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Calories Calories from Fat Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)


[more info]Bruschetta48025028140601,2504331614
[more info]Garlic Bread510102514060930555612
[more info]Garlic Cheese Bread750360402401051,560585630
[more info]Hummus Dip33025200008103510510
[more info]Magic Mushroom Soup35021024130651,040155318
[more info]Meatball Trio440260291301001,100153435
[more info]Pepperoni Garlic Cheese Bread90048053290.51402,060585636
[more info]Pita22030300052041227
[more info]Pretzel, butter and parm (3)9401802190352,390154121732
[more info]Pretzel, butter and salt (3)9101601970308,300154121730
[more info]Roasted Red Potatoes12025300022022223
[more info]Spinach Artichoke Dip, App870410653701751,700423328
[more info]Stuffed Portobello250901060259902761414
[more info]The Capri57037041170554202832031
[more info]Toast Points260190211305532014<103
[more info]Tomato Bisque3007022110551,210191108
[more info]Tortilla Soup36015026100451,520184613
[more info]Tortilla Soup + chix4001302490601,720184628
[more info]Turbo Dog Beer Cheese Soup4002803117080900133018
[more info]Wings, BBQ - 10 wings670330361002852,5402901053
[more info]Wings, BBQ - 5 wings33016018501401,260140527
[more info]Wings, Hot - 10 wings730450501202852,950120056
[more info]Wings, Hot - 5 wings27015017501401,470100027
[more info]Wings, Jerk - 10 wings560300331002851,99030454
[more info]Wings, Jerk - 5 wings28015017501401,00010227
[more info]Wings, Mild - 10 wings730450501202853,000138156
[more info]Wings, Mild - 5 wings36022025601401,48060028
[more info]Wings, Sweet Thai Chili - 10 wings740300331002852,9105134154
[more info]Wings, Sweet Thai Chili - 5 wings37015017501401,4502622027

Pizza Slices

Per slice. Small = 1 of 4 slices, Medium = 1 of 6 slices, Large = 1 of 8 slices

[more info]Buffalo Chicken, Large Slice5402302690501,490493525
[more info]Buffalo Chicken, Medium Slice5002002380501,380463525
[more info]Buffalo Chicken, Small Slice4001501860401,100393419
[more info]Cheese, Large Slice3508094.5020930483516
[more info]Cheese, Medium Slice3207084020860453515
[more info]Cheese, Small Slice2806073015740403513
[more info]Funky Q. Chicken, Large Slice4901601880501,4005421025
[more info]Funky Q. Chicken, Medium Slice4501401670501,310512925
[more info]Funky Q. Chicken, Small Slice3801201360401,070432821
[more info]Great White, Large Slice4201401770301,010493418
[more info]Great White, Medium Slice380130156025910453416
[more info]Great White, Small Slice320100124.5020760392413
[more info]Holy Shiitake Pie, Large Slice470150238035950473417
[more info]Holy Shiitake Pie, Medium Slice450160248030900443417
[more info]Holy Shiitake Pie, Small Slice380120186025760382414
[more info]House Special, Large Slice4801601880501,320514625
[more info]House Special, Medium Slice4501501770451,230484624
[more info]House Special, Small Slice3801201460351,050424620
[more info]Kosmic Karma, Large Slice4301401660251,080524518
[more info]Kosmic Karma, Medium Slice4001301560251,010474517
[more info]Kosmic Karma, Small Slice330100124.5020830413414
[more info]Loaded Potato Pie, Large Slice57024028110501,230533423
[more info]Loaded Potato Pie, Medium Slice52023026100451,120493421
[more info]Loaded Potato Pie, Small Slice420170207035910433417
[more info]Magical Mystery Tour, Large Slice4701902180301,070473319
[more info]Magical Mystery Tour, Medium Slice4301701980301,000443318
[more info]Magical Mystery Tour, Small Slice360130156020830382315
[more info]Maui Wowie, Large Slice5302102480451,270502724
[more info]Maui Wowie, Medium Slice4801902170451,180472723
[more info]Maui Wowie, Small Slice390140166035960402619
[more info]Mega-Veggie, Large Slice4101201360251,140535619
[more info]Mega-Veggie, Medium Slice3901001250251,110505618
[more info]Mega-Veggie, Small Slice33080104020930444615
[more info]Mighty Meaty, Large Slice5101802090601,420493628
[more info]Mighty Meaty, Medium Slice4801702080601,350453527
[more info]Mighty Meaty, Small Slice4001301560451,110403522
[more info]Ribeye Pie, Large Slice4701702080451,110463323
[more info]Ribeye Pie, Medium Slice4401601980451,010433323
[more info]Ribeye Pie, Small Slice370130156035850382319
[more info]Thai Dye Pie, Large Slice4201001350301,070533920
[more info]Thai Dye Pie, Medium Slice4001101350301,010503820
[more info]Thai Dye Pie, Small Slice33080103.5025830433716


