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Petit Dejeuner

[more info]American Breakfast with Bacon740500552536251,120342528
[more info]American Breakfast with Sausage820570632736601,220332529
[more info]Breakfast Croissant with Bacon83057064303.56301,260322632
[more info]Cinnamon French Toast1,27034038230130780220713218
[more info]Crepe Romanoff55018019712102208045313
[more info]Custom Omelette with Croissant61040045213610760321521
[more info]FFCF Scrambled Eggs w Baguette280151.50001,070422324
[more info]French Country Breakfast with Bacon1,00062069333.56601,690605636
[more info]French Country Breakfast with Sausage1,08069076363.56951,790585636
[more info]Fruit Salade, Cup600000015161141
[more info]Fruit Salade, Regular13050.500035323272
[more info]Granola with Strawberries270303.5000240535269
[more info]Hash and Eggs1,00065072323.56451,610555932
[more info]Oatmeal, Bowl120202.5000522314
[more info]Oatmeal, Cup60101000011202
[more info]Parisian Eggs Benedict940650732805351,570381534
[more info]Quiche Florentine1,010730844804601,180554218
[more info]Quiche Lorraine1,020710824704451,530532223
[more info]Scrambled Eggs with Croissant62040045213610760332521
[more info]Side Order of Sausage140110134.50152500006
[more info]Side Order of Smoked Bacon907082.50102600004
[more info]Smart Choice Omelette w/ Baguette2702020001,060392221
[more info]Yogurt Parfait270252.500<5210565309

Oatmeal Toppings

[more info]Oatmeal Almonds807070.50003113
[more info]Oatmeal Blueberries150000003120
[more info]Oatmeal Brown Sugar45000000110110
[more info]Oatmeal Pecans100901010002101
[more info]Oatmeal Raisins50000000131101
[more info]Oatmeal Strawberries50000002010

Omelette Base

[more info]La Madeleine Croissant28014015907032028145

Omelette Toppings

[more info]Omelette Bacon1701401550155000007
[more info]Omelette Cheddar9060740201401005
[more info]Omelette Chicken35151.500151101005
[more info]Omelette Ham45101.50.50154601017
[more info]Omelette Mushroom50000001011
[more info]Omelette Onion150000004120
[more info]Omelette Red Pepper100000002110
[more info]Omelette Sausage10080930101700004
[more info]Omelette Spinach50000001000
[more info]Omelette Swiss806063.5020451006
[more info]Omelette Tomatoes50000001010

Homemade Soupes

[more info]Cream of Mushroom Soupe, Bowl4203303622113090018155
[more info]Cream of Mushroom Soupe, Cup21016018110.5654509032
[more info]Cream of Mushroom Soupe, Large56043048291.51751,20024177
[more info]French Onion Soupe, Bowl20070830102,42020267
[more info]French Onion Soupe, Cup1003541.50<51,21010133
[more info]French Onion Soupe, Large2801101240153,240282810
[more info]Potato Soupe, Bowl470320352111101,91030349
[more info]Potato Soupe, Cup240160181105595015125
[more info]Potato Soupe, Large64043048291.51502,570404513
[more info]Tomato Basil Soupe, Bowl54045050321.5155610192164
[more info]Tomato Basil Soupe, Cup27023025160.5803009182
[more info]Tomato Basil Soupe, Large71060067432210810253215

