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Calories Calories from Fat Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Total Carbohydrates (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)


[more info]Angel Food Cake11000025191
[more info]Apple Pie10000021173
[more info]Barista Blend Coffee9000020163
[more info]Black Cherry Greek Yogurt10000019147
[more info]Café Latte10000022184
[more info]Carrot Cake10000021163
[more info]Cinnamon Bun12000026213
[more info]Classic Cheesecake11000023184
[more info]Cotton Candy9000020173
[more info]Country Vanilla11000023184
[more info]Eggnog11000023182
[more info]Fancy French Vanilla10050021174
[more info]French Toast10050021174
[more info]Fresh Shredded Coconut11000022184
[more info]Hawaiian Pineapple10000022183
[more info]Honey Greek Yogurt9000016117
[more info]Huckleberry10000022173
[more info]Irish Mint11000023204
[more info]It's Pumpkin Time12000025214
[more info]Jumpin' Java Latte11000023194
[more info]Lemon Greek Yogurt9000016117
[more info]Luscious Lemon10000022183
[more info]Maple Bacon Donut10000021173
[more info]Mountain Blueberry10000022184
[more info]Orchard Cherry11000024203
[more info]Original Greek Yogurt9000016117
[more info]Outrageous Orange10000022183
[more info]Peachy Keen11000024203
[more info]Pecan Praline - Nonfat11000023183
[more info]Pineapple8050018180
[more info]Pop-arazzi Popcorn10000022183
[more info]Pure Chocolate11000025173
[more info]Ripe Red Strawberry11000023183
[more info]Roasted Pistachio11000022184
[more info]Rockin' Salted Caramel12000025193
[more info]Rootbeer Float10000022183
[more info]Smurfberry10000022162
[more info]Summer Sweet Raspberry11000023183
[more info]Taro11000022184
[more info]Thin Mint Cookies11050024182
[more info]Toasted Marshmallow10000022193
[more info]Tropical Lychee10000022184
[more info]Vanilla Snow10000022184
[more info]White Chocolate Mousse10000022173
[more info]Wild Blackberry11000024203


[more info]Birthday Cake10051020164
[more info]Chocolate Caramel Turtle130152120164
[more info]Chocolate Chip Cookie11051023162
[more info]Chocolate Dipped Banana110101123184
[more info]Cookies n' Cream10000023184
[more info]Creamy Peanut Butter130202023184
[more info]Dulce de Leche130203224203
[more info]Dutch Chocolate120253220153
[more info]Honey Graham Crumble10051025183
[more info]ICSB12051025194
[more info]Milk Chocolate Mania11050.5024184
[more info]Mud Pie10051024194
[more info]P.B.'s cup140202025204
[more info]Red Velvet Royale130102027214
[more info]Salted Caramel Corn120202223183
[more info]Strawberry Shortcake Delight130101029224
[more info]Takes The Cake Batter130101026204
[more info]Toffee Candy130152126183
[more info]Uber Fudgy Brownie Batter120152026183


[more info]Black Cherry Tart11000024203
[more info]Blue Raspberry Tart11000023193
[more info]Blueberry Pomegranate Tart11000024203
[more info]Green Apple Tart11000025203
[more info]Peach Mango Tart11000023193
[more info]Pineapple Tart11000025203
[more info]Pomegranate Raspberry Tart10000022173
[more info]Purely Tart9000019153
[more info]Tropical Tart10000021163
[more info]Wild Berry Tart10000021163


[more info]Chocolate Fudge Sorbet10050.5025141
[more info]Fruit Punch Sorbet10000026170
[more info]Green Apple Sorbet9000022160
[more info]Honeydew Melon Sorbet9000024160
[more info]Island Mango Sorbet10000022160
[more info]Key Lime Sorbet9000023170
[more info]Kiwi Strawberry Sorbet10000026180
[more info]Orange Burst Sorbet9000023170
[more info]Pom Raz Sorbet10000024170
[more info]Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet9000022160
[more info]Sweet Pink Kemonade Sorbet9000024170
[more info]Very Berry Sorbet9000022160
[more info]Watermelon Sorbet9000022160


[more info]Butterscotch900001864
[more info]Cheesecake800001963
[more info]Chocolate Bar900011975
[more info]Classic Vanilla900001864
[more info]Coffee800001964
[more info]Juicy Strawberry800001863
[more info]Mint800001964
[more info]Mocha - No Sugar Added900001864
[more info]Praline800001963
[more info]Raspberry900001974
[more info]Strawberry Banana Medley900001874


[more info]Angel Food Cake - Low Carb, No Sugar Added450001133
[more info]Banana - Low Carb, No Sugar Added450001133
[more info]Banana Cheesecake450001133
[more info]Banana Macadamia Nut450001133
[more info]Blueberry Cheesecake450001133
[more info]Boysenberry450001133
[more info]Butter Pecan450001133
[more info]Butterscotch - Low Carb, No Sugar Added450001133
[more info]Candy Cane450001133
[more info]Cappuccino450001133
[more info]Caramel450001133
[more info]Caramel Fudge450001133
[more info]Chocolate Banana4510101123
[more info]Chocolate Cheesecake4510101123
[more info]Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough4510101123
[more info]Chocolate Malt4510101123
[more info]Chocolate Mint4510101123
[more info]Chocolate Peanut Butter4510101123
[more info]Chocolate Raspberry4510101123
[more info]Coffee Royale450001133
[more info]Cookies n' Cream - Low Carb, No Sugar Added4510101123
[more info]Devil's Food Cake4510101123
[more info]Eggnog - Low Carb, No Sugar Added450001133
[more info]French Vanilla450001133
[more info]German Chocolate Cake4510101123
[more info]Grasshopper450001133
[more info]Green Tea450001133
[more info]Juicy Raspberry450001133
[more info]Lemon450001133
[more info]Mango450001133
[more info]Maple Nut450001133
[more info]Marshmallow450001133
[more info]Mocha4510101123
[more info]Mocha Fudge4510101123
[more info]New York Cheesecake450001133
[more info]Orange Vanilla450001133
[more info]Peach450001133
[more info]Peanut Butter450001133
[more info]Pecan Praline450001133
[more info]Pistachio450001133
[more info]Piña Colada450001133
[more info]Pumpkin450001133
[more info]Raspberry Cheesecake450001133
[more info]Roasted Almond450001133
[more info]Strawberry450001133
[more info]Strawberry Shortcake450001133
[more info]Toffee Coffee450001133
[more info]Toffee Nut450001133
[more info]Vanilla Malt450001133
[more info]Very Berry450001133
[more info]White Chocolate Raspberry450001133
[more info]World Class Vanilla450001133

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