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[more info]Border Sampler2,0001,2001345922854,28010991192
[more info]Brisket Quesadillas1,300790883611703,1307651954
[more info]Chips & Salsa390170194.50047051635
[more info]Empanadas - Chicken Tinga With Queso1,110630703621252,120797840
[more info]Empanadas - Seasoned Ground Beef With Queso1,17071079342.5752,240767839
[more info]Fajita Quesadilla - Chicken1,190730823311852,460584454
[more info]Fajita Quesadilla - Steak1,28086096401.51501,980554552
[more info]Firecracker Stuffed Jalapenos With Queso920550613411404,16049141143
[more info]Grande Fajita Nachos - Chicken1,280670753402253,1107613472
[more info]Grande Fajita Nachos - Steak1,410870964411752,3907213669
[more info]Guac/Queso Duo Without Chip Basket54038042171651,92026101119
[more info]Guacamole453540.5001003201
[more info]Guacamole Live! Without Chip Basket760610688001,1604816115
[more info]Guacamole Without Chip Basket2401802030045015913
[more info]Signature Queso Bowl - Border Style Without Chip Basket28017018111501,860152914
[more info]Signature Queso Bowl - Primo Style Without Chip Basket580380432521252,5802131631
[more info]Signature Queso Bowl Without Chip Basket48031035221.51052,3501821526
[more info]Signature Queso Cup - Border Style Without Chip Basket1701001270351,1609159
[more info]Signature Queso Cup - Primo Style Without Chip Basket35023026151751,5801321018
[more info]Signature Queso Cup Without Chip Basket30020022131651,470111916
[more info]Stacked Nachos2,0101,150128521.52053,850146221575

Border Bowls

[more info]Border Bowls Grilled Chicken68018020501102,03086181042
[more info]Border Bowls Grilled Portobello5901501740101,7909020721
[more info]Border Bowls Grilled Shrimp670240264.50902,5708618633
[more info]Border Bowls Grilled Steak7302302580702,3108819740

Soup & Salads

[more info]Avocado Ranch Dressing130110123.50202502121
[more info]Chicken Tortilla Soup, Bowl54033058180251,200465428
[more info]Chicken Tortilla Soup, Cup3302103412025620243218
[more info]Chipotle-Honey Mustard Dressing330280315025320120121
[more info]Fajita Salad - Chicken440180213.501501,0902781741
[more info]Fajita Salad - Steak5102502880.5951,5003091238
[more info]Fat-Free Mango Citrus Vinaigrette800000014020080
[more info]Grande Taco Salad - Chicken Tinga60042068210359504191029
[more info]Grande Taco Salad - Seasoned Ground Beef69042047170.5751,6204011930
[more info]Mango Chicken Salad With Fat-Free Mango Citrus Vinaigrette3303541.50554904411029
[more info]Ranch Dressing2302202430254002021
[more info]Salsa20000004304131
[more info]Smoked Jalapeno Vinaigrette Dressing240210243.5008008070


[more info]Border Queso Beef Enchiladas51026029121701,610357626
[more info]Enchiladas, Side Black Beans2001010006703610011
[more info]Enchiladas, Side Mexican Rice22060620084037114
[more info]Enchiladas, Side Refried Beans2102020007103611012
[more info]Enchiladas Suizas80053090340909605781046
[more info]Ranchiladas1,150700126541.52352,410539980
[more info]Tomatillo Enchiladas - Chicken Tinga With Cilantro Lime Rice460901030451,290718522
[more info]Tomatillo Enchiladas - Spinach & Mushroom With Cilantro Lime Rice4208092.500910748312


[more info]Cheese Chile Relleno With Ranchero Sauce51029032160.5401,3703610719
[more info]Chile Relleno Combo82049055251952,0804612635
[more info]Create Your Own Enchiladas - Cheese & Onion With Chile Con Carne3602505222050510213217
[more info]Create Your Own Enchiladas - Chicken Tinga With Green Chile Sauce210130258015430173213
[more info]Create Your Own Enchiladas - Chicken Tinga With Sour Cream Sauce2501702911025260172214
[more info]Create Your Own Enchiladas - Ground Beef With Chile Con Carne31020046170.535420204217
[more info]Create Your Own Enchiladas - Spinach & Mushroom With Sour Cream Sauce22012014602547019327
[more info]Create Your Own Tacos - Chicken Tinga - Crispy2001402670<550162211
[more info]Create Your Own Tacos - Chicken Tinga - Soft2101202380<5350221213
[more info]Create Your Own Tacos - Dos Xx Fish With Creamy Red Chile Sauce4202302580401,120341214
[more info]Create Your Own Tacos - Ground Beef - Crispy250140155030380153212
[more info]Create Your Own Tacos - Ground Beef - Soft260120136030680212213
[more info]Empanadas - Beef With Queso51031035161401,100323518
[more info]Empanadas - Chicken With Queso48028031161601,050333518
[more info]Mini Chicken Chimi With Queso3201701911055940220417
[more info]Superior Dinner1,180730115491.51602,100758959


