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Calories Calories from Fat Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)


[more info]Bruschetta45023025110309204641110
[more info]Cheese Bread87037042251.51101,7909010637
[more info]Garlic Bread61020023131501,170878617
[more info]Hummus Appetizer85034038110201,70010814925
[more info]Hummus Dip360190213008103510612
[more info]Magic Mushroom Soup4002803117080900133018
[more info]Meatball Trio64035039171.51751,680276746
[more info]Muffuletta Cheese Bread1,200660743421402,830919248
[more info]Pepperoni Bread1,00046052291.51352,1509312643
[more info]Pita2404550.50048041227
[more info]Pretzel, butter and parm (3)8901201360201,700156111836
[more info]Pretzel, butter and salt (3)860100114.50157,270155111834
[more info]Pretzel, cinnamon and honey (3)1,0405051001,420218118032
[more info]Spinach Artichoke Dip, App820470523011251,810586432
[more info]Stuffed Portobello40024027120458402591015
[more info]The Capri36022025120503001521118
[more info]Tomato Bisque31019021110551,290223109
[more info]Tortilla Soup3202102380351,580165512
[more info]Tortilla Soup + chix4102202590751,820165532
[more info]Turbo Dog Beer Cheese Soup4002803117080900133018
[more info]Wings, BBQ - 10 wings1,030640721702702,6803922759
[more info]Wings, BBQ - 5 wings51032036901351,34020<11329
[more info]Wings, Hot - 10 wings980650731802703,140236760
[more info]Wings, Hot - 5 wings49033036901351,570123330
[more info]Wings, Jerk - 10 wings1,000630701702702,9102512058
[more info]Wings, Jerk - 5 wings50032035901351,46013<11029
[more info]Wings, Mild - 10 wings1,090780872002703,100208760
[more info]Wings, Mild - 5 wings540390431001351,550104330
[more info]Wings, Sweet Thai Chili - 10 wings1,080640711702703,2105434759
[more info]Wings, Sweet Thai Chili - 5 wings54032035901351,6002712429

Pizza Slices

[more info]Bayou Bleu, Large Slice390140155060890442619
[more info]Bayou Bleu, Medium Slice390140155065970432620
[more info]Bayou Bleu, Small Slice340110134.5060810392418
[more info]Buffalo Chicken, Large Slice56026029110701,140474727
[more info]Buffalo Chicken, Medium Slice52023026100701,150463727
[more info]Buffalo Chicken, Small Slice430180208050930413522
[more info]Cheese, Large Slice370120147035610454718
[more info]Cheese, Medium Slice350110126030630433617
[more info]Cheese, Small Slice31090105025560403514
[more info]Funky Q. Chicken, Large Slice52020023110.5701,0405231228
[more info]Funky Q. Chicken, Medium Slice50018020100701,0505031228
[more info]Funky Q. Chicken, Small Slice420150178055870453924
[more info]Gourmet White, Large Slice440180209040730474720
[more info]Gourmet White, Medium Slice410160188035720454718
[more info]Gourmet White, Small Slice350120146025600413515
[more info]Holy Shiitake Pie, Large Slice6203303716160730517622
[more info]Holy Shiitake Pie, Medium Slice6003303615155760497621
[more info]Holy Shiitake Pie, Small Slice49025028120.545650436417
[more info]House Special, Large Slice52022025110.5651,010484827
[more info]House Special, Medium Slice50021023110.5651,020474826
[more info]House Special, Small Slice430170198050880434622
[more info]Kosmic Karma, Large Slice470190218040760495921
[more info]Kosmic Karma, Medium Slice440180208040780464819
[more info]Kosmic Karma, Small Slice370140156030650424616
[more info]Magical Mystery Tour, Large Slice520260289045730453621
[more info]Magical Mystery Tour, Medium Slice480230269040760433619
[more info]Magical Mystery Tour, Small Slice400180207030640393416
[more info]Maui Wowie, Large Slice5702803190651,020473927
[more info]Maui Wowie, Medium Slice5302502780601,040463826
[more info]Maui Wowie, Small Slice440190216045860413621
[more info]Mega-Veggie, Large Slice440150178040960516922
[more info]Mega-Veggie, Medium Slice4201401580401,030506921
[more info]Mega-Veggie, Small Slice360110126030860455717
[more info]Mellowterranean, Large Slice460180218045800453623
[more info]Mellowterranean, Medium Slice450180218050850443623
[more info]Mellowterranean, Small Slice380140166035700403419
[more info]Mighty Meaty, Large Slice55025027120.5751,120464730
[more info]Mighty Meaty, Medium Slice53023026110.5751,150443729
[more info]Mighty Meaty, Small Slice440180209055950413524
[more info]Philosophers Pie, Large Slice50022024110.555880453625
[more info]Philosophers Pie, Medium Slice48021023100.555890433525
[more info]Philosophers Pie, Small Slice4101701880.545750393421
[more info]Red Skin Potato Pie, Large Slice59029032130.565920514725
[more info]Red Skin Potato Pie, Medium Slice55026029120.560900494723
[more info]Red Skin Potato Pie, Small Slice450200229045740443519
[more info]Thai Dye Pie, Large Slice4601701880457305031122
[more info]Thai Dye Pie, Medium Slice4401501770457404931123
[more info]Thai Dye Pie, Small Slice370120135035620433819


