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Sandwiches - Originals

Nutrition information is provided for Originals sandwiches made on default bread.

Avo Turkey, Originals[more info]6402102480851,5807311346
A Wreck®, Originals[more info]660240271101001,740642443
Bacon, Egg & Cheddar, Originals[more info]770330371503102,030662247
BLTA, Originals[more info]6702703190401,570728336
Chicken Salad & Provolone, Originals[more info]76035038100120950646344
Cubano, Originals[more info]810120391201202,060632347
Fireball, Originals[more info]990470532411302,6007710647
Grilled Chicken & Cheddar, Originals[more info]57012014701451,130612351
Grilled Chicken Club, Originals[more info]690200231001651,690632361
Gyro, Originals[more info]910430492301152,2107761534
Ham, Mushroom, Egg & Swiss, Originals[more info]720250271203402,210673651
Italian, Originals[more info]73034038130902,190632435
Lucky 7, Originals[more info]1,000520592001703,430686757
Mama's Meatball, Originals[more info]910420472011101,990735644
Mediterranean, Originals[more info]68017017501301,7208111855
Mediterranean No Chicken, Originals[more info]5201401540151,2108011824
Pastrami, Originals[more info]62020022100952,360962240
Pizza Melt, Originals[more info]75031035140902,200704739
Roast Beef & Provolone, Originals[more info]6101802190801,300632442
Sausage, Egg & Cheddar, Originals[more info]1,100650702704052,050652251
Sicilian, Originals[more info]930480541901252,700717844
Smoked Ham & Swiss, Originals[more info]59018019901001,910642441
Steakhouse Beef, Originals[more info]790320371501101,760642449
Tuna Salad & Swiss, Originals[more info]6902703110080850646346
Turkey Breast & Swiss, Originals[more info]5301201460851,580676344
Veggie Melt, Originals[more info]75034039180759407012438
Wrecking Ball, Originals[more info]840360411601252,460727750

Sandwiches - BIGS

Nutrition information is provided for BIGS sandwiches made on default bread.

Avo Turkey, BIGS[more info]960320361301252,36010816569
A Wreck®, BIGS[more info]970360411701502,590943563
Bacon, Egg & Cheddar, BIGS[more info]1,150500562304653,030973371
BLTA, BIGS[more info]1,00040046130602,34010612553
Chicken Salad & Provolone, BIGS[more info]1,130520571501801,420949566
Cubano, BIGS[more info]1,200170581801803,070923470
Fireball, BIGS[more info]1,47071079361.51953,890113141071
Grilled Chicken & Cheddar, BIGS[more info]850200221202201,720928676
Grilled Chicken Club, BIGS[more info]1,030310341502502,520923491
Gyro, BIGS[more info]1,460630723601753,340139102069
Ham, Mushroom, Egg & Swiss, BIGS[more info]1,070370411805103,310985976
Italian, BIGS[more info]1,060490561901353,180933652
Lucky 7, BIGS[more info]1,490780883002505,1209981085
Mama's Meatball, BIGS[more info]1,35062070311.51652,9701087966
Mediterranean, BIGS[more info]1,01025025702002,570119161382
Mediterranean No Chicken, BIGS[more info]7702102260251,790118161135
Pastrami, BIGS[more info]920300341501403,5201423360
Pizza Melt, BIGS[more info]1,11047052210.51353,28010361058
Roast Beef & Provolone, BIGS[more info]910270311301151,940933663
Sausage, Egg & Cheddar, BIGS[more info]1,6509801054106103,060953377
Sicilian, BIGS[more info]1,39072081290.51854,010104111166
Smoked Ham & Swiss, BIGS[more info]870260291301502,850933762
Steakhouse Beef, BIGS[more info]1,170480552301652,620943672
Tuna Salad & Swiss, BIGS[more info]1,020410471501201,260949569
Turkey Breast & Swiss, BIGS[more info]78019021901252,350998465
Veggie Melt, BIGS[more info]1,110510582801151,40010318657
Wrecking Ball, BIGS[more info]1,25055062240.51903,650105101075

Sandwiches - Skinnys

Nutrition information is provided for Skinnys sandwiches made on default bread.

