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Calories Calories from Fat Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)

Starters & Shareables

[more info]Chili Bowl610430482401151,100173228
[more info]Rocket Wings, Plain60038043901352,900190035
[more info]Rocket Wings,Traditional660440491001354,040190035
[more info]Rocket Wings, Sweet Barbeque66039043901353,2203211235
[more info]American Fries480170193004069428
[more info]Sweet Potato Fries59028031100800759343
[more info]1/2 Onion Rings & 1/2 American Fries660260295001,020794423
[more info]1/2 American Fries & 1/2 Sweet Potato Fries61026029300480827217
[more info]Bacon Cheese Fries83039044170501,560824623
[more info]Cheese Fries74033037140301,260824617
[more info]1/2 Onion Rings & 1/2 Sweet Potato Fries730320364001,4608372320
[more info]Onion Rings880360406002,260905840
[more info]Chili Cheese Fries1,00050056220651,760936826


[more info]Add Bacon9060730203000006
[more info]Add Fried Egg90607202101000006
[more info]Add Hamburger Patty3902703012010533000026
[more info]Add Pepperjack Cheese9070750251500005
[more info]Substitute Turkey Patty3002402780901,06000024
[more info]Add American Cheese7050640203001014
[more info]Add Cheddar Cheese9070740201401006
[more info]Add Jalapeno Slices10000003001100
[more info]Add Grilled Mushrooms705061003702112
[more info]Add Swiss Cheese1107085025602018
[more info]Add Grilled Onions20101000503010
[more info]Substitute Chicken Breast140202006082030128
[more info]Add Chili120901040202504105
[more info]Add Grilled Bell Peppers & Onions30000003305241
[more info]Add Cheddar Cheese Sauce804052005207021
[more info]Substitute Soy Boca Burger10010100084086119
[more info]Add Onion Rings15060710038015117
[more info]Substitute Wheat Bun29070820042046263
[more info]The Houston Hamburger900520582101351,800493938
[more info]Route 66 Hamburger1,000600682201401,300523943
[more info]Bacon Cheddar Single Hamburger1,120660742801801,4805631251
[more info]Rocket Double Hamburger1,420870973702651,5105631271
[more info]Rocket Single Hamburger950540602101401,0505631240
[more info]Bacon Cheddar Double Hamburger1,7701,1201255003452,3805731294
[more info]The Original Hamburger870490551601151,4105831534
[more info]Streamliner Hamburger420100112001,6205991027
[more info]#12 Hamburger970550612001351,5606031440
[more info]Smoke House Double Hamburger1,6609901104202952,6607031590
[more info]Smoke House Single Hamburger1,100600662401501,9007031553

Rocket Melts

[more info]Tuna Melt on Sourdough Bread790440491401001,480432245
[more info]Grilled American Cheese on Sourdough Bread53025030150801,620442422
[more info]Grilled Cheddar Cheese on Sourdough Bread5903103417080980442230
[more info]Tuna Melt on White Bread810470521401001,480452443
[more info]Grilled American Cheese on White Bread55028033150801,620462620
[more info]Grilled Cheddar Cheese on White Bread6103403717080980462428
[more info]Tuna Melt on Wheat Bread830480531401001,460474647
[more info]Grilled American Cheese on Wheat Bread57029034150801,600484824
[more info]Grilled Cheddar Cheese on Wheat Bread6303503817080960484632
[more info]Grilled Swiss Cheese on Sourdough Bread69033038210100660482438
[more info]Tuna Melt on Rye Bread850480531401001,320492245
[more info]Grilled American Cheese on Rye Bread59029034150801,460502422
[more info]Grilled Cheddar Cheese on Rye Bread6503503817080820502230
[more info]Grilled Swiss Cheese on White Bread71036041210100660502636
[more info]Grilled Swiss Cheese on Wheat Bread73037042210100640524840
[more info]Patty Melt880490542101451,100532444
[more info]Grilled Swiss Cheese on Rye Bread75037042210100500542438
[more info]BBQ Chicken Bacon Melt1,070360401301803,6208942391