[more info]Cheese Calzone1,34044049251.51252,370159132063
[more info]Chicken and Cheese Calzone1,47045051261.51652,610168152486
[more info]House Calzone1,38044049251.51252,450167162268
[more info]Steak and Cheese Calzone1,570540603121902,660168152490


[more info]Caesar Salad - Lil'140100112.50103608215
[more info]Caesar Salad - Regular290200225025720165310
[more info]Chef's Salad - Lil'230140156045660103514
[more info]Chef's Salad - Regular45028031120.5851,3201961028
[more info]Enlightened Spinach Salad - Lil'230130155020420183119
[more info]Enlightened Spinach Salad - Regular47027030100408303672217
[more info]Greek Salad - Lil'160100114.50201,04010347
[more info]Greek Salad - Regular3202002290402,090196814
[more info]Tossed Salad - Lil'2500000155232
[more info]Tossed Salad - Regular4500.5000259353


All nutrition values are calculated with a French hoagie (except Spiked Sausage Hoagies). See our interactive calculator for bread alternatives.

[more info]Avocado Hoagie - Half500260297030780486515
[more info]Avocado Hoagie - Whole1,00052058141651,5709712929
[more info]BLT Hoagie - Half75044049150851,520474633
[more info]BLT Hoagie - Whole1,500870972911703,0509471265
[more info]Chicken & Cheese Hoagie - Half5502302670701,020484635
[more info]Chicken & Cheese Hoagie - Whole1,110460511311452,0409591270
[more info]Ham and Cheese Hoagie - Half5102302670601,230484723
[more info]Ham and Cheese Hoagie - Whole1,020470521411202,4509571347
[more info]Italian Hoagie - Half72040045130.51001,880474631
[more info]Italian Hoagie - Whole1,43080089271.52053,7509381262
[more info]Jerk Chicken Hoagie - Half4801501740601,070504832
[more info]Jerk Chicken Hoagie - Whole9102502880.51152,11010081764
[more info]Meatball Hoagie - Half640280311411101,410536335
[more info]Meatball Hoagie - Whole1,270570632922152,82010613670
[more info]Mushroom Club Hoagie - Half720350391101152,020504944
[more info]Mushroom Club Hoagie - Whole1,450710782312304,04010181888
[more info]Portobello and Cheese Hoagie - Half57026029100.5451,11056101019
[more info]Portobello and Cheese Hoagie - Whole1,13053058191.5852,210111191938
[more info]Righteous Portobello Reuben Hoagie - Half54025028100.5251,2505751415
[more info]Righteous Portobello Reuben Hoagie - Whole1,07050056201502,500113102830
[more info]Shrimp Hoag-Boy Hoagie - Half4101101320160760464627
[more info]Shrimp Hoag-Boy Hoagie - Whole800190213.503151,50099111554
[more info]Spiked Sausage Hoagie - Half1,080560621911302,180876844
[more info]Spiked Sausage Hoagie - Whole1,7401,0601183822603,3209591174
[more info]Steak and Cheese Hoagie - Half65032035111951,070464538
[more info]Steak and Cheese Hoagie - Whole1,29063070232.51902,1309381076
[more info]Tempeh Hoagie - Half5202102360301,110589622
[more info]Tempeh Hoagie - Whole1,00037041121502,180117171345
[more info]Tofu Hoagie - Half530250287030950495523
[more info]Tofu Hoagie - Whole1,06050055141651,9009891146
[more info]Turkey and Cheese Hoagie - Half5002202560601,200474625
[more info]Turkey and Cheese Hoagie - Whole1,000440491311202,4009471249


