000
Diet Coke, 20 oz[more info]000000100000
Diet Coke, 22 oz[more info]000000100000
Diet Coke, 24 oz[more info]000000100000
Diet Coke, 32 oz[more info]000000150000
Diet Coke, 44 oz[more info]000000200000
Diet Dr Pepper, 12 oz[more info]000000350000
Diet Dr Pepper, 16 oz[more info]000000450000
Diet Dr Pepper, 18 oz[more info]000000500000
Diet Dr Pepper, 20 oz[more info]000000600000
Diet Dr Pepper, 22 oz[more info]000000650000
Diet Dr Pepper, 24 oz[more info]000000700000
Diet Dr Pepper, 32 oz[more info]000000900000
Diet Dr Pepper, 44 oz[more info]0000001250000
Diet Pepsi, 12 oz[more info]000000200000
Diet Pepsi, 16 oz[more info]000000300000
Diet Pepsi, 18 oz[more info]000000300000
Diet Pepsi, 20 oz[more info]000000350000
Diet Pepsi, 22 oz[more info]000000400000
Diet Pepsi, 24 oz[more info]000000400000
Diet Pepsi, 32 oz[more info]000000550000
Diet Pepsi, 44 oz[more info]000000750000
Draft Brooklyn Lager[more info]17000000017002
Dr Pepper, 12 oz[more info]900000035240230
Dr Pepper, 16 oz[more info]1200000045320310
Dr Pepper, 18 oz[more info]1300000050360350
Dr Pepper, 20 oz[more info]1400000060400380
Dr Pepper, 22 oz[more info]1600000065440420
Dr Pepper, 24 oz[more info]1700000070480460
Dr Pepper, 32 oz[more info]2300000090650610
Dr Pepper, 44 oz[more info]32000000125890840
Fanta Orange, 12 oz[more info]60000000170170
Fanta Orange, 16 oz[more info]80000000230230
Fanta Orange, 18 oz[more info]100000000260260
Fanta Orange, 20 oz[more info]110000000290290
Fanta Orange, 22 oz[more info]120000005320320
Fanta Orange, 24 oz[more info]130000005350350
Fanta Orange, 28 oz[more info]150000005410410
Fanta Orange, 32 oz[more info]1700000010460460
Fanta Orange, 44 oz[more info]2300000010640640
Fresh Lemonade, Splenda[more info]150000005020
Fresh Lemonade, Sugar[more info]12000000040300
Fuze Raspberry Iced Tea, 12 oz[more info]350000009090
Fuze Raspberry Iced Tea, 16 oz[more info]50000005120120
Fuze Raspberry Iced Tea, 18 oz[more info]50000005130130
Fuze Raspberry Iced Tea, 20 oz[more info]60000005150150
Fuze Raspberry Iced Tea, 22 oz[more info]700000010160160
Fuze Raspberry Iced Tea, 24 oz[more info]700000010180180
Fuze Raspberry Iced Tea, 32 oz[more info]1000000010240240
Fuze Raspberry Iced Tea, 44 oz[more info]1300000015330330
Hi-C Flashin Fruit Punch, 12 oz[more info]600000010170170
Hi-C Flashin Fruit Punch, 16 oz[more info]800000010230220
Hi-C Flashin Fruit Punch, 18 oz[more info]900000010260250
Hi-C Flashin Fruit Punch, 20 oz[more info]1000000015290280
Hi-C Flashin Fruit Punch, 22 oz[more info]1100000015320310
Hi-C Flashin Fruit Punch, 24 oz[more info]1200000015350340
Hi-C Flashin Fruit Punch, 32 oz[more info]1700000020460450
Hi-C Flashin Fruit Punch, 44 oz[more info]2300000030640620
Hot Chocolate[more info]110353.52.50<516017097
Lemonade, Tropicana, 12 oz[more info]900000095240240
Lemonade, Tropicana, 16 oz[more info]12000000125320320
Lemonade, Tropicana, 18 oz[more info]14000000140360360
Lemonade, Tropicana, 20 oz[more info]15000000160400400
Lemonade, Tropicana, 22 oz[more info]17000000170450450
Lemonade, Tropicana, 24 oz[more info]18000000190490490
Lemonade, Tropicana, 32 oz[more info]24000000250650650
Lemonade, Tropicana, 44 oz[more info]33000000350890890
Lipton Peach Iced Tea, 12 oz[more info]450000030110110
Lipton Peach Iced Tea, 16 oz[more info]450000030110110
Lipton Peach Iced Tea, 18 oz[more info]450000030110110
Lipton Peach Iced Tea, 20 oz[more info]450000030110110
Lipton Peach Iced Tea, 22 oz[more info]450000030110110
Lipton Peach Iced Tea, 24 oz[more info]450000030110110
Lipton Peach Iced Tea, 32 oz[more info]450000030110110
Lipton Peach Iced Tea, 44 oz[more info]450000030110110