[more info]Border Smartsm Chicken Fajitas650120132.50901,5008020853
[more info]Corn Tortillas, 31702020001035314
[more info]Fajita, Carnitas76058065131.51101,840122634
[more info]Fajita, Grilled Chicken37013015301951,0401211348
[more info]Fajita, Grilled Shrimp5304404980.51252,270132525
[more info]Fajita, Grilled Steak4702302680.51201,590163744
[more info]Fajita, Monterey Ranch Chicken740430481602851,8901411468
[more info]Fajita, Portobello & Vegetables250150172001,040235106
[more info]Homemade Flour Tortillas, 33601001150090053208
[more info]Sour Cream604553.5020151011
[more info]The Ultimate Fajita98072081181.51852,8002341450

Burritos & Chimis

[more info]Add Sauce - Chile Con Carne140140642200011218
[more info]Add Sauce - Green Chile Sauce351010006805111
[more info]Add Sauce - Ranchero Sauce80303.50.50053010232
[more info]Add Sauce - Signature Queso24016017111501,18091813
[more info]Add Sauce - Sour Cream Sauce11080950303405012
[more info]Classic Burrito Without Sauce - Chicken Tinga69041077280551,100563547
[more info]Classic Burrito Without Sauce - Seasoned Ground Beef840420472311252,110555448
[more info]Classic Chimichanga Without Sauce - Chicken Tinga810390432101451,9705710648
[more info]Classic Chimichanga Without Sauce - Seasoned Ground Beef96050055271.5902,3406623650
[more info]Green Chile Carnitas Chimichanga1,23075083281.51302,700744948
[more info]Grilled California Burrito1,4409001003521102,380916549
[more info]The Big Bordurrito - Chicken1,570620692211554,74016113969
[more info]The Big Bordurrito - Steak1,75088098362853,770156131265
[more info]Three-Sauce Fajita Burrito - Chicken920360402001954,0707141064


[more info]Caribbean Mango Grilled Fish6502803180.5851,6705551341
[more info]Carne Asada99058065201.51352,9205561049
[more info]Chimichurri Chicken & Shrimp63025028602002,2105141351
[more info]Grilled Queso Chicken870380421612502,5506292265
[more info]Mexican Grilled Chicken With Salsa Fresca63016018301202,5106081359
[more info]Mexican Grilled Chicken With Tomatillo Sauce67016018302052,3006091070


[more info]Brisket Tacos, 285038042170902,5607932539
[more info]Brisket Tacos, 31,240560622501303,56011043158
[more info]Cabo Grilled Shrimp Tacos380230262.5085950317520
[more info]Dos Xx Fish Tacos, 21,08070077200.51052,530702528
[more info]Dos Xx Fish Tacos, 31,500920103280.51453,6401034742
[more info]Grilled Fish Tacos Del Mar370180202.5040610307522
[more info]Southwest Chicken Tacos, 21,080720802001651,670543838
[more info]Southwest Chicken Tacos, 31,500950106280.52352,3608041156
[more info]Street-Style Mini Tacos - Chicken67035040130.51901,3503261150
[more info]Street-Style Mini Tacos - Steak720420471711251,700358745


[more info]Border's Best Lunch Fajitas - Chicken Add Fajita Condiments310120142.501459201111136
[more info]Border's Best Lunch Fajitas - Steak Add Fajita Condiments3801902260.5901,330143734
[more info]Quesadilla Combo - Brisket Quesadilla67043048200.5951,390324428
[more info]Quesadilla Combo - Chicken Quesadilla68042047190.51101,500333331
[more info]Quesadilla Combo - Steak Quesadilla74051057231901,170313430

Sides & Add-Ons

[more info]Add-On Shrimp Skewer50404.500403901007
[more info]Avocado Slices8070710004301
[more info]Black Beans2001010006703612111
[more info]Cilantro Lime Rice Side18020200057037213
[more info]Corn Tortillas, 31702020001035314
[more info]Empanadas - Chicken Tinga, 3 With Queso48028031161601,050333518
[more info]Empanadas - Ground Beef, 3 With Queso51031035161401,100323518
[more info]French Fries With Ketchup490170184001,000746136
[more info]Grilled Shrimp Skewer50404.500403901007
[more info]Homemade Flour Tortillas, 33601001150090053208
[more info]House Salad Without Dressing24012013401025025436
[more info]Mexican Rice22060620084037114
[more info]Mixed Cheese11080950251701007
[more info]Pico De Gallo1050.50001301010
[more info]Refried Beans2306072.50<5560307110
[more info]Sauteed Vegetables1007081.5002908252
[more info]Side - Sour Cream6005300502001

Weekday Specials

[more info]Brownie Sundae For One6202903214075300763607
[more info]Taco Fix Tuesdays - Brisket, 1390180208045990311519
[more info]Taco Fix Tuesdays - Chicken Tinga - Crispy, 12001402670<550152111
[more info]Taco Fix Tuesdays - Chicken Tinga - Soft, 12101102380<5340201113
[more info]Taco Fix Tuesdays - Garnish - Lettuce & Tomato50000001010
[more info]Taco Fix Tuesdays - Seasoned Ground Beef - Crispy, 1240140155030380142111
[more info]Taco Fix Tuesdays - Seasoned Ground Beef - Soft, 1250110136030680202113
[more info]Taco Fix Tuesdays - Southwest Chicken, 1420240268070680261319
[more info]Taco Fix Tuesdays - Veggie - Crispy, 11701001130<514015223
[more info]Taco Fix Tuesdays - Veggie - Soft, 11808083.50<544021125