[more info]Kids Celery & Carrots with Ranch30025028402046010242
[more info]Kids French Bread Pizza340100116030870434218
[more info]Kids Funguys/Twists3508095020660534714
[more info]Kids Grilled Cheese21011013704558014009
[more info]Kids Mac & Cheese280130149040400261412
[more info]Kids Meatball App52032035150.51201,190173532
[more info]Kids Organic Apple12000000031523<1
[more info]Kids Peanut Butter & Jelly430160182.5004005642412


[more info]Brownie Deluxe1,11056063280235440127310413
[more info]Chocolate Chunk House Baked Cookies5902402711050350852486
[more info]Key Lime Pie45018020405523061<14912
[more info]Oatmeal Raisin House Baked Cookies470140155040630794447
[more info]Peanut Butter House Baked Cookies5802903290405806634110


[more info]Anchovies60505001000003
[more info]Anchovies - Large Slice15101.50000000<1
[more info]Anchovies - Medium Slice15101.50000000<1
[more info]Anchovies - Small Slice15101.50000000<1
[more info]Andouille Sausage150110124.503539010010
[more info]Andouille Sausage - Large Slice1510100<5400001
[more info]Andouille Sausage - Medium Slice15101.500<5450001
[more info]Andouille Sausage - Small Slice1510100<5400001
[more info]Applewood Smoked Bacon30022025805074010119
[more info]Applewood Smoked Bacon - Large Slice30202.510<5700002
[more info]Applewood Smoked Bacon - Medium Slice252020.50<5600002
[more info]Applewood Smoked Bacon - Small Slice20151.50.50<5450001
[more info]BBQ Chicken110151.5005533030319
[more info]BBQ Chicken - Large Slice2500001585<10<15
[more info]BBQ Chicken - Medium Slice3500.5002011010<17
[more info]BBQ Chicken - Small Slice2500001585<10<15
[more info]BBQ Tofu70303.50.500453<117
[more info]BBQ Tofu - Large Slice1000.500050001
[more info]BBQ Tofu - Medium Slice1050.5000100001
[more info]BBQ Tofu - Small Slice10000005000<1
[more info]Buffalo Chicken90151.50055420<10019
[more info]Buffalo Chicken - Large Slice250000151050005
[more info]Buffalo Chicken - Medium Slice3000.500201400007
[more info]Buffalo Chicken - Small Slice250000151050005
[more info]Chicken Menu100151.50.504024000020
[more info]Chicken Menu - Large Slice25000010600005
[more info]Chicken Menu - Medium Slice3050.50015800007
[more info]Chicken Menu - Small Slice25000010600005
[more info]Crumbled Italian Sausage23015017506566030018
[more info]Crumbled Italian Sausage - Large Slice251520.505700002
[more info]Crumbled Italian Sausage - Medium Slice251520.505750002
[more info]Crumbled Italian Sausage - Small Slice20151.5005550001
[more info]Curry Chicken90101004550<10019
[more info]Curry Chicken - Large Slice25000010150005
[more info]Curry Chicken - Medium Slice30000015150006
[more info]Curry Chicken - Small Slice25000010150005
[more info]Ground Beef19011013605533000020
[more info]Ground Beef - Large Slice20101.50.505350002
[more info]Ground Beef - Medium Slice20151.50.505350002
[more info]Ground Beef - Small Slice1510100<5250002
[more info]Ham602020.50304502029
[more info]Ham - Large Slice100000<5700001
[more info]Ham - Medium Slice100000<5750002
[more info]Ham - Small Slice100000<5550001
[more info]Herb Vinaigrette Chicken1304551055360<10<120
[more info]Herb Vinaigrette Chicken - Large Slice30101.50015900005
[more info]Herb Vinaigrette Chicken - Medium Slice45151.500201200007
[more info]Herb Vinaigrette Chicken - Small Slice30101.50015900005
[more info]Jerk Chicken100101005541030219
[more info]Jerk Chicken - Large Slice25000015100<10<15
[more info]Jerk Chicken - Medium Slice35000020135<10<16
[more info]Jerk Chicken - Small Slice25000015100<10<15
[more info]Jerk Shrimp901010016527010118
[more info]Marinated Tempeh120404.50.50019011418
[more info]Marinated Tempeh - Large Slice451520007042<13
[more info]Marinated Tempeh - Medium Slice40151.5000654103
[more info]Marinated Tempeh - Small Slice30101000503102
[more info]Meatballs1609010404542050<110
[more info]Meatballs - Large Slice70404.51.50201802005
[more info]Meatballs - Medium Slice8045520202103005
[more info]Meatballs - Small Slice8045520202103005
[more info]Pepperoni706062.50152300003
[more info]Pepperoni - Large Slice353031.50101150001
[more info]Pepperoni - Medium Slice353031.50101150001
[more info]Pepperoni - Small Slice353031.50101150001
[more info]Pesto Chicken110303.50.505528000020
[more info]Pesto Chicken - Large Slice301010015700005
[more info]Pesto Chicken - Medium Slice401010020950007
[more info]Pesto Chicken - Small Slice301010015700005
[more info]Salami120901040304800006
[more info]Salami - Large Slice705062.50203000004
[more info]Salami - Medium Slice806062.50203200004
[more info]Salami - Small Slice6045520152400003
[more info]Sausage Links33022025809082030023
[more info]Shrimp801010015010500018
[more info]Shrimp - Large Slice20000040250004
[more info]Shrimp - Medium Slice20000040300005
[more info]Shrimp - Small Slice20000040250004
[more info]Steak2001001150.56528000023
[more info]Steak - Large Slice70404.520251050009
[more info]Steak - Medium Slice703541.5020950008
[more info]Steak - Small Slice502531.5015700006
[more info]Teriyaki Chicken110101.5006041020121
[more info]Teriyaki Chicken - Large Slice25000015105<1005
[more info]Teriyaki Chicken - Medium Slice35000020135<1007
[more info]Teriyaki Chicken - Small Slice25000015105<1005
[more info]Tofu70303.50.5001502<107
[more info]Tofu - Large Slice1000.5000250001
[more info]Tofu - Medium Slice1000.5000250001
[more info]Tofu - Small Slice100000020000<1
[more info]Turkey6051003042020211
[more info]Turkey - Large Slice100000<5650002
[more info]Turkey - Medium Slice100000<5700002
[more info]Turkey - Small Slice50000<5500001


