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[more info]#10 Double Roast Beef & Provolone, 16" Giant1,690640692002504,080154144110
[more info]#10 Double Roast Beef & Provolone, 8" Original850320351001252,040777255
[more info]#10 Double Roast Beef & Provolone, Unwich460290321001251,26041240
[more info]#10 Double Roast Beef & Provolone, Wheat820360401001251,6406161056
[more info]#11 Turkey, Ham & Provolone, 16" Giant1,590560611701904,68016014696
[more info]#11 Turkey, Ham & Provolone, 8" Original8002803190952,340807348
[more info]#11 Turkey, Ham & Provolone, Unwich4102502890951,56071333
[more info]#11 Turkey, Ham & Provolone, Wheat7703203690951,9406461149
[more info]#12 Turkey Breast, Provolone & Avocado, 16" Giant1,720730802601803,97016216492
[more info]#12 Turkey Breast, Provolone & Avocado, 8" Original86037040130901,990818246
[more info]#12 Turkey Breast, Provolone & Avocado, Unwich47034038130901,21082231
[more info]#12 Turkey Breast, Provolone & Avocado, Wheat83041046130901,5906571047
[more info]#13 Veggie Club, 16" Giant2,0401,0401154602203,83016416496
[more info]#13 Veggie Club, 8" Original1,020520582301101,920828248
[more info]#13 Veggie Club, Unwich630490552301101,14092233
[more info]#13 Veggie Club, Wheat990560632301101,5206671049
[more info]#14 Roast Beef & Turkey Breast, 16" Giant1,41043046801703,80015414490
[more info]#14 Roast Beef & Turkey Breast, 8" Original7102202340851,900777245
[more info]#14 Roast Beef & Turkey Breast, Unwich3201902140851,12041230
[more info]#14 Roast Beef & Turkey Breast, Wheat6802602940851,5006161046
[more info]#15 Tuna Salad & Provolone, 16" Giant1,770760852701603,90016416884
[more info]#15 Tuna Salad & Provolone, 8" Original89038043140801,950828442
[more info]#15 Tuna Salad & Provolone, Unwich50036040140801,17092427
[more info]#15 Tuna Salad & Provolone, Wheat86043048140801,5506671243
[more info]#16 Sliced Turkey & Bacon, 16" Giant1,410470541201103,64015414472
[more info]#16 Sliced Turkey & Bacon, 8" Original7102402760551,820777236
[more info]#16 Sliced Turkey & Bacon, Unwich3202202560551,04041221
[more info]#16 Sliced Turkey & Bacon, Wheat6802903360551,4206161037
[more info]#17 Ultimate Ham BLT, 16" Giant1,430490561301103,88015614666
[more info]#17 Ultimate Ham BLT, 8" Original7202502870551,940787333
[more info]#17 Ultimate Ham BLT, Unwich3302302670551,16051318
[more info]#17 Ultimate Ham BLT, Wheat6903003470551,5406261134
[more info]#7 Double Ham & Provolone, 16" Giant1,610560631801904,92016414890
[more info]#7 Double Ham & Provolone, 8" Original8102803290952,460827445
[more info]#7 Double Ham & Provolone, Unwich4202602990951,68091430
[more info]#7 Double Ham & Provolone, Wheat7803303790952,0606661246
[more info]#8 Roast Beef, Ham & Provolone, 16" Giant1,660610661902204,740158146100
[more info]#8 Roast Beef, Ham & Provolone, 8" Original830310331001102,370797350
[more info]#8 Roast Beef, Ham & Provolone, Unwich440280311001101,59061335
[more info]#8 Roast Beef, Ham & Provolone, Wheat800350391001101,9706361151
[more info]#9 Big Italian, 16" Giant1,890830922702505,780164141296
[more info]#9 Big Italian, 8" Original950420461401252,890827648
[more info]#9 Big Italian, Unwich560390441401252,11091633
[more info]#9 Big Italian, Wheat920460521401252,4906661449


