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Chicken Sandwichez

[more info]Atomic Chicken Sandwich2701301460351,30024<1412
[more info]Big Mozz Chicken Sandwich4502002291451,100422422
[more info]Boss Bacon Chicken Sandwich5303403890451,420261616
[more info]Carolina Slaw Chicken Sandwich2901101350256003421210
[more info]Twisted Brunch Chicken Sandwich6703303791902,0706021622


[more info]Big Mozz Burger64031034141.5951,320422440
[more info]Boss Bacon Burger72045050140.5951,640261634
[more info]MTO Burger1901101250.55022000018

Hot Dogz

[more info]BLT Dog310130143.50335970321510
[more info]Firehouse Dog2508094.503451,01033159
[more info]Junkyard Dog190252.50.503201,15037275
[more info]Philly Dog2103541032068036276
[more info]Shmokehouse Dog2405052.50330720382108

Breakfast Sandwiches

[more info]Dreamy Bacon Croissant39020021100251,00033<1716
[more info]Fried Bacon & Egg Sammich6002202490952,180552834
[more info]Maple Hotcake Griddler48019021901502,1304412219
[more info]Twisted BLT72035039101402,010633925
[more info]Walker Breakfast Ranger5802002270851,750683726

Snacks & Sidez

[more info]Apple Slices300000008260
[more info]Chili Mac & Cheese15070740151,01015026
[more info]Churros44022024110041051125
[more info]Coleslaw80303.510<57511<110<1
[more info]Crispy Chicken Stripz - 3 piece3701601831.5501,110311022
[more info]Crispy Chicken Stripz - 5 piece6202703052.5801,860522<137
[more info]Fryz - Bag280120142.52046036303
[more info]Fryz - Bucket920400457601,51011810110
[more info]Fryz - Cup460200223.530760595<15
[more info]Hard Cooked Eggs70404.51.50160550006
[more info]Jalapeno Poppers3301601861.5201,20035239
[more info]Loaded Fryz7003103464.501,150907<17
[more info]Mac & Cheese1305063.501095015025
[more info]Mac 'N Cheese Bites37017019521590040239
[more info]Mozzarella Cheese Sticks49025027112.5451,320393122
[more info]Onion Rings - Bag230120132.50037026132
[more info]Onion Rings - Bucket7003604071.5<51,120784107
[more info]Onion Rings - Cup4702402751<575052365
[more info]Popcorn Chicken - Large6102502853751,610553034
[more info]Popcorn Chicken - Regular300130142.51.535800281017
[more info]Three Cheese Mac & Cheese2301201370351,210170212

Subz Bread

[more info]Flatbread180202.500032035116
[more info]Herb Sub Roll23020200039043248
[more info]Multigrain Sub Roll23025300035043519
[more info]Pretzel Sub Roll3002530.500290562511
[more info]White Sub Roll23020200039043148

Subz Cheese

[more info]Cheddar Cheese9070960301800007
[more info]Parmesan Cheese302020001402002
[more info]Pepper Jack Cheese10070850301800007
[more info]Provolone Cheese8060730201900006
[more info]Swiss Cheese907075020400006

Subz Meat

[more info]Angus Burger1901101250.55022000018
[more info]Beer Battered Fish1705061.5055410190111
[more info]Cold Cut Combo1401001140404602017
[more info]Italian Meat Combo120708303562020110
[more info]Meatballs in Sauce3502202410055840101221
[more info]Roast Beef80253103028010111
[more info]Tuna Salad24016017303540061414
[more info]Turkey Breast502020.50205002017

Subz Toppings

[more info]Black Pepper0000000<1000
[more info]Green Peppers0000000<1000
[more info]Mild Banana Pepper Rings0000002600000
[more info]Pepperoni200170187035720<10<19
[more info]Salt0000003500000

Subz Dressings

[more info]Honey Mustard2000000655040
[more info]Italian Romano Dressing60506100300201<1
[more info]Ketchup20000001804040
[more info]Marinara Sauce1550.5000753<12<1
[more info]Mayonnaise1401401630151300000
[more info]Tartar Sauce30202.500<59520<10
[more info]Yellow Mustard1000000125<1000

Hot Beverages

[more info]Hot Chai Tea - Large310000000750750
[more info]Hot Chai Tea - Medium250000000600600
[more info]Hot Chai Tea - Small180000000450450

Iced Beverages

[more info]Iced Chai Tea - Large310000000750750
[more info]Iced Chai Tea - Medium210000000520520
[more info]Iced Chai Tea - Small150000000370370

Frozen Beverages

[more info]Frozen Chai Tea - Large50090106040105980933
[more info]Frozen Chai Tea - Medium340606402570680642
[more info]Frozen Chai Tea - Small22030320153545043<1
[more info]Frozen Latte - Large19090106040105230183
[more info]Frozen Latte - Medium130606402570150122
[more info]Frozen Latte - Small60303201535806<1
[more info]Frozen Mocha - Large19090106040105230183
[more info]Frozen Mocha - Medium130606402570150122
[more info]Frozen Mocha - Small60303201535806<1

Frozen Creams

[more info]Frozen Creamz - Cake Batter - Large7301301580.55026014401294
[more info]Frozen Creamz - Cake Batter - Medium510100116040180970863
[more info]Frozen Creamz - Cake Batter - Small3507084025130660572
[more info]Frozen Creamz - Chocolate - Large4001201480.550170642585
[more info]Frozen Creamz - Chocolate - Medium29090106040125451414
[more info]Frozen Creamz - Chocolate - Small200607402585321293
[more info]Frozen Creamz - Cookies & Cream - Large6502602912150540923587
[more info]Frozen Creamz - Cookies & Cream - Medium4601802190.540370642415
[more info]Frozen Creamz - Cookies & Cream - Small26011012502520036<1233
[more info]Frozen Creamz - Vanilla - Large3701101380.550140580514
[more info]Frozen Creamz - Vanilla - Medium26090106040105410363
[more info]Frozen Creamz - Vanilla - Small200606402570330302

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