Philly Cheese Steaks

[more info]Add Grilled Mushrooms to Philly Cheese Steak604051003002112
[more info]Add Grilled Bell Peppers & Onions to Philly Cheese Steak30000003305241
[more info]Philly Cheese Steak with Pepperjack Cheese790370401801602,110543648
[more info]Philly Cheese Steak with American Cheese750340381601502,400552745
[more info]Philly Cheese Steak with Cheddar Cheese780370401701502,080553649
[more info]Chicken Philly Cheese Steak with Pepperjack Cheese700240261201701,740573851
[more info]Philly Cheese Steak with Swiss Cheese830380421901601,920573753
[more info]Chicken Philly Cheese Steak with American Cheese660210241001602,030583948
[more info]Chicken Philly Cheese Steak with Cheddar Cheese690240261101601,710583852
[more info]Chicken Philly Cheese Steak with Swiss Cheese740250281301701,550603956
[more info]Philly Cheese Steak with Cheese Sauce Cheese690280311101102,330613839
[more info]Chicken Philly Cheese Steak with Cheese Sauce Cheese60015017501201,9606431042

Sandwiches Chicken & Hot Dogs

[more info]Add Deli Mustard to Hot Dog302020004702202
[more info]Add Ranch Dressing to Chicken Tenders2002002240203802022
[more info]Add Chopped Onions to Hot Dog100000003010
[more info]Add Thousand Island Dressing to Chicken Tenders2802703050303206040
[more info]Add Relish to Hot Dog30000002108060
[more info]Add BBQ Ranch Dressing to Chicken Tenders160100112010510140131
[more info]Add Honey Mustard Dressing to Chicken Tenders90202000420143122
[more info]Add Ketchup to Hot Dog7000000530161141
[more info]Add BBQ Sauce to Chicken Tenders11000000620261231
[more info]Hot Dog4102002280501,060341618
[more info]Chicken Tenders88050056301202,520420048
[more info]Chili Cheese Dog770460512401301,660422737
[more info]Tuna Salad Sandwich on Sourdough Bread7304004570701,310452534
[more info]Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato on Sourdough Bread460200235030840472714
[more info]Tuna Salad Sandwich on White Bread7504304870701,310472732
[more info]Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato on White Bread480230265030840492912
[more info]Tuna Salad Sandwich on Wheat Bread7704304970701,290494936
[more info]Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato on Wheat Bread5002302750308205141116
[more info]Tuna Salad Sandwich on Rye Bread7904304970701,150512534
[more info]Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich5902302640701,3805221135
[more info]Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato on Rye Bread520230275030680532714
[more info]Chicken Club Sandwich92031036601602,8307731274

Shakes & Floats

[more info]Add Malt6010210<56010170
[more info]Coke Float54026029170115120710596
[more info]Fanta Orange Float55026029170115130740626
[more info]Barq's Root Beer Float56026029170115120750636
[more info]Peanut Butter Deluxe Shake1,100710793602004808035729
[more info]Strawberry Original Shake820450503002002308006315
[more info]Orange Dreamsicle Deluxe Shake74040044260175160830669
[more info]Banana Deluxe Shake850460503002002208826216
[more info]Chocolate Peanut Butter Deluxe Shake1,020580653302003609337023
[more info]Chocolate Strawberry Kiss Deluxe Shake900450503002002409817816
[more info]Strawberry Banana Deluxe Shake900460503002002309927316
[more info]Vanilla Original Shake890450503002002209908215
[more info]Very Cherry Deluxe Shake8904505030020023010008315
[more info]Strawberry Oreo Crumble Deluxe Shake9505005632020037010117516
[more info]Chocolate Vanilla Twist Deluxe Shake9104505030020023010218216
[more info]Black Forest Deluxe Shake9104505030020024010318316
[more info]Hershey's Chocolate Original Shake9204605130020024010518116
[more info]Chocolate Banana Deluxe Shake9304605030020023010637717
[more info]Butterfinger Deluxe Shake1,0305506135020035011017818
[more info]Oreo Cookies & Cream Deluxe Shake1,0305506133020049011027517
[more info]Dark Chocolate made with Ghirardelli Chocolate Super Deluxe Shake9905005534020026011449518
[more info]Mocha Fudge Deluxe Shake1,0004905534020029011619316
[more info]Big Apple Super Deluxe Shake1,1406006737020054012128417
[more info]Coffee Deluxe Shake97045050300200240121010215
[more info]Chocolate Madness Super Deluxe Shake1,1105406136020043012939518