[more info]#1 Ham & Provolone, 16" Giant1,250520591701303,18011812660
[more info]#1 Ham & Provolone, 8" Original6302603090651,590596330
[more info]#1 Ham & Provolone, Unwich3502502890651,03061319
[more info]#1 Ham & Provolone, Wheat7103203690651,4106361135
[more info]#2 Original Roast Beef, 16" Giant1,07039044801102,30011212454
[more info]#2 Original Roast Beef, 8" Original5402002240551,150566227
[more info]#2 Original Roast Beef, Unwich26018020405559031216
[more info]#2 Original Roast Beef, Wheat6202502840559706061032
[more info]#3 Tuna Salad, 16" Giant1,1104304870602,54012014844
[more info]#3 Tuna Salad, 8" Original560220243.50301,270607422
[more info]#3 Tuna Salad, Unwich280200223.503071072411
[more info]#3 Tuna Salad, Wheat640270303.50301,0906471227
[more info]#4 Turkey Breast, 16" Giant1,0103403960802,48011412450
[more info]#4 Turkey Breast, 8" Original5101702030401,240576225
[more info]#4 Turkey Breast, Unwich23016018304068041214
[more info]#4 Turkey Breast, Wheat5902302630401,0606161030
[more info]#5 Perfect Italian, 16" Giant1,230470542001703,740120121066
[more info]#5 Perfect Italian, 8" Original62024027100851,870606533
[more info]#5 Perfect Italian, Unwich34022025100851,31071522
[more info]#5 Perfect Italian, Wheat70029033100851,6906461338
[more info]#6 The Veggie, 16" Giant1,380690782601202,47012014456
[more info]#6 The Veggie, 8" Original69035039130601,240607228
[more info]#6 The Veggie, Unwich410330371306068072217
[more info]#6 The Veggie, Wheat77040045130601,0606471033
[more info]JJBLT, 16" Giant1,13049056140602,38011212440
[more info]JJBLT, 8" Original5702502870301,190566220
[more info]JJBLT, Unwich2902302670306303129
[more info]JJBLT, Wheat6503003470301,0106061025

The J.J. Gargantuan

[more info]The J.J. Gargantuan, 16" Giant2,190880992904007,7201661412156
[more info]The J.J. Gargantuan, 8" Original1,100440501502003,860837678
[more info]The J.J. Gargantuan, Unwich710420471502003,080101663
[more info]The J.J. Gargantuan, Wheat1,070490551502003,4606761479

Plain Slims

[more info]Slim 1 Ham & Cheese, 8" Original5701201360551,660765134
[more info]Slim 1 Ham & Cheese, Unwich19010011605588040219
[more info]Slim 1 Ham & Cheese, Wheat5401701960551,260604935
[more info]Slim 2 Roast Beef, 8" Original48050610451,220735031
[more info]Slim 2 Roast Beef, Unwich100303104544010116
[more info]Slim 2 Roast Beef, Wheat450100111045820574832
[more info]Slim 3 Tuna Salad, 8" Original650220253.50301,490776226
[more info]Slim 3 Tuna Salad, Unwich270200223.503071051311
[more info]Slim 3 Tuna Salad, Wheat620270303.50301,0906151027
[more info]Slim 4 Turkey, 8" Original45025300301,310745029
[more info]Slim 4 Turkey, Unwich7050.5003053020114
[more info]Slim 4 Turkey, Wheat4208090030910584830
[more info]Slim 5 Italian, 8" Original66012023100852,040755237
[more info]Slim 5 Italian, Unwich23018020100851,26030322
[more info]Slim 5 Italian, Wheat63025028100851,6405941038
[more info]Slim 6 Cheese, 8" Original61018021100501,240755031
[more info]Slim 6 Cheese, Unwich170160181005046030116
[more info]Slim 6 Cheese, Wheat5802302610050840594832


[more info]BBQ Jimmy Chips1507081.50011017132
[more info]Jalapeno Jimmy Chips1507081.50015017122
[more info]Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle20000002,0904411
[more info]Oatmeal Raisin Cookie370120138050390573316
[more info]Regular Jimmy Chips1508091.5009017112
[more info]Salt & Vinegar Jimmy Chips1507081.50019017121
[more info]Thinny Chips1305051009520122
[more info]Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie410170191205029056<1325