[more info]Coca-Cola1800000060510510
[more info]Coke Zero000000350000
[more info]Diet Coke000000500000
[more info]Dr Pepper1400000055360350
[more info]Flavored Ice Tea - Mango50000000120120
[more info]Flavored Ice Tea - Peach60000000160160
[more info]Iced Tea - Sweet1100000030270270
[more info]Iced Tea - Unsweet000000300000
[more info]Milk17060740251601601611
[more info]Minute Maid Lemonade1500000020400390
[more info]Sprite1500000035370330
[more info]Strawberry Lemonade2100000015531500


[more info]Border Brownie Sundae1,34062069321170640164712816
[more info]Caramel Churros8102903212110517011957310
[more info]Snickers Empanadas1,210550612527586014817617
[more info]Sopapillas1,3304104613001,110221613117
[more info]Sopapillas - Chocolate Sauce54017019600500863477
[more info]Sopapillas - Honey620160185004101132796
[more info]Two Caramel Churros360120144.504570532324


[more info]Big Kids Nachos - Fajita Chicken710370422001201,770445538
[more info]Big Kids Nachos - Seasoned Ground Beef74043048220.51001,480447535
[more info]Kids Beans Black2001010006703612111
[more info]Kids Beans Refried210606200520307110
[more info]Kids Border Chicken Strips With French Fries8203704290352,0708561328
[more info]Kids Build-Your-Own Mini Tacos With Mexican Rice & Refried Beans81032036130451,9609113331
[more info]Kids Cheese Quesadilla - Fajita Chicken With French Fries1,290720803111452,5809351348
[more info]Kids Cheese Quesadilla With French Fries1,210710793011051,9509151336
[more info]Kids Cheesy Chicken Taquitos5201101250407408654320
[more info]Kids Corn Dog With French Fries5802302660151,150775179
[more info]Kids Enchilada Plate - Beef Enchilada With Mexican Rice & Refried Beans72029056200.5351,7908711330
[more info]Kids Enchilada Plate - Cheese Enchilada With Mexican Rice & Refried Beans83038067280651,8008610235
[more info]Kids Enchilada Plate - Chicken Enchilada With Mexican Rice & Refried Beans66021024100501,9608510426
[more info]Kids French Fries280110122.50034040404
[more info]Kids Grilled Chicken Soft Taco With Mexican Rice & Refried Beans7002102390851,940879537
[more info]Kids House Salad Without Dressing100000052110
[more info]Kids Ice Cream Sundae - Chocolate Syrup2608096035100441343
[more info]Kids Ice Cream Sundae - Strawberry Puree220809503555341263
[more info]Kids Juice - Apple1005000010250210
[more info]Kids Juice - Cranberry120000000300260
[more info]Kids Juice- Orange1400000020340303
[more info]Kids Lemonade1000000015250250
[more info]Kids Mexican Rice22060620084037114
[more info]Kids Milk15050640251401501510
[more info]Kids Mini Sopapillas With Honey3108092.500210571393
[more info]Kids Soft Drink - Coke1200000035320320
[more info]Kids Soft Drink - Coke Zero000000250000
[more info]Kids Soft Drink - Diet Coke000000300000
[more info]Kids Soft Drink - Dr. Pepper900000035230220
[more info]Kids Soft Drink - Sprite900000020230210
[more info]Kids Strawberry Lemonade1300000010341320

Margaritas on the Rocks

[more info]1800 Mercedes Margarita290000002,840360280
[more info]Borderita Margarita340000002,840460400
[more info]Fresh Lime Skinny Margarita180000002,840240200
[more info]Green Apple Glacier Margarita330000002,850551450
[more info]House Rocks Grande Margarita260000002,860260230
[more info]House Rocks Regular Margarita200000002,860200170
[more info]Prickly Pear Margarita280000002,840280250
[more info]The Perfect Patron Margarita260000002,840340300

Frozen Margaritas

[more info]Blue Lagoon Grande Margarita420000002,900530440
[more info]Blue Lagoon Regular Margarita300000002,880370300
[more info]Coronarita Margarita390000002,890480350
[more info]Holiday Swirl Grande Margarita4800000050671610
[more info]Holiday Swirl Regular Margarita3300000035461410
[more info]House Grande Margarita340000002,890450400
[more info]House Regular Margarita220000002,870300260
[more info]Mango Tango Grande Margarita3500000055540480
[more info]Mango Tango Regular Margarita2300000035360320
[more info]Sangria Swirl Grande Margarita3800000055460400
[more info]Sangria Swirl Regular Margarita2500000035300260
[more info]Strawbrrrita Grande Margarita3600000055551490
[more info]Strawbrrrita Regular Margarita2600000035421380