[more info]Add Tuna Salad37026029506077000026
[more info]Add Egg Salad390320357047045020114
[more info]Blue Cheese Dressing2802703061254202012
[more info]Ranch Dressing2002002240203802022
[more info]Thousand Island Dressing2802703050303206040
[more info]Fat_Free Italian Dressing401000008408051
[more info]Garden Salad280170191206037094516
[more info]Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing2802302640046010040
[more info]Chicken Club Salad with Grilled Chicken510250281501401,490124650
[more info]Honey Mustard Dressing90202000420143122
[more info]Chicken Club Salad with Breaded Chicken660400451601201,510234538

Rocket Kids Meals

[more info]Add Mayonnaise to Kids Mini Hamburgers2802803250202800000
[more info]Add Pepper Jack Cheese to Kids Mini Hamburgers9070750251500005
[more info]Add Pickle Chips to Kids Mini Hamburgers0000003000000
[more info]Add American Cheese to Kids Mini Hamburgers7050640203001014
[more info]Add Cheddar Cheese to Kids Mini Hamburgers9070740201401006
[more info]Add Mustard to Kids Mini Hot Dogs201010003101101
[more info]Add Mustard to Kids Mini Hamburgers302020004702202
[more info]Add Swiss Cheese to Kids Mini Hamburgers1107085025602018
[more info]Add Chopped White Onions to Kids Mini Hot Dogs100000003010
[more info]Add Ketchup to Kids Mini Hot Dogs40000002708171
[more info]Add Relish to Kids Mini Hamburgers30000002108060
[more info]Add Relish to Kids Mini Hot Dogs30000002108060
[more info]Add Ketchup to Kids Mini Hamburgers5000000400121111
[more info]Kids Chicken Tenders4402502810601,260210024
[more info]Kids Mini Hamburgers5302803210085560341525
[more info]Kids Mini Hot Dogs32014015500830351614
[more info]Kids American Fries270100112002039215
[more info]Kids Grilled American Cheese on White Bread4101802180401,030452513
[more info]Kids Grilled Cheddar Cheese on White Bread440210239040710452417
[more info]Kids Grilled Swiss Cheese on White Bread4902202511050550472521
[more info]Kids Strawberry Original Shake570310332001351605804610
[more info]Kids Vanilla Original Shake580310332001351506205010
[more info]Kids Hershey's Chocolate Original Shake600310332001351606515011
[more info]Kids Butterfinger Deluxe Shake650360392301352206814812
[more info]Kids Oreo Cookies & Cream Deluxe Shake650360392201352906814711
[more info]Kids Chocolate Banana Deluxe Shake620310332001351607115111


[more info]Add Cheddar Cheese to Apple Pie9070740201401006
[more info]Add A La Mode to Apple Pie22013015806040200153
[more info]Single Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream22013015906040200153
[more info]Super Sundae with Strawberry Sauce58035036180115100552418
[more info]Super Sundae with Hershey's Chocolate Sauce61035036180115100623459
[more info]Super Sundae with Hot Fudge66039041220115150653469
[more info]Apple Pie620300341400640744344
[more info]The Perfect Brownie Sundae1,370590662706039019191356


[more info]Diet Coke000000700000
[more info]Hot Tea000000100000
[more info]Iced Tea000000300000
[more info]Kids Diet Coke000000500000
[more info]Kids Iced Tea000000200000
[more info]Lemon Flavor Shot00000000010
[more info]Kids Milk1507085035120110118
[more info]Milk1507085035120110118
[more info]Vanilla Flavor Shot50000000110110
[more info]Cherry Flavor Shot50000000120120
[more info]Hershey's Chocolate Flavor Shot600000010140110
[more info]Kids Pibb Xtra1800000050480480
[more info]Kids Minute Made Lemonade1800000080490470
[more info]Kids Coke1800000060500500
[more info]Kids Sprite2000000050500440
[more info]Orange Juice2000000010501351
[more info]Kids Barq's Root Beer2100000050560560
[more info]Kids Fanta Orange2000000070560560
[more info]Pibb Xtra2400000070640640
[more info]Minute Made Lemonade24000000110650630
[more info]Coke2400000080670670
[more info]Sprite2600000060670590
[more info]Fanta Orange2700000090740740
[more info]Barq's Root Beer2800000060750750
[more info]Hot Chocolate1602021002003681253
[more info]Kids Hot Chocolate1602021002003681253