[more info]Cheese Calzone1,15027032160.5703,070157111754
[more info]Chicken and Cheese Calzone1,28029034170.51153,300167132273
[more info]Steak and Cheese Calzone1,36035041200.51203,150167132278
[more info]Veggie Supreme Calzone1,20027032160.5703,150165152059


[more info]Caesar Salad - Lil'4702704110030840152210
[more info]Caesar Salad - Regular88054078200551,610275320
[more info]Chef's Salad - Lil'140708202056092510
[more info]Chef's Salad - Regular290140153.50351,1201851021
[more info]Enlightened Spinach Salad - Lil'2108092.5010240183116
[more info]Enlightened Spinach Salad - Regular4201701850204703672212
[more info]Greek Salad - Lil'12070820107409244
[more info]Greek Salad - Regular2501301540201,49017589


All nutrition values are calculated with a French hoagie (except Spiked Sausage Hoagies). See our interactive calculator for bread alternatives.

[more info]Avocado Hoagie - Half410240275020520325410
[more info]Avocado Hoagie - Whole81048054110351,0406510820
[more info]Chicken & Cheese Hoagie - Half440210245065730323526
[more info]Chicken & Cheese Hoagie - Whole880410471001251,4706371052
[more info]Italian Hoagie - Half60036040110851,560313528
[more info]Italian Hoagie - Whole1,180720802201703,1106361155
[more info]Meatball Hoagie - Half30090104040760335217
[more info]Meatball Hoagie - Whole6001802080851,5106610435
[more info]Mushroom Club Hoagie - Half57032035100701,470333730
[more info]Mushroom Club Hoagie - Whole1,150640711901402,9406661460
[more info]Old School Jerk Hoagie - Half380501560556804031424
[more info]Old School Jerk Hoagie - Whole71090241001051,3308062748
[more info]Portobello and Cheese Hoagie - Half40024026602067033519
[more info]Portobello and Cheese Hoagie - Whole81047052130401,330679219
[more info]Spiked Sausage Hoagie - Half8701303680701,850773638
[more info]Spiked Sausage Hoagie - Whole1,290210681501452,750834863
[more info]Steak and Cheese Hoagie - Half510270308070590303431
[more info]Steak and Cheese Hoagie - Whole1,020550611701401,170606862
[more info]Tempeh Hoagie - Half6103904480201,090394514
[more info]Tempeh Hoagie - Whole1,21079087150352,1707881128
[more info]Tofu Hoagie - Half400220245020520324416
[more info]Tofu Hoagie - Whole80044048110351,050637831


[more info]Carnie Burger1,27077087343.52151,6005731355


[more info]Kids Celery & Carrots with Ranch30025028402046010242
[more info]Kids French Bread Cheese Pizza28080105025710303415
[more info]Kids Funguys/Twists33090115025750483712
[more info]Kids Mac & Cheese25012013704058014019
[more info]Kids Meatball App310130197085990132422
[more info]Kids Organic Apple12000000031523<1


[more info]Chocolate Chunk House Baked Cookies6002602912040530833496
[more info]Giant Gourmet Cookie - Chocolate Chunk360130178025280492313
[more info]Giant Gourmet Cookie - Oatmeal Raisin30080115025200452194
[more info]Giant Gourmet Cookie - Peanut Butter350140196025300402265
[more info]Half Baked Brownie Supreme3801502312075160401314
[more info]Mary Jane's Triple Chocolate Brownie5202203014095260603435
[more info]Oatmeal Raisin House Baked Cookies480160176040380754267
[more info]Peanut Butter House Baked Cookies5802903290355806533910
[more info]Pitted Cherries100000052020
[more info]Sundae Funday - Chocolate Chip4801702613055300582405
[more info]Sundae Funday - Oatmeal Raisin4201202010055230542295
[more info]Sundae Funday - Peanut Butter4701902712050330502357