Avo Turkey, Skinny[more info]39090134.5040900517226
A Wreck®, Skinny[more info]400110146050970462224
Bacon, Egg & Cheddar, Skinny[more info]46016019801551,120472127
BLTA, Skinny[more info]410120164.5020880504221
Chicken Salad & Provolone, Skinny[more info]450160205060580464225
Cubano, Skinny[more info]480502060601,130452226
Fireball, Skinny[more info]57022027120.5651,410536427
Grilled Chicken & Cheddar, Skinny[more info]3605084075680464328
Grilled Chicken Club, Skinny[more info]42090125085950452233
Gyro, Skinny[more info]45022024120601,110383717
Ham, Mushroom, Egg & Swiss, Skinny[more info]42011014601651,150472327
Italian, Skinny[more info]4301602070451,190462220
Lucky 7, Skinny[more info]57024030100851,820484432
Mama's Meatball, Skinny[more info]53020024100.5551,100513325
Mediterranean, Skinny[more info]4107092.5065970557530
Mediterranean No Chicken, Skinny[more info]3306082010710547415
Pastrami, Skinny[more info]380901250451,280622123
Pizza Melt, Skinny[more info]4501501870451,200493422
Roast Beef & Provolone, Skinny[more info]38080114.5040750462224
Sausage, Egg & Cheddar, Skinny[more info]620320361402051,130462129
Sicilian, Skinny[more info]54022028100601,480515525
Smoked Ham & Swiss, Skinny[more info]37080104.50501,060462324
Steakhouse Beef, Skinny[more info]460150198055980462327
Tuna Salad & Swiss, Skinny[more info]420120165040530464226
Turkey Breast & Swiss, Skinny[more info]3404583040890484225
Veggie Melt, Skinny[more info]450150209040580507322
Wrecking Ball, Skinny[more info]5001702280651,380515428

Sandwich - Bread

Bread - FLAT[more info]23025300041043130
Bread - Multigrain[more info]310303.5100460626313
Bread - Multigrain, BIGS[more info]460455100670918418
Bread - Multigrain, BIGS, Thin-Cut[more info]33004100490666313
Bread - Multigrain, Skinny[more info]23002.50.50034045429
Bread - Multigrain, Skinny, Thin-Cut[more info]1700200024033327
Bread - Multigrain, Thin-Cut[more info]2100310030041428
Bread - White[more info]300202000430602212
Bread - White, BIGS[more info]450303.5000630883318
Bread - White, BIGS, Thin-Cut[more info]32003000460642213
Bread - White, Skinny[more info]22001.500032044219
Bread - White, Skinny, Thin-Cut[more info]16001000230321<17
Bread - White, Thin-Cut[more info]2000200029040118

Toppings - Originals

Brown Mustard[more info]15000002100000
Horseradish Aioli[more info]807081.50580<1000
Hot Peppers[more info]25151.50005902100
Italian Seasoning[more info]00000000000
Lettuce[more info]500000010<10
Mayo[more info]100100112010650000
Oil[more info]40404.50.50000000
Pickles[more info]0000001100000
Potbelly Whole Pickle[more info]000000260<1000
Sauerkraut[more info]5000001601100
Sliced Onions[more info]0000000<1000
Tomato[more info]500000510<10

Toppings - BIGS

Brown Mustard[more info]25000003200000
Horseradish Aioli[more info]23021025402023020<10
Hot Peppers[more info]40252.50008903200
Italian Seasoning[more info]00000000000
Lettuce[more info]100000052<11<1
Mayo[more info]1501501730151000000
Oil[more info]6060710000000
Pickles[more info]0000002200000
Potbelly Whole Pickle[more info]000000390<1<100
Sauerkraut[more info]10000002502200
Sliced Onions[more info]500000010<10
Tomato[more info]1000000102010

Toppings - Skinnys

Brown Mustard[more info]10000001050000
Horseradish Aioli[more info]403540.50<5400000
Hot Peppers[more info]151010003001<100
Italian Seasoning[more info]00000000000
Lettuce[more info]0000000<1000
Marinara Sauce[more info]1500000902010
Mayo[more info]5050610<5350000
Oil[more info]2020200000000
Pickles[more info]0000001100000
Potbelly Whole Pickle[more info]0000001300000
Sauerkraut[more info]5000001601100
Sliced Onions[more info]00000000000
Tomato[more info]0000000<1000

Premium Toppings - Originals

Artichoke Hearts[more info]1000000901<100
Avocado[more info]12090102.50055503
Cucumbers[more info]0000000<1000
Egg Patty[more info]603541.501201501004
Hummus[more info]12070700022012424
Roasted Red Peppers[more info]1000000952<11<1
Sliced Mushrooms[more info]5000000<1<1<1<1
Spinach[more info]00000010<1000