[more info]Blue Cheese200150161105077021<112
[more info]Blue Cheese - Large Slice30252.51.50101200002
[more info]Blue Cheese - Medium Slice35252.520101300002
[more info]Blue Cheese - Small Slice252021.505950002
[more info]Cheddar23017019110.55536021014
[more info]Cheddar - Large Slice352531.5010550002
[more info]Cheddar - Medium Slice403032010600002
[more info]Cheddar - Small Slice30202.51.505450002
[more info]Feta16012013804069020010
[more info]Feta - Large Slice252021.5051050002
[more info]Feta - Medium Slice252021.5051150002
[more info]Feta - Small Slice20151.510<5850001
[more info]Fresh Mozzarella1501101260251200008
[more info]Fresh Mozzarella - Large Slice20151.510<5150001
[more info]Fresh Mozzarella - Medium Slice20151.510<5150001
[more info]Fresh Mozzarella - Small Slice20151.510<5150001
[more info]Gorgonzola Cheese21015017110.54577021011
[more info]Montemore Cheese23017019110.560330<1<1014
[more info]Montemore Cheese - Large Slice45303.52010600003
[more info]Montemore Cheese - Medium Slice403032010550002
[more info]Montemore Cheese - Small Slice30202.51.505400002
[more info]Mozzarella23017019110.560330<1<1014
[more info]Mozzarella - Large Slice30202.51.505400002
[more info]Mozzarella - Medium Slice30202.51.505400002
[more info]Mozzarella - Small Slice30202.51.505400002
[more info]Parmesan, Grated60404.53015190<1006
[more info]Parmesan, Grated - Large Slice20101.510<5600002
[more info]Parmesan, Grated - Medium Slice20151.510<5650002
[more info]Parmesan, Grated - Small Slice151010.50<5500001
[more info]Parmesan, Shaved50303.52010190<1005
[more info]Parmesan, Shaved - Large Slice151010.50<5500001
[more info]Parmesan, Shaved - Medium Slice151010.50<5500001
[more info]Parmesan, Shaved - Small Slice151010.50<5500001
[more info]Provolone150100127035300<10010
[more info]Provolone - Large Slice30202.51.505650002
[more info]Provolone - Medium Slice35252.51.505650002
[more info]Provolone - Small Slice25152105500002
[more info]Ricotta1006074.5030452006
[more info]Ricotta - Large Slice151010.50<55000<1
[more info]Ricotta - Medium Slice1510110<5100001
[more info]Ricotta - Small Slice101010.50<55000<1
[more info]Swiss Cheese22015017110.540135<10015
[more info]Vegan Cheese1801201350052014302
[more info]Vegan Cheese - Large Slice25151.50.500652000
[more info]Vegan Cheese - Medium Slice25151.50.500652000
[more info]Vegan Cheese - Small Slice25151.50.500652000