[more info]Anchovies302020.5001,01000013
[more info]Anchovies - Large Slice1000.50002500003
[more info]Anchovies - Medium Slice1000.50002500003
[more info]Anchovies - Small Slice1000.50002500003
[more info]Andouille Sausage - Large Slice301010010652003
[more info]Andouille Sausage - Medium Slice35101.50010702003
[more info]Andouille Sausage - Small Slice301010010652003
[more info]Applewood Smoked Bacon32022025100601,11020220
[more info]Applewood Smoked Bacon - Large Slice30202.51051050002
[more info]Applewood Smoked Bacon - Medium Slice25202105950002
[more info]Applewood Smoked Bacon - Small Slice20151.50.50<5650001
[more info]BBQ Chicken80152004027020215
[more info]BBQ Chicken - Large Slice2000001070<1004
[more info]BBQ Chicken - Medium Slice2550.5001590<10<15
[more info]BBQ Chicken - Small Slice2000001070<1004
[more info]BBQ Tofu45202.50.500553<114
[more info]BBQ Tofu - Large Slice50000010000<1
[more info]BBQ Tofu - Medium Slice50000010000<1
[more info]BBQ Tofu - Small Slice5000005000<1
[more info]Buffalo Chicken90252.50.5040290<10015
[more info]Buffalo Chicken - Large Slice2050.50010700004
[more info]Buffalo Chicken - Medium Slice301010015950005
[more info]Buffalo Chicken - Small Slice2050.50010700004
[more info]Chicken Menu80102004522000016
[more info]Chicken Menu - Large Slice20000010550004
[more info]Chicken Menu - Medium Slice2500.50015750005
[more info]Chicken Menu - Small Slice20000010550004
[more info]Crumbled Italian Sausage110253004551000018
[more info]Crumbled Italian Sausage - Large Slice100000<5550002
[more info]Crumbled Italian Sausage - Medium Slice100000<5550002
[more info]Crumbled Italian Sausage - Small Slice100000<5400002
[more info]Curry Chicken80101.5004526000015
[more info]Curry Chicken - Large Slice20000010650004
[more info]Curry Chicken - Medium Slice2500.50015850005
[more info]Curry Chicken - Small Slice20000010650004
[more info]Ground Beef2101401560605500015
[more info]Ground Beef - Large Slice20151.50.50550002
[more info]Ground Beef - Medium Slice25151.50.50550002
[more info]Ground Beef - Small Slice15101.500<500001
[more info]Ham60151.5002040020210
[more info]Ham - Large Slice100000<5600002
[more info]Ham - Medium Slice100000<5650002
[more info]Ham - Small Slice100000<5500001
[more info]Herb Vinaigrette Chicken120606104021000015
[more info]Herb Vinaigrette Chicken - Large Slice30151.50010550004
[more info]Herb Vinaigrette Chicken - Medium Slice402020015700005
[more info]Herb Vinaigrette Chicken - Small Slice30151.50010550004
[more info]Jerk Chicken70151.5004022000015
[more info]Jerk Chicken - Large Slice20000010550004
[more info]Jerk Chicken - Medium Slice2500.50015750005
[more info]Jerk Chicken - Small Slice20000010550004
[more info]Jerk Shrimp90151.500120135<10016
[more info]Marinated Tempeh220180202.5005108<113
[more info]Marinated Tempeh - Large Slice807071001903001
[more info]Marinated Tempeh - Medium Slice706071001703001
[more info]Marinated Tempeh - Small Slice604550.500125200<1
[more info]Meatballs5025310201802004
[more info]Meatballs - Large Slice45252.510201602004
[more info]Meatballs - Medium Slice5025310201802004
[more info]Meatballs - Small Slice5025310201802004
[more info]Pepperoni7050620152200003
[more info]Pepperoni - Large Slice352531051100001
[more info]Pepperoni - Medium Slice352531051100001
[more info]Pepperoni - Small Slice352531051100001
[more info]Pesto Chicken100404104523000015
[more info]Pesto Chicken - Large Slice251010010550004
[more info]Pesto Chicken - Medium Slice35151.50015750005
[more info]Pesto Chicken - Small Slice251010010550004
[more info]Salami110901040354500005
[more info]Salami - Large Slice706062.50202800003
[more info]Salami - Medium Slice706072.50253000003
[more info]Salami - Small Slice6045520202300003
[more info]Sausage Links45151.500202100007
[more info]Shrimp90151.500130130<10117
[more info]Shrimp - Large Slice25000030300004
[more info]Shrimp - Medium Slice25000035350005
[more info]Shrimp - Small Slice25000030300004
[more info]Steak1608093.50557000021
[more info]Steak - Large Slice60303.51.5020250008
[more info]Steak - Medium Slice502531020250007
[more info]Steak - Small Slice402021015200005
[more info]Teriyaki Chicken80151.50040440<10<115
[more info]Teriyaki Chicken - Large Slice200000101100004
[more info]Teriyaki Chicken - Medium Slice2500.500151500005
[more info]Teriyaki Chicken - Small Slice200000101100004
[more info]Tofu40202.50.50051<105
[more info]Tofu - Large Slice5000000000<1
[more info]Tofu - Medium Slice5000000000<1
[more info]Tofu - Small Slice5000000000<1
[more info]Turkey50101002538010011
[more info]Turkey - Large Slice100000<5600002
[more info]Turkey - Medium Slice100000<5650002
[more info]Turkey - Small Slice50000<5450001