Premium Toppings - BIGS

Artichoke Hearts[more info]1000000135210<1
Avocado[more info]18013016400108804
Cucumbers[more info]0000000<1000
Egg Patty[more info]603541.501201501004
Hummus[more info]1801101100033018636
Roasted Red Peppers[more info]15000001503<12<1
Sliced Mushrooms[more info]100000001111
Spinach[more info]00000010<1000

Premium Toppings - Skinnys

Artichoke Hearts[more info]00000045<1000
Avocado[more info]604551.50003301
Cucumbers[more info]00000000000
Egg Patty[more info]30202106075<1002
Hummus[more info]60353.50001106212
Roasted Red Peppers[more info]5000005010<10
Sliced Mushrooms[more info]00000000000
Spinach[more info]00000050000

Extra Meat

Extra meat portions for all sandwiches & salads.

Bacon[more info]120809302056020010
Bacon, Non-Nueske[more info]60404.51.50151900005
Capicola - Extra[more info]603541.50204801015
Chicken Salad - Extra[more info]60404.51015450004
Grilled Chicken - Extra[more info]4550.500251150007
Ham - Extra[more info]402020.5015310<10<15
Meatballs - Extra[more info]805062.50251101005
Mortadella - Extra[more info]11090102.5020390<10<14
Pepperoni - Extra[more info]7060720152700003
Roast Beef - Extra[more info]45202.51015135<10<15
Roasted Turkey - Extra[more info]45151.50.50251902007
Salami - Extra[more info]120100113.5025420<10<15
Sausage - Extra[more info]1901601760453801008
Tuna Salad - Extra[more info]45303.50.5010550004
Turkey Breast - Extra[more info]2550.500152301005

Extra Cheese

Extra cheese portions for all sandwiches & salads.

Blue Cheese - Extra[more info]503542.50151900003
Cheddar - Extra[more info]60404.53015900004
Cheese Whiz - Extra[more info]9060720105004033
Feta - Extra[more info]352021.501017010<13
Mozzarella Cheese - Extra[more info]45303.52010550003
Pepperjack Cheese - Extra[more info]503542.5015900003
Provolone Cheese - Extra[more info]503542010120<1004
Swiss Cheese - Extra[more info]503542.501530<1004


Nutrition information is provided for salads served with default dressing.

Apple Walnut[more info]1,07069077140951,1805864638
A Wreck® Salad[more info]37022024902101,34092431
Chicken Salad Salad[more info]87054060120801,0405964623
Farmhouse[more info]790550611402951,820122746
Powerhouse[more info]56014015301951,5907586030

Salads - Half Sizes

Nutrition information is provided for salads served with default dressing.

Apple Walnut, Half[more info]5403503870455902932319
A Wreck® Salad, Half[more info]210130146011069051218
Chicken Salad Salad, Half[more info]4402703060405203032311
Farmhouse, Half[more info]400280317014591071423
Powerhouse, Half[more info]2807081.501008003843015

Toppings - Salad

Cucumbers[more info]500000010<10
Grape Tomato[more info]100000001000
Italian Seasoning[more info]00000000000

Premium Toppings - Salad

Artichoke Hearts[more info]1500000180320<1
Avocado[more info]604551.50003301
Candied Walnuts[more info]14012013200506143
Chopped Bacon[more info]14010010404056000012
Diced Apples[more info]150000004<130
Dried Cranberry[more info]100000000242190
Fresh Strawberries[more info]150000003<120
Garbanzo Beans[more info]80151.500026013624
Glazed Walnuts[more info]14012013100354<122
Hard Boiled Egg[more info]4525310120350004
Hummus[more info]905050001709323
Red Grapes[more info]150000004030
Roasted Red Peppers[more info]15000001153<11<1

Salad Dressings

Balsamic Vinaigrette[more info]38032036500620140140
Buttermilk Ranch[more info]3603303830304406052
Non-fat Vinaigrette[more info]240000001,020570560
Potbelly Vinaigrette[more info]320260304.5004709080

Salad Dressings - Half Sizes

Balsamic Vinaigrette[more info]190160182.5003107070
Buttermilk Ranch[more info]180170191.5015220302<1
Non-fat Vinaigrette[more info]12000000510290280
Potbelly Vinaigrette[more info]160130152.5002305040

Mac & Soups

Nutrition information for mac & soups does not include extras or toppings.