Breakfast Specialties

[more info]Omelette Toppings, Bacon140901140304500009
[more info]Omelette Toppings, Ham805052025200008
[more info]Omelette Toppings, Sausage300210236011061000022
[more info]Omelette Toppings, Bell Pepper100000001010
[more info]Omelette Toppings, Cheese230170191206035010014
[more info]Omelette Toppings, Mushrooms302030001401011
[more info]Omelette Toppings, Onions100000001010
[more info]Omelette Toppings, Tomato100000002020
[more info]Omelette Toppings, Chili1601101250253105116
[more info]Breakfast Specialties side of Sourdough Bread2000000040042228
[more info]Breakfast Sandwich, Egg & Bacon on Sourdough790510571503001,240442327
[more info]Breakfast Specialties side of White Bread22030300040044246
[more info]Breakfast Sandwich, Egg & Ham on Sourdough760470521303101,580452430
[more info]Breakfast Sandwich, Egg & Bacon on White810540601503001,240462525
[more info]Breakfast Specialties side of Wheat Bread240304000380464610
[more info]Eggs My Way, One Egg with Bacon & Potatoes770500561202701,240465321
[more info]Eggs My Way, One Egg with Sausage & Potatoes930620681403501,400465334
[more info]Eggs My Way, Two Eggs with Bacon & Potatoes900600671405051,360465328
[more info]Eggs My Way, Two Eggs with Sausage & Potatoes1,060720791605851,520465341
[more info]Patty 'n Eggs, Beef & Potatoes1,150780862205801,240465345
[more info]Patty 'n Eggs, Turkey & Potatoes1,060750831805651,970465343
[more info]Breakfast Sandwich, Egg & Ham on White780500551303101,580472628
[more info]Breakfast Sandwich, Egg & Bacon on Wheat830540611503001,220484729
[more info]Breakfast Specialties side of Rye Bread26030400024048228
[more info]Pick 3 Omelette, Eggs & Potatoes930620691408451,060485531
[more info]Breakfast Sandwich, Egg & Ham on Wheat800500561303101,560494832
[more info]Breakfast Sandwich, Egg & Bacon on Rye850540611503001,080502327
[more info]Breakfast Sandwich, Egg & Ham on Rye820500561303101,420512430
[more info]Breakfast Specialties side of English Muffin26020200052052408
[more info]Breakfast Sandwich, Egg & Bacon on English Muffin850530591503001,360544127
[more info]Patty 'n Eggs, Boca & Potatoes860520571004751,7505411438
[more info]Breakfast Sandwich, Egg & Ham on English Muffin820490541303101,700554230

Breakfast Favorites

[more info]One French Toast230809209532028158
[more info]One French Toast with Bacon3701702060125770281517
[more info]One French Toast with Sausage5302903280205930281530
[more info]Two Pancakes240708201035036105
[more info]Two Pancakes with Bacon380160196040800361014
[more info]Two Pancakes withSausage5402803180120960361027
[more info]Syrup1900000070490170
[more info]Three Pancakes340809201596054208
[more info]Three Pancakes with Bacon4801702060451,410542017
[more info]Three Pancakes with Sausage64029032801251,570542030
[more info]The "Works"1,000640702401101,350556733
[more info]Two French Toast46016018401906405621016
[more info]Two French Toast with Bacon60025029802201,0905621025
[more info]Two French Toast with Sausage760370411003001,2505621038

Breakfast Sides

[more info]Bacon9060730203000006
[more info]Sausage (2 patties)300210236011061000022
[more info]Side of One Egg13010011302401201017
[more info]English Muffin13010100026026204
[more info]Toast, Sourdough2000000040042228
[more info]Toast, White22030300040044246
[more info]Country Potatoes5003103450067045525
[more info]Toast, Wheat240304000380464610
[more info]Toast, Rye26030400024048228
[more info]Bagel with Cream Cheese390110125030650572113


[more info]Side Salad704553015954225
[more info]Side of American Fries480170193004069428
[more info]Side of Sweet Potato Fries59028031100800759343

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