[more info]Blue Cheese10070850203801006
[more info]Blue Cheese - Large Slice30202.51.5051200002
[more info]Blue Cheese - Medium Slice35252.51.5001250002
[more info]Blue Cheese - Small Slice252021.50<5950002
[more info]Cheddar11080950251801007
[more info]Cheddar - Large Slice352531.5010550002
[more info]Cheddar - Medium Slice352531.5010600002
[more info]Cheddar - Small Slice30202.51.505450002
[more info]Feta805064020340<1005
[more info]Feta - Large Slice251521051050002
[more info]Feta - Medium Slice252021.5051100002
[more info]Feta - Small Slice20151.510<5850001
[more info]Fresh Mozzarella906074015951008
[more info]Fresh Mozzarella - Large Slice20151.510<5200002
[more info]Fresh Mozzarella - Medium Slice20151.510<5200002
[more info]Fresh Mozzarella - Small Slice20151.510<5200002
[more info]Gorgonzola Cheese10070860253801006
[more info]Montemore Cheese23018020100.5603301<1014
[more info]Montemore Cheese - Large Slice453542010650003
[more info]Montemore Cheese - Medium Slice40303.51.5010550002
[more info]Montemore Cheese - Small Slice30202.51.505400002
[more info]Mozzarella804553.50152101006
[more info]Mozzarella - Large Slice20101.510<5500002
[more info]Mozzarella - Medium Slice20101.510<5500002
[more info]Mozzarella - Small Slice20101.510<5500002
[more info]Parmesan, Grated35252.51.50101100003
[more info]Parmesan, Grated - Large Slice20151.5105600002
[more info]Parmesan, Grated - Medium Slice20151.5105650002
[more info]Parmesan, Grated - Small Slice151010.50<5450001
[more info]Parmesan, Shaved100607402038010<19
[more info]Parmesan, Shaved - Large Slice1010100<5450001
[more info]Parmesan, Shaved - Medium Slice1010100<5450001
[more info]Parmesan, Shaved - Small Slice1010100<5450001
[more info]Provolone1007084.50202000007
[more info]Provolone - Large Slice30202.51.505600002
[more info]Provolone - Medium Slice35252.51.505650002
[more info]Provolone - Small Slice2520210<5500002
[more info]Ricotta11070850351302007
[more info]Ricotta Cheese Blend - Large Slice252021.50<5350001
[more info]Ricotta Cheese Blend - Medium Slice252021.50<5350001
[more info]Ricotta Cheese Blend - Small Slice20151.510<5300000
[more info]Swiss Cheese1107085020650007
[more info]Vegan Cheese906062002807101
[more info]Vegan Cheese - Large Slice25151.50.500652000
[more info]Vegan Cheese - Medium Slice25151.50.500652000
[more info]Vegan Cheese - Small Slice25151.50.500652000