[more info]Barq'S Red Cream Soda, 32 Ounces3500000065930930
[more info]Barq'S Root Beer, 22 Ounces29000000130830830
[more info]Barq's Red Cream Soda, 22 Ounces2400000045640640
[more info]Barq's Root Beer, 32 Ounces4300000019012101210
[more info]Coca-Cola Cherry, 22 Ounces2800000065770770
[more info]Coca-Cola Cherry, 32 Ounces410000009511201120
[more info]Coca-Cola Zero, 22 Ounces000000750000
[more info]Coca-Cola Zero, 32 Ounces0000001050000
[more info]Coca-Cola, 22 Ounces2600000085720720
[more info]Coca-Cola, 32 Ounces3700000012510501050
[more info]Diet Coke Caffeine Free, 22 Ounces000000750000
[more info]Diet Coke Caffeine Free, 32 Ounces0000001050000
[more info]Diet Coke, 22 Ounces000000750000
[more info]Diet Coke, 32 Ounces0000001050000
[more info]Diet Dr. Pepper, 22 Ounces000000950000
[more info]Diet Dr. Pepper, 32 Ounces0000001400000
[more info]Dr. Pepper, 22 Ounces2800000095740740
[more info]Dr. Pepper, 32 Ounces4100000014010801080
[more info]Fanta Cherry, 22 Ounces3000000070810810
[more info]Fanta Cherry, 32 Ounces4400000010511801180
[more info]Fanta Grape, 22 Ounces3300000065890890
[more info]Fanta Grape, 32 Ounces480000009513001300
[more info]Fanta Orange, 22 Ounces29000000110830810
[more info]Fanta Orange, 32 Ounces4300000016012101170
[more info]Fanta Strawberry, 22 Ounces3300000085880880
[more info]Fanta Strawberry, 32 Ounces4800000012512801280
[more info]Fuze Raspberry Tea, 22 Ounces1100000015280280
[more info]Fuze Raspberry Tea, 32 Ounces1600000020400400
[more info]Fuze Sweet Tea, 22 Ounces1100000015280280
[more info]Fuze Sweet Tea, 32 Ounces1600000020400400
[more info]Hi-C Flashin' Fruit Punch, 22 Ounces2900000050810810
[more info]Hi-C Flashin' Fruit Punch, 32 Ounces430000007011801180
[more info]Hi-C Poppin' Pink Lemonade, 22 Ounces3300000055880840
[more info]Hi-C Poppin' Pink Lemonade, 32 Ounces480000008012801230
[more info]Lipton Iced Tea (Sweet), 22 Ounces2700000015600600
[more info]Lipton Iced Tea (Sweet), 32 Ounces400000002010001000
[more info]Lipton Iced Tea (Unsweetened), 22 Ounces000000150000
[more info]Lipton Iced Tea (Unsweetened), 32 Ounces000000200000
[more info]Mello Yello, 22 Ounces2900000020800800
[more info]Mello Yello, 32 Ounces430000003011601160
[more info]Minute Maid Lemonade, 22 Ounces3000000040800770
[more info]Minute Maid Lemonade, 32 Ounces440000006011601120
[more info]Minute Maid Light Lemonade, 22 Ounces40000004011060
[more info]Minute Maid Light Lemonade, 32 Ounces60000006016090
[more info]Pibb Xtra, 22 Ounces2600000075720720
[more info]Pibb Xtra, 32 Ounces3500000010510501050
[more info]Powerade Fruit Punch, 22 Ounces18000000330460440
[more info]Powerade Fruit Punch, 32 Ounces21000000410570530
[more info]Powerade Mountain Blast, 22 Ounces15000000280390390
[more info]Powerade Mountain Blast, 32 Ounces21000000410570570
[more info]Sprite Zero, 22 Ounces000000650000
[more info]Sprite Zero, 32 Ounces000000950000
[more info]Sprite, 22 Ounces26000000120700700
[more info]Sprite, 32 Ounces3700000017010101010
[more info]Vitaminwater Xxx, 22 Ounces130000000370360
[more info]Vitaminwater Xxx, 32 Ounces190000000530520