Fruit & Veggies

[more info]Alfalfa Sprouts5000000<1<101
[more info]Artichoke Hearts10000001351<10<1
[more info]Artichoke Hearts - Large Slice000000400000
[more info]Artichoke Hearts - Medium Slice000000450000
[more info]Artichoke Hearts - Small Slice000000350000
[more info]Avocado11090101.50056501
[more info]Avocado - Large Slice2020200001<100
[more info]Avocado - Medium Slice201520000<1<100
[more info]Avocado - Small Slice15101.50000<1<100
[more info]Banana Peppers000000460<1000
[more info]Banana Peppers - Large Slice0000001400000
[more info]Banana Peppers - Medium Slice0000001500000
[more info]Banana Peppers - Small Slice0000001150000
[more info]Black Olives30252.50002502<100
[more info]Black Olives - Large Slice1010100080<1000
[more info]Black Olives - Medium Slice1010100085<1000
[more info]Black Olives - Small Slice1050.5000600000
[more info]Broccoli1000000102<10<1
[more info]Broccoli - Large Slice0000000<1000
[more info]Broccoli - Medium Slice0000000<1000
[more info]Broccoli - Small Slice00000000000
[more info]Caramelized Onions350000015734<1
[more info]Caramelized Onions - Large Slice100000002<1<10
[more info]Caramelized Onions - Medium Slice100000002<1<10
[more info]Caramelized Onions - Small Slice500000010<10
[more info]Caramelized Pecans170150161.50006242
[more info]Chives0000000<1000
[more info]Chives - Large Slice00000000000
[more info]Chives - Medium Slice00000000000
[more info]Chives - Small Slice00000000000
[more info]Cucumbers0000000<1000
[more info]Cucumbers - Large Slice00000000000
[more info]Cucumbers - Medium Slice00000000000
[more info]Cucumbers - Small Slice00000000000
[more info]Dried Cherries100000001022<117<1
[more info]Fresh Basil00000000000
[more info]Fresh Basil - Large Slice00000000000
[more info]Fresh Basil - Medium Slice00000000000
[more info]Fresh Basil - Small Slice00000000000
[more info]Garlic2000000106101
[more info]Garlic - Large Slice0000000<1000
[more info]Garlic - Medium Slice00000000000
[more info]Garlic - Small Slice00000000000
[more info]Green Olives353030.5002502<100
[more info]Green Olives - Large Slice550.5000450000
[more info]Green Olives - Medium Slice500.5000400000
[more info]Green Olives - Small Slice000000300000
[more info]Green Peppers500000010<10
[more info]Green Peppers - Large Slice0000000<1000
[more info]Green Peppers - Medium Slice0000000<1000
[more info]Green Peppers - Small Slice0000000<1000
[more info]Grilled Portobello40303.520<5151<101
[more info]Grilled Portobello - Large Slice10510.50000000
[more info]Grilled Portobello - Medium Slice10510.50000000
[more info]Grilled Portobello - Small Slice10510.50000000
[more info]Iceberg Lettuce0000000<10<10
[more info]Jalapeno Peppers500000230<1<100
[more info]Jalapeno Peppers - Large Slice000000700000
[more info]Jalapeno Peppers - Medium Slice000000750000
[more info]Jalapeno Peppers - Small Slice000000550000
[more info]Kalamata Olives908090005202000
[more info]Kalamata Olives - Large Slice10101000650000
[more info]Kalamata Olives - Medium Slice10101000650000
[more info]Kalamata Olives - Small Slice10101000650000
[more info]Mushroom Trio19014015100.5251058605
[more info]Mushroom Trio - Large Slice140100127020806404
[more info]Mushroom Trio - Medium Slice13090106015705403
[more info]Mushroom Trio - Small Slice907085010504302
[more info]Mushrooms5000000<100<1
[more info]Mushrooms - Large Slice00000000000
[more info]Mushrooms - Medium Slice00000000000
[more info]Mushrooms - Small Slice00000000000
[more info]Onions100000003010
[more info]Onions - Large Slice500000010<10
[more info]Onions - Medium Slice500000010<10
[more info]Onions - Small Slice0000000<1000
[more info]Pepperoncini000000390<1100
[more info]Pepperoncini - Large Slice0000001500000
[more info]Pepperoncini - Medium Slice0000001300000
[more info]Pepperoncini - Small Slice0000001000000
[more info]Pineapple300000007060
[more info]Pineapple - Large Slice100000002020
[more info]Pineapple - Medium Slice100000002020
[more info]Pineapple - Small Slice50000002020
[more info]Roasted Red Peppers5000007010<10
[more info]Roasted Red Peppers - Large Slice000000200000
[more info]Roasted Red Peppers - Medium Slice000000250000
[more info]Roasted Red Peppers - Small Slice000000150000
[more info]Roasted Red Potato50000005111<11
[more info]Roasted Red Potato - Large Slice20000000500<1
[more info]Roasted Red Potato - Medium Slice20000000500<1
[more info]Roasted Red Potato - Small Slice200000004000
[more info]Roma Tomatoes100000002<12<1
[more info]Roma Tomatoes - Large Slice0000000<1000
[more info]Roma Tomatoes - Medium Slice0000000<1000
[more info]Roma Tomatoes - Small Slice0000000<1000
[more info]Sun Dried Tomatos800000017013684
[more info]Sun Dried Tomatos - Large Slice2500000554221
[more info]Sun Dried Tomatos - Medium Slice2500000554231
[more info]Sun Dried Tomatos - Small Slice200000045312<1