Fruit & Veggies

[more info]Alfalfa Sprouts5000000<1<101
[more info]Artichoke Hearts10000001151<100
[more info]Artichoke Hearts - Large Slice000000350000
[more info]Artichoke Hearts - Medium Slice000000350000
[more info]Artichoke Hearts - Small Slice000000300000
[more info]Avocado11090101.50056501
[more info]Avocado - Large Slice2020200001<100
[more info]Avocado - Medium Slice201520000<1<100
[more info]Avocado - Small Slice15101.50000<1<100
[more info]Banana Peppers500.5000900000
[more info]Banana Peppers - Large Slice000000300000
[more info]Banana Peppers - Medium Slice000000300000
[more info]Banana Peppers - Small Slice000000200000
[more info]Black Olives45254.50002202000
[more info]Black Olives - Large Slice15101.500070<1000
[more info]Black Olives - Medium Slice15151.500075<1000
[more info]Black Olives - Small Slice10101000550000
[more info]Broccoli1000000102<10<1
[more info]Broccoli - Large Slice0000000<1000
[more info]Broccoli - Medium Slice0000000<1000
[more info]Broccoli - Small Slice00000000000
[more info]Caramelized Onions20000000733<1
[more info]Caramelized Onions - Large Slice50000002<1<10
[more info]Caramelized Onions - Medium Slice50000002<1<10
[more info]Caramelized Onions - Small Slice0000000<10<10
[more info]Caramelized Pecans1501101210007252
[more info]Chives0000000<1000
[more info]Chives - Large Slice00000000000
[more info]Chives - Medium Slice00000000000
[more info]Chives - Small Slice00000000000
[more info]Cucumbers0000000<1000
[more info]Cucumbers - Large Slice00000000000
[more info]Cucumbers - Medium Slice00000000000
[more info]Cucumbers - Small Slice00000000000
[more info]Dried Cherries15000000022116<1
[more info]Fresh Basil00000000000
[more info]Fresh Basil - Large Slice00000000000
[more info]Fresh Basil - Medium Slice00000000000
[more info]Fresh Basil - Small Slice00000000000
[more info]Garlic2000000106101
[more info]Garlic - Large Slice0000000<1000
[more info]Garlic - Medium Slice00000000000
[more info]Garlic - Small Slice00000000000
[more info]Green Olives45304.5000460<1000
[more info]Green Olives - Large Slice10101000900000
[more info]Green Olives - Medium Slice1051000800000
[more info]Green Olives - Small Slice500.5000550000
[more info]Green Peppers500000010<10
[more info]Green Peppers - Large Slice0000000<1000
[more info]Green Peppers - Medium Slice0000000<1000
[more info]Green Peppers - Small Slice0000000<1000
[more info]Grilled Portobello40303.520<5151<101
[more info]Grilled Portobello - Large Slice10510.50000000
[more info]Grilled Portobello - Medium Slice10510.50000000
[more info]Grilled Portobello - Small Slice10510.50000000
[more info]Iceberg Lettuce0000000<10<10
[more info]Jalapeno Peppers2001.5000450<1<100
[more info]Jalapeno Peppers - Large Slice000000700000
[more info]Jalapeno Peppers - Medium Slice000000750000
[more info]Jalapeno Peppers - Small Slice000000550000
[more info]Kalamata Olives807080004801000
[more info]Kalamata Olives - Large Slice10101000600000
[more info]Kalamata Olives - Medium Slice10101000600000
[more info]Kalamata Olives - Small Slice10101000600000
[more info]Mushroom Trio2020210<515<10<1<1
[more info]Mushroom Trio - Large Slice20151.510<510<100<1
[more info]Mushroom Trio - Medium Slice15101.510<510<1000
[more info]Mushroom Trio - Small Slice101010.50<5100000
[more info]Mushrooms5000000<100<1
[more info]Mushrooms - Large Slice00000000000
[more info]Mushrooms - Medium Slice00000000000
[more info]Mushrooms - Small Slice00000000000
[more info]Onions100000003010
[more info]Onions - Large Slice500000010<10
[more info]Onions - Medium Slice500000010<10
[more info]Onions - Small Slice0000000<1000
[more info]Pepperoncini15000005502000
[more info]Pepperoncini - Large Slice500000210<1000
[more info]Pepperoncini - Medium Slice500000180<1000
[more info]Pepperoncini - Small Slice000000140<1000
[more info]Pineapple70000000210200
[more info]Pineapple - Large Slice150000003030
[more info]Pineapple - Medium Slice150000003030
[more info]Pineapple - Small Slice100000002020
[more info]Roasted Red Peppers30000003105141
[more info]Roasted Red Peppers - Large Slice000000200000
[more info]Roasted Red Peppers - Medium Slice000000200000
[more info]Roasted Red Peppers - Small Slice000000150000
[more info]Roasted Red Potato50101000109<1<11
[more info]Roasted Red Potato - Large Slice2000.500004000
[more info]Roasted Red Potato - Medium Slice2000.500004000
[more info]Roasted Red Potato - Small Slice200000003000
[more info]Roasted Tomatoes45252.5000657200
[more info]Roasted Tomatoes - Large Slice25151.5000404100
[more info]Roasted Tomatoes - Medium Slice30151.5000454100
[more info]Roasted Tomatoes - Small Slice20101.5000353000
[more info]Roma Tomatoes100000002<12<1
[more info]Roma Tomatoes - Large Slice0000000<1000
[more info]Roma Tomatoes - Medium Slice0000000<1000
[more info]Roma Tomatoes - Small Slice0000000<1000


