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American Comfort Breakfasts

[more info]All-Butter Croissant Egg & Bacon Sandwich85048053260.54652,1305951836
[more info]Farmhouse Tacos1,050680752209603,320375855
[more info]Fried Chicken & Waffles1,1502502815031083015725466
[more info]Steak & Eggs1,650830922606104,530115131588
[more info]Steel-Cut Oatmeal540100112.501041097105114


[more info]Baked Brie to Share65031035130608906352917
[more info]Calamari650260292.501401,420684529
[more info]Hand-Mixed Guacamole & Chips790420468001,0208818710
[more info]Seven Meatballs800490552122602,210242347
[more info]Trio of Seasoned Deviled Eggs620460511301,03090071232
[more info]Warm Spinach Artichoke Dip99052057201651,7908913925

Breakfast Benedicts

[more info]Corned Beef Hash Benedict1,110770863736352,450451738
[more info]Eggs Benedict1,030610682815353,340551743
[more info]Potato Cakes Eggs Benedict800470522714901,5506062127
[more info]Slow-Smoked Ham Croissant Benedict1,020630703315603,240531942
[more info]Smoked Salmon Benedict810470522315301,900525734

Breakfast Griddle

[more info]Banana Nut Griddlecakes (add eggs and choice of breakfast meat)1,460680751501202,130170136927
[more info]Brioche French Toast (add eggs and choice of breakfast meat)80020022601951,19013255118
[more info]Cinnamon Roll French Toast (add eggs and choice of breakfast meat)1,120340371502801,15017969621
[more info]Lemon Poppy Seed Griddlecakes (add eggs and choice of breakfast meat)1,110370411001402,41015795025
[more info]Orange Creme French Toast (add eggs and choice of breakfast meat)62020022901557409735110
[more info]Three Buttermilk Griddlecakes (add eggs and choice of breakfast meat)1,04030034801502,44015584825

Breakfast Handmade Crepes & Quiche

[more info]Banana & Strawberry Crepes with Nutella87036040180140390114117012
[more info]Breakfast Quiche Florentine810430472302259207232025
[more info]Breakfast Quiche Lorraine87046051250.52401,0407232029
[more info]Egg, Spinach & Cheese Crepes600370412016559303331726
[more info]Hickory-Smoked Ham & Swiss Crepes850510563002902,060414844
[more info]Turkey, Bacon & Mushroom Brie Crepes930560622908101,960375652

Breakfast Omelets

[more info]Andouille Sausage & Red Pepper Omelet (add choice of toast or muffin)800470521507652,270364741
[more info]Bacon Avocado Omelet (add choice of toast or muffin)900590661907602,030355541
[more info]Egg White & Veggie Omelet (add choice of toast or muffin)3001101260207602131425
[more info]Hickory-Smoked Ham & Cheese Omelet (add choice of toast or muffin)730440491507702,080311442
[more info]Santa Fe Egg White Omelet (add choice of toast or muffin)2603041008903442320
[more info]Santa Fe Omelet (add choice of toast or muffin)52028031908401,160316628
[more info]Smoked Salmon Omelet (add choice of toast or muffin)570330371208701,340224235

Breakfast Sides

[more info]Breakfast Roasted Potatoes230110131.50088024004
[more info]Corned Beef Hash42030033132.5160850131217
[more info]Egg Whites600000018010011
[more info]Eggs160110123.5037043010013
[more info]English Muffin19070820029022115
[more info]Fresh-Cut Fruit500000015131111
[more info]Hickory-Smoked Bacon140110124.50155500007
[more info]Oatmeal420110131.5003707364210
[more info]Pork Sausage Links310260291206052020012
[more info]Rye Toast4108092.500940685112
[more info]Side of 2 Buttermilk Pancakes63020023501001,6308942016
[more info]Slow-Smoked Ham1609093.50651,44000118
[more info]Sourdough Toast3509010300670542010
[more info]Turkey Sausage Links1406071.506063000017
[more info]White Toast33011012302058047268
[more info]Whole Wheat Toast25080920045042648

Breakfast Waffles

[more info]Bacon & Apple Waffles (add eggs and choice of breakfast meat)65036039110240460582616
[more info]Banana Nut Waffles (add eggs and choice of breakfast meat)89050055110701,2208382916
[more info]Lemon Poppy Seed Waffles (add eggs and choice of breakfast meat)5602102470701,2807241812
[more info]Strawberries & Creme Waffles (add eggs and choice of breakfast meat)7502602918021019010815212
[more info]Two Waffles (add eggs and choice of breakfast meat)88024027130.51601,15014926511


[more info]Bacon Avocado Sourdough Burger (add choice of side)1,160660732511402,150767851
[more info]Brioche Cheeseburger (add choice of cheese and side)65032036121801,730543927
[more info]Hand-Made Guacamole Burger (add choice of side)83044049171.51052,5506391036
[more info]Hickory Bacon Cheddar Burger (add choice of side)1,300690772621303,51010543947
[more info]Mushroom Brie Burger (add choice of side)84050055230170960291352

