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[more info]Cayenne Tortilla - Regular19080940043025014
[more info]Cayenne Tortilla - Super21090940043025014
[more info]Corn Tortillas - Two Tortillas90101.50001518002
[more info]Flour Tortilla - 7 inch1205031.50020016102
[more info]Flour Tortilla - Regular19080940043025014
[more info]Flour Tortilla - Super21090940043025014
[more info]Spinach Tortilla - Regular19080940043025014
[more info]Spinach Tortilla - Super19080940043025014
[more info]Wheat Tortilla - Regular19080940043025014
[more info]Wheat Tortilla - Super21090940043025014

Rice & Beans

[more info]Black Beans40510002107202
[more info]Brown Rice3551000606101
[more info]Izzo's Mexican Rice5015200007001
[more info]Pinto Beans45510002107202
[more info]Refried Beans351010001605202


[more info]Chicken - White Meat451010020951008
[more info]Ground Beef5030410151901004
[more info]Pork Carnitas7040510151802014
[more info]Shrimp5025300502801006
[more info]Steak6035420151001006


[more info]Izzo's Homemade Queso (1 oz)3025310<5451001
[more info]Shredded Monterey Jack & Cheddar Cheese8060630202801006

Veggies & Toppings

[more info]Black Olives909090004304000
[more info]Cilantro50000051000
[more info]Diced Tomatoes50000001010
[more info]Fresh Jalepenos100000002110
[more info]Grilled Onions3050.5000805121
[more info]Lime Juice50000001000
[more info]Pickled Jalepenos5500004100000
[more info]Pico de Gallo10000002202010
[more info]Red Onions100000003010
[more info]Roasted Corn305100006121
[more info]Romaine Lettuce50000001100
[more info]Sour Cream505063.5015251011


[more info]Ancho BBQ130252.50.510690270240
[more info]Cilantro Ranch1201101220152303021
[more info]Green Tomatillo2050.50002504121
[more info]Habanero10000005602020
[more info]Illegal Sauce50000001000
[more info]Izzo's Salsa (2 oz)15000004404121
[more info]Red Tomatillo15500002003121
[more info]Southwest Caesar2802602940102503111


[more info]Avocado453540.50002201
[more info]Grilled Mushrooms401010003106132
[more info]Grilled Shrimp1507081015582020017
[more info]Guacamole (2 oz)1008091.5002005301
[more info]Guacamole (6 oz)29024027400590141013


[more info]Chips69030033400600938111
[more info]Guacamole (6 oz)29024027400590141013
[more info]Izzo's Homemade Queso (6 oz)1901501670352706315
[more info]Izzo's Salsa (6 oz)5050.50001,32011372
[more info]Jalapenos, Fresh150000004121
[more info]Jalapenos, Pickled1050.50008301000

Salad Base

[more info]Romaine Lettuce50000001100
[more info]Tortilla Strips14060710012019202


Please note that these nutrition values are estimated based on our standard serving portions. As food servings may have a slight variance each time you visit, please expect these values to be with in 10% +/- of your actual meal. If you have any questions about our nutrition calculator, please contact Nutritionix.