Broccoli Cheddar, Bowl[more info]35021024150801,490172512
Broccoli Cheddar, Cup[more info]23014016100551,00011138
Broccoli Cheddar, Side[more info]1701101280407509136
Chicken Pot Pie, Bowl[more info]42026029140851,110182312
Chicken Pot Pie, Cup[more info]28017019905574012128
Chicken Pot Pie, Side[more info]2101301470405609<126
Chili, Bowl[more info]3701501660601,4003061023
Chili, Cup[more info]250100114040930204715
Chili, Side[more info]1808083030700153512
Garden Vegetable, Bowl[more info]110500001,20023464
Garden Vegetable, Cup[more info]700000080015343
Garden Vegetable, Side[more info]600000060012232
Loaded Baked Potato, Bowl[more info]31018020110501,18024257
Loaded Baked Potato, Cup[more info]21012013703579016135
Loaded Baked Potato, Side[more info]1509010602559012134
Mac & Cheese, Bowl[more info]46017020101.5451,660513917
Mac & Cheese, Cup[more info]3001101371301,080332611
Mac & Cheese, Side[more info]230901050.52083026149

Mac - Extras

Chili[more info]30101.500<511520<12
Chopped Bacon[more info]7050520202800006
Hot Peppers[more info]25151.50005902100
Roasted Red Peppers[more info]1000000952<11<1
Sliced Mushrooms[more info]5000000<1<1<1<1

Soup - Extras

Avocado[more info]251520.5000110<1
Cheddar[more info]60404.53015900004
Chopped Bacon[more info]7050520202800006
Oyster Crackers[more info]702020006011001
Pot Pie Topper[more info]14090114.50060500<1
Sliced Onions[more info]0000000<1000

Sides & Chips

Doritos Cool Ranch[more info]150708100180182<12
Doritos Nacho Cheese[more info]14070810021016102
Lay's Classic[more info]16090101.500170151<10
Potbelly Whole Pickle[more info]25000002,1505421
Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar[more info]1405060.50020019222
Utz Cheese Curls[more info]23001440045022033
Zapp's Hotter 'N Hot Jalapeno Chips[more info]2201101220030024103
Zapp's Mesquite Bar-B-Que Chips[more info]2201101220017024113
Zapp's Regular Chips[more info]2201101220013025103
Zapp's Salt & Vinegar Chips[more info]2201101220038024103
Zapp's VooDoo Heat Chips[more info]2201101220036025113
Zapp's VooDoo Regular Chips[more info]22001220036024133


Nutrition information includes half of a white Originals sandwich or cup of Mac, served with applesauce, a mini oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and a bottle of water.

Kids' Combo Ham & Swiss[more info]5001301460551,0907032224
Kids' Combo Mac & Cheese[more info]53022025120551,4206842617
Kids' Combo PB&J[more info]7402603060<560010565120
Kids' Combo Turkey & Swiss[more info]4601001140459107132025

Bread - Kids

Bread - Multigrain[more info]210202.50.50031042429
Bread - Multigrain, Thin-Cut[more info]11001.50.50015021214
Bread - White[more info]210151.500030041119
Bread - White, Thin-Cut[more info]1000100015020<1<14

Toppings - Kids

Brown Mustard[more info]500000800000
Hot Peppers[more info]151010003001<100
Italian Seasoning[more info]00000000000
Lettuce[more info]00000000000
Mayo[more info]5050610<5350000
Oil[more info]1515200000000
Pickles[more info]000000100000
Sliced Onions[more info]00000000000
Tomato[more info]00000000000

Premium Toppings - Kids

Avocado[more info]4535410002201
Bacon[more info]60404.51.50102801005
Sliced Mushrooms[more info]100000001111

Sides - Kids

Apple Sauce[more info]50000000131110
Mini Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie[more info]1003541.50<55014181

Beverages - Kids

Kids Chocolate Milk[more info]190252.51.501503112910
Kids Milk[more info]13045530200130128
Water Bottle[more info]00000000000

Desserts & Shakes

Apple Caramel Cookie[more info]430170199015450621363
Birthday Cake Cookie[more info]380150176030350621345
Chocolate Brownie Cookie[more info]420170198035180584405
Chocolate Brownie Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich[more info]1,08045051230115430144810214
Chocolate Shake[more info]7703103621012026010118115
Cinnamon Roll Cookie[more info]420160187025340621385
Dozen Mini Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies[more info]1,1504204818060600168129612
Dream Bar[more info]4302102314045460512264
Lemon Cheesecake Cookie[more info]43017019802542061<1395
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie[more info]420150177030230603346
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich[more info]1,0804104721010553014869016
Orange Shake[more info]8003203721012525010809215
OREO® Shake[more info]7703504022012034090<16915
Strawberry Shake[more info]710300352001202409017313
Sugar Cookie[more info]5002002214180310700376
Sugar Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich[more info]1,2405105735220569016809616
Vanilla Shake[more info]700320372101252507806215

