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[more info]FRIED CHEESE57054072110501,630464516
[more info]Onion Loaf1,16098011111002,28011216128
[more info]Pretzel Bites8504004595103,080993416
[more info]Sweet Chili Shrimp550230263.502258903901120


[more info]Burgundy Steak 8 oz.3701802050801,02050241
[more info]Burgundy Tips 6 ounce300150174.506077030231
[more info]Cleaver Cut Steak 9 oz.540300341201651,47000048
[more info]Filet Mignon Steak 7 oz.35018021601201,21000040
[more info]Flat Iron Steak520380431521401,46010036
[more info]Kansas City Strip Steak 16 oz.950570642703402,16000086
[more info]Ribeye Steak 12 oz.55026029902201,77000071
[more info]T-Bone Steak 16 oz.1,070690772902552,140100180
[more info]Tender Tips 6 Oz38023026901101,09000032
[more info]Tender Tips 10 ounce5603101131101451,30000052
[more info]Thick Cut Sirloin Steak 6 oz.38023026901101,09000032
[more info]Thick Cut Sirloin Steak 10 oz.560320361301751,46000052


[more info]Buffalo Chicken Filet5703403960401,720321019
[more info]Buffalo Chicken Tenders6704305070551,350342024
[more info]Chicken Filet - BBQ260110132.509533060530
[more info]Chicken Filet - Italian Marinated2308081.5011518010135
[more info]Crispy Fried Chicken Filet510340396040810211019
[more info]Crispy Fried Chicken Tenders640430507055900292024
[more info]Grilled Chicken Filet260110202.5011545000035
[more info]Hoss's Famous Stuffed Chicken Breast78036040871451,750401159


[more info]Baked Whitefish2109011209055000032
[more info]Crab Cake220120141.507071060017
[more info]Fried Whitefish76051058150851,130381026
[more info]Maryland Style Crab Cakes28015017209079071122
[more info]Salmon Blackened300170203.509548000034
[more info]Salmon Grilled310170203.509579010034
[more info]Salmon Sweet Chili380170203.50951,2501801434
[more info]Scallop Medallions - Broiled200809203079000023
[more info]Scallop Medallions - Scampi56044049207951,03030023
[more info]Shrimp - Broiled2108092019575000018
[more info]Shrimp - Fried5504905760551,030341316
[more info]Shrimp - Scampi580440492072601,45030018
[more info]White Fish Haddock 8oz.160000012048000036


[more info]Baked Potato With Margarine2601001123013037424
[more info]Baked Sweet Potato With Margarine40010012230135711014
[more info]Buttered Mushrooms260250275704303112
[more info]French Fries4003003440065035303
[more info]Loaded Baked Potato410190218335390414311
[more info]Loaded Baked Sweet Potato500110122.53<52409310184
[more info]Mashed Potatoes2109010401556027314
[more info]Onion Rings390100113001,02050754
[more info]Plain Baked Potato160000001537424
[more info]Plain Sweet Potato3005000025711014
[more info]Rice Pilaf45101.501.5071033111
[more info]Side Salad6010100010011243
[more info]Steamed Broccoli4500000558535

Add Ons

[more info]Grilled Peppers & Onions2551000204120
[more info]Hoss's Beef Gravy25510004303001

American Value Meals

[more info]Chicken Parmesan & Pasta9504004580451,15013551436
[more info]Fried Shrimp & Fries5904805560351,140494212
[more info]Ground Sirloin Meal w/ Baked Potato810510571851301,170374236
[more info]Meatloaf W/Stuffing & Mashed Potatoes65034036961051,640530424
[more info]Parmesan Crusted Tilapia & Rice Pilaf600370411561001,440351125

Children's Menu

[more info]Chicken Tenders with Tater Tots670450518035970383018
[more info]Grilled Cheese with Tater Tots64032036111401,590632218
[more info]HOSM Hot Dog with Tater Tots5203103580351,090402311
[more info]Kids' Cheeseburger with Tater Tots81047054161851,370523228
[more info]Steak Tips with Tater Tots5203303790751,180202024


[more info]BBQ Chicken Sandwich w/Fries7603704260115980634943
[more info]Breaded chicken sandwich200084.502056022000
[more info]Buffalo Chicken Sandwich w/Fries11063072100502,650955431
[more info]Crab Cake Sandwich w/Fries7303804350751,660715826
[more info]Crispy Chicken Sandwich w/Fries1,06063072100501,880845431
[more info]Fried Whitefish Sandwich w/ Fries1,16077088190852,2601218540
[more info]Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/Fries75037042601251,220584446
[more info]Hoss's Signature Steak Sandwich w/Fries97050057120952,610857640
[more info]Italian Marinated Chicken Sandwich w/Fries710330374.50115940594543
[more info]Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich w/Fries1,02053060131951,950908842