[more info]Baked Pizza Crust, Large23015200060044238
[more info]Baked Pizza Crust, Medium21010200056041238
[more info]Baked Pizza Crust, Small190101.500049036237
[more info]Bavarian Saurkraut1105060.500290152120
[more info]Black Truffle Oil25252.500000000
[more info]Black Truffle Oil - Large Slice000.500000000
[more info]Black Truffle Oil - Medium Slice55100000000
[more info]Black Truffle Oil - Small Slice000.500000000
[more info]Bread French - Half130101000260241<15
[more info]Bread French - Whole25020200052047219
[more info]Bread Multi Grain - Half110101.5000270211<14
[more info]Bread Multi Grain - Whole220202.500054041218
[more info]Bread Pretzel - Half230252.50.50047035<127
[more info]Bread Pretzel - Whole450455100940701413
[more info]Bread Wheat Pullman9015200015016133
[more info]Bruschetta Tomato Topping1007071003808262
[more info]Croutons1201093001708002
[more info]Gluten Free Crust7010100013013000
[more info]Italian Seasoning10000000110<1
[more info]Olive Oil1201301420000000
[more info]Olive Oil - Large Slice352540.50000000
[more info]Olive Oil - Medium Slice40404.50.50000000
[more info]Olive Oil - Small Slice2525300000000
[more info]Spinach Artichoke Dip36010030160851,01040221
[more info]Toast Points260190211305532014<103

Salad Bases

[more info]Romaine3000.5000156422
[more info]Salad Mix3000000206232
[more info]Spinach4050.500013564<15
[more info]Spring Mix3000000455413


[more info]Barbeque40010002609070
[more info]Barbeque - Large Slice30510002007050
[more info]Barbeque - Medium Slice3050.50001806050
[more info]Barbeque - Small Slice2000.50001305040
[more info]Blue Cheese Swirl13012013301526020<12
[more info]Blue Cheese Swirl - Large Slice10090102.501019020<12
[more info]Blue Cheese Swirl - Medium Slice90809201017010<11
[more info]Blue Cheese Swirl - Small Slice706071.50513010<11
[more info]Butter & Garlic9090107030850000
[more info]Butter & Garlic - Large Slice00000000000
[more info]Butter & Garlic - Medium Slice00000000000
[more info]Butter & Garlic - Small Slice00000000000
[more info]Garlic Aioli19002230101900000
[more info]Garlic Aioli - Large Slice5010510<5500000
[more info]Garlic Aioli - Medium Slice6015710<5650000
[more info]Garlic Aioli - Small Slice5010510<5500000
[more info]Hot Sauce Swirl25101000420420<1
[more info]Hot Sauce Swirl - Large Slice252020001501<100
[more info]Hot Sauce Swirl - Medium Slice201520001351<100
[more info]Hot Sauce Swirl - Small Slice15101.5000100<1<100
[more info]Jerk Sauce500000750010
[more info]Jerk Sauce - Large Slice000000300000
[more info]Jerk Sauce - Medium Slice000000250000
[more info]Jerk Sauce - Small Slice000000200000
[more info]Mayonnaise200200223.50102000000
[more info]Olive Salad140120131.5055803002
[more info]Olive Salad - Large Slice706070.50<5290100<1
[more info]Olive Salad - Medium Slice706070.50<5290100<1
[more info]Olive Salad - Small Slice706070.50<5290100<1
[more info]Pesto130120132.50<51052002
[more info]Pesto - Large Slice100901020<5801001
[more info]Pesto - Medium Slice908091.50<5701001
[more info]Pesto - Small Slice706071.50<555<100<1
[more info]Pesto Mayo180302090101700000
[more info]Pesto Swirl130120132.50<51052002
[more info]Pesto Swirl - Large Slice40354100350000
[more info]Pesto Swirl - Medium Slice45404.5100350000
[more info]Pesto Swirl - Small Slice30303.50.500250000
[more info]Red Sauce351010001305231
[more info]Red Sauce - Large Slice2050.500075312<1
[more info]Red Sauce - Medium Slice1550.500065312<1
[more info]Red Sauce - Small Slice2050.500075312<1
[more info]Sour Cream604553.502030<1011
[more info]Sour Cream - Large Slice251521.501010<1000
[more info]Sour Cream - Medium Slice20151.510510<1000
[more info]Sour Cream - Small Slice15101.510<510<1000
[more info]Spicy Blue Cheese - Large Slice80708201020010<11
[more info]Spicy Blue Cheese - Medium Slice90808201022010<11
[more info]Spicy Blue Cheese - Small Slice606061.505160<100<1
[more info]Spicy Ranch - Large Slice504550.50<580<1000
[more info]Spicy Ranch - Medium Slice45404.50.50<570<1000
[more info]Spicy Ranch - Small Slice35303.500<550<1000
[more info]Sweet Chili Glaze7000000400171140
[more info]Sweet Chili Glaze - Large Slice25000001406050
[more info]Sweet Chili Glaze - Medium Slice20000001255040
[more info]Sweet Chili Glaze - Small Slice1500000954030
[more info]Tzatziki Sauce10070750302903013
[more info]Tzatziki Sauce - Large Slice251521.50575<100<1
[more info]Tzatziki Sauce - Medium Slice30202.51.5010100<1001
[more info]Tzatziki Sauce - Small Slice251521.50575<100<1

