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Calories Calories from Fat Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)


[more info]Crazy Bread®1002530.50015015113
[more info]Crazy Sauce®455000026010182
[more info]Just Cheese - 14" Round Hot-N-Ready® Pizza2508094020440321312
[more info]Little Caesars Italian Cheese Bread®1306062.501024013116
[more info]Little Caesars Pepperoni Cheese Bread® - 10 pcs150708301528013116
[more info]Little Caesars Pepperoni Cheese Bread® - 16 pcs160708301530016117
[more info]Pepperoni - 14" Round Hot-N-Ready® Pizza28010011502556032234

Caesar Wings

[more info]BBQ Caesar Wings804551.50252603026
[more info]Bacon Honey Mustard906071.50252701016
[more info]Buffalo Hot704551.50253900006
[more info]Buffalo Mild704551.50252900006
[more info]Garlic Parmesan906071.50252701006
[more info]Lemon Pepper9070820253200006
[more info]Oven Roasted704551.50251900005
[more info]Spicy BBQ704551.50252501016
[more info]Teriyaki704551.50252401016

Optional Pizzas

[more info]3 Meat Treat®340150177035730322316
[more info]Cheese and Pepperoni - Baby Pan! Pan!®360160187030650332316
[more info]Just Cheese - Baby Pan! Pan!®320130156025520332314
[more info]Just Cheese - Deep! Deep!™ Dish Pizza360140156020550412415
[more info]Pepperoni - Deep! Deep!™ Dish Pizza390170187025670412417
[more info]Pineapple and Canadian Bacon - Hula Hawaiian™2808094.5025660352715
[more info]Pineapple and Ham - Hula Hawaiian™2808094.5025620352615
[more info]Ultimate Supreme310120136025640332415
[more info]Veggie Pizza27090104.5020560332413

Caesar Dips

[more info]BBQ Dip160150172.50103402010
[more info]Buffalo10090101.5005402010
[more info]Buffalo Ranch160150172.50105202010
[more info]Buttery Garlic130130142.5001400000
[more info]Cheesy Jalapeño140130152.50153402011
[more info]Ranch1701701830102602011

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