Add an OTB Meltdown

[more info]Blue Curacao400000004040
[more info]Chambord450000002020
[more info]Cointreau800000008080
[more info]Grand Marnier600000005000
[more info]Gran Gala800000008080
[more info]Midori600000000000
[more info]Pama800000008080
[more info]Tequila600000000000


[more info]Angry Orchard Hard Cider190000000250200
[more info]Blue Moon170000001514002
[more info]Bohemia15000000014031
[more info]Bud Light1100000007001
[more info]Budweiser14000000011001
[more info]Coors Light10000000105000
[more info]Corona Extra150000001514041
[more info]Corona Light1000000005001
[more info]Dos Equis Ambar15000000013034
[more info]Dos Equis Amber Grande22000000021055
[more info]Dos Equis Amber Pitcher6500000006101416
[more info]Dos Equis Amber Regular13000000012033
[more info]Dos Equis Lager13000000011034
[more info]Dos Equis Lager Grande20000000018045
[more info]Dos Equis Lager Pitcher5900000005101316
[more info]Dos Equis Lager Regular12000000010033
[more info]Fireball Cinnamon Whisky110000000110110
[more info]Heineken14000000012002
[more info]Hornitos Tequila1000000000000
[more info]Michelob Ultra900000003001
[more info]Miller Lite1000000003000
[more info]Modelo Especial150000001514041
[more info]Modelo Negra1600000010150131
[more info]Pacifico1400000010140121
[more info]Tecate14000000013031


[more info]Cuba Libre Cocktail1400000020180160
[more info]Limeade Fresca Cocktail2700000020430360
[more info]Padre Island Tea Cocktail3000000015480420
[more info]Poncho Punch Cocktail2900000010370290
[more info]Red Sangria Glass170000005191140
[more info]Red Sangria Pitcher8300000030871701

Wine By The Glass

[more info]Red Wine17000000105010
[more info]Rose Wine18000000108081
[more info]White Wine17000000105020


[more info]Buffet Fajita - Chicken1,010410461601752,10099101353
[more info]Buffet Fajita - Combo1,040450501801502,20099111151
[more info]Buffet Fajita - Grande Portion Chicken1,130440491802252,270107101565
[more info]Buffet Fajita - Grande Portion Combo1,17049054200.51902,540109111264
[more info]Buffet Fajita - Grande Portion Steak1,22053059230.51502,81011112962
[more info]Buffet Fajita - Portobello Fajita91042047160301,810105131222
[more info]Buffet Fajita - Side Beans - Black12050.500040022606
[more info]Buffet Fajita - Side Beans - Refried130353.500031018606
[more info]Buffet Fajita - Side Rice - Cilantro Lime130151.500043027602
[more info]Buffet Fajita - Side Rice - Mexican17045500063028603
[more info]Buffet Fajita - Steak1,08048053200.51202,40010112950
[more info]Buffet Fajita - The Ultimate Fajita1,50078087261.52203,480114121472
[more info]Chicken Tenders, 11609010201041010108
[more info]Empanada - Chicken Tinga, 120011012602031015117
[more info]Empanada - Seasoned Ground Beef, 121013014601033014116
[more info]Enchilada - Cheese & Onion With Chile Con Carne, 13602505222050510213217
[more info]Enchilada - Chicken Tinga With Green Chile Sauce, 1210130258015430173213
[more info]Enchilada - Chicken Tinga With Sour Cream Sauce, 12501702911025260172214
[more info]Enchilada - Seasoned Ground Beef With Chile Con Carne, 131020046170.535420204217
[more info]Fajita & Taco Buffet1,00047052180.51251,74093121042
[more info]Fiesta Especial1,320770110461.51402,25099121150
[more info]Fiesta Favorites1,7901,020160661.51952,930141141178
[more info]Flair Of Mexico1,720910137571.51703,350149142569
[more info]Grande Fajita1,370600662611752,930135123360
[more info]Grande Traditional1,640910132541.51552,600140143057
[more info]Guacamole, 1 oz403540.500902201
[more info]Mini Burrito - Black Bean & Corn, 12108094.501541025318
[more info]Mini Burrito - Chicken Tinga, 1220120218015390201112
[more info]Mini Burrito - Seasoned Ground Beef, 1250120136030640202113
[more info]Mini Burrito - Spinach & Mushroom, 120090104.501561020117
[more info]Mini Chimichanga - Black Bean & Corn, 126012014501541025318
[more info]Mini Chimichanga - Chicken Tinga, 1230110137035500180112
[more info]Mini Chimichanga - Seasoned Ground Beef, 1240120146015590182211
[more info]Mini Chimichanga - Spinach & Mushroom, 124013015501561020117
[more info]Mini Quesadilla - Cheese, 13302302612055490100015
[more info]Mini Quesadilla - Chicken, 1280170198045630121114
[more info]Nacho Buffet - Chicken Tinga98057084291752,60086161742
[more info]Nacho Buffet - Fajita Chicken980470522111702,85083151949
[more info]Nacho Buffet - Fajita Combo1,000490552311502,99084161748
[more info]Nacho Buffet - Fajita Steak1,030520572411303,13085161647
[more info]Nacho Buffet - Seasoned Ground Beef1,07057063261.51153,27086181643
[more info]Side Beans - Black12050.500040022606
[more info]Side Beans - Refried130353.500031018606
[more info]Side Rice - Cilantro Lime130151.500043027602
[more info]Side Rice - Mexican17045500063028603
[more info]Signature Queso60404.52.50152902023
[more info]Stuffed Jalapeno, 11308094.50206007216
[more info]Taco - Chicken Tinga - Crispy, 12501803010020135162215
[more info]Taco - Chicken Tinga - Soft, 12601502810020430221216
[more info]Taco - Seasoned Ground Beef - Crispy, 1300180208040470163215
[more info]Taco - Seasoned Ground Beef - Soft, 1310150178040760222217
[more info]Taco Buffet - Chicken Tinga - Crispy6003304714020500607520
[more info]Taco Buffet - Chicken Tinga - Soft5903004414020790656520
[more info]Taco Buffet - Seasoned Ground Beef - Crispy6403303612045850598520
[more info]Taco Buffet - Seasoned Ground Beef - Soft64030033120401,120647421
[more info]Taste Of The Border1,6008501194411802,900134171366
[more info]Tex-Mex Combo1,00058089341951,3608011737
[more info]Texas Wing With Jalapeno BBQ Sauce, 1602020.50151353036
[more info]Tour Of Mexico1,8809601304412003,290175164069