Fresh Salades

[more info]Caesar fat-free dressing, Cafe Size1808093.501561017449
[more info]Caesar fat-free dressing, Entree Size280120135020920266713
[more info]Caesar, Cafe Size37029032503057014429
[more info]Caesar, Entree Size560430498040860216314
[more info]Chicken Caesar fat-free dressing, Cafe Size4201802070951,360224437
[more info]Chicken Caesar fat-free dressing, Entree Size51022024801001,670316741
[more info]Chicken Caesar, Cafe Size61039044801101,320194237
[more info]Chicken Caesar, Entree Size800530601101251,610276342
[more info]Cranberry & Pecan Wild Field Salade with Chicken, Cafe Size280150171.507063092126
[more info]Cranberry & Pecan Wild Field Salade with Chicken, Entree Size380230262.5070690133227
[more info]Cranberry & Pecan Wild Field Salade, Cafe Size100809100655212
[more info]Cranberry & Pecan Wild Field Salade, Entree Size190160181.5001308323
[more info]Fruit Salade, Cup600000015161141
[more info]Fruit Salade, Regular13050.500035323272
[more info]Petite Caesar190140162.50152907215
[more info]Petite Caesar fat-free dressing90404.520<53109224
[more info]Petite Cranberry & Pecan Wild Field Salade50404.5000352111
[more info]Petite Strawberry & Bacon Spinach Salade1109091.5001204222
[more info]Strawberries Romanoff, Cup8020210<525143101
[more info]Strawberries Romanoff, Regular1403542.501550245182
[more info]Strawberry & Bacon Spinach Salade with Chicken, Cafe Size390230263.5075790123428
[more info]Strawberry & Bacon Spinach Salade with Chicken, Entree Size5904004460801,000195832
[more info]Strawberry & Bacon Spinach Salade, Cafe Size210170182.50<52308344
[more info]Strawberry & Bacon Spinach Salade, Entree Size41033037501044015588
[more info]Tomato Basil Pesto Pasta Salade, Cup400250283.502073030228
[more info]Tomato Basil Pesto Pasta Salade, Regular7905005770351,460604516

Les Sandwiches - Bistro

[more info]Chicken Salade Croissant680430481501401,060443721
[more info]Chicken and Pesto Sandwich850410451101201,500623249

Les Sandwiches - Signature

[more info]Chicken Caesar950420471301351,520826149
[more info]Chicken Parisien1,010470521601401,880836252
[more info]Croque Monsieur860320351812252,4007741860
[more info]Turkey Bistro890370421301002,560796450

Les Sandwiches - Gourmet

[more info]French Dip Au Caramelized Onions870320361311102,250877545
[more info]Turkey and Brie Sandwich780260301301052,570826946

Les Sandwiches - Half Bistro

[more info]Chicken Salade Croissant, Half340220248070530222411
[more info]Chicken and Pesto Sandwich, Half430210236060750312125

Les Sandwiches - Half Signature

[more info]Chicken Caesar, Half480210247070760413<125
[more info]Chicken Parisien, Half510240268070940423126
[more info]Croque Monsieur, Half43016018901151,200382930
[more info]Turkey Bistro, Half4501902170501,280403225

Les Sandwiches - Half Gourmet

[more info]French Dip Au Caramelized Onions, Half4401601870.5551,130444323
[more info]Turkey and Brie Sandwich, Half3901301570551,290413523

Les Sandwiches - Sandwich Side

[more info]Petite Caesar190140162.50152907215
[more info]Petite Caesar fat-free dressing90404.520<53109224
[more info]Side of Chips210110121.50026023203
[more info]Tomato Basil Pesto Pasta Salade, Cup400250283.502073030228

French Classiques

[more info]Chicken Friand with Wild Mushroom Sauce730460512701151,090461221
[more info]Quiche Florentine1,010730844804601,180554218
[more info]Quiche Lorraine1,020710824704451,530532223


[more info]Chicken la Madeleine with Rice Provencal and Steamed Broccoli58021024120.51401,620556637

Smart Choices

[more info]Chicken la Madeleine with Rice Provencal and Steamed Broccoli58021024120.51401,620556637

Plats de Pasta

[more info]Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta98043047250.52203,2507661263
[more info]Chicken Pesto Pasta840410451401202,470683644
[more info]Pasta la Madeleine with Chicken1,030490542902302,110845550
[more info]Pasta la Madeleine with Shrimp950480532902351,880805540
[more info]Shrimp Pesto Pasta770390441401252,240643634

Sides a la Carte

[more info]Green Beans Almondine2902302694.52518011445
[more info]Grilled Chicken180707107056040024
[more info]Mashed Red-Skinned Potatoes1807084.502049024334
[more info]Rice Provençal200202.51.50<563041346
[more info]Steamed Broccoli25500001355303