[more info]3.5oz Burger240130154.50.535320141313
[more info]Drive In Burger1,3200111431.52353,5003501445
[more info]House Burger w/Fries1,380850953021903,1807951758
[more info]Mushroom Swiss Burger w/Fries1,270860972761602,080604551
[more info]Willie Burger w/Fries1,120740832421552,310594544


[more info]A.1. Steak Sauce15000002803020
[more info]Au Jus5000003800000
[more info]Black 'N Blue Topping3002903270306702022
[more info]Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Topping120000000310310
[more info]Cocktail Sauce25000003805151
[more info]Dijon Horseradish1401201320102506050
[more info]Dill Sauce1601601730201201000
[more info]Drawn Butter400400452801203600000
[more info]Heinz 57 Sauce20000001804040
[more info]Heinz Worcestershire Sauce0000001800000
[more info]Honey Mustard Sauce60151.5000140110100
[more info]Horseradish500000251000
[more info]Hoss's BBQ Sauce6000000390150140
[more info]Hoss's Steak Sauce15000002803020
[more info]Ketchup20000001605040
[more info]Marinara Sauce502020002306051
[more info]Mayonnaise100100111.50<5950000
[more info]New England Tarter Sauce1301301420102003030
[more info]Pina Colada Dipping Sauce1506074.502585190180
[more info]Sour Cream604553.5020452010
[more info]Texas Petal Sauce3002903260303002020
[more info]Yellow Mustard500000650000

Soup Bar

[more info]Basil Tomato Bisque8035440030010062
[more info]Beefaroni2105061.5010830314158
[more info]Beef Barley Soup70303.510104108104
[more info]Beef Vegetable Soup60202.510<57106123
[more info]Boston Clam Chowder903541.50103809034
[more info]Buffalo Chicken Soup150708501552014025
[more info]Cheddar Bay Cheese Soup12080841104607023
[more info]Cheeseburger Soup13080850204608025
[more info]Chicken Corn Rivel Soup5010100104407123
[more info]Chicken Noodle Soup7010100155709114
[more info]Chicken Pot Pie19001001045040014
[more info]Chicken Tortilla Soup60151.500156505135
[more info]Chili802020.50<542011335
[more info]Chili Powder1050000552010
[more info]Cream Of Broccoli Soup80353.52.5007309121
[more info]Cream of Chicken Soup120607401553010034
[more info]Cream Of Crab Soup1105064.502033010023
[more info]Cream Of Mushroom Soup90404.53.50071010021
[more info]Cream of Potato Soup90353.530<536013122
[more info]Cream Of Tomato Soup9045521037010162
[more info]Croutons30101000855001
[more info]French Onion Soup453030.5103904020
[more info]Ham, Cabbage & Potato Soup355100<53505111
[more info]Ham, Green Beans, & Potato Soup4050.500<53006111
[more info]Ham And Bean Soup455100<54007212
[more info]Hamburger Stroganoff Soup120404.52.501056015124
[more info]Ham Pot Pie6010100104609112
[more info]Italian Chicken Rice Soup505100<54407214
[more info]Italian Wedding Soup90404.51.50206607115
[more info]Lasagna Soup1305061.501547013055
[more info]Loaded Potato Soup802531.50<544011112
[more info]Maryland Crab Soup405000<53606123
[more info]Pepperoni & Meatball Pasta Soup160404.5201037023166
[more info]Pizza Soup12070720104308154
[more info]PORK AND SAURKRAUT25000.50101501102
[more info]Saltine Crackers2550.5000805000
[more info]Sausage Potato Chowder904552.50104008124
[more info]Southwest Chicken Rice Soup80303.52.50<54309013
[more info]Stuffed Cabbage Soup70252.510106609144
[more info]Stuffed Pepper Soup70202.510106208143
[more info]Three Bean Chicken Vegetable Soup8050.5001031012426
[more info]Tomato Florentine Soup6050.500034011142
[more info]White Chicken Chili Soup702021.50104908124
[more info]Wisconsin Cheese Soup11060730153809063

