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Calories Calories from Fat Total Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)


[more info]Asian Shrimp Pick-Ups & Salad5102202550901,7405532118
[more info]Chicken Parmigiana1,000360401911701,360997857
[more info]Chicken Quesadilla Salad250150171004551019239
[more info]Jack's Chicken Fingers453030.50<55532137
[more info]Pad Thai1,08025028502252,550196113957


[more info]Add Market Fresh Vegetables18011012703510512466
[more info]Asiago Chicken Bowties1,010390431811601,5301027751
[more info]Asian Shrimp Pick-Ups5102202550901,7405532118
[more info]Beef Gravy401010.50061070<11
[more info]Blackened Salmon940340371401601,60010571448
[more info]Chicken & Goat Cheese Sandwich58022024801951,8805841435
[more info]Chicken BLT Poutine1,29067074324.51653,22010410653
[more info]Classic Poutine92043047244.5752,310959130
[more info]Fresh Guacamole580320365001,1206421610
[more info]Garlic Cheese Fries1,01050056190.5402,44010912422
[more info]Jack's Beer & Cheddar Soup37023025130.560890192416
[more info]Jack's Garlic Pan Bread™8603704170<51,5401025822
[more info]Jack's Yukon Gold Fries470110124.5001,070849<17
[more info]Jasmine Rice33000000075006
[more info]Market-Fresh Vegetables18011012703510512466
[more info]Pad Thai1,08025028502252,550196113957
[more info]Pulled Pork Poutine1,30068075344.51603,6601059953
[more info]Roast Beef Dip760280321002702,7705841165
[more info]Roast Chicken Radiatore1,060420471902053,4308982958
[more info]Roasted Garlic Bruschetta7001902150252,04010771623
[more info]Sauteed Shrimp with Black Beans Fajitas1,610620692313254,910164271883
[more info]Seasoned Grilled Chicken Fajitas1,300520582112202,610112121781
[more info]Shrimply Delicious Pasta93033036902402,1809781346
[more info]Sweet Potato Fries5802202520109508611264
[more info]The Bourbon Street 10 oz1,190600672814002,610605991
[more info]The Bourbon Street 7 oz1,080570632713652,370595972
[more info]The Classic 10 oz1,010510572912551,570484579
[more info]The Classic 7 oz900480532812151,330484460
[more info]The Memphis 10 oz1,260620693412802,2407471186
[more info]The Memphis 7 oz1,140590653312402,0007471167
[more info]The South American 10 oz1,660860963011853,83011813686
[more info]The South American 7 oz1,540830922911453,59011713667
[more info]Vodka 'N' Soda Fish 'N' Chips290708100920776212


[more info]My Cookie Ate Your Brownie™1,03045050190557401445959
[more info]World's Most Ridiculously Small Brownie460230269045330792554

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