Cafe Sandwiches

[more info]5-Cheese Grilled Sandwich (add choice of side)74034037180.5801,400642238
[more info]Avocado & Tomato Croissant Sandwich (add choice of side)6103704121090710547610
[more info]B-L-T Sandwich (add choice of side)73044048130651,750513823
[more info]B-L-T Sandwich with Avocado Add-On (add choice of side)81051055140651,760556824
[more info]Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwich (add choice of side)5702502812075580453617
[more info]Roasted Turkey Club Sandwich (add choice of side)1,010420471101251,850865457
[more info]Tuna & Cheddar Melt (add choice of side)930460521711001,750673552

Craft Sandwiches

[more info]Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich (add choice of side)990440491501402,470745658
[more info]French Dip (add choice of side)66019022801053,220673646
[more info]French Dip with Bell Pepper, Onion, Mushroom, Mozzarella Add-On (add choice of side)88033037150.51353,600744862
[more info]Grilled Chicken & Guacamole Sandwich (add choice of side)850300341001352,830748661
[more info]Roasted Turkey & Brie Melt (add choice of side)69027030170.51407806852837
[more info]Turkey, Bacon & Pesto Sandwich (add choice of side)1,08052058130.51501,640696668
[more info]West Coast Reuben (add choice of side)1,270640722502052,5708071171


[more info]Creme Brulee Cheesecake620370422422154405214311
[more info]Molten Chocolate Cake5902402611065490805596


[more info]Beef Pot Roast820430482302202,390474845
[more info]Beer Battered Fish & Frites1,560900991711302,33014191328
[more info]Chicken Parmesan1,180410461412452,35011081783
[more info]Chicken Pot Pie980500562202101,8105351261
[more info]Chicken Tillamook Cheddar Mac1,790920102351.52803,27010358100
[more info]French Pot Roast830420472201952,7705651142
[more info]Grilled Atlantic Salmon75046052140.5352,040323242
[more info]Meatloaf & Mash85040044212.52803,1805541054
[more info]Quiche Florentine (add choice of muffin)900520572402251,1607041126
[more info]Quiche Lorraine (add choice of muffin)96055061260.52401,2807041131
[more info]Roasted Chicken Crepes86054061271.53101,1603551041
[more info]Slow-Roasted Turkey68022025120.51602,0305841053
[more info]Wild-Caught Sauteed Sole780400451501503,480494642

Farmhouse Two-Egg Breakfasts

[more info]Corned Beef Hash & Eggs (add choice of toast or muffin)83053060192.55352,160381334
[more info]Eggs (add choice of toast or muffin)37019021503701,340250117
[more info]Hickory-Smoked Bacon & Eggs (add choice of toast or muffin)53032036903901,870250124
[more info]Pork Sausage & Eggs (add choice of toast or muffin)710480531604301,840270129
[more info]Slow-Smoked Ham & Eggs (add choice of toast or muffin)56030034804402,760250235
[more info]Turkey Sausage & Eggs (add choice of toast or muffin)53028031604301,950250133

Fresh From the Bakery

[more info]All Butter Croissant44025028150.55045040257
[more info]Almond Croissant3902102310055250402147
[more info]Buttermilk Spice Muffin880330371308579012237113
[more info]Carrot Raisin Nut Muffin8304304880100990922549
[more info]Chocolate Croissant290150161004527032295
[more info]Cinnamon Brioche Roll810240271102570013347012
[more info]Honey Bran Muffin65020023708065011025714
[more info]Low-Fat Blueberry Muffin520100112001,2301023577
[more info]Multigrain Croissant400220251204537041246

Frites Grill

[more info]Grilled Chicken & Frites1,210500561201252,910115141459
[more info]Grilled Salmon & Frites1,28061068140.503,530122161551
[more info]Meyer Lemon Mussels & Frites1,9701,090122401.52253,07013411377
[more info]Roasted Half Chicken & Frites1,030580641901502,7506792142
[more info]Steak Frites1,490720802201854,180114131475

Kids Breakfast

[more info]Kids Chocolate Chip Pancakes5702002380701,0807832811
[more info]Kids Pancakes4201401530701,0806031311
[more info]Kids Scrambled Eggs & Bacon260170196048543010118

Kids Desserts

[more info]Kids Ice Cream Scoop with Caramel Sauce1906075030110300203
[more info]Kids Ice Cream Scoop with Chocolate Sauce180607402590300203