Shakes - Second Flavor Addition

Chocolate Syrup - Second Flavor[more info]1000000015241201
Coffee Syrup - Second Flavor[more info]700000010170160
OREO®[more info]90303.51.5009013<18<1
Vanilla[more info]50000000000

Shakes - Extras

Avocado[more info]604551.50003301
Bananas[more info]500000001327<1
Malt[more info]4010100<5406041
Mixed Berry[more info]200000005230
Strawberries[more info]300000058<170

Beverages - 22 fl oz Fountain

Coke[more info]2900000065800800
Coke Zero Sugar[more info]000000750000
Diet Coca Cola[more info]00000095<1000
Diet Dr. Pepper[more info]0000001300000
Dr. Pepper[more info]2600000080720710
Fanta Orange[more info]2900000075800790
Fuze Raspberry Tea[more info]1500000090420410
Minute Maid Lemonade[more info]25000000180690660
Sprite[more info]26000000120700700
Sweetened Iced Tea[more info]310000000780780
Unsweetened Iced Tea[more info]50000000000

Beverages - 32 fl oz Fountain

Coke[more info]430000009511601160
Coke Zero Sugar[more info]0000001100000
Diet Coca Cola[more info]000000135<1000
Diet Dr. Pepper[more info]000000190<1000
Dr. Pepper[more info]3800000012010501030
Fanta Orange[more info]4200000011011601150
Fuze Raspberry Tea[more info]22000000130610600
Minute Maid Lemonade[more info]360000002601000960
Sprite[more info]3800000018010201020
Sweetened Iced Tea[more info]45000000011301130
Unsweetened Iced Tea[more info]50000000000

Bottled Beverages

Arizona Tea[more info]1800000020500460
Cherry Coke 20 oz[more info]2600000060700700
Coca Zero Sugar 20oz[more info]000000700000
Coke 12oz[more info]1400000045390390
Coke 20oz[more info]2400000075650650
Crush[more info]1600000070430430
Diet Coke 12 oz[more info]000000400000
Diet Coke 20 oz[more info]000000700000
Diet Snapple Half & Half[more info]1000000151000
Honest Organic Honey Green Tea[more info]700000015190190
Honest Organic Peach Tea[more info]1000000020250250
IBC Cream Soda[more info]1800000070440440
IBC Root Beer[more info]1600000060400400
Nantucket Nectars Lemonade Bottle[more info]1800000045470430
Nantucket Nectars Orange Mango[more info]2200000055550530
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast[more info]13000000250350340
San Pellegrino[more info]000000200000
San Pellegrino Blood Orange[more info]140000000330330
Simply Orange[more info]160000000370332
Smartwater[more info]00000000000
Sprite 20oz[more info]24000000110640640
Vitamin Water Squeezed Lemonade[more info]00000005000
Vitamin Water XXX Acai Blue Pom[more info]120000000330320
Water Bottle[more info]00000000000

Oatmeal Toppings - Bowl

Bananas[more info]500000001327<1
Brown Sugar[more info]90000005250250
Diced Apples[more info]250000007150
Dried Cranberry[more info]90000000222170
Glazed Walnuts[more info]160130151.500404<133
Raisins[more info]7000000017113<1

Oatmeal Toppings - Cup

Bananas[more info]4500000011160
Brown Sugar[more info]50000000140140
Diced Apples[more info]150000004<130
Dried Cranberry[more info]5000000012<190
Glazed Walnuts[more info]100809100253022
Raisins[more info]6000000015<1110


Avo Turkey, Catering Portion[more info]2407093030590284217
A Wreck, Catering Portion[more info]25080114040660252216
BLTA, Catering Portion[more info]25090123.5015590274113
Chicken Salad & Provolone, Catering Portion[more info]280110133.5040420242216
Grilled Chicken & Cheddar, Catering Portion[more info]2204053055430242219
Grilled Chicken Club, Catering Portion[more info]2607094065640242223
Italian, Catering Portion[more info]270120145035810252213
Mediterranean, Catering Portion[more info]2505061.5050640293320
Mediterranean No Chicken, Catering Portion[more info]1904051.50<544029339
Roast Beef & Provolone, Catering Portion[more info]2306083.5030490252216
Smoked Ham & Swiss, Catering Portion[more info]2206083.5035720252216
Tuna Salad & Swiss, Catering Portion[more info]270110134030380242216
Turkey Breast & Swiss, Catering Portion[more info]2003552030590252116
Veggie Melt, Catering Portion[more info]280120147030350264214