Salad Bar

[more info]Amish Macaroni Salad60353.50.5010907031
[more info]Amish Potato Salad5025300<5706121
[more info]Asian Chopped Chicken Salad200100<551002
[more info]Bacon Bits301010001252003
[more info]Beets1000000602010
[more info]Black Olives50404.50002500000
[more info]BLT Salad1007071.5010907002
[more info]Broccoli Florets1000000101101
[more info]Broccoli Salad50353.50.50<5455141
[more info]Buffalo Chicken Salad7035410101006003
[more info]Caesar Salad1605052.5010590204210
[more info]Carrots1000000203110
[more info]Cauliflower500000101111
[more info]Cheese Flavored Guppies Crackers1405063.50<536018013
[more info]Cheez-IT Crackers15070820025017003
[more info]Chick Peas2550000854211
[more info]Chopped Eggs4525310105350004
[more info]Chow Mein Noodles1304551.51.5023019003
[more info]Cole Slaw50303.500<5505140
[more info]Cool Cucumber Pasta Salad60500007512142
[more info]Crab Leg Salad503540.50<51602011
[more info]Creamy Cucumber Salad155000052020
[more info]Diced Cucumbers50000001000
[more info]Diced Green Peppers50000001010
[more info]Diced Tomato50000001010
[more info]Extra Virgin Olive Oil1101101420000000
[more info]Grated Parmesan Cheese60404.530153400006
[more info]Green Olives15101.50001700000
[more info]Green Peas2000000304112
[more info]Iceberg Lettuce1500000103121
[more info]Imitation Shredded Cheddar Cheese1107082204200011
[more info]Jalapeno Peppers0000004601000
[more info]Kale3500000307112
[more info]Mild Pepper Rings5000002801100
[more info]Oyster Crackers7025300015010101
[more info]Pepperoncini5000003301000
[more info]Pepperoni Slices140120134.50305301006
[more info]Pickled Beet Salad2000000505050
[more info]Pickled Eggs70303.510185356134
[more info]Potato Sticks1609094.5007515102
[more info]Pretzel Nuggets11010100047023113
[more info]Radishes500000101010
[more info]Raisins200000006040
[more info]Red Onion Rings100000003010
[more info]Savannah shrimp salad10010810202605012
[more info]Seasoned Croutons301010001005001
[more info]Shredded Mozzarella Cheese905063.50151701007
[more info]Sliced Mushrooms50000001001
[more info]Spinach2000000703303
[more info]Steak Salad70404.510101205012
[more info]Sunflower Seeds4025300002101
[more info]Sweet Dried Cranberries250000006150
[more info]Tabasco Sauce000000150000
[more info]Taco Salad704551.50101404012
[more info]Three Bean Salad2000000504030
[more info]Tuna Supreme Salad80404.50.50<51407013
[more info]Turkey Ham Cubes60404.51.50253401004

Hot Bar

[more info]BBQ Beans30000001406141
[more info]Cheese Sauce20500001404010
[more info]Macaroni & Cheese4520210<51605012
[more info]Mild Salsa10000001352120
[more info]Tortilla Chips14050610011019102


[more info]Balsamic Vinegar50000002020
[more info]Caesar Dressing1201201320103201001
[more info]Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing160150173.50152701011
[more info]Fat Free Italian Dressing10000004903020
[more info]Honey French130110122002107060
[more info]Hot Bacon Dressing401010030357071
[more info]Lite Ranch Dressing8070810102702011
[more info]Lite Red Wine Vinaigrette604550002903020
[more info]Parmesan Peppercorn Dressing1601401630102902011
[more info]Ranch100100111.50102501010
[more info]Red Wine Vinegar & Oil120110122003602020
[more info]Roquefort Dressing1400111.50039010090
[more info]Thousand Island1301101220<52405030

Bread Bar

[more info]Apple Butter250000005050
[more info]Butter PC's35042.5010300000
[more info]Cinnamon Bread70151.50.50011012122
[more info]Cinnamon Honey Spread807071.520754040
[more info]Creamy Peanut Butter100708200654123
[more info]Garlic Bread80202.500.5016013002
[more info]Honey Corn Muffin100303.50.501015016061
[more info]Icing1000000000000
[more info]Sweet Yeasty Roll1202020008521144
[more info]Wheat Dinner Roll110101.500016021134
[more info]Whipped Margarine100100112301100000

