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Calories Total Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Sodium (mg)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Protein (g)

Burger and Chicken Sandwiches

[more info]1/3 Pound Cheeseburger410298545016122
[more info]Backyard Burger570429072028122
[more info]Bacon Cheeseburger460339563016124
[more info]Cheeseburger6302911558037229
[more info]Chili Burger700441401,00038638
[more info]Crispy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich55040901,34026121
[more info]Crispy Chicken Sandwich350206084024119
[more info]Crispy Southwest Chicken Sandwich55034951,38033127
[more info]Gold Star Chili Burger5903411098038634
[more info]Grilled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich430251101,12019133
[more info]Grilled Chicken Sandwich24068565017131
[more info]Grilled Southwest Chicken Sandwich440191201,20027139
[more info]Hamburger330226532016116
[more info]Mushroom & Swiss Burger5103511053020<128


[more info]Regualr 4-Way Bean830341001,830811449
[more info]Regular 2 - Way Spaghetti39010251,12054522
[more info]Regular 2-Way39010251,12054522
[more info]Regular 3 - Way Spaghetti680341001,56055539
[more info]Regular 3-Way680341001,56055539
[more info]Regular 4 - Way Bean Spaghetti830341001,830811449
[more info]Regular 4 - Way Onion Spaghetti700341001,56059640
[more info]Regular 4-Way Onion700341001,56059640
[more info]Regular 5 - Way Spaghetti900341001,950821450
[more info]Regular 5-Way800341001,950771346
[more info]Regular Veggie 2 - Way Spaghetti3601001,04054714
[more info]Regular Veggie 2-Way3601001,04054714
[more info]Regular Veggie 3 - Way Spaghetti65034751,480557317
[more info]Regular Veggie 3-Way65034751,480557317
[more info]Small 2 -Way Spaghetti2204.51051035311
[more info]Small 2-Way2204.51051035311
[more info]Small 3 -Way Spaghetti400195577035322
[more info]Small 3-Way400195577035322
[more info]Small 4 -Way Bean Spaghetti470195591048727
[more info]Small 4 -Way Onion Spaghetti410195577038322
[more info]Small 4-Way Bean470195591048727
[more info]Small 4-Way Onion410195577038322
[more info]Small 5 - Way Spaghetti480195591050827
[more info]Small 5-Way480195591050827
[more info]Small Veggie 2 - Way Spaghetti2104.504803548
[more info]Small Veggie 2-Way2104.504803548
[more info]Small Veggie 3 - Way Spaghetti380194574035419
[more info]Small Veggie 3-Way380194574035419
[more info]Super 2 - Way Spaghetti60014301,55088832
[more info]Super 2-Way60014301,55088832
[more info]Super 3 - Way Spaghetti1,000471352,17090856
[more info]Super 3-Way1,000471352,17090856
[more info]Super 4 - Way Bean Spaghetti1,100471352,3401081432
[more info]Super 4 - Way Onion Spaghetti1,030471352,17096957
[more info]Super 4-Way Bean1,100471352,3401081462
[more info]Super 4-Way Onion1,030471352,17096957
[more info]Super 5 - Way Spaghetti1,180481352,4401221867
[more info]Super 5-Way1,180481352,4401221867


[more info]Cheese Coney310194577021114
[more info]Cheese Coney Sandwich310194577021114
[more info]Chili Cheese Sandwich270143562022214
[more info]Coney23012256302119
[more info]Coney Crate3,1001894707,65020910144
[more info]Coney Crate Sandwich3,1001894707,65020910144
[more info]Coney Sandwich23012256302119
[more info]Firehouse Coney320194589022114
[more info]Firehouse Coney Sandwich320194589022114

Double Deckers

[more info]Beef & Bacon630311001,77049638
[more info]Beef & Bacon Double Decker Sandwich630311001,77049638
[more info]Double Bacon58035701,21040626
[more info]Double Bacon Double Decker Sandwich58035701,21040626
[more info]Double Beef650271302,21048654
[more info]Double Beef Double Decker Sandwich650271302,21048654
[more info]Double Ham640271501,45048652
[more info]Double Ham Double Decker Sandwich640271501,45048652
[more info]Double Turkey600261101,81048844
[more info]Double Turkey Double Decker Sandwich600261101,81048844
[more info]Ham & Bacon510295594040622
[more info]Ham & Bacon Double Decker Sandwich510295594040622
[more info]Ham & Beef650271401,83048653
[more info]Ham & Beef Double Decker Sandwich650271401,83048653
[more info]Ham & Turkey620261301,63048748
[more info]Ham & Turkey Double Decker Sandwich620261301,63048748
[more info]Single Decker Bacon440285580027419
[more info]Single Decker Bacon Sandwich440285580027419
[more info]Single Decker Beef47024851,30031433
[more info]Single Decker Beef Sandwich47024851,30031433
[more info]Single Decker Ham470249592031432
[more info]Single Decker Ham Sandwich470249592031432
[more info]Single Decker Turkey45024801,10031528
[more info]Single Decker Turkey Sandwich45024801,10031528
[more info]Turkey & Bacon59030901,51044735
[more info]Turkey & Bacon Double Decker Sandwich59030901,51044735
[more info]Turkey & Beef620261202,01048749
[more info]Turkey & Beef Double Decker Sandwich620261202,01048749