[more info]8" French Bread LBI (Favorites/Plain Slims)390202.5000780735015
[more info]8" French Bread TBO (Classics)280152000560534011
[more info]9-Grain Hand-Sliced Wheat360708000380574816
[more info]Giant 16" French Bread Lbi(Favorites/Plain Slims)7804050001,56014610030
[more info]Giant 16" French Bread TBO (Classics)5603040001,1201068022
[more info]Unwich (Lettuce Wrap)50000001010

Add-Ons & Freebies

[more info]Avocado Spread, Ez for Giant30202000652101
[more info]Avocado Spread, Ez for Original15101000351<10<1
[more info]Avocado Spread, Reg for Giant504040001304202
[more info]Avocado Spread, Reg for Original25202000652101
[more info]Avocado Spread, Xtra for Giant1008080002608404
[more info]Avocado Spread, Xtra for Original504040001304202
[more info]Bacon, Ez for Giant12080940204800009
[more info]Bacon, Ez for Original60404.520102400005
[more info]Bacon, Reg for Giant18012014603072000014
[more info]Bacon, Reg for Original9060730153600007
[more info]Bacon, Xtra for Giant36024028120601,44000028
[more info]Bacon, Xtra for Original18012014603072000014
[more info]Capicola, Ez for Giant8045620254501018
[more info]Capicola, Ez for Original40252.5101523010<14
[more info]Capicola, Reg for Giant120708304068020212
[more info]Capicola, Reg for Original603541.50203401016
[more info]Capicola, Xtra for Giant2401401660801,36040424
[more info]Capicola, Xtra for Original120708304068020212
[more info]Cucumber, Reg for Giant50000001010
[more info]Cucumber, Xtra for Giant100000002020
[more info]Cucumber, Xtra for Original50000001010
[more info]Grey Poupon, Ez for Giant5000001200000
[more info]Grey Poupon, Ez for Original000000600000
[more info]Grey Poupon, Reg for Giant10000002400000
[more info]Grey Poupon, Reg for Original5000001200000
[more info]Grey Poupon, Xtra for Giant20000004800000
[more info]Grey Poupon, Xtra for Original10000002400000
[more info]Ham, Ez for Giant90202004086020214
[more info]Ham, Ez for Original4510100204301017
[more info]Ham, Reg for Giant14030310601,30040222
[more info]Ham, Reg for Original70151.50.503065020111
[more info]Ham, Xtra for Giant280606201202,60080444
[more info]Ham, Xtra for Original14030310601,30040222
[more info]Jimmy Mustard, Ez for Giant10000002400000
[more info]Jimmy Mustard, Ez for Original5000001200000
[more info]Jimmy Mustard, Reg for Giant20000004800000
[more info]Jimmy Mustard, Reg for Original10000002400000
[more info]Jimmy Mustard, Xtra for Giant40000009600000
[more info]Jimmy Mustard, Xtra for Original20000004800000
[more info]Jimmy Peppers, Ez for Giant5000001701000
[more info]Jimmy Peppers, Ez for Original00000085<1000
[more info]Jimmy Peppers, Reg for Giant10000003402000
[more info]Jimmy Peppers, Reg for Original5000001701000
[more info]Jimmy Peppers, Xtra for Giant20000006804000
[more info]Jimmy Peppers, Xtra for Original10000003402000
[more info]KickinÕ Ranch150140162.50102601011
[more info]Lettuce, Ez for Giant50000001110
[more info]Lettuce, Ez for Original0000000<1<1<10
[more info]Lettuce, Reg for Giant100000002220
[more info]Lettuce, Reg for Original50000001110
[more info]Lettuce, Xtra for Giant200000004440
[more info]Lettuce, Xtra for Original100000002220
[more info]Mayo, Ez for Giant2102102440152100000
[more info]Mayo, Ez for Original1101101220<51050000
[more info]Mayo, Reg for Giant3003003460203000000
[more info]Mayo, Reg for Original1501501730101500000
[more info]Mayo, Xtra for Giant52052058100305100000
[more info]Mayo, Xtra for Original2602602950152600000
[more info]Oil & Vinegar, Ez for Giant45455000500000
[more info]Oil & Vinegar, Ez for Original25252.5000250000
[more info]Oil & Vinegar, Reg for Giant9090100001000000
[more info]Oil & Vinegar, Reg for Original45455000500000