[more info]Baked Pizza Crust, Large22015200035042259
[more info]Baked Pizza Crust, Medium210151.500039041259
[more info]Baked Pizza Crust, Small200101.500036037248
[more info]Bavarian Saurkraut70202.500042011280
[more info]Black Truffle Oil2525300000000
[more info]Black Truffle Oil - Large Slice550.500000000
[more info]Black Truffle Oil - Medium Slice1010100000000
[more info]Black Truffle Oil - Small Slice550.500000000
[more info]Bread French - Half190101000490392<17
[more info]Bread French - Whole390202.5100970774214
[more info]Bread Multi Grain - Half26070810051040357
[more info]Bread Multi Grain - Whole520140162.5001,0208051014
[more info]Bread Pretzel - Half2102530.50052039237
[more info]Bread Pretzel - Whole4205061001,050784514
[more info]Bread Wheat Pullman9015200015016133
[more info]Bruschetta Tomato Topping140100121.5003608262
[more info]Croutons5010100<52409<102
[more info]Gluten Free Crust80151.500015015111
[more info]Italian Seasoning10000000110<1
[more info]Olive Oil1301301420000000
[more info]Olive Oil - Large Slice40404.50.50000000
[more info]Olive Oil - Medium Slice40404.50.50000000
[more info]Olive Oil - Small Slice30303.500000000
[more info]Spinach Artichoke Dip390300341709099083217
[more info]Toast Points52022024150.545840634212

Salad Bases

[more info]Romaine3000.5000156422
[more info]Salad Mix3000000206232
[more info]Spinach4050.500013564<15
[more info]Spring Mix3000000455413