Salad Dressings

[more info]1000 Island Salad Dressing13011012205270402<1
[more info]Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing907081002705040
[more info]Blue Cheese Salad Dressing13012013301526020<12
[more info]Caesar Salad Dressing160150173010270<1001
[more info]Esperanza Salad Dressing150140162.5010260<1000
[more info]Herb Vinaigrette Salad Dressing140130142002104020
[more info]Honey Mustard Salad Dressing6000000240110110
[more info]Lite Ranch Salad Dressing807082052503001
[more info]Ranch Salad Dressing130130142010200200<1
[more info]Spicy Blue Cheese Salad Dressing130110122.501060030<12
[more info]Spicy Ranch Salad Dressing10090101.5054003<101


[more info]1% Chocolate Milk1502531.50<5200241229
[more info]2% Milk1304553020135130128
[more info]Barq's Root Beer2700000090720720
[more info]Cherry Coke2600000070700700
[more info]Coca-Cola2400000060670670
[more info]Coke Zero000000650000
[more info]Coke Zero with Cherry000000650000
[more info]Diet Coke000000800000
[more info]Fanta Fruit Punch2600000065720710
[more info]Fanta Orange2600000065720710
[more info]HI-C Fruit Punch26000000120700690
[more info]HI-C Lemon26000000120700690
[more info]Mello Yellow2600000085720720
[more info]Minutemaid Lemonade2500000090630630
[more info]Pibb Xtra2300000090630630
[more info]Powerade Fruit Punch13000000190370350
[more info]Powerade Mountain Blast14000000190360360
[more info]Seagram's Ginger Ale2100000065580580
[more info]Sprite24000000115640630
[more info]Sweetened Iced Tea2100000015550550


[more info]Toast Points260190211305532014<103


Although efforts are made to avoid cross-contact of allergens, Mellow Mushroom does not guarantee that cross-contact with allergens will not occur. Before placing your order, please inform your server if you or anyone in your party has a food allergy

Unless otherwise specified, any food in our establishment may come into contact with surfaces or utensils that have previously contacted wheat, dairy, gluten, fish, eggs, shellfish, soybeans, tree nuts, or peanuts.

This nutrition and allergen information is provided for information purposes only, and they do not constitute medical or dietary advice of any kind. Please always consult your healthcare practitioner for questions regarding your diet.

Mellow Mushroom, its franchisees, and employees, do not assume responsibility for a person’s sensitivity or allergy to any food item provided in our restaurants.

We rely on our suppliers’ statements of ingredients to determine which products do not contain certain allergens. Suppliers may change the ingredients in their products or the way they prepare their products, so please check this list frequently to make sure that the menu item you like still meets your dietary requirements.

From time to time we may substitute products due to inventory shortages. We can’t be sure that the substitute products will be free of the allergen you wish to avoid.

Individual stores may substitute products according to supplier availability, so please consult with store management if there are any concerns.

Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.