[more info]Oil & Vinegar, Xtra for Giant180180200002000000
[more info]Oil & Vinegar, Xtra for Original9090100001000000
[more info]Onion, Ez for Giant50000002010
[more info]Onion, Ez for Original000000010<10
[more info]Onion, Reg for Giant100000004020
[more info]Onion, Reg for Original50000002010
[more info]Onion, Xtra for Giant200000008040
[more info]Onion, Xtra for Original100000004020
[more info]Oregano-Basil, Reg for Giant50000001100
[more info]Oregano-Basil, Xtra for Giant100000002200
[more info]Oregano-Basil, Xtra for Original50000001100
[more info]Provolone Cheese, Ez for Giant11080950252301008
[more info]Provolone Cheese, Ez for Original60404.52.5015115<1004
[more info]Provolone Cheese, Reg for Giant220160181005046020016
[more info]Provolone Cheese, Reg for Original11080950252301008
[more info]Provolone Cheese, Xtra for Giant4403203620010092040032
[more info]Provolone Cheese, Xtra for Original220160181005046020016
[more info]Roast Beef, Ez for Giant90303105044000016
[more info]Roast Beef, Ez for Original45151.50.50252200008
[more info]Roast Beef, Reg for Giant180606209088000032
[more info]Roast Beef, Reg for Original90303104544000016
[more info]Roast Beef, Xtra for Giant36012012401801,76000064
[more info]Roast Beef, Xtra for Original180606209088000032
[more info]Salami & Capicola, Ez for Giant1801201260701,16020216
[more info]Salami & Capicola, Ez for Original9060630355801018
[more info]Salami & Capicola, Reg for Giant320200221001202,06020428
[more info]Salami & Capicola, Reg for Original1601001150601,03010214
[more info]Salami & Capicola, Xtra for Giant640380442002404,12040856
[more info]Salami & Capicola, Xtra for Original320190221001202,06020428
[more info]Salami, Ez for Giant10060740407000018
[more info]Salami, Ez for Original50303.5202035000<14
[more info]Salami, Reg for Giant2001201470801,38000216
[more info]Salami, Reg for Original1006073.50406900018
[more info]Salami, Xtra for Giant400240281401602,76000432
[more info]Salami, Xtra for Original2001201470801,38000216
[more info]Sliced Pickles, Ez for Giant0000002300000
[more info]Sliced Pickles, Ez for Original0000001150000
[more info]Sliced Pickles, Reg for Giant5000004601100
[more info]Sliced Pickles, Reg for Original0000002300000
[more info]Sliced Pickles, Xtra for Giant10000009202200
[more info]Sliced Pickles, Xtra for Original5000004601100
[more info]Sprouts, Ez for Giant50000000000
[more info]Sprouts, Reg for Giant100000000000
[more info]Sprouts, Reg for Original50000000000
[more info]Sprouts, Xtra for Giant200000000000
[more info]Sprouts, Xtra for Original100000000000
[more info]Tomato, Ez for Giant100000002110
[more info]Tomato, Ez for Original50000001<1<10
[more info]Tomato, Reg for Giant200000004220
[more info]Tomato, Reg for Original100000002110
[more info]Tomato, Xtra for Giant400000008440
[more info]Tomato, Xtra for Original200000004220
[more info]Tuna Salad, Ez for Giant260200223.503071041211
[more info]Tuna Salad, Ez for Original1301001120153602<116
[more info]Tuna Salad, Reg for Giant5204004470601,42082422
[more info]Tuna Salad, Reg for Original260200223.503071041211
[more info]Tuna Salad, Xtra for Giant1,040800881401202,840164844
[more info]Tuna Salad, Xtra for Original5204004470601,42082422
[more info]Turkey Breast, Ez for Giant8050.5004071010019
[more info]Turkey Breast, Ez for Original400000203501009
[more info]Turkey Breast, Reg for Giant12010100601,06020028
[more info]Turkey Breast, Reg for Original6050.5003053010014
[more info]Turkey Breast, Xtra for Giant240202001202,12040056
[more info]Turkey Breast, Xtra for Original12010100601,06020028
[more info]Yellow Mustard500000650000


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.