Catering Border Bowls

[more info]Catering Border Bowls - Add Shrimp Skewer60505005043010010
[more info]Catering Border Bowls - Grilled Chicken1,20034038901603,120156271561
[more info]Catering Border Bowls - Grilled Combo1,230380421101303,330157271360
[more info]Catering Border Bowls - Grilled Portobello Mushroom1,0403103580102,760158281229
[more info]Catering Border Bowls - Grilled Shrimp1,15040045801153,60015527946
[more info]Catering Border Bowls - Grilled Steak1,270410461301003,530159281158

Individual Boxes

[more info]Big-As-Your-Mouth Burrito - Carnitas1,12043048130.5652,84013514740
[more info]Big-As-Your-Mouth Burrito - Chicken97027029901002,54013514945
[more info]Big-As-Your-Mouth Burrito - Portobello Mushroom9002502880252,36013916931
[more info]Big-As-Your-Mouth Burrito - Steak1,01030034110752,75013715744
[more info]Big-As-Your-Mouth Burrito - Veggie9603003390252,590141161030
[more info]Chilled Fajita Wrap - Chilled Fajita Wrap & Salad Combo Add House Or Confetti Rice Salad.81039044110.5302,1609091421
[more info]Chilled Fajita Wrap - Steak85036040110.51252,1808571542
[more info]Chilled Fajita Wrap - Veggie940470521511052,2508481041
[more info]Chocolate Pecan Dessert330180207045100342233
[more info]Confetti Rice Salad1807081.50055025223
[more info]Individual Boxes - Avocado Ranch130110123.50202502121
[more info]Individual Boxes - Chipotle-Honey Mustard330280315025320120121
[more info]Individual Boxes - Fajita Salad, Chicken57020023501501,32052111843
[more info]Individual Boxes - Fajita Salad, Steak64028031100951,73055131441
[more info]Individual Boxes - Fat-Free Mango Citrus Vinaigrette800000014020080
[more info]Individual Boxes - Mango Chicken Salad With Fat-Free Mango Citrus Vinaigrette59016018601101,10076132535
[more info]Individual Boxes - Ranch2302202430254002021
[more info]Individual Boxes - Salsa20000004304131
[more info]Individual Boxes - Smoked Jalapeno Vinaigrette240210243.5008109080
[more info]Lemon Dessert260120138065140320223
[more info]Taco Salad - Chicken Tinga81051078230351,34068131332
[more info]Taco Salad - Seasoned Ground Beef89051057190.5802,01067141233
[more info]Toffee Blondie290100126040220421273

Family Meals

[more info]Family Meal - Side Beans - Black600303.51002,02010835232
[more info]Family Meal - Side Beans - Refried640170186001,5708920229
[more info]Family Meal - Taco - Chicken Tinga - Crispy & Cheese Enchilada5,2202,6304121512.54059,4005295437171
[more info]Family Meal - Taco - Chicken Tinga - Soft & Cheese Enchilada5,2702,5204001532.540510,8905585137179
[more info]Family Meal - Taco - Seasoned Ground Beef - Crispy & Cheese Enchilada5,4402,85043716244009,4005255834175
[more info]Family Meal - Taco - Seasoned Ground Beef - Soft & Cheese Enchilada5,4902,740425164440010,8805535534183
[more info]Family Meals Enchilada - Cheese & Onion With Chile Con Carne6,0203,4306222454.551510,0305505836200
[more info]Family Meals Enchilada - Chicken Tinga With Green Chile Sauce4,5001,760196640.535512,5605255537162
[more info]Family Meals Enchilada - Chicken Tinga With Sour Cream Sauce4,8602,11023590149010,8705245039165
[more info]Family Meals Enchilada - Seasoned Ground Beef With Chile Con Carne5,4802,88056119653509,1805446832205
[more info]Family Meals Enchilada - Spinach & Mushroom With Sour Cream Sauce4,6402,140238871.52709,6505375436100
[more info]Family Meals Enchilasagna - Green Chile Carnitas5,0402,8803219854908,7704004634174
[more info]Family Meals Enchilasagna - King Ranch4,6402,6703951403.53656,8004405457198
[more info]Family Meals Enchilasagna - Veggie With Ranchero Sauce4,3102,060229863.53007,5104736958139
[more info]Family Meals Enchilasagna - Veggie With Tomatillo Sauce4,2302,010223863.53006,8704707162138
[more info]Family Meals Fajitas - Add Cheese4002903219010064030125
[more info]Family Meals Fajitas - Add Guacamole32026028400670181324
[more info]Family Meals Fajitas - Carnitas5,9302,650296903.554516,0105944241222
[more info]Family Meals Fajitas - Chicken5,1101,70018964283512,1005944166257
[more info]Family Meals Fajitas - Combo5,3101,890210752.568513,2006024555250
[more info]Family Meals Fajitas - Steak5,5002,080231853.553514,2906104944243
[more info]Taco Family Meal - Chicken Tinga - Crispy4,4101,8202025702958,7805085038143
[more info]Taco Family Meal - Chicken Tinga - Soft4,5101,610178610.529511,7405664438158
[more info]Taco Family Meal - Seasoned Ground Beef - Crispy4,8502,2702527932858,7704995832150
[more info]Taco Family Meal - Seasoned Ground Beef - Soft4,9502,050228833.528511,7305575232166

Group Meals

[more info]Group Meal Enchilada - Cheese & Onion With Chile Con Carne11,4206,5801,21348391,03019,9901,02210771393
[more info]Group Meal Enchilada - Chicken Tinga With Green Chile Sauce8,3903,250361120170525,05097210174318
[more info]Group Meal Enchilada - Chicken Tinga With Sour Cream Sauce9,1003,9404381732.598021,6609709277322
[more info]Group Meal Enchilada - Seasoned Ground Beef With Chile Con Carne10,3405,4901,0913851169518,3001,01012663403
[more info]Group Meal Enchilada - Spinach & Mushroom With Sour Cream Sauce8,6603,9904441672.554019,23099610071193
[more info]Group Meal Enchilasagna - Green Chile Carnitas9,9605,490613190899519,36078210187358
[more info]Group Meal Enchilasagna - King Ranch9,0705,030755265471514,060848111133387
[more info]Group Meal Enchilasagna - Veggie With Ranchero Sauce8,4403,860430162459015,590917141133271
[more info]Group Meal Enchilasagna - Veggie With Tomatillo Sauce8,3003,760418161459014,330911144141269
[more info]Group Meal Fajita - Add Cheese800580653801951,28060150
[more info]Group Meal Fajita - Add Guacamole630510578001,350362648
[more info]Group Meal Fajita - Chicken9,5303,1103451213.51,57023,5101,11673117458
[more info]Group Meal Fajita - Combo9,9203,47038614251,30525,6401,1328098450
[more info]Group Meal Fajita - Steak10,2603,81042416161,00527,6101,1478877433
[more info]Nacho Bar Group Meal - Chicken Tinga11,1106,320913312973522,7701,014169154426
[more info]Nacho Bar Group Meal - Seasoned Ground Beef11,9806,320703274151,15529,4101,007185146434
[more info]Taco Bar Group Meal - Add Queso & Sopapillas3,5201,67018697639010,20036813245116
[more info]Taco Bar Group Meal - Chicken Tinga - Crispy9,7004,3604851640.584519,2209969578350
[more info]Taco Bar Group Meal - Chicken Tinga - Soft9,9403,8504281731.584526,3201,1358277388
[more info]Taco Bar Group Meal - Seasoned Ground Beef - Crispy8,0604,170463178682015,7006487241332
[more info]Taco Bar Group Meal - Seasoned Ground Beef - Soft10,8304,740527217783026,3001,1169865403
[more info]Taco Bar Group Meal - Side Beans - Black1,1906071.5004,04021669364
[more info]Taco Bar Group Meal - Side Beans - Refried1,2803303712003,14017741458