[more info]Barbeque4500.50002609070
[more info]Barbeque - Large Slice30000002007050
[more info]Barbeque - Medium Slice30000001806050
[more info]Barbeque - Small Slice20000001305040
[more info]Blue Cheese Swirl13012013301526020<12
[more info]Blue Cheese Swirl - Large Slice1009010201019010<12
[more info]Blue Cheese Swirl - Medium Slice9080920101701001
[more info]Blue Cheese Swirl - Small Slice706071.505130<1001
[more info]Butter & Garlic90901060250<1000
[more info]Butter & Garlic - Large Slice00000000000
[more info]Butter & Garlic - Medium Slice00000000000
[more info]Butter & Garlic - Small Slice00000000000
[more info]Garlic Aioli200200223015190<1000
[more info]Garlic Aioli - Large Slice5050610<5450000
[more info]Garlic Aioli - Medium Slice70707105600000
[more info]Garlic Aioli - Small Slice5050610<5450000
[more info]Hot Sauce Swirl25101000420420<1
[more info]Hot Sauce Swirl - Large Slice10000001602<100
[more info]Hot Sauce Swirl - Medium Slice10000001401<100
[more info]Hot Sauce Swirl - Small Slice5000001051000
[more info]Jerk Sauce35000003405050
[more info]Jerk Sauce - Large Slice15000001302020
[more info]Jerk Sauce - Medium Slice10000001152020
[more info]Jerk Sauce - Small Slice1000000851010
[more info]Mayonnaise200200223020180<10<10
[more info]Olive Salad150120132.5055004103
[more info]Olive Salad - Large Slice706071.50<52502<101
[more info]Olive Salad - Medium Slice706071.50<52502<101
[more info]Olive Salad - Small Slice706071.50<52502<101
[more info]Pesto150140160.50<5601001
[more info]Pesto - Large Slice1201101200<5451001
[more info]Pesto - Medium Slice1001001100<540<100<1
[more info]Pesto - Small Slice8070800030<100<1
[more info]Pesto Mayo190190212.5015150<10<1<1
[more info]Pesto Swirl150140160.50<5601001
[more info]Pesto Swirl - Large Slice50455000200000
[more info]Pesto Swirl - Medium Slice50505000200000
[more info]Pesto Swirl - Small Slice40354000150000
[more info]Red Sauce2500000105422<1
[more info]Red Sauce - Large Slice150000060211<1
[more info]Red Sauce - Medium Slice1000000502<110
[more info]Red Sauce - Small Slice150000060211<1
[more info]Sour Cream604553.502015<10<1<1
[more info]Sour Cream - Large Slice2015210550000
[more info]Sour Cream - Medium Slice20151.510500000
[more info]Sour Cream - Small Slice15101.510<500000
[more info]Spicy Blue Cheese - Large Slice807081.50538020<11
[more info]Spicy Blue Cheese - Medium Slice80708201040020<11
[more info]Spicy Blue Cheese - Small Slice605061.5053001001
[more info]Spicy Ranch - Large Slice35353.50.50<5150100<1
[more info]Spicy Ranch - Medium Slice35303.500<5135<1000
[more info]Spicy Ranch - Small Slice25202.5000100<1000
[more info]Sweet Chili Glaze600000044015<1140
[more info]Sweet Chili Glaze - Large Slice25000001605050
[more info]Sweet Chili Glaze - Medium Slice20000001505050
[more info]Sweet Chili Glaze - Small Slice15000001104030
[more info]Tzatziki Sauce120100114.50202402013
[more info]Tzatziki Sauce - Large Slice3025310560<100<1
[more info]Tzatziki Sauce - Medium Slice403541.50580<100<1
[more info]Tzatziki Sauce - Small Slice3025310560<100<1

Salad Dressings

[more info]1000 Island Salad Dressing1201001120<52304020
[more info]Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing907081002705040
[more info]Blue Cheese Salad Dressing13012013301526020<12
[more info]Caesar Salad Dressing160150173010270<1001
[more info]Esperanza Salad Dressing150140162.5010260<1000
[more info]Herb Vinaigrette Salad Dressing170160182.5001502010
[more info]Honey Mustard Salad Dressing130110122002105040
[more info]Lite Ranch Salad Dressing807081.505250200<1
[more info]Ranch Salad Dressing130130142010200200<1
[more info]Spicy Blue Cheese Salad Dressing130110122.501060030<12
[more info]Spicy Ranch Salad Dressing10090101.5054003<101

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