Mello Yello (Coke), 12 oz[more info]1000000025280280
Mello Yello (Coke), 16 oz[more info]1400000035380380
Mello Yello (Coke), 18 oz[more info]1500000040420420
Mello Yello (Coke), 20 oz[more info]1700000045470470
Mello Yello (Coke), 22 oz[more info]1900000050520520
Mello Yello (Coke), 24 oz[more info]2000000055560560
Mello Yello (Coke), 32 oz[more info]2700000070750750
Mello Yello (Coke), 44 oz[more info]3700000010010301030
Michelob Ultra[more info]1000000010300<1
Milk[more info]902021.5010105100107
Minute Maid Lemonade, 12 oz[more info]600000025160150
Minute Maid Lemonade, 16 oz[more info]800000035220200
Minute Maid Lemonade, 18 oz[more info]800000040240220
Minute Maid Lemonade, 20 oz[more info]900000045270250
Minute Maid Lemonade, 22 oz[more info]1000000050300270
Minute Maid Lemonade, 24 oz[more info]1100000055320300
Minute Maid Lemonade, 28 oz[more info]1300000060380350
Minute Maid Lemonade, 32 oz[more info]1500000070430400
Minute Maid Lemonade, 44 oz[more info]2100000095590550
Mountain Berry Blast (Powerade), 12 oz[more info]500000090130130
Mountain Berry Blast (Powerade), 16 oz[more info]6000000120170170
Mountain Berry Blast (Powerade), 18 oz[more info]7000000135190190
Mountain Berry Blast (Powerade), 20 oz[more info]8000000150210210
Mountain Berry Blast (Powerade), 22 oz[more info]9000000170230230
Mountain Berry Blast (Powerade), 24 oz[more info]10000000180250250
Mountain Berry Blast (Powerade), 32 oz[more info]13000000240340340
Mountain Berry Blast (Powerade), 44 oz[more info]18000000330460460
Mountain Dew, 12 oz[more info]1000000035280280
Mountain Dew, 16 oz[more info]1400000050370370
Mountain Dew, 18 oz[more info]1500000055410410
Mountain Dew, 20 oz[more info]1700000060460460
Mountain Dew, 22 oz[more info]1900000065510510
Mountain Dew, 24 oz[more info]2000000070550550
Mountain Dew, 32 oz[more info]2700000095740740
Mountain Dew, 44 oz[more info]3700000013010101010
Pepsi, 12 oz[more info]900000020250250
Pepsi, 16 oz[more info]1200000025330330
Pepsi, 18 oz[more info]1300000025370370
Pepsi, 20 oz[more info]1500000030410410
Pepsi, 22 oz[more info]1700000035450450
Pepsi, 24 oz[more info]1800000035490490
Pepsi, 32 oz[more info]2400000050660660
Pepsi, 44 oz[more info]3300000065900900
Pinot[more info]1200000003000
Ridge Santa Cruz Mountain Estate 2007[more info]1200000004000
Sierra Mist, 12 oz[more info]900000020230230
Sierra Mist, 16 oz[more info]1200000030310310
Sierra Mist, 18 oz[more info]1300000030350350
Sierra Mist, 20 oz[more info]1500000035390390
Sierra Mist, 22 oz[more info]1700000040430430
Sierra Mist, 24 oz[more info]1800000040470470
Sierra Mist, 32 oz[more info]2400000055620620
Sierra Mist, 44 oz[more info]3300000075860860
Simply Orange[more info]160000000370332
Sprite, 12 oz[more info]600000015160160
Sprite, 16 oz[more info]800000020210210
Sprite, 18 oz[more info]900000020230230
Sprite, 20 oz[more info]1000000020260260
Sprite, 22 oz[more info]1100000025290290
Sprite, 24 oz[more info]1200000025310310
Sprite, 32 oz[more info]1600000035420420
Sprite, 44 oz[more info]2100000050570570
Table Red Wine[more info]12000000540<10
Tea, Hot[more info]0000005<1000
Tea - Iced, 20 oz[more info]000000101000
Tea - Sweet, 20 oz[more info]1100000010280270
Tea - Sweet, 24 oz[more info]1300000015350340
Tea - Sweet, 44 oz[more info]2500000025640610


Milkshake - Banana, Regular[more info]700170171207524012669240
Milkshake - Banana, Small And Kids[more info]420901070401807535718
Milkshake - Birthday Cake Shake, Regular[more info]84024026150100410136011539
Milkshake - Birthday Cake Shake, Small And Kids[more info]5001401590502608207017
Milkshake - Butterfinger, Regular[more info]7602102214075320128<110739