Burritos and Burrito Bowls

[more info]Chicken Burrito Topper2502230320408
[more info]Chili Beef Burrito97033751,430126941
[more info]Chili Burrito Topper20016353603010
[more info]Crispy Chicken Burrito1,070401051,330132946
[more info]Crispy Chicken Burrito Bowl1,000391051,140119743
[more info]Gold Star Chili Burrito97033751,430126941
[more info]Gold Star Chili Burrito Bowl90033751,24011277
[more info]Grilled Chicken Burrito980301201,430124853
[more info]Grilled Chicken Burrito Bowl910291201,240111650
[more info]Tex-Mex Chili Burrito97032801,0901311041
[more info]Tex-Mex Chili Burrito Bowl9003180900117838
[more info]Veggie Burrito95033601,3801261036
[more info]Veggie Burrito Bowl88033601,190112834
[more info]Veggie Chili Burrito95033601,3801261036
[more info]Veggie Chili Burrito Bowl88033601,190112834


[more info]Buttermilk Ranch18020<5280100
[more info]Caesar2102125610403
[more info]Caesar Salad Crispy Chicken38016551,06035523
[more info]Caesar Salad Grilled Chicken2907651,16027430
[more info]Caesar Salad*19051058025311
[more info]Café Salad310131570034613
[more info]Café Salad Crispy Chicken49025551,18043825
[more info]Café Salad Grilled Chicken41016701,28036732
[more info]Ceasar Salad19051058025311
[more info]Ceasar Salad Crispy Chicken38016551,06035523
[more info]Club Salad47019851,52039736
[more info]Fat Free Ranch40001901010
[more info]French1901503001300
[more info]Half Caesar Salad1607107201529
[more info]Half Caesar Salad Crispy Chicken37020601,26025422
[more info]Half Caesar Salad Grilled Chicken26010651,30017328
[more info]Half Café Salad11075190845
[more info]Half Café Salad Crispy Chicken320205573018619
[more info]Half Café Salad Grilled Chicken22096077010424
[more info]Italian160170450100
[more info]Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette13012090500
[more info]South of the Border Chili Salad6903655930621027
[more info]Spring Harvest Salad19050452975
[more info]Veggie Chili Salad65038301,29055922

Combo Meals

[more info]Combo #1 3 - Way840351151,76089845
[more info]Combo #1 4 - Way Bean970361152,0401051651
[more info]Combo #1 4 - Way Onion870361151,78092945
[more info]Combo #1 5 - Way1,000361152,1601101755
[more info]Combo #21,05053952,000107936
[more info]Combo #371036751,91059328
[more info]Combo #4 3 - Way920441402,12083548
[more info]Combo #4 4 - Way Bean1,160521602,420105660
[more info]Combo #4 4 - Way Onion1,030511602,25088654
[more info]Combo #4 5 - Way1,180521602,6401101363

Chili by the Bowl

[more info]Gold Star Chili Bowl20010501,16010217
[more info]Low Carb Coney Bowl740591752,0309143
[more info]Tex-Mex Chili Bowl22094555018519
[more info]Veggie Chili Bowl200301,0503489


[more info]Cheese Fries570304573059718
[more info]Chili Cheese Fries68036601,36063927
[more info]Firehouse Fries4201602,1306477
[more info]Fries4001604705877


[more info]Chicken Strips380238598019424
[more info]Chili Cheese Dip570377582071<118
[more info]Chili Cheese Dip Supreme630387589051422
[more info]Firehouse Spices500140100
[more info]Garlic Bread210903502646
[more info]Garlic Cheese Bread320183053026413
[more info]Lay's BBQ Chips2401502302323
[more info]Lay's Chips2401502602323
[more info]Side Order Cheese2301960350<1014
[more info]Side Order Chili110615630429
[more info]Side Order Chili Cheese2301960350<1014
[more info]Side Order Jalapaños00085000
[more info]Side Order Jalapenos00085000

Kids Meals

[more info]Kids 3 - Way Spaghetti400195577035322
[more info]Kids 3-Way400195577035322
[more info]Kids Chicken Strips19012404909212
[more info]Kids Coney400192584046412
[more info]Kids Coney Sandwich400192584046412
[more info]Kids Fries200802302944
[more info]Kids Spaghetti & Cheese330154538033216
[more info]Kids Spaghetti and Cheese330154538033216


[more info]Busken Cookies42018301206602
[more info]Busken Cookies (2 Cookies)42018301206602
[more info]Carrot Cake26014302803212
[more info]Cheesecake26018451702004
[more info]Chocolate Milk Shake8804914025092118
[more info]Raspberry Cheesecake33021652703415
[more info]Strawberry Milk Shake9004914025092118
[more info]Turtle Cheesecake46028853704417
[more info]Vanilla Milk Shake8504915025087117


[more info]Chocolate Milk1605251502618
[more info]Hot Chocolate110101502412
[more info]Large Soft Drink35000709800
[more info]Large Soft Drink - Diet00090000
[more info]Milk1205201001208
[more info]Milk Chocolate Milk1605251502618
[more info]Regular Soft Drink24000506700
[more info]Regular Soft Drink - Diet00060000
[more info]Regular Sweet Tea18000104501

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