Kids Lunch & Dinner

[more info]Kids Chicken Fingers630350397080590393233
[more info]Kids Grilled Cheese320170199050550241314
[more info]Kids Grilled Chicken & Vegetables1808092.505556053223
[more info]Kids Ham & Cheese Crepes600410462202802,080130436
[more info]Kids Mini Corn Dogs300190214.503550021237
[more info]Kids Noodles with Alfredo390130147090610492217
[more info]Kids Noodles with Butter & Parmesan Cheese400170195065350462113
[more info]Kids Noodles with Marinara3306061060460563712
[more info]Kids PB & J Crepes480260291001402104022312
[more info]Kids Soup and Salad (add salad dressing and choice of soup)60101.500014011213
[more info]Kids Tillamook Cheddar Mac & Cheese290150176030600241210
[more info]Kids Turkey Dinner2205061.5075730121228

Kids Sides

[more info]Kids Applesauce800000015212160
[more info]Kids Broccoli806061.500805323
[more info]Kids Fresh Hand-Cut Idaho Russet Fries4702102440078059604
[more info]Kids Mashed Potatoes30013014904093037378
[more info]Kids Mixed Fruit500000015121101
[more info]Kids Sliced Apples4500000013290

Kids Soups

[more info]Kids Clam Chowder, Cup280170191308595013029
[more info]Kids Corn Chowder, Cup27014016905577027275
[more info]Kids French Onion, Cup2501201460201,820202613
[more info]Kids Tomato Basil, Cup280200221208058014242

Le Duets

[more info]Le Duet Caesar Salad (add soup and side)22016018301540012224
[more info]Le Duet Half 5-Cheese Grilled Sandwich (add soup and side)370170199040700311120
[more info]Le Duet Half B-L-T Sandwich (add soup and side)370220246030880272511
[more info]Le Duet Half Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich (add soup and side)5302602890701,270373329
[more info]Le Duet Half French Dip (add soup and side)4201701970601,960392523
[more info]Le Duet Half French Dip with Bell Pepper, Onion, Mushroom, Mozzarella Add-On (add soup and side)54024027110.5752,150422631
[more info]Le Duet Half Grilled Chicken & Guacamole Sandwich (add soup and side)4701902160701,560406431
[more info]Le Duet Half Roasted Turkey Club (add soup and side)490200225060920433228
[more info]Le Duet Half Tuna & Cheddar Melt (add soup and side)470230269050880342326
[more info]Le Duet Half West Coast Reuben (add soup and side)670340381301201,640403640
[more info]Le Duet House Salad (add soup and side)140901010025011223
[more info]Le Duet Petite Bacon & Bleu Cheese Salad (add soup and side)3002002260254901731210
[more info]Le Duet Petite Spinach Salad with Mushroom, Egg & Bacon Balsamic Vinaigrette (add soup and side)1608093.50195380113511

Salad Dressings

[more info]Bacon Balsamic Vinaigrette7020210<5320110102
[more info]Balsamic Vinaigrette260240272.5003205050
[more info]Caesar Dressing2302102440204402012
[more info]Fat-Free Balsamic Vinaigrette6000000310160150
[more info]Honey Djion Vinaigrette2001601830153008070
[more info]Ranch Dressing1801701930203602011
[more info]Red Wine Shallot Vinaigrette230230262003402010
[more info]Thousand Island Dressing2001701930153707051


[more info]Bacon & Bleu Cheese Salad (add choice of baguette or muffin)80052058170751,2904773328
[more info]Bacon & Blue Cheese Salad with Grilled Chicken900540601801301,7704773348
[more info]Chicken Chop Salad (add choice of baguette or muffin)6203403760709704282431
[more info]Cobb Salad (add choice of baguette or muffin)500280311202858801981042
[more info]Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (add choice of baguette or muffin)5103303770851,230164428
[more info]Mediterranean Salad with Roasted Chicken (add choice of baguette or muffin)53035039801102,290176439
[more info]Spinach Salad with Grilled Atlantic Salmon (add choice of baguette or muffin)54027030902001,1802551248


[more info]Bleu Cheese Crumbles10080950252801017
[more info]Broccoli806061.500805323
[more info]Brussel Sprouts13090101.50155007326
[more info]Cheddar Cheese1701201480.54027010010
[more info]Fresh Hand-Cut Idaho Russet Fries780340387001,2909712012
[more info]Golden Buttermilk Onion Strings5303704280059034246
[more info]Green Beans805061.500606221
[more info]House Salad140901010025011223
[more info]Jack Cheese10080850.5301701007
[more info]Mashed Potatoes30013014904093037378
[more info]Mixed Fruit500000015131111
[more info]Mozzarella Cheese160901060.53034010015
[more info]Petite Baguette14010100031028115
[more info]Roasted Potatoes2901701920091025004
[more info]Sauteed Spinach452531003204203
[more info]Swiss Cheese1601101270409000012


[more info]Corn Chowder Soup, Bowl44023026150901,250444117
[more info]Corn Chowder Soup, Cup27014016905577027275
[more info]French Onion Soup, Bowl45023025110453,0603331122
[more info]French Onion Soup, Cup2501201460201,820202613
[more info]Tomato Basil Soup, Bowl3902803117011081020363
[more info]Tomato Basil Soup, Cup280200221208058014242

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