Milkshake - Butterfinger, Small And Kids[more info]520140151004025087<17118
Milkshake - Caramel Apple, Regular[more info]7901801913080380141011838
Milkshake - Caramel Apple, Small And Kids[more info]4601001180452508206917
Milkshake - Chocolate, Regular[more info]600160171207528010118438
Milkshake - Chocolate, Small And Kids[more info]3809010704020066<15516
Milkshake - Chocolate Banana, Regular[more info]710170171207528012849839
Milkshake - Chocolate Banana, Small And Kids[more info]430901070402008026217
Milkshake - Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Regular[more info]740230241907530011729840
Milkshake - Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Small And Kids[more info]440130131104021071<16018
Milkshake - Cookie Dough, Regular[more info]7602102214075320127<110738
Milkshake - Cookie Dough, Small And Kids[more info]510140151004026086<17118
Milkshake - Egg Nog, Regular[more info]630170171207526010609738
Milkshake - Egg Nog, Small And Kids[more info]380901070401806405816
Milkshake - Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate, Regular[more info]7102002114075300121210039
Milkshake - Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate, Small And Kids[more info]4601301390402107716617
Milkshake - Kit Kat, Kids/Small[more info]46013014100401907606618
Milkshake - Kit Kat, Regular[more info]7102002114075260116010238
Milkshake - M&M's, Regular[more info]7902202416075270131111639
Milkshake - M&M's, Small And Kids[more info]55015016110402009018018
Milkshake - Nutella, Regular[more info]820340361807526011029840
Milkshake - Nutella, Small And Kids[more info]480190201004019068<16118
Milkshake - Orange Freeze, Regular[more info]600160161107022010409535
Milkshake - Orange Freeze, Small And Kids[more info]36090970351606305715
Milkshake - Oreo Cookies 'N Cream, Regular[more info]7302002213075350122010238
Milkshake - Oreo Cookies 'N Cream, Small And Kids[more info]4901301480402808206717
Milkshake - Oreo Mint, Regular[more info]7302002213075350120<110438
Milkshake - Oreo Mint, Small And Kids[more info]5101301480402808707417
Milkshake - Oreo Red Velvet Milk Shake, Regular[more info]96027030160100550157113041
Milkshake - Oreo Red Velvet Milk Shake, Small And Kids[more info]600170191005538099<18019
Milkshake - Oreo White Chocolate, Regular[more info]7102002113075310118010338
Milkshake - Oreo White Chocolate, Small And Kids[more info]54017018110602508307134
Milkshake - Peanut Butter Cup, Regular[more info]7802402516075280125<111139
Milkshake - Peanut Butter Cup, Small And Kids[more info]530170181204021084<17518
Milkshake - Peppermint Chocolate Chip, Regular[more info]7502002115075260127011538
Milkshake - Peppermint Chocolate Chip, Small And Kids[more info]50013014110402008607717
Milkshake - Pumpkin Spice, Regular[more info]6601601712075290113010239
Milkshake - Pumpkin Spice, Small And Kids[more info]39090970402006806117
Milkshake - Red Velvet, Small And Kids[more info]4901301380552808207018
Milkshake - Red Velvet Regular[more info]84023025140100450139111940
Milkshake - Reese's Chocolate Pb, Regular[more info]980440471707551011859448
Milkshake - Reese's Chocolate Pb, Small And Kids[more info]56023025100403107125822
Milkshake - Reese's Outrageous, Regular[more info]9703704020080490131310547
Milkshake - Reese's Outrageous, Small And Kids[more info]830340371706542010838542
Milkshake - Reese's Peanut Butter, Regular[more info]90043047170754609838347
Milkshake - Reese's Peanut Butter, Small And Kids[more info]5502302490402906925921
Milkshake - Smore's, Regular[more info]9102803021075440148211741
Milkshake - Smore's, Small And Kids[more info]57017018130403309217219
Milkshake - Strawberry, Regular[more info]610160171207525010309437