Dessert Bar

[more info]Apple Crisp505000025120100
[more info]Apple Pie36060730<5150740502
[more info]Applesauce800000010202160
[more info]Banana Cake1503541.500210270172
[more info]Banana Grenadine300000007150
[more info]Blueberry Pie32060730<5150640302
[more info]Bread Pudding501010.50<53511081
[more info]Brownies170506010130281182
[more info]Butter Scotch Pudding30101000556030
[more info]Cantaloupe7000000106161
[more info]Carrot Cake w/Cream Cheese Icing300150172.500230331223
[more info]Cheese Cake100404.530<5160130102
[more info]Cherry Gelatin600000085150151
[more info]Cherry Pie30060730<5150602202
[more info]Chocolate Chip Cookie803541.50<55012061
[more info]Chocolate Pudding45202310306050
[more info]Chocolate Pudding W/Splenda25101000454000
[more info]Cottage Cheese90151.5101548060414
[more info]Crispy Rice Treats22050611.50180370181
[more info]Diced Peaches500000010120100
[more info]Fruit Salad800000015212181
[more info]Grapes600000010141130
[more info]Hawaiian Delight40151.5100156041
[more info]Honeydew Melon3000000158171
[more info]House Made Brownies12003100110220150
[more info]Ice Cream Cone200000054000
[more info]Lemon Bars1306073.5030170170113
[more info]Lemon Gelatin6000000100150151
[more info]Lemon Pie1103542.503535150132
[more info]Lime Gelatin6000000100150151
[more info]Oatmeal Raisin Cookie803541.50<57012161
[more info]Orange Gelatin6000000100150151
[more info]Peach Crisp45500002010060
[more info]Peach Pie32060730<5140622302
[more info]Peanutbutter Cookie13060720<56015182
[more info]Peanut Butter Pie110707200758153
[more info]Pineapple Tidbits150000004030
[more info]Pumpkin Pie3007073.5035110552406
[more info]Raspberry Gelatin600000085150151
[more info]S'mores Pie2701804711010105300201
[more info]Sliced Apples250000006150
[more info]Sliced Pears5000000013291
[more info]Strawberry Gelatin600000085150151
[more info]Sugar Cookie80303.500<56511051
[more info]Tapioca Pudding140354100190250172
[more info]Vanilla Cupcake w/Buttercream Icing220708210200350272
[more info]Vanilla Cupcake w/Peanutbutter Icing2308092.50.50210330253
[more info]Vanilla Pudding4020200.50406040
[more info]Vanilla Pudding W/Splenda2051000403000
[more info]Vanilla Soft Serve110202101070220132
[more info]Whipped Topping8060660006060


[more info]Candy Buttons35151.51.50005040
[more info]Caramel Topping1001010.50<5125220170
[more info]Chocolate Syrup1000000080231161
[more info]Cinnamon Granola3010100005011
[more info]Cookies & Cream30101000355020
[more info]Granulated Peanuts40303.500002102
[more info]Gummy Bears200000005041
[more info]Hot Fudge Topping1304554.50055191130
[more info]Koko Bits35351620005050
[more info]Peanut Butter Sauce190140162002108236
[more info]Rainbow Sprinkles35101.50.50.5006040
[more info]Strawberry Puree Topping600000010151140


[more info]2% Milk1204553020125120128
[more info]Apple Juice Box1000000010240230
[more info]Blackberry Flavored Iced Tea160000000390380
[more info]Blackberry Flavored Lemonade1900000090480470
[more info]Chocolate Milk2107084.5025190260278
[more info]Chocolate Milk Shake750160181005046013028812
[more info]Coffee00000000000
[more info]Diet Dr. Pepper000000750000
[more info]Diet Pepsi000000400000
[more info]Dr. Pepper1500000020400380
[more info]Half & Half800000055220220
[more info]Hot Chocolate80303.5200170151121
[more info]Hot Tea00000000000
[more info]Mist Twist1500000030410410
[more info]Mountain Dew1700000055440440
[more info]Mug Root Beer1500000025390390
[more info]Peach Flavored Iced Tea160000000390390
[more info]Peach Flavored Lemonade1900000090480480
[more info]Pepsi1500000030420420
[more info]Pepsi Wild Cherry1500000030420420
[more info]Sweetened Iced Tea70000000170170
[more info]Tropicana Lemonade10000000105270270
[more info]Vanilla Milk Shake5601401690453109315811



The nutrition information provided on this site is comprised of data from an independent testing facility commissioned by Hoss’s, combined with nutrient data from Hoss’s suppliers, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and nutrient database analysis of Hoss’s recipes using Genesis SQL Nutritional Analysis Program from ESHA Research in Salem, Oregon. The nutrition information is based on standard recipes and serving sizes. Variation in preparation techniques, serving sizes and sources of supply, as well as regional and seasonal differences, may alter the nutritional content of our menu items. In addition, product formulations may change periodically. You should expect some variation in the nutrient content of the food products served in our restaurants.

The allergen information provided on this site is accurate and up-to-date to the best of our knowledge. We rely entirely on the information provided by our ingredient manufacturers and suppliers in determining the allergen content of our menu items. This disclosure is limited to wheat, soy, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish, the allergens that manufacturers are required to disclose, as well as gluten and msg.

Please note that during normal kitchen operations involving shared cooking and preparation areas, it is possible for food items to come in contact with other foods that contain allergens. Due to these circumstances, we are unable to guarantee that any menu item is completely free of allergens.

Before placing your order, please inform your server if you or anyone dining with you has a food allergy and we will do our best to accommodate you. We want all our guests to enjoy their dining experience, so we are happy to make any reasonable modifications or substitutions to meals when requested.

Several menu items contain fully refined soy oil, which according to the FDA is not an allergen.

In addition, testing of new recipes for existing menu items may be conducted from time to time in certain locations. These new recipes may contain different ingredients, including allergens, than those contained in the original recipe. Some restaurants may serve menu items that are not listed on this site.

Unless otherwise specified, any food in our establishment may come into contact with surfaces or utensils that have previously contacted wheat, gluten, msg, soy, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish.