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pizza - small

1 of 6 slices

[more info]evermore - small slice1908094020300193<110
[more info]four corners - small slice1908094025450183110
[more info]genovese - small slice1707073.501540020418
[more info]kennett - small slice1707083015320183<18
[more info]margherita - small slice1505052.501525019317
[more info]morning star - small slice150454.52.501027020317
[more info]niagara (with blue cheese) - small slice1808083.5020340193<19
[more info]niagara (with ranch) - small slice200100104020430193<19
[more info]oahu - small slice140454.52.501529019327
[more info]road house - small slice2109094.5025430223310
[more info]santiago - small slice1505052.501526019317

pizza - medium

1 of 8 slices

[more info]evermore - medium slice230100104.5025360224<112
[more info]four corners - medium slice230110115030560224112
[more info]genovese - medium slice210808402049024529
[more info]kennett - medium slice2009094015390224<19
[more info]margherita - medium slice180606301530022318
[more info]morning star - medium slice180505301534024428
[more info]niagara (with blue cheese) - medium slice230100114.5025430223<111
[more info]niagara (with ranch) - medium slice230110124.5025470223<111
[more info]oahu - medium slice170606301536023429
[more info]road house - medium slice250110116030500263312
[more info]santiago - medium slice180606301532022328

pizza - large

1 of 8 slices

[more info]evermore - large slice290130136030460295115
[more info]four corners - large slice320150167040790285216
[more info]genovese - large slice270110115030680316212
[more info]kennett - large slice260120125025510285<112
[more info]margherita - large slice2307084020420284211
[more info]morning star - large slice2307073.5020470315211
[more info]niagara (with blue cheese) - large slice3001401560.530580284114
[more info]niagara (with ranch) - large slice3101501660.530630284<114
[more info]oahu - large slice2207073.5020480295311
[more info]road house - large slice330140158040660344416
[more info]santiago - large slice2308084020430295210


[more info]nkd caesar salad470340371201351,140132022
[more info]nkd capri salad54031035160951,220254330
[more info]nkd house salad5204104660<568021253


[more info]cheesy bread sticks1,380500522701352,28016726767
[more info]chicken wings1,070710792304802,10030085
[more info]gluten free chicken tenders3901201430901,080300033


[more info]gluten free chocolate chip cookie21090106030115301162
[more info]gluten free snickerdoodle cookie2208085040160351182

chicken dips

[more info]bbq sauce80101000620170130
[more info]blue cheese dressing10070850253503034
[more info]buffalo sauce230250275407600000
[more info]ranch dressing150130143.50207304<121

salad dressing

[more info]balsamic vinaigrette350330375002204020
[more info]blue cheese dressing10070850253503034
[more info]caesar dressing21017019501054301009
[more info]ranch dressing150130143.50207304<121


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.