Party Platters

[more info]Create Your Own Platter - Chicken Tender1609010201041010108
[more info]Create Your Own Platter - Empanada - Chicken Tinga20011012602031015117
[more info]Create Your Own Platter - Empanada - Seasoned Ground Beef21013014601033014116
[more info]Create Your Own Platter - Mini Chimichanga - Chicken Tinga230110137035500180112
[more info]Create Your Own Platter - Mini Chimichanga - Seasoned Ground Beef240120146015590182211
[more info]Create Your Own Platter - Mini Quesadilla - Chicken280170198045630121114
[more info]Create Your Own Platter - Stuffed Jalapeno1308094.50206007216
[more info]Create Your Own Platter - Texas Wings With Jalapeno BBQ Sauce602020.50151353036
[more info]Empanada Platters - Chicken Tender5,2102,970330167105759,7103753236188
[more info]Empanada Platters - Chicken Tinga5,3703,170352164114559,9903693337184
[more info]Empanada Platters - Seasoned Ground Beef5,5303,3703741601134010,2703643437180
[more info]Fajita Wrap Platters - Add Bacon & Avocado1,8301,3601514404055,2205036892
[more info]Fajita Wrap Platters - Chicken6,3702,990333794.585525,8605153291335
[more info]Fajita Wrap Platters - Steak8,0305,2505841701273017,4904423165316
[more info]Mini Chimichanga Platter - Black Bean And Corn6,7203,280367159840512,2906387437230
[more info]Mini Chimichanga Platter - Chicken Tinga6,1003,050339180691014,440452233315
[more info]Mini Chimichanga Platter - Seasoned Ground Beef6,2303,2403601671152016,4404625963288
[more info]Mini Chimichanga Platter - Seasoned Ground Beef And Chicken Tinga6,1603,150350173871515,4404573048301
[more info]Mini Chimichanga Platter - Spinach And Mushroom6,3403,460387160840517,0005324436201
[more info]Mini Quesadilla Platter - Cheese8,9206,34070733071,41513,7302902524369
[more info]Mini Quesadilla Platter - Fajita Chicken7,6504,800535228121,28517,1303173632371
[more info]Mini Quesadilla Platter - Fajita Steak8,3705,840651284161,01013,2402973643353
[more info]Mini Taco Platter - Chicken Tinga - Crispy2,1001,3902497911251,7201572225120
[more info]Mini Taco Platter - Seasoned Ground Beef - Crispy2,5001,390154623.53154,7101542921123
[more info]Party Platters - 5-Layer Dip, Large4,7302,840316152270511,2202708039190
[more info]Party Platters - 5-Layer Dip, Small2,4601,440160731.53206,020171522288
[more info]Party Platters - Combo Supremo Platter2,6101,5801757134859,2701162057144
[more info]Party Platters - Empanadas - Chicken Tinga1,580880984831552,45011910754
[more info]Party Platters - Empanadas - Seasoned Ground Beef1,6901,020113463.5802,64011511751
[more info]Party Platters - Flour Tortilla Crisps, Large3,4302,180243600253,490274181139
[more info]Party Platters - Flour Tortilla Crisps, Small1,7201,090121300101,7401379619
[more info]Party Platters - Mini Quesadilla - Fajita Chicken2,2201,3601526023705,0809346116
[more info]Party Platters - Mini Quesadilla - Fajita Steak2,4601,700190793.52803,7808649110
[more info]Party Platters - Tortilla Chips, Large4,7202,1602405802052059766955
[more info]Party Platters - Tortilla Chips, Small2,3801,0801202901026029933428

Party Packs

[more info]Party Pack - Add Mini Chicken Chimichangas2,8101,370152792.54056,04021709145
[more info]Party Pack - Mini Seasoned Ground Beef Chimichangas2,8701,470163734.52057,0402222924131
[more info]Standard Party Pack9,7704,990555214771021,380972142129250
[more info]Supreme Party Pack12,1406,34070424181,25525,7801,048143193421

Catering - Desserts

[more info]Assorted Dessert Bars5,5402,68029713047902,9006512547559
[more info]Assorted Dessert Platter7,7803,2603621494.58304,6801,0533271784
[more info]Catering - Caramel Churros1,63056064101.51502402411313718
[more info]Catering - Chocolate Walnut Brownies5,8102,93032613826753,0106523552065
[more info]Catering - Mini Sopapillas Platter3,03099011032002,6404861427239