Baked Goods

[more info]Almond Croissant610310341501404006233310
[more info]Apple Raisin Danish5101501610045380843448
[more info]Apple Turnover350160188010320411145
[more info]Blackberry Cream Cheese Croissant55025028170120510651358
[more info]Blueberry Muffin530220246075520682377
[more info]Bran Muffin540180203.5055320868599
[more info]Butter Croissant28014015907032028145
[more info]Chocolate Almond Croissant610310351501303506643710
[more info]Chocolate Chunk Cookie5002002213075220693387
[more info]Chocolate Chunk Mini Cookie (1)1305063.502055151102
[more info]Chocolate Chunk Mini Cookie (2)260100127040110302204
[more info]Chocolate Croissant28014015906027030285
[more info]Chocolate Croissant, Mini1407084.503013515143
[more info]Lemon Madeleine (1)130404.52.5030170200131
[more info]Mini Blueberry Muffin1607084.5060110191103
[more info]Mini Bran Muffin1405060.5015110212112
[more info]Mini Chocolate Croissant1305063.501514015133
[more info]Oatmeal Raisin Pecan Cookie460190219050220654377
[more info]Oatmeal Raisin Pecan Mini Cookie (1)1204552.50155516192
[more info]Oatmeal Raisin Pecan Mini Cookie (2)24090105030110322184
[more info]Palmier32013014500200441253
[more info]Sugar Cookie50021023140.590290681434


[more info]Baguette680151.50001,8401436425
[more info]Country Wheat Loaf1,4006060002,60029219651
[more info]Homemade Croutons1,050520619001,4701187320
[more info]La Madeleine Croissant28014015907032028145
[more info]Seven Grain Loaf1,670100110003,120348442258
[more info]Sourdough Loaf1,4606060002,73030525651


[more info]Coconut Cream Cake Slice6202803113090470790526
[more info]French Vanilla and Fruit Parfait110404.5301045151111
[more info]Fresh Fruit Tart5001902112055220723428
[more info]Lemon Tart820300332109023011719716
[more info]Mini Chocolate Almond Tart160901050103518192
[more info]Mini Fresh Fruit Tart1505063.50<550221122
[more info]Mini Lemon Tart200708501040280213
[more info]Napoleon (Limited Availability)6302803119010490761408
[more info]Sacher Torte Parfait3001802011040125301233
[more info]Sacher Torte Slice4201601810040440621436
[more info]Strawberry Napoléon Slice58030034180.5<5310622337

Whole Desserts

[more info]Coconut Cream Cake, whole cake4,9402,21024610407103,800636442046
[more info]Fresh Fruit Tart, 6P1,850740825001358202721518024
[more info]Sacher Torte, 10P4,1501,58017510304104,3906141142356

Le Children's Menu

[more info]Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Chips7705105622680900523018
[more info]Pizza480190218040820544419

Specialty Café

[more info]Single Café Americano50000001001
[more info]Single Café Caramel Frappe74025027210503901242984
[more info]Single Café Chocolat Frappe710200221602530013031185
[more info]Single Café Frappe470110121100260910822
[more info]Single Café Latte904552.5015658075
[more info]Single Café Mocha45021024140.58095562487
[more info]Single Cappuccino803542.5015557065
[more info]Single Caramel Macchiato160505301570230206
[more info]Single Espresso50000001001
[more info]Single Hot Chocolate43021023140.57585542476


[more info]Bottled Water000000100000
[more info]Diet Soda without ice000000100000
[more info]Iced Tea without ice1000000102000
[more info]Lemonade without ice2700000010670620
[more info]Mango Iced Tea without ice1000000102001
[more info]Milk (whole)2201101270351601801812
[more info]Orange Juice1600000010373303
[more info]Raspberry Lemonade without ice3300000010830790
[more info]Regular Soda without ice2300000050610610
[more info]Wine15000000105010


La Madeleine attempts to provide nutrition and allergen information that is as complete as possible. Seasonal, regional, and limited-time items are not included. The information is based on standard product offerings. Variations may occur depending on local supplier, region of the country, season of the year, and customer requests. Nutritional values are provided by Food Consulting Company, Del Mar, California,, based on USDA Standard Reference values, information from our suppliers, and the Genesis R&D Nutrition Analysis Program from ESHA Research in Salem, Oregon. Revised August, 2013.

Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.