Catering - Individual Lunch Box

Avo Turkey, Individual Lunch Box[more info]6501802480851,5807510447
A Wreck, Individual Lunch Box[more info]670220281101001,760675643
BLTA, Individual Lunch Box[more info]6802503190401,5807310436
Chicken Salad & Provolone, Individual Lunch Box[more info]76029035901101,140655443
Grilled Chicken & Cheddar, Individual Lunch Box[more info]59010014801451,150645551
Grilled Chicken Club, Individual Lunch Box[more info]710180231101651,710665561
Italian, Individual Lunch Box[more info]74032039140902,220675636
Mediterranean, Individual Lunch Box[more info]670130164.501301,710809855
Mediterranean No Chicken, Individual Lunch Box[more info]520110143.50151,190799723
Roast Beef & Provolone, Individual Lunch Box[more info]6301602190801,320675643
Smoked Ham & Swiss, Individual Lunch Box[more info]60016020901001,930675742
Tuna Salad & Swiss, Individual Lunch Box[more info]74029034100801,010655444
Turkey Breast & Swiss, Individual Lunch Box[more info]530901360851,570695444
Veggie Melt, Individual Lunch Box[more info]75031038180759407110538


Nutritional Information*

A 2000 calorie daily diet is used as the basis for general nutritional advice; however, individual calorie needs may vary.
Menu items may vary by location.

Nutritional Information*
This nutritional information is based on Potbelly recipes and serving sizes and has been rounded for clarity. Potbelly provides this information to our customers to help you make better informed nutritional decisions about what's on our menu. Our goal is to give you information you want to make your decisions about balance, variety and moderation in your diet. Nutritional values are compiled from three sources: data from our suppliers, an independent food laboratory, and published resources. As with all good things in life, there is some variation in nutritional value from item to item each time you visit us. Things beyond our control which cause nutritional value variation are: the weather, climate, and earth where the food was grown, the natural individuality of animals and plants, the way our suppliers calculate their nutritional values, and the difference between ingredients our suppliers use. Also, since at Potbelly we "handcraft" your sandwiches and salads just like you like them, this too will cause some variation. Nutritional values not included here include: test menu items, retail-packaged items, limited time offers, or certain regional menu items. Another source of Potbelly nutritional information can be found online at Potbelly is happy to talk to you personally about any specific dietary question or concern you have. E-mail us via our "Talk To Us" website link at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. But any health-related questions you have, and ALL information provided to you by Potbelly, should be reviewed with your doctor—after all, your doctor knows BEST.

Trans Fat**
Potbelly and our suppliers have worked to take out added trans fat in food where it is not necessary—(like in salad dressing). However, certain foods need a small amount of added trans fat. Our suppliers have changed these foods for us to reduce trans fat to the legally "zero" limit (less than 0.5 grams per 100 gram serving size). Some foods have naturally occurring trans fat (like butter, cheese and meat) which cannot be removed from food. These food items are noted with an asterisk*. Natural trans fat is exempt from current trans fat regulations because it can't be taken out.

Potbelly's Allergen Statement: Please read, this is VERY Important!

Potbelly Sandwich Shops does serve food that may cause allergic reactions (including eggs, milk, peanuts, seafood, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, and wheat). Despite taking precautions, normal shop operations may involve some shared preparation areas, equipment, and utensils; the possibility exists for your food items to come into contact with other food products, including allergens. Also, Potbelly's food suppliers may change ingredients that may change the information provided here. So please check back from time to time for updates. Wheat and Gluten categories are combined since all Potbelly items containing gluten contain wheat. If you have a food allergy, notify the Potbelly Shop Manager BEFORE ORDERING! Consulting your physician BEFORE dining at Potbelly is advised, if you are concerned that any of Potbelly's food may cause you adverse health effects. If you need ingredient lists for specific food items because you have a food allergy not addressed in this list, please e-mail your request through the "Talk To Us" link on Potbelly's website.

If any of your questions haven't been answered, please go to our website at and submit your question via the "TALK TO US" link.

We'll get back to you as soon as we can!