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Breakfast - Hand Held

Looking to save calories? We can hold the cheese or the curry & maple butters. We can also sub out turkey bacon for you!

[more info]Bacon, Egg and Cheddar Sandwich3701902170210520283216
[more info]Breakfast Burrito*640320351214201,190537329
[more info]Egg White & Veggie Sandwich2708095020450314216
[more info]Egg White and Veggie Burrito4501301460201,150569130
[more info]Pancake Sandwich5301401660608507384123
[more info]PB and Banana Sandwich520180202.5003507883414

Breakfast - Fork & Spoon

[more info]Cereal & Milk570220252.50<51407573714
[more info]Cobb Frittata48032036110465650115329
[more info]Fruit Medley (Regular size 4.5 oz wt.)5000000013391
[more info]Greek Yogurt and Fruit Parfait2407081.50<535364237
[more info]Salmon and English Muffin290901050351,490345419
[more info]Silver Dollar Pancakes ( 4 each )3104042045370624366
[more info]Steel Cut Oatmeal360809100200666299

Lunch/Dinner - For Starts

[more info]Baked Chicken Empanada55027030170120760507322
[more info]Feta, Hummus & Raw Veggie Bowl4001501650209305010917
[more info]Hummus (per ounce. ea serving = 3 ounces)20101.5000602000
[more info]Salmon and English Muffin290901050351,490345419

Lunch/Dinner - Wraps

Calorie/fat conscious? Ask for the dressing on the side which saves 78 to 345 calories, depending on dressing type. We can also hold the cheese and/or hold the bacon or sub for turkey bacon.

[more info]Chicken, Bacon, Avocado Wrap82044049110901,3305711241
[more info]Chicken Caesar Wrap7103503990901,280538<140
[more info]Mahi Wrap54019021701001,1305810434
[more info]Turkey & Raspberry Chipotle Wrap6301801970651,24088123029
[more info]Turkey Swiss Wrap64031035100801,290528132


See note above if looking for tips to save calories.

[more info]Start Burger*880450501311251,330596544
[more info]Veggie Burger7203303740651,43080101118


See note above if looking for tips to save calories.

[more info]Grilled Chicken Sandwich6402703030801,220573535
[more info]PB and Banana Sandwich520180202.5003507883414
[more info]Turkey and Swiss Sandwich57024027601001,020435537


Except for Quinoa Salad, the Salad nutritional info is without dressing.

[more info]Home-Style Caesar Salad210120136021033093216
[more info]Kitchen Cobb Salad56032036120285890198542
[more info]Mediterranean Quinoa Salad -Reg Size (14.5 wt. ounces)78051057100351,000518320
[more info]Mediterranean Quinoa Salad - Side (6.5 wt. ounces)350230264.501544023419
[more info]Mixed Greens Side Salad3000000357231
[more info]Spinach and Goat Cheese Salad280160187025320208514

Salad Dressings

[more info]Buttermilk Dressing (1.9 fl oz)1701601830202403012
[more info]Caesar Dressing ( 1.9 fl oz.)280270303.50151901001
[more info]Cilantro Cream Dressing ( 1.9 fl oz )805063.50202604034
[more info]Dijonnaise Dressing (1.9 fl oz)310290332.5025520300<1
[more info]Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing (1.9 fluid oz.)290250282.50017012190
[more info]Salsa (1.9 fl oz.)1500000903<12<1
[more info]Vinaigrette Dressing (1.9 fluid ounces)350340383.5001502000


[more info]Grilled Marinated Chicken Breast Side19090101.506520010024
[more info]House Granola -Bag ( 8 oz wt.)1,010450504.500120132135615
[more info]Roasted Sweet Potato100000004024472
[more info]Stacy's Simply Naked Pita Chips (1 bag)2004580.50040028215
[more info]Sweet Tater Tots260607000520464162
[more info]Tater Tots3201501640067038424
[more info]Uncured Apple Smoked Bacon (2 slices)1201101240102300002
[more info]Uncured Turkey Bacon (2 slices)8035410304402028
[more info]Veggie Sausage Side (2 patties)16060610048083117

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Calorie Conscious? Ask for the dressing or butter on the side.

[more info]Savory Tater61027031701006805181633
[more info]Sweet Tater*530230261415085729376


[more info]Blueberry-Pomegranate Smoothie35020210<585827597
[more info]Chocolate Syrup (1 fl oz)1601010000381361
[more info]Orange Sunrise Smoothie4506060.500351029748
[more info]PB & Banana Smoothie6101802040102609476919
[more info]Strawberry & Banana Smoothie410252.51.50101359467111

Fair Trade Coffee

[more info]Dark Mocha Latte (12 fl oz)240101.500<5115501489
[more info]Dark Mocha Latte (16 fl oz)440252.50051809429015
[more info]Pumpkin Latte (12 fl oz)1800000<512038<1379
[more info]Pumpkin Latte (16 fl oz)320510051806926713
[more info]Vanilla Latte (12 fl oz)2200000<5115450458
[more info]Vanilla Latte (16 fl oz)31000.50051806206213

Fresh Juices

[more info]Carrot Pine-Apple Juice (8 fl oz)2301010001405712383
[more info]Carrot Pine-Apple Juice (16 fl oz)45015200028011523766
[more info]Go Go Juice (8 fl oz )1501010002103510195
[more info]Go Go Juice (16 fl oz )30020200042070203910

Kid's Corner

[more info]Kid's Chicken Bites (8 nuggets)290180201209555050020
[more info]Kid's Grilled Cheese370150176030560404413
[more info]Kid's PB & J530210232.5005206772115
[more info]Kid Burger2807072.5045580321718
[more info]Kids Fruit Medley (Side 2 oz wt.)250000006140
[more info]Turkey and Mild Cheddar Sandwich (Kid's)4802002310075760404427


[more info]Flourless Chocolate Cake45020022110130380583447
[more info]Ice Cream Sandwich4401601811045280675438
[more info]Mini Carrot Cake w Creeam Cheese Frosting (each)1104551.501510014<1102
[more info]Stonyfield Org Fat Free Frozen Yogurt Choc 3/4 cup1500000585322276
[more info]Stonyfield Org Fat Free Frozen Yogurt Vanilla (3/4 cup)15000005100300296
[more info]Sugar Cookie with Icing370110127040125643493


[more info]365 Multigrain Organic Bread (2 Slices)20020200036040446
[more info]Cheddar Cheese Slice (0.75 oz. wt.)8060740251350005
[more info]Honey (1.9 fl ounces)240000000660660
[more info]Natural Peanut Butter (1.9 fluid ounces)38027030400230134413
[more info]Organic Unsalted Butter* (1.9 fl ounces)3803804230211500000
[more info]Raw Almond Butter (1.9 fl ounces)34027030200115118413
[more info]Reduced Fat Cream Cheese (1.9 fl ounces)1301001280402302026
[more info]Strawberry Simply Fruit Jam (1.9 fl oz)150000000380300
[more info]Sunbutter (1.9 fluid ounces)34021023300125158217


If you clicked on something with a * by it, then it contained a trans fat value. These are not trans fats resulting from partially hydrogenated oils (which Start does not use). Trans fats do occur naturally in some foods such as meat and dairy products at lower levels. As the American Heart Association has noted, "Naturally occurring trans fats consumed in a diet low in saturated fat (less than 7% of calories) do not, at this time, appear to affect cardio risk factors or be associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease events." See Policy Position Statement on Regulatory and Legislative Efforts to Improve Cardiovascular Health by Decreasing Consumption of Industrially Produced Trans Fats January 5, 2009 at

Please note that all nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.