By The Dozen

[more info]Chicken Tinga Empanada, 1 Dozen2,3701,3301477342353,680179151081
[more info]Enchilada - Cheese & Onion With Chile Con Carne, 1 Dozen4,3903,07063027486406,0902393425208
[more info]Enchilada - Cheese & Onion With Red Chile Sauce, 1 Dozen4,0302,7204332033.56106,1102313721162
[more info]Enchilada - Cheese With Chile Con Carne, 1 Dozen4,9803,5006782962.57905,2102333015265
[more info]Enchilada - Cheese With Ranchero Sauce, 1 Dozen4,9503,19035517407908,3902302527226
[more info]Enchilada - Cheese With Tomatillo Sauce, 1 Dozen4,7503,05033917107906,6602213037223
[more info]Enchilada - Chicken Tinga With Green Chile Sauce, 1 Dozen2,5801,630308971.51504,0502022524152
[more info]Enchilada - Chicken Tinga With Sour Cream Sauce, 1 Dozen3,0502,06035513333153,3402092523163
[more info]Enchilada - Seasoned Ground Beef With Chile Con Carne, 1 Dozen3,7202,40055520974205,1102364620208
[more info]Enchilada - Seasoned Ground Beef With Red Chile Sauce, 1 Dozen3,3802,0603601444.54105,1002244916168
[more info]Enchilada - Shredded Beef With Red Chile Sauce, 1 Dozen3,0001,6503151291.54255,3602164920185
[more info]Enchilada - Spinach & Mushroom With Sour Cream Sauce, 1 Dozen2,7801,550173803.53155,890231302281
[more info]Firecracker Stuffed Jalapenos, 1 Dozen1,600950105561.52307,15089271474
[more info]Grilled Shrimp, 1 Dozen260190210.502001,71020038
[more info]Mini Burritos - Black Bean & Corn, 1 Dozen2,590960106581.51504,9703103611102
[more info]Mini Burritos - Brisket With Jalapeno BBQ Sauce, 1 Dozen2,75088098450.532510,2603051759163
[more info]Mini Burritos - Brisket Without Jalapeno BBQ Sauce, 1 Dozen2,46085094440.53258,000242145162
[more info]Mini Burritos - Chicken Tinga, 1 Dozen2,6501,410252991.51654,6402531711151
[more info]Mini Burritos - Seasoned Ground Beef, 1 Dozen3,0401,4101578243557,630249248155
[more info]Mini Burritos - Seasoned Ground Beef And Chicken Tinga, 1 Dozen2,8101,230137671.53557,6702421511147
[more info]Mini Burritos - Spinach & Mushroom, 1 Dozen2,4001,050116581.51507,320257211088
[more info]Mini Chimichangas - Black Bean & Corn, 1 Dozen3,1201,4901666831504,9703103611102
[more info]Mini Chimichangas - Chicken Tinga, 1 Dozen2,8101,370152792.54056,04021709145
[more info]Mini Chimichangas - Seasoned Ground Beef, 1 Dozen2,8701,470163734.52057,0402222924131
[more info]Mini Chimichangas - Spinach & Mushroom, 1 Dozen2,9301,5701766931507,320257211088
[more info]Mini Quesadilla - Brisket Without Jalapeno BBQ Sauce, 1 Dozen3,1102,05022810254255,67012886139
[more info]Mini Quesadilla - Cheese, 1 Dozen4,1102,88032116486605,95012163186
[more info]Mini Quesadilla - Chicken, 1 Dozen3,3802,0502299855707,62014098179
[more info]Mini Quesadilla - Spinach & Mushroom, 1 Dozen2,9201,9302168952855,1501451310104
[more info]Mini Quesadilla - Steak, 1 Dozen3,7402,57028712684305,680130914170
[more info]Seasoned Ground Beef Empanada, 1 Dozen2,5301,5301706951153,960173161177
[more info]Taco - Brisket With Jalapeno BBQ Sauce, 1 Dozen4,9402,230247102252514,11044426116234
[more info]Taco - Chicken Tinga - Crispy, 1 Dozen2,1601,300271791.5855802052226139
[more info]Taco - Chicken Tinga - Soft, 1 Dozen2,5701,360277960.5854,1602732323158
[more info]Taco - Seasoned Ground Beef - Crispy, 1 Dozen2,6901,3001455653354,5602013122145
[more info]Taco - Seasoned Ground Beef - Soft, 1 Dozen3,1001,3601517343358,1402693219163
[more info]Taco - Shredded Beef - Crispy, 1 Dozen2,5601,230136490.53454,8701773524158
[more info]Taco - Shredded Beef - Soft, 1 Dozen2,6809701085413458,4202462823177
[more info]Taco - Southwest Chicken With Jalapeno BBQ Sauce, 1 Dozen5,3402,8603171053.585510,4803892493231

By The Quart

[more info]Black Beans, 1 Quart1,1906071.5004,04021669364
[more info]Border Queso, 1 Quart97060067382.51805,8004833044
[more info]Cilantro Lime Rice, 1 Quart1,340130153004,25027512425
[more info]Guacamole, 1 Quart1,3401,09012118002,8807756817
[more info]Mexican Rice, 1 Quart1,6604304814006,32028111426
[more info]Mixed Cheese, 1 Quart3,4002,48027616408405,4602605214
[more info]Pico De Gallo, 1 Quart390210242004,2004312258
[more info]Queso, 1 Quart1,7901,1701308163908,8306965696
[more info]Queso Blanco, 1 Quart2,4001,76019512296059,02049036124
[more info]Queso De Espinaca, 1 Quart1,7801,2901438664257,3504132889
[more info]Refried Beans, 1 Quart1,35039043160253,36017841463
[more info]Salsa, 1 Quart2903030.5006,45064134211
[more info]Sour Cream, 1 Quart1,9201,56017311156404803253232

Catering - Drinks

[more info]Catering - Flavored Iced Tea - Mango580000003514501380
[more info]Catering - Flavored Iced Tea - Peach75000000019201920
[more info]Iced Tea - Unsweet, 1 Gallon400000011511000
[more info]Lemonade - Strawberry, 1 Gallon2,390101000200615105784
[more info]Mango Margarita Mix Canteen1,90050.500044049114521
[more info]Minute Maid Lemonade, 1 Gallon1,7700000023046404480
[more info]Otb Margarita Mix Canteen1,4000000051035803160
[more info]Soft Drink - Coca-Cola, 1 Case3,360000001,08093609360
[more info]Soft Drink - Diet Coke, 1 Case0000009600000
[more info]Soft Drink - Sprite, 1 Case3,54015200080089807954
[more info]Strawberry Margarita Mix Canteen1,85050.500042046974183


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.