Milkshake - Strawberry, Small And Kids[more info]40090970401707106516
Milkshake - Strawberry Banana, Small And Kids[more info]390901070401807025717
Milkshake - Strawberry Banana -Regular[more info]660160171207524011549338
Milkshake - Strawberry Cheesecake, Kids/Small[more info]54017018120802908116919
Milkshake - Strawberry Cheesecake, Regular[more info]7202402516011035010519040
Milkshake - Turtle Caramel Nut, Regular[more info]8202202316080360139<111540
Milkshake - Turtle Caramel Nut, Small And Kids[more info]560140151104528097<17819
Milkshake - Ultimate Banana, Regular[more info]660160171207525011639538
Milkshake - Ultimate Banana, Small And Kids[more info]410901070401907426217
Milkshake - Vanilla, Regular[more info]620160171207524010509337
Milkshake - Vanilla, Small And Kids[more info]40090970401707206416
Milkshake - Very Berry Strawberry, Regular[more info]550160171207524087<17837
Milkshake - Very Berry Strawberry, Small And Kids[more info]34090970401805605016
Milkshake - White Chocolate, Regular[more info]630170181207524010509637
Milkshake - White Chocolate, Small And Kids[more info]3901001080401806606016


Bacon, Egg And Cheese Biscuit[more info]520310352301801,530341418
Bacon Biscuit[more info]38023025180101,06033138
Bagel Sandwich With Bacon[more info]45014016701901,000532723
Bagel Sandwich With Sausage[more info]690320371402501,340532733
Banana Pancakes[more info]970140164.50552,44018967241
Breakfast Bowl With Hash Browns[more info]46037042110180600111212
Breakfast Bowl Without Hash Browns[more info]3502402710035583051321
Cheddar Scrambler (A La Carte)[more info]710500552205851,1706<1442
Chocolate Chip Pancakes[more info]1,32034038180702,470226411943
Country Skillet[more info]1,320940106431.54802,340572537
Egg And Cheese Biscuit[more info]460270302101701,360341414
Kid's 2 Pancakes With Butter And Syrup[more info]42010010503092074<1306
Kid's 3 Pancakes With Butter And Syrup[more info]5201101260351,310931349
Kid's Chocolate Chip Pancakes[more info]9701802070602,44017637140
Kid's Egg (Scrambled) Bacon And Toast[more info]2308093016545022<1213
Kid's Egg (Scrambled) Sausage And Toast[more info]30015017604550021<1<112
Potato And Egg Breakfast Taco[more info]19090104111549020015
Sausage, Egg And Cheese Biscuit[more info]760500563002401,870341427
Sausage, Egg N Cheese Breakfast Taco[more info]220110125112053018<118
Sausage And Egg Biscuit[more info]690450502602251,530341423
Sausage Biscuit[more info]62041046250701,400331317
Sausage Gravy And Biscuits, Full Order[more info]97060067433502,690812713
Sausage Gravy And Biscuits, Half Order[more info]48030033221.5251,35041137

Breakfast Sides

1 Egg, Over Easy, Medium, Hard[more info]805051.50185700006
1 Egg Scrambled[more info]703541.5015513010<16
1 Slice of Bacon[more info]40303.510101150002
2 Biscuits[more info]6403604032001,78066268
Bacon, 2 Slices[more info]806072.50152300005
Bacon, 4 Slices[more info]16012014503046000010
Biscuit[more info]32018020160089033134
Pancakes, 2 With Butter And Syrup[more info]6701701890501,74011323911
Pancakes, 3 With Butter And Syrup[more info]8802002190602,52015134717
Sausage, 1 Patty[more info]30023026907051000013
Sausage, 2 Patties[more info]600460521801401,02000026
Sausage Gravy, 4 oz[more info]1601201361.5254608003
Sausage Gravy, 8 oz[more info]3302402711350910150<15
Side of Syrup[more info]1400000080350220
Single Bagel[more info]250101001036052269
Single Pancake With Butter And Syrup[more info]370506201588074<1306
Toast - Rye Buttered[more info]180506100420251<16
Toast - Sourdough Buttered[more info]27050610041041229
Toast - Wheat Buttered[more info]18050610027023235


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.